Doctor lies on TV about ivermectin treatment for COVID virus in Indian states

US-based doctor Faheem Younus, who is desperately pushing vaccines as “the only way” for India, while denying the proven efficacy of ivermectin in dozens of trials.

MAINSTREAM media has kept the world largely unaware that two Indian states, Goa and Uttar Pradesh have adopted mass prescription of ivermectin to fight the surge in COVID-19 cases. The heavily populated Uttar Pradesh in the north of India is claiming a high success rate. Goa is just starting.

The vaccine-pushing powers that be, of course, do not like this deviation from the global “vaccinate or else” mass extortion racket. All we have heard from India is that there is a COVID calamity and not enough vaccines to deal with it.

Goa’s Hindu nationalist BJM government has just started mass prescription of ivermectin for the COVID-19 flu virus and its variants following Uttar Pradesh, which started administering the drug last August. Goa’s Minister for Health Vishwajit Rane, said people would be given 12 mg of Ivermectin for a period of five days as prophylaxis to protect against Covid-19. The Uttar Pradesh operation has been studiously ignored by global media.

You would think people would at least say “good luck, I hope it all goes well”. But US-based Indian doctor and vaccine pusher Faheen Younus MD, has been all over Indian TV news calling for aggressive suppression of alternative treatment information as his suggested first priority for pandemic policy. On another station, Younus also repeated the big lie that there insufficient research to support ivermectin as a COVID-19 treatment.

The US medical research group Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance cites 27 controlled trials involving a total of 6612 patients that “have been completed using well-matched control groups”; 16 trials involving over 2500 patients, “that are prospective, randomized, controlled studies”. Eleven of the 27 trials published in peer-reviewed journals involved 3900 patients.

In Australia, leading medical professor Thomas Borody, who developed a globally successful therapy for peptic ulcer, announced a triple therapy off-label ivermectin-based treatment for COVID-19 in August. His work was ignored by state and federal health authorities who simply continued to beat the vaccine drum.

The data shows ivermectin can not only prevent but knock out COVID infections within a few days. But none of this appears to matter to Doc Younus, who seems to suggest this research is in the realm of “pseudo-science” and should be stamped out by governments so “people don’t get confused”.

The official stance of the US National Institutes of Health against ivermectin has been dropped and the agency is now neutral on the medicine, claiming (without basis) there is insufficient data to recommend either for or against its use for treating COVID-19.
So what qualifies Doc Younus to spout advice to Indian state and national governments on pandemic policy? Is it because his Twitter home page carries a large “peace” symbol or is it the Presidential Service Award he received from the Obama administration way back in 2008 for his “humanitarian services”?

The great humanitarian Doc Younus, it appears, doesn’t want people in the Indian state of Goa cured of COVID without vaccines, which makes him just another stooge playing the global control game for the Gates and Rockefeller foundations. Asked by an IDD Direct reporter why people were still getting infected or even dying after both doses of vaccines, Dr Younus trotted out what are now the standard excuses for the ineffectiveness and dangers of COVID vaccines.

“I don’t think the expectation should be that now you’re vaccinated you can go into any crowd, any situation, regardless of your immunity level, regardless of your post factors and you will be fine. Nobody ever said that, and I think that’s a mischaracterisation. The reality is a vaccine is likely to make your infection weaker and ideally, not make you infected at all.”

Goa State Health Minister Rane said the ivermectin campaign was based on studies by expert panels from the UK, Italy, Spain and Japan “which found a statistically significant reduction in mortality and recovery time in patients with Covid-19”. According to the Indian Express the government’s decision to administer the drug to the entire population comes as its vaccination program for the 18-44 age group is not expected to start until the third week of May.

Uttar Pradesh first tested ivermectin in May-June 2020, when a team at Agra, led by Dr Anshul Pareek, administered it to health workers on an experimental basis. “It was observed that none of them developed Covid-19 despite being in daily contact with patients who had tested positive for the virus,” Uttar Pradesh State Surveillance Officer Vikssendu Agrawal told the Indian Express.

He said since the first wave ivermectin helped the state maintain a relatively low positivity rate despite its high population density. “Despite being the state with the largest population base and a high population density, we have maintained a relatively low positivity rate and cases per million of population.”

On August 6th, the state Health Department introduced Ivermectin as prophylaxis for close contacts of COVID patients, health workers as well as for the treatment of the patients themselves through a government order, after a committee headed by the director general of, Medical and Health Services, gave it the go ahead.

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Simple as to why Ivermectin has been ridiculed and suppressed, and that’s money why would BioNtech (Pfizer) have ivermectin spoil there billions of profits also ivermectin is off Patent any pharmaceutical company can manufacture it. That’s it money and greed!



    Professor Borody has the goods. For some strange reason nobody wants to know about it.


  3. Thanks God we have some actual journalists. The MSM is beholden to big pharma that is pushing for vaccination whereas we already have many proven, safe treatments. One day these people must be held accountable for their crimes against humanity. Just watch the latest Joe Rogan podcast with Brett Weinstein and Pierre Kory where they break everything down and confirm everything. It’s disgusting what our politicians have been getting away with.


  4. Im pleased that you are awake up there in the north tony. Why are we being coerced into to taking a vaccine that’s experimental and considering the recovery rate as stated by the WHO is over 99% in most the population. The studies of ivermectin have to be alternative because no big pharma backed institution is going to fund or peer review the data . It seems that ivermectin is so succeful tbat it is indeed a crime to ignore it . My advice to the people is to read research and follow the money and the business relationships of all those who are partaking in pushing the vaccine the restrictions .and the Qr coding . Deloitte have the contract for Victoria QR coding ,on the world economic forum their mission statement is to create a universal digital passport for doing anything online, where will this end ? Alison McDowell ” wrench in the gears ” is a great place to get informed .


  5. Jerry Breathnach

    The questions I ask myself all begin with WHY?
    Why do people believe the propaganda re the need to vaccinate.
    Why are people accepting vaccination with untested vaccines.
    Why is information regarding the successful treatment of COVID infection with Ivermectin being suppressed.
    Why is it that our ” Investigative Journalists ” are not picking up on articles such as this.
    Who is controlling the mis and Dys information regarding COVID / Ivermectin
    Why is Craig Kelly vilified for having the courage to do what he was elected for.
    If the information regarding the success of Ivermectin were accepted would the WHO withdraw immediately the temporary licences issued for the untested vaccines now being used.
    Why are the REAL figures for death, hospitalisation and other post vaccination morbidities not front page headlines.
    Why, given the numbers of deaths which have been admitted, are these vaccines still being used .


  6. GOOD on you for picking up something mainstream media is too afraid of. This is the crime of the century and it will become way too clear once everyone has been coerced into vaccines despite there being proven alternatives.


  7. Richard Noakes

    Australians urged not to question COVID vaccine

    A leading South Australian immunologist has urged Australians not to ask questions about the COVID-19 vaccine and just simply take the jab when it is offered to them.

    “We’re in the privileged position that we can be hesitant, we’ve done so well in coping with COVID the last 12, 14 months,” Professor John Hayball told Sky News.

    “But I would encourage everybody out there offered a vaccine, don’t ask any questions really, please take it.”

    Me: Like sure we will, we trust you not to kill us, like Duh!!


  8. An excellent expose, this guy nails it!


    https://www.bitchute .com/video/qYgJPXxqtQqj/


  9. Covid is not killing 600 daily. Comorbidity is killing people and the MSM no longer publishes deaths by cancer or heart attacks or any other ailment which hospitals now record all deaths as covid.. Comments too long Richard. Please shorten them up. Editor

    Liked by 3 people

  10. Richard Noakes

    Good morning. We offer a Covid guide for four different types of households.
    Dining in Los Angeles this month.Philip Cheung for The New York Times 17.05.2021
    Excitement and fright

    The new C.D.C. guidance has excited many Americans and scared many others. Some people feel both emotions, understandably enough: They’re excited to start returning to more normal daily life and still scared by a pandemic that is killing about 600 Americans a day.

    This morning, I want to think through the real-world implications of the new guidelines for individual families. Those guidelines mostly allow people to behave more freely. But they will also lead some to take new precautions.

    I am going to break down households into four categories, depending on vaccination status:
    1. The fully vaccinated

    This is the easiest category. If everybody in your household is at least two weeks past their full vaccine dose (the second Pfizer or Moderna shot; or the sole Johnson & Johnson shot), you can comfortably resume prepandemic activities.

    The vaccine virtually eliminates serious versions of Covid-19 and radically reduces the chances you could contract or spread the virus. For you, Covid is akin to a mild flu that you probably won’t get. You are not at any meaningful risk from a maskless person in the supermarket who may or may not be vaccinated. You face much more danger from the vehicles in the parking lot.

    One nuance to keep in mind: If you come down with flulike symptoms, you should consider staying home, or put on a mask when you go out. Even before Covid, that behavior was common in many parts of Asia. It makes extra sense during a pandemic, because symptoms increase the (still small) chances you have a rare “breakthrough” Covid infection that could infect somebody else.

    The C.D.C. has also said that vaccinated people should continue to wear masks when visiting hospitals, nursing homes, prisons and homeless shelters or while traveling. And some immunocompromised people will remain vulnerable to Covid, as well as to other health risks.
    2. The almost-vaccinated

    Many other families are close to being fully vaccinated but not quite there: At least one person — perhaps a 12- to 15-year-old child — is in the process of getting vaccinated but not yet two weeks beyond the full dose.

    There is a strong argument for the unvaccinated members of these families to be cautious, especially as society starts to reopen. They should wear masks when indoors or in close conversation with somebody outdoors. They may want to avoid discretionary trips to indoor spaces.

    Why? The cost of a few more weeks of precautions is pretty low. To put it another way, you have almost reached the point of safely resuming normal activities. Finish the job.
    A teenager receiving her vaccine in East Hartford, Conn., last week.Christopher Capozziello for The New York Times
    3. Families with young children

    These are some of the hardest cases, because children under 12 seem to be months away from being vaccinated.

    There are a few reassuring facts for these families. First, in many of the places where children spend time, Covid transmission is uncommon. It is extremely rare outdoors, and springtime is a good time to be outdoors. The number of outbreaks in schools has also been quite low worldwide, perhaps because children may be less likely to infect others even when they have Covid.

    Most reassuring is the fact that Covid is no more serious for children on average than the flu. I have written an article, with charts, that goes into more detail. As I explain, some parents may still choose to be extremely cautious, while others will be more comfortable with normalcy. Both decisions are defensible. Here’s an interview from that article:

    Jennifer Nuzzo, an epidemiologist at Johns Hopkins, told me that she viewed decisions about children’s activities as a matter of personal choice that different parents would make differently. In her family, she said she was worried about how a year of pandemic life had hurt her children, by making them less comfortable in social situations. Once all the adults are vaccinated, she plans to restart more activities.

    “I can accept the risks of my kids getting Covid, in part because I compare it to the risk of them getting other infectious diseases and the risk seems very, very small,” Dr. Nuzzo said. “I feel that if my kids were to get Covid, they would be OK. I also see the direct harms of their not having a normal life.”
    4. The unvaccinated

    About 40 percent of U.S. adults have not yet received a vaccine shot. For the country to reduce that number as rapidly as possible, it’s important to acknowledge reality: The vast majority are unvaccinated by choice.

    They do not have health problems that prevent them from getting a shot, and they have not been stymied by the logistics of getting a shot. Yes, there are people in both of those groups, and they will need special help as society begins to reopen. Among other things, the Biden administration, state officials and employers will need to keep pushing to make vaccination even more convenient.

    But the much larger issue is vaccine skepticism.

    In the most recent poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation, 15 percent of adults said they did not want to get a shot until they knew more about how it affected other people. Another 6 percent said they would get a shot only if required (say, by their employer), and an additional 13 percent said they would definitely not get a shot. Put those three numbers together, and you get 34 percent — which, again, accounts for most of the unvaccinated 40 percent.

    Unvaccinated people do face some additional risk from the hypothetical example that many people have been talking about since the C.D.C. changed its guidelines: the unvaccinated person who was wearing a mask in stores and avoiding restaurants until last week but no longer will.

    It’s unclear how many such people exist. In large parts of the country, Americans have been going maskless for months, as I saw when I went on a 1,600-mile road trip in January. Binyamin Appelbaum of the Times editorial board recently tweeted: “In this country we have two kinds of people: Those who don’t need masks but wear them, and those who need masks but don’t wear them.” He was exaggerating for effect, but he had a point.

    There is no better way to crush the pandemic in coming weeks than to persuade the vaccine-skeptical to get a shot. It is the best way for them to protect themselves from the risk of Covid hospitalization and death. “If you are not vaccinated, you are not safe,” Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the C.D.C. director, said yesterday. More vaccinations are also the best way to protect children and the immunocompromised.

    The New York Times

    Biden has a team of people going door to door, trying to get everyone test vaccinated – I tried to copy that bit over from The New York Times – but it refused to transfer – including the above, until I removed if from the above – how strange!!

    Remember, informed consent – you can’t be grabbed and Test Vaccinated, just yet, I must assume

    Do my free salt water cure and go out and about without a face mask (which does not work anyway, according to reports) like everyone else and when you get home, do my salt water flush, just to be on the safe side. Practice makes perfect, sort of thing.



  11. truthtellertonni

    We need to depopulate these scum bags.


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