Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquin supplies

Those readers wishing to obtain these ‘Covid’ cures and preventatives should first seek medical advice: (a waste of time in Australia)
Vitamin D from a US dietician who

 recommends 50,000 IU vitamin D at the first sign of illness for at least 3 days,  then taper down once symptoms begin to improve.

Also, here is a resource for obtaining Ivermectin or HCQ worldwide:


And in the U.S.




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  1. The foundational protocol in the Integrative Medicine Journal I posted above is a great way to support both the innate and adaptive immune system for any virus that you’re exposed to. Most people that have autoimmune issues or are elderly or indoors, or have darker pigmentation or are overweight tend to be low in vitamin D. For those in northern latitudes they also tend to be low. Vitamin D is both antiviral and antibacterial and necessary for proper immune function. Study after study has shown that those whose vitamin D levels are optimal tend to have milder symptoms (not just COVID but other viruses or illnesses too). It’s best to test vitamin D levels if possible but if not, unless you have a medical condition that would dictate otherwise, taking prophylactic doses of vitamiin D is generally safe. (Not medical advice, check with your own practitioner).


  2. This is great news for when get another cluster of Covid cases in Australia. With these best ways to beat covid is it only for those who have the the proper Covid 19 Sars Cov2 symptoms? Since there are those who are Asymptomatic no symptoms or Pre-symptomatic with very mild symptoms like a cold or minor flu would it be best for these people just to go through it and the have the antibodies to deal with Covid 19 the next time?

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  3. Propolaxis
    All medical Covid advice is brain washing by misinformation and falsifying databases designed to create false fear and sabotage propolaxis of both flue and Covid that would make vaccines unnecessary (Ivermectin,Quinine, vit D, vit C,vit B and zinc and magnesium etc.) Looking after your immune system would allow the whole population to acquire herd immunity for every new variation. Follow the money- trillions US$ a year. Once you understand this you understand why Honey and Barry were assassinated and by whom.

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  4. horsecowsheeps

    Good stuff, from you,…in a continuum,..is simply Very Good News,..for Aussies !!!

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  5. Thank you! I look forward to all of your emails and read every one! Something I very rarely do with most emails I receive.
    I really appreciate the information in this email and am very grateful for the resources you included.
    Best wishes Ken

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  6. Great resources! Here’s another one on supplementation, both preventative and after infection. See figure 2. It seems overwhelming, but it covers the different facets of immunity – natural killer cells, antioxidant support, anti-inflammatory support etc. Even if you pick one supplement from each category, with the exception of the “foundation” category, where a minimum of vitamin D, C, zinc and quercetin should be added in my opinion. Quercetin helps zinc get into the cell. https://athmjournal.com/covid19/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2020/05/imcj-19-08.pdf


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