Agforce rolls over supporting zero emissions to wipe out its farmer members

by R J Lee

It’s now official. Agforce once Queensland’s agricultural and pastoral representative body supposedly created to protect farming from megalomaniacal governments has again rolled over this time supporting the totally discredited theory of Al Gore’s climate change.

Ever since Agforce accepted government funding about 15 years ago the once representative farmer’s lobby group has become a puppet of the socialist Queensland Labor Party.

The climate cultists and the UN wan to wipe out farming as a part of their depopulation strategy

Agforce’s membership has dwindled to just over 5000 over the past decade largely because of its dalliance with the socialist policies of the Labor Party and ineffectiveness in negotiations to keep the Marxists out of food production.

Agforce simply toes the National Farmers Federation/Liberal Party nexus line with major issues such as so-called climate change, a part of the UN sponsored attack on farming world-wide based on the Agenda 21 now 30 environmental depopulation agreement signed in Rio by all governments in 1992.

Now Agforce CEO Michael Guerin says agriculture doesn’t want a free pass from its responsibility to the planet.

Mr Guerin is not intelligent enough to understand that agriculture’s primary responsibility to the planet is to feed it without the Albatross of United Nations depopulation plots aided and abetted by ‘governments’ such as the LNP and the ALP.

By 2050 if the zero emission target is met, plant life will cease to exist because it needs carbon dioxide and lots of it. A farmer would have to be delirious to aim for any reduction of CO2 at today’s levels let alone in 30 years time. Smart farmers should be making CO2 generators so they and their crops can survive, especially in a place like Australia with almost zero emissions now.

He says AgForce wants agriculture to lead Australia’s charge towards net zero emissions by 2050, not be exempt from it, and be recognised for the positive contribution it makes.

“Agriculture is a strong part of the climate change solution and is ready to take part in the conversation with Australia’s science community and political leaders to ensure an evidence-based approach was implemented to achieving our targets,” Mr Guerin said.

“It will be incredibly difficult for Australia to achieve its climate change targets if agriculture is excluded from our nation’s goal to reach zero emissions.”

Agriculture is doomed under the LNP/ALP/UN triumvirate using zero emissions as an ideological weapon

There it is Agforce members and to the remaining majority of the farming network. If you believe this hocus pocus you should not be involved in farming.

The only climate change the world is suffering is a deliberate man-made one that is being used as a weapon of war by Russia and China with the yanks coming a poor third.

We have been in an unofficial war with parts of the world for years and since at least Biden, using massive, proven beyond any doubt voter fraud, stole the US election in November.

The first rule of war is to know that you’re in one. The second rule of war is to delineate who is a friend and who is a foe and that, of course, in a covert area is very difficult to do.

It’s not just information warfare, it’s really 5th Generation Unrestricted Warfare.

We have lived the past several years being unrelentingly strafed by Unrestricted Warfare. The most challenging part of this is getting your head around it and achieving situational awareness, especially because very often, the enemy is not only domestic but it has also parked itself inside your head or inside the heads of your loved ones via unceasing propaganda (ABC), such that perhaps your friends and family have been conquered by the enemy and they are acting on behalf of the enemy and they don’t even know it.

This is a global, covert World War IV in 5th Generational Warfare. The primary means of it are informational, cyber and psychological, which means that most of the terrain is human, not physical…There is some physicality but most of it is human terrain.

Under the Agforce strategy and a dubious LNP federal government, farmers are facing a bleak future and woe betide the population should they be stupid enough to support the NWO Labor Party.

Zero emission nonsense will plough farmers and pastoralists six inches under. Until the agricultural sector wakes up that the UN is driving these depopulation policies under the guise of the Agenda 21/30 Treaty then they should pack up and live on a beach.

War is when your government tells you who the enemy is. Revolution is when you figure it out.”

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Good one Tony we should send this to dumbed down Agforce. They certainly don’t have a clue.! Ed


  2. Below are several scientific facts:

    a. The atmosphere is comprised of 21 percent oxygen and 78 percent nitrogen, along with trace amounts of other gasses measured in parts per million (ppm). Carbon dioxide is approximately 400 ppm. If atmospheric carbon dioxide falls below 150 ppm then all plants and animals on Earth will die (fact).

    b. In Green House tests where crop plants are exposed to increasing amounts of carbon dioxide, those exposed plants are increasinglt larger and more productive the higher the level of the carbon dioxide in their respective atmospheres. Moreover, the more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the less water those plants need to grow.

    c. In an average school classroom of any kind the carbon dioxide level is above 7000 ppm. No ill effects are seen (fact).

    Hence Agforce is anti-farmner, anti-food production, and anti-life,


  3. Most of us still seem to believe that changing the governing party every few years is enough. Those we are at war with have already worked out how to operate with impunity through both parties. It’s called (((managed choice))).


  4. Read this report. Specially the last few pages:


  5. That would be a Very thin explanation!!!!!!!!
    Seasonal Flu and “Covid (?)” are both supposedly “Virus Particles”………..
    The masks and social distancing prevent one, but not the other?????? Really?
    If you believe that; I have some nice Waterfront lots in Coober Petty, going cheap!


  6. IF we look at what the sociallist have done in America and the same applies here they Implant L/W CAPITILIST into the ALLEDGED CONSERVATIVE party to divide and conquer just like BONZAI HOWARD did when he talked turnbull out of resigning from the liberal party NOW the NSW LNP are not sure whether they are Libs or Labor


  7. Just to clarify for you “Agenda 21” means “agenda for the 21st century”.
    Agenda 2030 relates to one of their significant milestones.
    It hasn’t been brought forward or anything, that’s an illusion.
    It will always be Agenda 21 irrespective of the year (until it is the 22nd century LOL).
    Thanks for the article what can we do about it?


  8. Just a reminder? One of the most organised, efficient human societies was the NAZI Regime under Adolf Hitler. AND didn’t their track record STINK when Allied Forces defeated their EVIL SCHEMES.? Our current pack of hopeless HUMANS who think ” They can CONTROL ? the lives of others will do no better than these monsters. There is one thing certain with humans, “HISTORY CONTINUES TO REPEAT ITSELF” and if you cannot see the FOURTH REICH rising amongst our politicians than you are as blind as a BAT.?


  9. You are all correct. They Lie to suit their own agenda!
    Funny about ‘compulsive liars…Each lie has to be covered by bigger ‘subsequent lies’…:


  10. Yep Leigh-Anne a pertinent point where are they all? Got their heads stuck in TV, mobile phones and video games or too busy watching the tennis.When they can’t buy a loaf of bread will they wake up? It’s doubtful like Victorians they will simply starve. Editor



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  12. Leigh-Anne Rogers

    When are you people going to stand up and actually DO SOMETHING ?All you do is talk and complain. ACT. It is not time to pussyfoot around. Haven’t you been doing that long enough .It is nearly all over Rover.
    REMEMBER AGENDA 2030.These people are serious. THEY MEAN IT. Haven’t you got the message yet ?
    Look up the government website. “” Australia and the New World Order.””
    Look up “” ICLEI. “” Your local Regional Council. What have they forgotten to tell you ?
    I am too bloody old to do much ?, but I can write. How long can I speak ? How long can you speak ? I say this with respect. Will you do something ?


  13. This is politically correct corporatism. It’s rampant.


  14. Another such “Albatross” of the United Nations depopulation plots aided and abetted by ‘governments’ such as the LNP and the ALP…

    Australian EPA Labels Manure As Industrial Waste, Cripples Struggling Farmers


  15. Andrew Mackinnon

    My experience of the weather all year round in Australia over the past few years is that temperatures are decreasing, not increasing like those who promote the fraud of global warming claim.

    Is it just me or does anybody else think that temperatures have been decreasing all year round in Australia?


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