A PROMINENT funeral business in Victoria is sponsoring online adverts for another “illegal” protest in Melbourne today (Sunday) over the number of suicides directly related to the destructive social effects of the illegal and cynical lockdown of Victoria.
The advert, which appeared on Telegram social media and described as “An initiative by Tobin Brothers Funerals”, features a member of the company describing the experience of a manager of a subsidiary funeral group.
The woman explained how she had dealt with five cases of suicide over 48 hours – all of them males under the age of 40. They were the only funerals she had arranged over that time period.
The advert was calling for a protest in the city punctuated by a minute’s silence at 1.10am.
It also features footage from the Victorian parliament of Opposition Leader Michael O’Brien relating the case of a couple in financial distress who took their own lives after dropping their two children off at the grandparents for the last time.
People in the know have been saying for months that suicides have been rising, despite attempts by some to deny it.
Even mainstream media acknowledges the serious issue. John Kehoe of The Australian Financial Review reported last month: “One-time Australian of the Year Patrick McGorry has warned the severe Melbourne lockdown and job losses have triggered a surge in mental health crisis calls and that suicide prevention has lost out because of the focus on COVID-19. Mental health support groups say they are being swamped with about a 20 per cent jump in pleas for help in Victoria since Melbourne’s stage three and stage four lockdown restrictions began. Professor McGorry, the executive director of youth mental health organisation Orygen, said people were suffering from a “perfect storm” of lockdown, unemployment and insufficient funding from governments for a “broken” system.”