Doctor living in China says Vitamin C and selenium have been curing thousands from Covid19

China Cures Coronavirus with Vitamin C; Research Suggests Selenium

by John Jones, JD, PhD  from Vaxxter

I live in China. This year, like every other, people with severely compromised immune systems were and are suffering from pneumonia. In early January 2020, in Wuhan, China – a place with dreadful air quality—hospitals started receiving patients.

In fact, for most of November, all of December, and most of January, the air quality index (AQI) was so bad that local governments regularly issued standard health warnings due to high levels of particulate matter. (At my school in Shanghai, if the AQI is over 150, children are cannot play outside. This is based on government advisories.)

And please be aware, far from hiding the problem, government officials in China at the regional and national level, readily provide daily and historical reports of the air quality index, noting particulate matter (PM2.5) and more. Thus we can track data for Wuhan — and most other large cities and urban areas — for the past six years.

Unsurprisingly, those diagnosed with severe forms of COVID-19 are the elderly and immunocompromised. Additionally, people who have a host of pre-existing conditions are at higher risk. (NEJM March 30th, 2020). The Boston-based non-profit, Health Effects Institute, says anywhere from 500,000 to 1,250,000 Chinese die due to air pollution alone each year. (see pages 11-13). But the question this report discusses is, “When people have pneumonia or other respiratory difficulties, what are the best treatment protocols?”

Vitamin C by injection has be proven over decades to kill viruses

Ceep it Cimple Ctupid: Intravenous Vitamin C … Again?

All across China, not just in Wuhan, but also in other cities that saw pneumonia cases (and note, Chinese medical teams discuss COVID-19 as pneumonia), people are being cured with vitamin C.

I am including the details from a public report written in Chinese and published by a medical team Xibei Hospital, affiliated with Jiao Tong University, in the city of Xi’an, Shaanxi province. (To complete the translation I used a combination of programs and resources:  Google Translate, Pleco, and Baidu Fanyi).

Given what the doctors in Xi’an knew of reports from Wuhan (which is 500 miles away from Xi’an, in the neighboring province of Hubei), and from seeing pneumonia patients in early February 2020, a team at the Xibei Hospital, devised a protocol centered on the use of intravenous (IV) vitamin C against the Coronavirus. They first treated patients on February 10th. Critically ill patients received 200 mg of soluble vitamin C per kg body weight, once every 12 hours. After the first two treatments, the patient would get 100 mg/kg, every 24 hours, for the next four days. (Those presenting with moderate symptoms were given 100 mg/kg on day one).

Arguably, these doses are too low. Practitioners and researchers like Dr. Suzanne Humphries (2014) and Thomas Levy, J.D., Ph.D. (2017), posit that intravenous infusions of vitamin C should be from 50-100g per day, and can be repeated every 3-7 days.

The Xibei Protocol

Using the Xibei protocol, a person weighing 70 kg (154 pounds), would receive a total of 28 grams of vitamin C on the first day. Thereafter, they would receive 7 g per day. The clinical trial in Wuhan gave similar doses. On February 14th, 2020, the university hospital started giving pneumonia patients a non-body weight-dependent dose of 12 g of vitamin C every 12 hours for seven days.

Even with their relatively low doses, patients in Xi’an were released after four to eight days of vitamin C. Thus, the protocol, emphasizing the antioxidant, ascorbic acid, has been a clear success.

Nevertheless, my question is, Why don’t we hear of anything about intravenous vitamin C as a routine practice in the United States, or even in other developed countries with reported COVID19 cases like Italy, Spain, Germany, France, or Iran?

What Does the Research Say about Vitamin C?

The teams in China did not choose to administer vitamin C due to mere guesswork. To make the decision, they cited the medical literature and used their knowledge about respiratory diseases and oxidative stress.

Dr. Zhi Yong Peng, at the Zhongnan Hospital, at Wuhan University, justified his decision to use vitamin C, noting:

For most viral infections, there is a lack of effective antiviral drugs … Vitamin C, ascorbic acid, has antioxidant properties. Clinical studies have shown that vitamin C can effectively prevent [sepsis and related cytokine storms]. In addition, vitamin C can [protect the lungs].

Vitamin C can effectively shorten the duration of (or even prevent) the common cold. In a controlled … trial, 85% of 252 students experienced a reduction in [cold] symptoms, [after receiving] high-dose vitamin C group (1g per hour for 6 hours, followed by 1g every 8 hours).

Xibei Report on Vitamin C

According to the Xibei Hospital (2020) report:

For patients with severe neonatal pneumonia and critically ill patients, vitamin C treatments should be initiated as soon as possible after admission. This is because whether the illness was similiar to infections seen in the past like Keshan disease, SARS, Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), or the current new [COVID19] pneumonia, the main cause of death of patients is cardiopulmonary failure caused by increased acute oxidative stress. When the virus causes increased oxidative stress in the body and increased capillary permeability, early application of large doses of vitamin C can have a strong antioxidant effect, reduce inflammatory responses, and improve endothelial (heart tissue) function.

They add:

Numerous studies have shown that treatment with doses of vitamin C promote excellent results. Our past experience in successfully rescuing acute Keshan disease and current studies at home and abroad show that high-dose vitamin C can not only improve viral resistance, but more importantly, can prevent and treat acute lung injury and acute respiratory distress (ARDS).

Why not nutrition?

Dr. Thomas Levy has written many books and has given many lectures on the benefits of vitamin C for curing disease and body detoxification. Of course, Levy attributes this information great pioneer Frederick Klenner, MD. Klenner used ascorbic acid and developed protocols with intravenous and intramuscular applications of high dose vitamin C. He was published as early as 1949—reporting cures of polio, measles, mumps, chickenpox and more.

Because I knew of the benefits of high dose vitamin C in early February, I encouraged four ex-pat doctors, working in Wenzhou, China, to give it to their patients. Wenzhou, a city of over 10 million, was the second Chinese city placed under a complete quarantine. These doctors ridiculed me and scoffed at the idea that nutrition could provide any relief to coronavirus patients. One actually said: “A vaccine is the only solution, as a virus has no effective treatment.” I voiced my objection to that idea, and had plans to use the antiviral drugs — then being touted by the WHO.

Again, I insisted that antioxidants could save the sick. To this, the M.D. added: “Nutrition is important, but if nutrition is enough, why do governments make hospitals and medical colleges?”

Why, indeed.

What about Selenium?

When I read the press release and protocol from Jiao Tong University Hospital, I wanted to learn more about Keshan disease. That rabbit hole only introduced me to more evidence that confirmed how nutrition can cure. Below are some excerpts from the Wikipedia entry on Keshan disease:

Keshan disease, named after Keshan County of Heilongjiang province in Northeast China, is a congestive cardiomyopathy caused by a combination of dietary deficiency of selenium and the presence of a mutated [sic] strain of Coxsackievirus [sic] … Often fatal, the disease afflicts children and women of child-bearing age. It is characterized by heart failure and pulmonary edema.

After reading all the references cited by the Wiki page, I concluded the following about Keshan disease and the state of scientific knowledge:

(a) Symptoms of respiratory difficulty and congestive heart disease were found to be prevalent in a wide belt of territory extending from northeast to southwest China (including parts of Shaanxi province. (See Ge and Yang 1979); those areas which are replete with selenium-deficient soils.

(b) The research holds that Keshan disease peaked from 1960–1970, when thousands died of the disease. And during that decade, China experienced a man-made famine. Then followed by food shortages, especially in rural parts of China.

(c) Intentional dietary supplementation with selenium reduced the incidence and harm of Keshan disease in China. (See Ge and Yang 1979).

Keshan Disease

Beck et al. (2003) cited a 1979 report from China. The report declared, unequivocally: “Populations living in areas of China with selenium-rich soils did not develop Keshan disease.”

Given their interest, Beck et al. (2003) conducted research into the role of selenium and Keshan disease. They concluded:

“[Experiments with mice] suggest that together with the deficiency in selenium, an infection with coxsackievirus was required for the development of Keshan disease.”

Please appreciate the idea that viruses cause disease is not universally accepted—and arguably wrong for Keshan disease in particular. Ge and Yang (1979) claimed that Keshan disease was and is not related to any virus. Instead, they note it as seasonal – coming in the winter. Ge and Yang (1979) explored the question of a viral cause for Keshan disease but rejected that hypothesis due to a lack of evidence. Though most medical practitioners insist that viruses cause disease, recall that in 2005, Peter Doshi discovered that despite claims that influenza virus kills thousands of Americans every year, for 2001, America had only 18 confirmed flu deaths.

The lack of evidence for a viral infection causing Keshan disease and the failure to find a flu virus in fatalities attributed to a virus should guide our thinking about COVID-19 today. Remember, the Chinese doctors in Xi’an treat pneumonia as pneumonia. And they lump together different viruses (SARS, MERS, etc.), saying that each causes oxidative stress.

Oxidative Stress

If disease—all disease—is really about oxidative stress, as Dr. Thomas Levy holds, maybe the type of virus is irrelevant. Keep in mind, even though virologists categorize many types of viruses, there are no true species of viruses (Racaniello 2019, Lecture #1, minutes 56-57).

To determine whether selenium deficiency was a specific link to the coxsackievirus, Beck et al. (2003) injected the influenza virus into selenium-deficient mice and mice fed with adequate amounts of selenium. As we should expect, the selenium-deficient mice had more severe pathology, more inflammatory distress, and produced more T-cells, antibodies, and hormones when they developed the respiratory infection.

Consider that the viruses associated with pneumonia and other types of respiratory distress are different. In human populations, we generally see respiratory ailments with flu-like symptoms, and/or pneumonia, during the winter months. Additionally, we see respiratory illness in persons depleted of an essential antioxidant, selenium. That is, they are suffering from oxidative stress when exposed to the pathogen.

Deficiency in Cuba

Going back to Beck et al. (2003), because their investigation into Keshan disease attributed the ailment to both selenium deficiency and a virus [sic], the team wanted to bolster their thesis with a case study. They provided some discussion about the relationship between said virus and selenium, in another part of the world—Cuba.

During a period of severe nutritional deficit in Cuba (1989-1993), doctors found a rash of patients developing optic and peripheral neuropathy (Beck et al. 2003). The Cuban doctors discovered that their sick patients had oxidative stress due to selenium deficiency, and 84% had some mutated form of coxsackievirus. And the outbreaks occurred in the winter months when vitamin D3 blood-levels would be lowest (Beck et al. 2003).

Just putting these few sources together, we know that:

  • people get sick in winter
  • a virus is not essential to the formation of an illness or disease.
  • More significantly, neither specific viruses nor any distinct diseases have a link to selenium deficiency. Selenium is an antioxidant. And when we raise our antioxidant levels and reduce oxidative stress, we can stay infection-free. Ergo, the key to beating or avoiding pneumonia, a cold, the flu, or any respiratory ailment, is to consume adequate amounts of selenium and vitamin C.
  • Other important nutrients to take as supplements are vitamins A, E, and K, B-complex, magnesium, and zinc.

Conquer COVID Craziness—and Encourage Others Too

The last time I took a class at a university was spring 2001. Since that time, I’ve been enjoying the benefits of my virtual university—the Internet. Over the last 20 years, I have heard lectures from professors and researchers on radio, podcasts, and YouTube. We now have access to millions of peer-reviewed articles, books, and historical accounts. I studied the best that our information age can offer. I learn from Drs. Viera Scheibner, Gary Null, Sherri Tenpenny, Thomas Levy, Rashid Buttar, Sherry Rogers, Nick Gonzales, Leonard Coldwell, Linus Pauling, Fred Klenner, Toni Bark, William Kelley, and many more.

But I have not just absorbed their information, I have used their work as a jumping-off point to do further research … and you can too.

The allopaths either do not know or do not care about nutrition (just ask Allan Smith). There is a general awareness of the intellectual laziness of American physicians. I have observed this after interactions with Western-trained doctors from South Africa, India, and the Middle East, the arrogance of their ignorance is endemic.

From my survey of the current news, if you are in America or Europe, all you hear is that the best doctors can offer is hydroxychloroquine, antivirals or a future vaccine. But from the research, we can see that, instead of their pharmaceutical drugs (which can mask symptoms, but do not cure), what we all need is selenium-rich food (or whole food supplements) and high doses of vitamin C.

Can We Get Back To Normalcy?

There will always be people with viruses and respiratory difficulties. They will be suffering from oxidative stress—and that is NOT contagious. The numbers will rise in the winter when there is less sun. Less sun lowers vitamin D3 levels and reduces the absorption of phosphorous. Additionally, people are more likely to eat more starchy foods and get less vitamin C in their diet.

This is why we hear of members of Congress, professional athletes in NBA, NHL, and world-class soccer players testing positive for COVID. These people were not in China, not eating bat soup, and not sharing ventilators with older people in Italian ICU wards. They did not contract an exogenous virus—their bodies made the virus due to oxidative stress. In fact, spontaneous endogenous generation of viruses, referred to by some as exosomes, would explain why Beck et al. (2003) discovered mutated and more virulent strains of the coxsackievirus in their selenium-depleted mice. They also discovered these strains in human subjects with low selenium. This also notes why researchers are forever finding new and mutated versions of viruses.

Regardless, as Del Bigtree (2020) showed from the European data (minutes 80-90), in the winter of 2018, death rates across Europe were far higher than today—but there was no declaration of an epidemic or pandemic, and there was no global shut down.

No Fear of the Unknown

This is not a time to accept economic stagnation and the social dislocation that will accompany it. It is not a time to fear that which you cannot see (a virus)—especially given that no medical doctor has ever proven that said viruses cause illness. (I will present more on the virus theory in future articles).

Get your Vitamin C, selenium, and zinc, wash your hands to prevent bacterial infection and tell your friends to do the same.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. So will colloidal silver and such-like, including the alkalizing use of lemon juice and bicarb of soda, asno virus can live in an alkaline environment. Gary


  2. Robert Chapman

    I’d recommend using White King bleach with a mix of 1 part White King to 100 parts water it’s not expensive you get 100 litres of bleach elixir to each litre of White King, take 1 dose of 200 ml first thing in the morning and the same at night and you’ll be like me and Donald Trump, COVID-19 (Corona Virus) Free.


  3. Hi Robert will your bleach mix cleanse the mouthpiece of smart phones containing the app? Editor


  4. Robert Chapman

    Ed I don’t need to worry about that because I’m not stupid enough to download the app in the first place!


  5. The proper use of vitamin C is a tested and verified safe, cheap and effective treatment, and prophylactic, against covid-19 — see orthomolecular d ot o r g (click on ‘Library’ and then ‘News Releases’ and read the editions from about February of 2020 on forward)

    A lot of this is based on Nobel laureate Linus Pauling’s pioneering work. HOWEVER….. everyone should keep the following in mind, especially now with the corona scamdemic going on: there are many bogus voices around who strive to distract the public from the value of vitamin C therapy and the fact that Pauling’s VALID work with vitamin C supplementation has been “falsified” by data distortions and lies, and he as a person (a double Nobel laureate) has been slandered as some deluded idiot by the criminal medical establishment and its countless quackwatch shills, lackeys, ignoramuses, and trolls for decades and it continues today — search for the scholarly report “2 Big Lies: No Vitamin Benefits & Supplements Are Very Dangerous” by Rolf Hefti (a published author of the Orthomolecular Medicine News organization). The same corrupt criminal people (and their uninformed followers) are behind the organized suppression, lies, and half-truths spread about the value of vitamin C therapy against covid-19 — see orthomolecular d ot o r g

    But you can’t discredit the facts with lies. That only exposes and discredits the liars (see citations above).

    The fact that we are dealing with a VERY CRIMINAL OFFICIAL POWER STRUCTURE (governments, official corporate medicine, the mainstream media, paid off scientists, etc) that constantly hoodwinks the unsuspecting public with MANY BIG LIES can easily be recognized by anyone with two working brain cells when reading this one sentence by a former US government official, Paul Craig Roberts, Ph.D., in his article ‘The Cost of Big Pharma’s Covid-19 Vaccine Will Be Paid in Lives and in Billions of Dollars’:

    “A corrupt establishment and media that can sell us 9/11, Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, Iranian nukes, Assad’s use of chemical weapons, a Russian invasion of Ukraine, Russiagate and a large number of other lies can also sell us on locking up a successful treatment in the closet while we await a vaccine.”


  6. Peter Lockwood

    since I can remember EVERY winter Cold season Oz Papers like the Syd Morning Herald would publish DISINFORMATION about Vit C with Oz Drs saying its a joke.ITS ONLY A VITAMIN!!

    The study used Stupid levels like 200 mg day after allowing the Cold to progress 7 days.

    in my opinion these so called Drs are “traitors to the Oz public” and to those who DIED inc a little 9 yrs old in Briz.

    You cannot patent Vit C ! ….the actions are NOT of a Vitamin.

    As I wrote in the passed ..My wife and I have NOT had a Cold /Flu since 1972. we were laughed at by everyone we told……I have just turned 70… .dont care what people believe.

    Ascorbic acid at Very High doses > 4-12-20 GRAMS a day are NOT antioxidant!

    It behaves as a “oxidizing agent ” releasing> HYDROGEN PEROXIDE into the blood.

    I suggested anyone interested LOOK IT UP..what I am saying is a MEDICAL FACT!

    Your body makes its OWN H P with “SPECIAL BLOOD CELLS”…….look it up folks!

    H P is in your mouth and other parts inc a “woman’s Virginal space”, as a means of protecting itself against Virus and other pathogens its all on the WEB
    Basic biology……

    THIS IS NOT A TIME TO BE IGNORANT ANY MORE ! (Stick your head in the sand you die)


  7. Peter Lockwood, I’m with you toots!
    Finally, the “word” is getting airplay I’m 77. I get the occasional cold (about 4 in the 49 years that I’ve been in Australia). I habitually take 6 grams of vit.C every morning, and interestingly enough started taking selenium about 6 months ago, along with 10 drops of Lugol’s solution (iodine) starting about 4 months ago.
    You’re right when you say “big pharma can’t patent it” so when they cant monopolize something, they denigrate it.
    I’ve said before, I think on this forum, that many years ago there was a veterinary Dr, in a small town just outside Sydney (Katoomba) that used only Vit. C to remedy venomous snake bites in animals AND NEVER LOST AN ANIMAL.It’s more than “just a vitamin”
    And hey man, we’re classified as elderly and at risk. HAH!


  8. Peter Lockwood

    old kodger ( Hmm not really old) you must still be young on the “inside” Vit C also improves Collagen production, so its good for your ” Pipes”.
    as you know our gut gets used to very hi dose ascorbic acid with getting the runs.

    Yes people in Oz should be informed that OZ soil is very lacking in ” Selenium” which is vital.

    How many people eat fish and getting enough > Iodine.? mostly “farmed Asian” white fish.are sold.
    There is a story here……we all have to stop relying on food source from Asia.

    was shocked to find >> ( Some) Bakers YEAST sold in Oz also comes from Communist China!!
    That reactivates into LIVING CELLS that untold Australians eat as bread etc……
    Q do I trust a Communist Gov not to play around with the yeast cells……..has no one ever told our Gov’s about Bio-warfare?…………do we trust Communist dictatorships?
    Keep strong


  9. I like this Doctor. He got a video banned. It was called ” You are now in great danger.” It is in text on his website: Reading as follows:

    NOTE: This is a transcript of Vernon Coleman’s third video which was first aired on YouTube on 15th April 2020. On 11th May 2020, YouTube decided to remove the video and to ban it. The video had received 24,357 views, 278 comments and 1,100 approvals. We have no idea why this video was banned – though it might have embarrassed a number of governments. The facts it contains are all accurate and the video did not appear to breach any of YouTube’s published guidelines. Vernon was, however, wearing a fairly lively shirt.

    So, we can now be pretty sure that the over 75s are going to be denied medical treatment. The first inklings have appeared. And compulsory vaccination is on its way. I got those two right, I’m afraid.

    So, what else is planned?

    Cheques and cash will be gone within a year or two at most. We’ll have to use plastic for everything we do. That will give the State complete knowledge about our movements and habits.

    And I can pretty well guarantee that the `temporary’ powers the Government has given itself (and the police) will turn out to be permanent. When Governments grab power they tend to hang onto them. As Milton Friedman once observed `nothing is as permanent as a temporary Government programme’. In the UK, one former Supreme Court Judge, is reported to have talked about `collective hysteria’ and to have used the phrase `police state’.

    The Government knows where all pensioners live but, despite having forbidden relatives or friends to visit them, has made no effort to ensure that the elderly are receiving food supplies. How many old people will starve to death in the next two months? How many dead bodies will be found behind locked doors?

    The Government must know that the lockdown will result in many deaths in the future. Operations and treatment programmes have been `postponed’ though no one knows for how long. People are eating what they can find and getting little or no real exercise. Indeed, unless the Government is comprised entirely of halfwits they must realise that the lockdown will have already killed far more deaths than the coronavirus.

    But the Government has had it easy so far. The media has built up the `crisis’ with a daily diet of aggressive fear-making. There has been no proper debate. And the constant building up of the fear has worked. Most people are surprisingly happy about being locked in. They are enthusiastic about vaccination. They are watching far more TV than ever and drinking more booze than ever – taking too little exercise and eating too much.

    Nevertheless, it has long been clear that the coronavirus fiasco is either the biggest cock up in world history or the result of a conspiracy. I’ve given my views on that on my website where there is more space to discuss these things and give background facts.

    Some pathologists have decreed that dead patients who have the coronavirus must now be cremated without examination. I’ve seen a briefing which states: `If a death is believed to be due to confirmed COVID-19 infection there is unlikely to be any need for a post-mortem examination to be conducted and the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death should be issued’. The key word here is surely `believed’.

    Knowing that nowhere near enough people are dying of the coronavirus to justify the oppressive new measures they’ve introduced, the authorities are quietly making sure that most of the people who die are classified as coronavirus deaths. Indeed, there is some evidence that people are being classified as coronavirus victims without ever having been tested. It seems that Britain is doing what the Italians did – if a patient has the virus and they die then they died of the virus. But I suspect we’re going one step further. If someone who dies is thought to have had the virus, or might have had the virus, then they are coronavirus victims and their death is added to the total. The lack of testing makes this easy.

    Today, it is clear that the cure, not the problem, is causing the crisis.

    Right at the beginning of the coronavirus affair I pointed out that according to the World Health Organisation, the ordinary flu kills between 250,000 and 600,000 people a year – most of them in the winter months. I said that if the coronavirus hadn’t killed between 100,000 and 150,000 people around the world by the middle of April then it would be clear that it was not as dangerous as we had been told and, indeed, not as dangerous as the flu.

    Well, the authorities are claiming that the death rate from the corona has now reached 100,000.

    So is the coronavirus as deadly as the mathematicians and the politicians said it was?

    No – because they have fiddled the figures.

    Today, anyone who has the coronavirus, or is thought to have it even though they have not been tested, will be put down as having died of the coronavirus. Time and time again, the authorities report that someone died `with’ the disease. Not `of’ the disease. And yet those patients are put down as having died as a result of the coronavirus.

    So, if you fall downstairs and break your neck, but you had a cough before you died, then you will be classified as a coronavirus death. If you had a heart attack but were thought to have the coronavirus then you officially died of the coronavirus rather than the heart attack. A lack of widespread testing makes this possible. And post mortems have been abandoned for many patients.

    In my second video I explained why the Italian figures for coronavirus deaths cannot be trusted – indeed, 88% of those who officially died of the coronavirus almost certainly died of something else. The evidence for that is on my website.

    And in the UK, Imperial College (which originally forecast the coronavirus would kill 500,000 people in the UK) has apparently admitted that two thirds of the people who have been listed as having died of the coronavirus would have died anyway – of something else.

    I have no doubt that the figures have been distorted in the same way in other countries.

    So, using figures from UK and Italy, the total worldwide number of deaths from the coronavirus is, at most, probably between a quarter and a third of the alleged current total – that is it may be between 25,000 and 33,000 but is probably considerably lower.

    And that makes the coronavirus far less deadly than a mild strain of the flu. It is certainly absurd to compare it to the plague as has frequently been done by hysterical commentators. The plague killed 40% of the population when it swept through Europe. And to compare the coronavirus to the Second World War is an insult to those soldiers and civilians who lived through those terrible years.

    Fiddling the figures is the final, cruel deceit – to sustain the fear and to excuse the new totalitarian tactics being used to keep us all quiet.

    Meanwhile, it is now widely acknowledged that, as I wrote some time ago on my website the number of people who have died as a direct result of the restrictions brought in by governments will far exceed the number of people who will die as a result of the coronavirus.

    The British Government has now admitted that the side effects of the `cure’ (the lock-downs and so on) will result in 150,000 unnecessary deaths in the UK. (Regular readers will remember that on 30tht March I suggested on that the unnecessary death figure would be 100,000 to 250,000.) No one is now suggesting that there will be anywhere near that number of deaths from the coronavirus in the UK. Globally the lockdown will result in millions of deaths.

    A senior NHS official has expressed `concern’ that sick children are not being treated because of the coronavirus `cure’.

    And the United Nations estimates that worldwide 25 million jobs will be lost as a result of the coronavirus. Some claim the figure could be as high as 190 million. Actually, virtually no jobs will be lost because of the virus. It’s the lockdowns which will cause the job losses.

    Every fact I have provided has been absolutely accurate. Every prediction I’ve made has been proven accurate.

    So why don’t the authorities admit that they got it wrong?

    Even if they wanted to do so the scientists, the politicians and the media are now wedded to this deceit. Even if they wanted to, how could they possibly admit that they got it all so very, very wrong?

    But there is another danger that no one seems to have noticed.

    By exaggerating the number of deaths, and allowing the figures to be falsified, governments are endangering us all. You cannot learn about a disease when you don’t keep proper records. I suppose the world’s governments could have made a bigger mess of dealing with this but I can’t see how. No one seems to have any idea how to end the lockdown or banish the fear.

    The evidence that the coronavirus has been exaggerated is all around us. In the UK the government has admitted that the NHS has 2,295 empty intensive care beds. The average number of empty intensive care beds before the coronavirus `crisis’ was 800. So, the NHS has 1,495 more empty intensive care beds during the coronavirus `crisis’ than it had before the so-called `crisis’ began. And it has been reported that almost half the beds in some English hospitals are lying empty.

    Whether you believe in a cock up or a conspiracy we are heading for a manufactured coronavirus apocalypse. The lockdown and totalitarianism are troubling but I fear we are in the calm before a manufactured storm of unprecedented ferocity.

    This video, like the first two, has not been monetised – in other words we don’t make any money out of it and if you see ads on or around the video then it has been stolen and could have been tinkered with.

    Copyright Vernon Coleman – originally broadcast 15th April 2020

    If you have a copy of this video please upload it to any other platform you can find. And please spread copies of Vernon Coleman’s other videos far and wide – on platforms other than YouTube.

    Vernon Coleman’s book about the coronavirus `crisis’, and the future we now face, is called `Coming Apocalypse’ and it is available in paperback and as an eBook.


  10. Peter Lockwood

    yesterdays Oz paper has a story from a Oz GP stating he is very worried that because SICK people are staying home Vital potential life saving Blood tests are not been done.

    People with CHEST PAINS are NOT getting “Cardiac Stents” placed. ( Life threatening)

    he said that when Lock down is over the HEALTH SYSTEM WILL BE OVERWHELMED!!!


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