South East Qld wildfires caused by decades of dangerous Labor Party policies

If you want to live among the trees then expect more destruction

Thousands of hectares of wallum scrub and once open forest in the Sunshine and Gold Coast hinterlands and seaside suburbs were razed this week in what was a preventable inferno.

Many homes and the historic Binna Burra Lodge in the Gold Coast hinterland were lost to wildfire. Where were the fire breaks? Where was the back burning in the days or weeks before?

Historic Binna Burra lodge destroyed by wild fire in Gold Coast hinterland. Urban dwellers are unable to understand or cope with a state experiencing severe drought conditions, caused by on ongoing cyclic solar activities. They should switch of their televisions, stop listening to Greens propaganda  Pics-ABC

The Labor state government’s poor management record of forest and national park reserves across the state will see more of these dangerous conflagrations especially during long periods of dry weather.

The Deputy Premier, comrade Jackie Trad, a Green tragic, was quick to blame ‘climate change’ but she is bereft of any intelligence to know the widespread hot ember storm was caused by her UN-inspired polices of no firebreaks, no heavy machinery, no hazard reduction burning and no cattle grazing on any land.

These fires simply are a repeat of the widespread destructive wildfires which burnt out nearly half a million hectares north of Bundaberg in 2018.

Until this state is rid of urban politicians who have no understanding of the garden bed next door let alone the vast uninhabited areas of Queensland we will continue to witness devastating environmental damage never before seen in the history of the ‘sunshine state.’

In the ample dramatic ‘never let the facts get in the way of a good story’ footage, televisions across the nation flashed bulletins of wildfires and ember storms which caused spot fires some 300 or more metres distant.

Water bombing by a 737, an extreme waste of taxpayers money in most circumstances. Fire prevention costs almost nothing and a change of Labor’s devastating UN-inspired policies would prevent wildfires destroying property.

Climate change is the culprit, say the hopeless Greens, but the climate changes every day so this stupidity carries no water. The state is in drought, a continuous cycle of weather patterns caused by differing solar activity.

Wet sclerophyll or rainforest encroaches on open forest, and a succession of wet years followed by a drought can allow so-called rain forest to burn if sufficient detritus is on the forest floor.

Witness the wanton waste of taxpayer money near Lockhart River Aboriginal community in the electorate of the state member of parliament Cynthia Lui from Yam Island.

A fire, presumably lit by Aborigines, which got into the Iron Range ‘rain forest’ is being water bombed by aircraft.  This area of Cape York Peninsula has an annual rainfall during the wet season of more than a metre and a half.

Meanwhile bushfire-fighting practices in the south east corner under the direction of the urban fire department were doomed to fail before they began.

Where were the experienced incident control officers from northern Rural Fire Services?

Thee urban brigades with well-paid staff won’t allow battle toughened rural firies near the control base. They want unpaid volunteers at the fire front.

Urbane firefighters generally have little concept of fighting large bushfires. These firemen are virtually ‘pissing into the wind.’ It is obvious these flames cannot be doused but the fire has already been halted by the concrete carpark wall, so why waste water and endanger lives? Where are the fire breaks, back-burning and what happened to hazard reduction burning?



More importantly nowhere in urbanised TV bulletins was a bulldozer or grader to be seen or were any worthwhile fire breaks.

In hinterland grazing country, when composted, dry kikuyu pastures and cow pats burn the fire can only be contained by graded firebreaks.

Reports of nearly metre-high piles of dry litter on forest floors interwoven with a lantana jungle are a result of an absence of hazard reduction burning over many years.

Because the national park service and the Labor state government generally won’t allow firebreaks to be constructed in its millions of hectares of wasteful parks estates, then without hazard reduction burns we have just experienced the result.

The Liberal Party fares little better having lost its way decades ago.

Time to take back the reins people(sheeple?).

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Hard to believe how Australians do not see the harm our govt does and is doing to our country. I can not believe a hard message was not sent at elections.


  2. In addition to differing solar activity, NASA admits that climate change occurs because of changes in Earth’s solar orbit, and NOT because of SUVs and fossil fuels:


  3. Just proves that kids with a box of matches and Climate Change are a dangerous combination.


  4. Liblabs two ends of the same UN turd. Seems Aust landmass is controlled by a UN administration called’ Aust Govt’. Since Whitlam removed crown, signed treaty of Rome and Lima TreaTy.


  5. OFF , is the word you meant to use, not, switch of TV ,.

    Supportively Steve

    Sent from my iPad



  6. When Trad tried to say the fires were because of the BS Climate Change fraud I simply wanted to throw something.. As you allude, the policies by this government are externally controlled. The agenda is to remove our productivity and persons from the land and make it unavailable to us. They are doing a great job.. Communism is here in all levels of government and we need to call it out..

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  7. Jean-Michel Bocquee

    Why no mention of the wholesale aerosol spraying of nano sized conductive particulates that make technologies like HAARP and ‘Australian Rain Technology’ more effective.

    Declassified FOI documents from the CIA’s own website show that the weather has been manipulated since the late 50’s.

    Induced droughts/floods to sway public opinion towards man made climate change……


  8. Hi Jean if you would like to supply us with an article about this we would appreciate it. A few years ago we ran numerous stories about HAARP and weather manipulation with the aid of the Jindalee radar installation near Longreach. Editor


  9. I haven’t recently seen the awful, messed up skies that I have been observing for at least 15 years. Claims are being made in the US that the Trump administration has stopped geoengineering. According to the website And We Know, Trump has given coded messages to that effect. BTW it’s not just aerosols from jets that have been clogging up skies, apparently the ground-based HAARP technology can create or dissipate cloud through Nexrad radar networks.


  10. There’s some good info here:

    Deborah Tavares exposes of how they ignited the Californian wildfires via DEW aka direct energy weapons which the powers use a laser type of technology to further their agenda.

    Make no mistake, with the right conditions, they will be able (if not already), ignite devastating bush-fires here in Australia too, in order to further their agenda.

    Things are going to get much, much worse and the wealthy are deliberately orchestrating a collapse.
    Not just in Australia, but world wide. The elites want complete control of the wealth and autonomy of every citizen.

    The storm is coming. Start networking with other people. Friends and family will be vital in the coming months and years.


    Extreme individual self interest is the malignant mind of the psychopath…and that is exactly the type of personality that governs this country and indeed the world.

    ~Christian Marx.


  11. Consider HAARP!


  12. Thanks Alex, but what about the Japanese who would have wiped out every blackfella in northern Australia had they got a foothold? Just as they wiped out inhabitants throughout the Pacific Islands. Please don’t ignore this very pertinent and historical fact. You owe your allegiance to the Commonwealth Government of Australia. It was Australian troops, albeit with numerous Aboriginal and Torres Strait soldiers among their ranks which saved the country. China has no part in Australian land tenure and we will keep it this way. Remember what the respected elder Wampi Keppel said: ” The Australian troops saved Australia and there would be no blackfellas left if we didn’t beat the Japs in New Guinea.”


  13. Thanks Danny we have previously published quite a lot about the California fires and how they started. Editor


  14. Yes here too..Real weather for a while.. The Californian fires were so obviously weapons.. But this is where we are – the criminal controllers can kill people at will.. I suppose nothing new there… just more blatant..


  15. Jean so if what you’re saying’s right that “Declassified FOI documents from the CIA’s own website show that the weather has been manipulated since the late 50’s” then in reality you’re saying climate change IS man made because of the manipulation of the weather.


  16. Arson is believed to be the cause behind the horror bushfires which swept the Gold Coast Hinterland and destroyed the iconic Binna Burra lodge. The state’s police commissioner has revealed who cops are hunting. – Gold Coast Bulletin September 15


  17. Another reason that the psychopaths are manipulating the climate, is of course to bring in their dangerous GMO crap & to destroy safe, wholesome organic, un-tampered real wholesome foods.



    Very bad news for now & for future generations.

    I think there’s defiantly a push for a mass genocide (slowly), in order to reduce the population + to increase profits for big pharma. It’s nothing to do for benefiting the earth, but for their ends 1st & foremost.


  18. yep.. When you get the big picture all the stange things that happen – gender- vaccines- lowering productivity – the general managed decline we find oueselves in – it all makes sense..


  19. Perhaps – but make no mistake – the rulers who would be want us off the land and into boxes in cities – Agenda 2030..This is why they are currently oranizing our country people out of business – Utilitizing the water is a UN control scam – I mean why have we not built any dams or why will we not build power plants – they don’t want us to have them..Our Govt are puppets – look at Frydenberg and Hume – both part of the criminal banking cabal and trapping us in the Cash and Bail-in legislation..


  20. Hi Folks You won’t have to live among the trees to get burnt out in the new year. Our lunatic state Government is demanding all rural fire volunteers must apply for a “blue card” or be dismissed from the rural fire service on December1 this year. Now you will know how we country people love government “red tape”, so far less than 10% of members have complied with the government demand. The rural fire service has also refused to provide protective uniforms and equipment to anyone who has not applied. Meanwhile rural fire staff are running around like blue arsed flys trying to get people signed up instead of doing their proper job. Where does leave rural residents this fire season? Less than 20% of rural fire volunteers will be covered for compensation and insurance and would be foolish to risk injury fighting someone else’s fire. Perhaps Premier Palletjack thinks Victorian and Tasmanian volunteers will fill the void.

    cheers Terry Gordon.


  21. well said Terry what about having to ring a RFS supervisor from Brisbane when fighting a fire to ask if you can backburn and all the other megalomaniacal policies dreamed up by Brisbane bureaucrats seeking total control over 33,000 volunteers or however many are left. I hear the volunteers en masse will refuse to attend fires if called out until the ratbag socialists of the ALP drop the bill.Ed


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