Forget Australian news reporting about Trump. Journalist Lisa Frank has nailed the Democrat detractors of Trump to the wall. Trump frequently talks of false news. After reading this true account of the present political revolution if the US, it becomes quite obvious we are being fed Clinton-generated propaganda regurgitated by Reuters and AAP.

Trump according to independent polls we have seen remains at a minimum 50 per cent approval rating but some observers claim it to be much higher. He has achieved many of his campaign promises to make America great again.

Don’t believe most of the false news coming from the US in mainstream Australian media, including the ABC.

Download or read this story here.


Editor: This letter arrived last week from one of many US readers. It is worthy of publication:

I was and am aware of a lot of this info but did not know about the British bank HSBC and its connections with the Clinton machine. This is one of the reasons I tend to rant obnoxiously and piss off my wife and her family with my political views…especially of the Clintons. Its almost always a case of follow the money and the Clinton Foundation has been a cesspool for at least 5 to 8 years. Corruption has always been present in US politics and Washington but this has been taken to a whole new leveleven to the crime of treason.

When the 2016 election started to ramp up in 2014/15 I stated that Trump was my last choice of the 17 candidates on the conservative side but ANYONE was better than Hillary. Somehow Trump beat out the RINOs (most of whom are just as greedy but not as intrenched as the Clintons) and Kimmie was amazed at the effort I made to vote from Vietnam (N Carolina is a swing state). I literally cried when Trump won. Only an outsider could have a chance to “drain the swamp” and as a patriotic American who loves my country but FEAR MY GOVERNMENT this is probably the last chance in my lifetime of seeing an America that I can be proud of again.

I hope the hounds of hell feast on Clinton, Comey, Lynch, Obama, McCain etal and that Trump lives through the shitstorm that is unfolding. I also promise my family to tone down my rants and to try not to gloat if Trump succeeds.

PJ Markovits