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Qld Parliamentary petition to stop jabbing kids with deadly mRNA

Queensland residents draws to the attention of the House the following:

1. On 13 December 2021, Dr Robert Malone, developer of the mRNA vaccine technology upon which the current COVID-19 vaccinations are based, issued an urgent alert about the dangers of injecting children with COVID-19 vaccinations.

2. Dr Malone is one of the world’s most credentialed vaccine experts. 

3. Dr Malone warns parents of three fundamental concerns about injecting children with COVID-19 vaccinations:

I. The COVID-19 vaccines can trigger fundamental changes to their child’s immune system and can cause permanent damage in children’s critical organs, including to their:

a. brain and nervous system

b. heart and blood vessels, including blood clots

c. reproductive system.

II. Once the damage occurs, it is irreparable, that is:

a. lesions within their brain cannot be fixed

b. heart tissue scarring cannot be repaired

c. a genetically reset immune system cannot be repaired

d. reproductive damage could affect future generations.

III. The novel mRNA vaccine delivery system has not been adequately tested and is one of the “most radical medical experiments in human history.”

4. Finally, Dr Malone declares that there is no benefit in injecting young children with COVID-19 vaccinations against the small risks of the virus – the risk/benefit analysis isn’t even close.

Your petitioners, therefore, request the House to provide the people of Queensland with reasons why the COVID-19 vaccination of children should not cease immediately given the dire warnings from the creator of the mRNA vaccine delivery system.

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