Dr. Reiner Fuellmich joins Maria Zeee to announce the groundbreaking news that Crimes Against Humanity trials are scheduled to begin in New Zealand through the truly independent Maori people.

(Note: All cabal members of this weird wacko pseudo – medical cult religion are exempt or faked getting their jab, while we are coerced or forced to get the death jab!
These criminals are all pedophiles (mostly controlled Mk-Ultra/clones) and they want to mandate us so they can be free to continue their crimes in systematic secret!
The goal is global genocide and transform our children into (sub)-human 3.0 to allow demonic possession through nano-tech. This is the sickest and most diabolical plan devised in this spiritual battle. As Q posted, “protect your DNA” as that is the God-given fortress of protection.
Children have next to zero risk against so-called Covid, yet they are pushing this experimental drug under the guise of a vaccine. Think! why? Please see the following video link or see my letter I wrote to my local bishop back in 2019 (both links below). Still over a year later no response, yet the Canadian government is pushing that I need psychiatric treatment for refusing an experimental death jab that has zero informed consent.
They are all pedophiles and demonic psychopaths. Trump forced them to accelerate their plans which now exposes all their deceptions. Mostly all political and church leaders are now possessed demonic psychopaths. They are now exposed, trapped, afraid of us and panicking. “Children”, are what will unite and wake up humanity to these soulless psychopathic nutjobs.
What are the penalties for treason and crimes against humanity? Pray! Marcum)

This is really happening, They are re-writing your DNA You ARE THE THIRD TEMPLE!