Meme makers had a field day on social media with Target’s big push for LGBTIQ ideology. BELOW: The satanist idiot employed by Target to design their latest range of cultural Marxist-themed merchandise.


ONE might give the board members of Target some credit for being at the top of their game in the corporate world. They come from many of the big global brands like Coca Cola, Pepsico, UPS and Procter & Gamble.

But what happened to these presumably smart business minds that they should employ a self-confessed satanist to design a whole range of clothing and other goods to “celebrate” a month of LGBTIQ activities i.e. Pride Month?

When word got out on social media that Target had this range of goods in their stores, for example colouring books for children featuring pictures of two men kissing and t-shirts with overtly pro-LGBT messages, the awake public said “no way, boycott Target!”

And boycott Target they did. Sales plunged by a massive $8.34 billion and the share price 11.41%. We could attribute half of that fall to current retail sales downturns caused by the recession that no-one wants to talk about, but many consumers did themselves a favour and gave Target a big kick in the butt by shopping elsewhere.

Target’s own website brags about how the company came to be promoters of LGBTIQ ideology and set up a “diversity and inclusivity” bureaucracy. No doubt consumers paid for the resources wasted on that folly. It is an exercise that would have done the Stalinists and Maoists proud.

Target’s “milestones of our journey” to neo-Marxist wokeness started in the 2003-09 period when the bright corporate sparks on the board decided to “foster an inclusive culture” by establishing the company’s first “Diversity Steering Committee, which becomes the Office of Diversity & Inclusion (D&I)”.

So a company that sells all sorts of consumer goods sets up a cultural Marxist-inspired diversity and inclusion bureaucracy. Well done corporate geniuses. And this bureaucracy at the Office of D&I goes to work setting up little Maoist style “action groups” within the company to reinforce the ideology at the worker level – so-called diversity action committees (DACs), employee resource groups (ERGs), diversity analytics team, and workplace and marketplace initiatives.

The lunacy continued under the slogan “All Together”. One might imagine Chinese-style big banners strung out across the tea rooms with images of noble sales assistants looking boldly into the glorious socialist future. Next, self-criticism prevails and the Office of D&I is transferred to another layer of bureaucracy called the corporate social responsibility team.

In 2015 to 2022 Target “invests in external stakeholder engagement initiatives” (got that? ) and becomes the “Champion an Inclusive Society”. Roll out the banners comrades, the glorious New Era has arrived!

In line with this new revolutionary phase, the Office of D&I “transitions to the human resources team”, the “D&I strategy is revamped to align with revision of company purpose” (self criticism again, comrades!). Then from 2022 to the present the party … sorry company, slogan is “We Are Never Done!” and new three-year cycle of enterprise Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity goals are set. Forward comrades!

This charade carried on by some of the world’s top business executives could be seen as hilarious. It would make a great new theme for a TV comedy series like The Office, which brilliantly sent up “hip” corporate culture of the 90s.

But corporate wokeness aka cultural Marxism, is now a rampant virus, a pandemic that affects all levels of society from kindergartens to care homes, driven, behind the scenes by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) 2030 Sustainable Development Goals – a veritable cesspool of cultural Marxist programs designed for government-corporate overlay.

These programs are supposedly enforced at national level by the various UN treaties signed on to by UN members back in the 1980s. However, those programs are in reality not legally binding on nation states. They are “obligations” and “guidelines” that can be ignored by sovereign nation states.

But as revealed by the website contributors, there is a seriously perverted, evil agenda afoot through the UN, driven from above by the global oligarchs and technocrats who run the World Economic Forum.

Hopefully, the rising number of populist, nationalist governments (about 20 in 2018 according to globalist Tony Blair) led by the likes of Italy’s Meloni, Hungary’s Orban or even a new Trump-led USA will set a new trend against this globalist, corporatist madness.