Australian meat processors warn that manufactured CO2 supplies are dangerously low and could affect food supplies

Navigator Heartland Greenway proposes a pipeline project that aims to capture all that CO2 out of the air and from ethanol plants, convert it into liquid form, and pump it into a “permanent underground sequestration site,” depriving plant life of benefiting from it.

(Natural News) Climate fanatics are scooping up farmland all across the American Midwest and turning it into a “carbon capture and sequestration” pipeline that will supposedly help to stop “global warming.”

The 1,300-mile-long apparatus is being intentionally constructed over fertile soil by a company called Navigator Heartland Greenway, which is plowing under and destroying food crops and replacing them with this massive project.

According to reports, town halls in hundreds of counties across the heartland are brimming with furious farmers who are being told that nothing can be done to stop the pipeline.

It’s becoming obvious that ‘they’ are intentionally trying to damage food production and supply in the U.S., all in the name of reducing CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions,” reported Rumor Mill News.

World’s largest carbon dioxide extraction plant will destroy the ecosystem

This pipeline comes at an interesting time in history when much of the world is struggling through a food crisis. Poor crop yields, bad weather and the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) are all hitting hard, creating shortages and other supply chain problems.

A lack of available fertilizer in some areas is also adding to the crisis, which one might call a “perfect storm” for famine and starvation.

The proposed pipeline will transport liquid cardon dioxide through five midwestern states, including straight through the heart of Iowa.

We continue to be told that oil pipelines, which would supply our country with domestic product and help reduce gas prices, are too “dangerous” and “bad for the environment.” This carbon pipeline, however, which looks and functions in almost the exact same way, is just fine because it is for the “climate.”

“The project, titled ‘Heartland Greenway System,’ proposes a pipeline from Minnesota, eastern South Dakota and Nebraska into central Illinois, traversing Iowa over 885 miles from Lyon County in northwest Iowa through Lee County; several spurs could include one into Des Moines County to service Big River Resources, the ethanol plant south of Burlington,” The Hawk Eye explains.

“The company plans eventually to capture about 15 million metric tons annually of the greenhouse gas, a major contributor to climate change, from 20 points in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska and South Dakota.”

Remember that plants rely on CO2 to flourish, producing oxygen in exchange. Without CO2, in other words, all plant life would die, as would humans and all other life forms.

This pipeline project aims to capture all that CO2 out of the air, convert it into liquid form, and pump it into a “permanent underground sequestration site,” depriving plant life of benefitting from it.

Most of the pipeline would traverse Iowa, with small blips of it in the other states. All of the affected states grow massive amounts of genetically modified (GMO) crops that are chemically intensive and extremely polluting to the environment.

None of that is a concern to the climate alarmists, though. The only thing they are concerned about is trying to eliminate CO2 from the atmosphere, which in their minds would help to “cool” the planet and stop “climate change.”