Big news.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese revealed the true extent of the damage the Voice activists want to inflict on your Constitution.

And it’s far worse than we feared.

Not only do they want the divisive Voice to ride roughshod over Parliament, it would have a direct say over every decision made by the executive government.

Megan Davis, Pat Anderson from the Referendum Council holding the Uluru Statement from the Heart, and Noel Pearson.Credit:Alex Ellinghausen SMH

And the Voice will have the power to challenge those decisions in the High Court.

The true gravity of what this referendum is actually about is only now starting to dawn on many Australians.

This change to the Constitution is so massive, it’s made headlines around the world.

Time Magazine called it a “profound constitutional change” which means Indigenous Australians could “gain formal representation in Parliament”1.

Still sounding like a “modest” change?

But the funny thing is that Albo tried to talk them out of such a massive constitutional amendment.

He asked the referendum working group – made up of pro-Voice activists – to limit its power to take a democratically elected parliament or government to the High Court2.

And they said no!

So what did Labor do? They folded.

They proved the ‘no’ case before the campaign even starts.

At the very first opportunity to show that the so-called Voice will not ride roughshod over the government, they folded.

Despite the internal division, despite the legal concerns, despite the community concerns, they capitulated.

It just goes to show who is in charge here.

It’s not you, me or the Australian people – the pro-Voice activists are well and truly running the table.

The Albanese government proposed an “additional set of words to guard against potential High Court challenges”, but were denied by the pro-Voice activists.

And if the rulebook of the country is changed we can only expect more of this.

Do you remember last year, when Albo said it would be a “brave government” that ignored the divisive Voice?

Well, this is exactly what he meant.

And exactly why you and I will be fighting hard to say ‘no’.

There’s no way we’re going to let the Voice divide our nation like this.

Yours in unity,

Senator for the NT, Jacinta Price