WHO has designated an official code for the unvaxxed

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29 January 2023

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Feds adapting AI used to silence ISIS to combat American dissent on vaccines, elections
Z28.310 – the Code Designated for the Unvaccinated | 27 Jan 2023 | International Classification of Diseases (ICD) codes are a system used to classify and code diseases, injuries and other health conditions. They are primarily used for tracking and analysing health data, as well as for billing and reimbursement in the healthcare system. Periodically the World Health Organization (WHO) updates the codes to reflect new advances in medical knowledge and technology… Last year, the ICD codes were updated again. However, this time they were updated to record your vaccination status. Code Z28.310 is for the unvaccinated – if the patient has not received at least one dose of any COVID-19 vaccine. Partially vaccinated individuals, those who have received at least one dose of a multi-dose COVID-19 regimen but have not received the full set of doses necessary to meet the CDC definition of “fully vaccinated” in place at the time of the encounter, have been assigned the code Z28.311. They have even designated codes which give the reason why you didn’t get vaccinated.

Woman to Be Tried for Involuntary Manslaughter in Austrian Court for Infecting Neighbor With COVID –If found guilty, the woman faces up to three years imprisonment. | 28 Jan 2023 | An infected 53-year-old woman allegedly ignored a quarantine decree. A neighbour fell ill with Corona and died. Now the Carinthian woman has to go to court. A case unique in Austria will be heard on 23 February at the State Court [Landesgericht] in Klagenfurt. A Carinthian woman, 53, is said to have used Corona as a “weapon,” because she had disregarded the quarantine and thus infected a neighbour, 69. Now she finds herself accused of involuntary manslaughter [fahrlässige Tötung] and intentional endangerment of the community by a communicable disease, reports the Kleine Zeitung. The woman became infected with Corona in December 2021. After a positive test, she received a quarantine order [Absorderungsbescheid]. Nevertheless, the woman repeatedly left her flat, stayed in the stairwell of the apartment building, or outside. Neighbours complained to the health authorities and the police were called in.

Federal Judge Blocks California Law Punishing Doctors for ‘COVID Misinformation’ | 26 Jan 2023 | A federal judge in California on Wednesday granted Children’s Health Defense (CHD)-California Chapter’s request for a preliminary injunction to block a California law that would have allowed the state’s medical boards to punish doctors for spreading “COVID-19 misinformation.” In his 30-page opinion, Senior U.S. District Judge William Shubb determined the defendants in the case — California Gov. Gavin Newsom, Attorney General Rob Bonta and California Medical and Osteopathic Boards — provided “no evidence that ‘scientific consensus’ has any established technical meaning,” and that the law provides “no clarity” on the meaning of the word “misinformation.” Judge Shubb also found the “plaintiffs have established a likelihood of success on the grounds of their Fourteenth Amendment vagueness challenges.” The ruling pertains to a lawsuit filed Dec. 1, 2022, in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California on behalf of plaintiffs CHD-California Chapter, Dr. LeTrinh Hoang and Physicians for Informed Consent.

Mount Sinai Hospital Set to Hire Unvaccinated Worker With Religious Exemption | 27 Jan 2023 | A source has informed m[e] that Mount Sinai Hospital has offered an unvaccinated highly trained medical professional a job, and communicated to this individual they will accept their religious exemption to vaccination! This is because even though Hochul filed a notice of appeal — and now has 6 months to follow through on that appeal — she has not received nor asked for a stay in the ruling of the lower court where Sujata Gibson and Children’s Health Defense won exactly two weeks ago. That means it is illegal for anyone to be denied an opportunity to work as a Healthcare Worker in New York simply because they are unvaccinated. If any employer does so, they are in violation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Dandy said – “At the very beginning of ‘Operation Covid-19’ in 2020 I recall mention of a Code allocated for death by guillotine…”

    That’s entirely consistent with the fact that some big US government agency (FEMA, as I recall) took delivery of a very large number of GUILLOTINES around the time of the Corona Chan “pandemic” going live.

    This goes into the same pigeon-hole as the “Quarantine Camps” and the gas lines going into dormitories with NO GAS APPLIANCES – they’re putting all this shit into place because THEY PLAN TO USE IT.

    Dandy also said – “The pushback however, is the general public programming the Globalists to accept their own fate for what they have done.”

    TBH, whether they ACCEPT their fate is immaterial – these bastards are going to HANG and from there they’ll be roasting in the deepest pits of Hell for ETERNITY. And also TBH, can you really see any of these genocidal Master-Race arseholes “accepting their fate” at the hands of the “useless eaters”? That would be like the carnivorous bunny-farmer accepting being carted off to the gallows by a bunny lynch mob.


  2. Won’t need codes when the WHO brings in forced vaccination and the Australian politicians dutifully bend over and implement nazi terror on us Aussies.

    Just wait for a REAL plandemic, as predicted by Gates. ANYBODY KNOW HOW TO SPELL ‘ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANT TUBERCULOSIS’?


  3. To Pat from Vic

    At the very beginning of ‘Operation Covid-19’ in 2020 I recall mention of a Code allocated
    for death by guillotine. I kid you not.
    That came from a whistleblower who had in worked in a USA Government Department.

    I notice Dr David Martin has come out and said that the Globalists are programming
    the public to accept mass genocide.
    Key point is ‘to accept’.
    The programming is subtle, but it’s true there is a barrage of negative outcomes, whether food shortages, deaths, nuclear attack and hopelessness being predicted to wear people down.

    The pushback however, is the general public programming the Globalists to accept their own fate
    for what they have done. To keep them on edge.

    It goes both ways.


  4. Interesting that they can conjure up “codes” to classify the “useless eaters” according to the prospective requirements of their devilishly cunning secret plans. I wonder if they will apply these coding schemes to THEMSELVES?

    I ALSO wonder if they would be so courteous as to supply some codes that might be of benefit to the “useless eaters” instead?

    I’d like to see a code to identify f*cking genocidal maniacs such as principally occupy the membership of the WEF and WHO. That would be a special “limited edition” code, of course, seeing as how that particular club is so VERY exclusive.

    A more generic code would be needed for the treasonous Globalist stooges (all genocidal murdering arseholes in their own right) entrenched throughout the governments and corporate beauracracies of the world. Maybe we could classify these bastards as “lesser genocidal maniacs”, being subordinate as they are to the uber-arseholes at the lofty heights of characters like creepy Bill and Klaus Schwab. A sub-species, so to speak, of the Luciferian arse-wipes who think they own the world.

    Whatever coding system is adopted for that SECOND group would have to allow for some tens of millions of unique identifiers around the world, because that’s how many of these mongrels we’re going to HANG.


  5. Further discussion about Coding in relation to a person’s vaccination status highlights the opportunity for further discrimination and control of all of Society.
    The International Coding Standard comes from WHO, a self designated World governing body.

    One’s Coding status will be linked to Medicare, private Health Insurers and then we can all assume Government will take it from there.
    GP’s may be given financial incentives in relation to Coding and how they designate codes.

    There are ICD codes specifically for Covid-19:
    These include, a need for immunisation against covid-19, an adverse reaction to the covid-19 vaccine, a post covid condition, a personal history of covid-19, the multiple system inflammatory system associated with covid-19, the covid-19 virus not identified, and covid-19 virus identified.

    For this type of coding to be coming out now just proves that this covid-19 Agenda is far from over.
    Why should anyone care?

    Looks like a rebranded digital ID to me.


  6. Everything related to Agenda 2030 is a precursor to the Mark of the Beast.


  7. Last Saturday I got a case of corona.

    By Sunday I had none left.

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  8. The Thais have just been informed that Princess Bajrakitiyabha Mahidol, is a victim of the vaxx. They are not amused.

    It looks like Thailand may be the first to call out the Covid fraud, including financial compensation for the deliberate destruction of their economy.


    The full interview [linked at the bottom] reveals some of the evidence they exposed to the Thai authorities.

    We only need the first domino to fall.


  9. lindesymonds

    There are several codes for the BS COVID. Covid infection, died with COVID, died because of COVID, etc etc. See ICD 11, (corrupt WHO). I won’t post but easy to find. I think (could be wrong) there were also codes added for unvaxxed, adverse events and even counselling for vaccine hesitancy. Not sure if they yet apply in Australia. I did try to find, but no luck.


  10. I am not sure about this code listing in Australia as yet, ( I read this and tried to find Aus equivalent but couldn’t, but guess it is probably coming). Myself personally, I have not received anything from our wonderful government encouraging me, telling me, threatening me to have a COVID vaccine, let alone my GP ( why would she bother never has before encouraged me to get any vaccine? ). However, I did receive from Medicare a letter explaining I was eligible for a “FREE” vaccine for Pnuemecoccal, dated 8 Oct 2022, no mention of COVID ( I found it very suspicious as was out of the blue, never had any letters like this before). Anyhow they can FO. However, I don’t believe they really know who is vaccinated or not, not even by the vaccination certificate some had to have, as we know. I think there is a gap in the system somewhere (except for children who are on the immunisation register from birth today, going back the last 20 or so years). Clearly, myself being born in 72 I am not. If you stay away from your doctor they will never know I guess.


  11. The WHO of the United [Communist] Nations should come up with some codes for the people that are now permanently disabled from being injected with these CoVID bioweapons and those they killed.

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  12. The author quoted – “A neighbour fell ill with Corona and died.”

    No she didn’t. She really didn’t.

    How about we hunt down the REAL villains in this Globalist sitcom?


  13. In the Austrian case, the plaintiff must prove (a) that the PCR test was valid; and (b) that the defendant infected the deceased. As both modes of evidence do not exist, here’s a good luck wish for the Austrian prosecutor.

    Unfortunately, the Austrian government is now regarded globally as collectively ‘non-compos mentus’ and in this, the world’s largest lunatic asylum, can do and say whatever it likes, with or without medication.

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