‘Long Covid’ is the vaxx

By columnist Lyndesy Symonds

And then there is the cohort which has the exact same set of symptoms described by Dr Phelps, a cohort which has not been vaccinated but lives with family members who are.

Vaxxed persons injected with a prion disease and who become infectious with it, also become transmissible. And those patented mRNA biotech spike protein sequences of the vaxx are jigged to be RECOMBINANT with other natural viruses – so there will be no end of variants.

We are looking at an epidemic of prion disease in this country. Just like the global pandemic of 2020 was a hoax in which the government / health system rebranded the influenza as a ‘SARS cov-2 nouvelle corona virus’ on the basis of a PCR test that does not diagnose any disease, the real epidemic of prion disease from the vaxxes / boosters is being labelled as ‘long covid’ in order to cover up IT IS THE VAXX.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Hi Dandy,re: “While I suspect you may be right because this new mRNA technology was ‘warned against’, and there is still no answer on all the ingredients that were injected, the jury is still out on long term outcomes.” As far as the “jury being still out” – I can wholeheartedly say No it’s not. Many other practicioners already observing the relative short term effects amongst numerous patient presentations (including sudden onset impaired renal function), does not bode at all well.


  2. A Jules La Verne Sci -Fi computer fantasy story came up with the following interpretation of modern c-vid disease reality:

    It’s a biological response to the release of modern day heavy duty microwave and other massive EMF radiation flooding the ether.

    The injections themselves are the implanting of receiver and transmitter nano material which codes for MAC addresses and which enhances targeted biological responses to EMF stimulation. They are analogous to the implanting of wireless WiFi electrodes and ID coding and tagging. Everyone must have them in our ‘all inclusive’ society.

    The delivery medium unfortunately contains toxic substances which are undeclared as “trade secrets” and which patent rights prohibit from being investigated. But the end justifies a few dead.

    For a start, we know that EMF frequencies can be remotely transmitted and received, and they can make you either sick or make you well!! They can switch you on and they can switch you off. Simply at the press of a few keystrokes!

    Congratulations to us 🙂 We’ve won starring roles in humanity’s first global, remote controlled digital puppet show. It will be a blockbuster!!

    Brought to you by….. ???? … Digits well known. The ones that are in every pie.

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  3. The “vaccine” is the disease.

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  4. To D Johnson,

    While I suspect you may be right because this new mRNA technology was ‘warned against’, and there is still no answer on all the ingredients that were injected, the jury is still out on long term outcomes.
    I guess that is why it is a clinical trial with an end date….when enough data is in.

    I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to be living each day with any extra layer of fear about this.
    I think it is just best for people to try to live healthy, try different things, and hope for the best.

    We all know someone we care about.


  5. Hi Dandy, What I had unfortunately neglected to emphasise, is that the mRNA experiment doesn’t just impact and/or damage the auto immune system – it irrevocably alters and damages cells throughout the body. Auto immune conditions per se can be treated and managed with a large degree of success. They are rarely fatal. The mRNA experiment however, ultimately is.

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  6. To D Johnson,

    I have heard Scientists (USA) be bold enough to same speak about AIDS as you have alluded.

    My point is really for those who may have received the clinical trial jab with the “HIV molecular clamp” among other varied descriptions.

    It’s bad enough for those who feel they have been duped.

    So just a reminder for them that autoimmune disease can be managed.
    No matter what they try to call it.

    Auto immune disease has been around for a long time.
    We have all been on some Scientific clinical trial journey for at least the last 30 years.

    It’s just that this time, some of us woke up to it.
    And now we’re mad as hell.

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  7. Hi Dandy, All this “long covid” BS is just as fictitious as the so-called “covid virus”. As a practicioner, I can categorically state that the only thing which has affected/damaged peoples’ immune system are the experimental death shots. And despite what some people would like to believe, there is NO reversal or coming back from the damage done to the body.
    Re HIV/AIDS, most people have known for years (having been proven), that it was a German created bioweapon back during the war – retrieved by the Americans – stored in a lab in Staten Island – and used by Reagan, under the guise of being a Hep B/C immunisation – in order to kill off the gay community. Can’t believe that that still has to be reiterated in 2022!
    So re: “My question: is COVID just repackaged?” Absobloodylutely! ALL of this BS has been repackaged – and will continue to be repackaged over and over and over again…….

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  8. Adding to the differing opinions, I propose that ‘long covid’ is just repackaged autoimmune disease.
    Autoimmune disease goes on for a long time.
    The body is attacking itself, and it’s own immune system.
    There is inflammation and indiscriminate organ damage.

    AIDS = ‘Acquired. Immune. Deficiency. Syndrome’.

    If vaccine induced = VAIDS.

    As an experienced British Pathologist said quite a few months ago; “go get the booster, then ask your Doctor to be tested for AIDS, then sue your Doctor”.
    His words not mine.

    AIDS was never ‘transmissible’ by normal contact.
    Even in hospitals, patients with HIV/AIDS were treated with ‘standard precautions’.
    That just meant normal hand washing which was done for every patient.
    In other words, normal contact was no risk.

    Close contact body fluids are a different matter.
    Semen, saliva, blood and breast milk….at your own risk.

    This ‘new’ ‘red pill’ they are giving people in hospital if they have had a diagnosis of ‘covid’ is interesting.
    It is a combination drug ‘nirmatrelvir-ritonavir paxlovid’.

    For ‘those at high risk of progression to severe covid-19’

    The FDA in America had ‘provisionally approved this red pill for ‘emergency use’.
    Has that changed by now or is it still only provisionally approved?

    As I understand, Ritonivir is a drug that was being used to treat HIV in the past.

    Ritonivir also has a well-known effect on other medicines and was considered a ‘concern’ as it may slow down breakdown of patient’s other medicines (European Medicines Agency).

    Nevertheless, as the Regulators have noted, it is ‘safe and effective’.

    Key point: AIDS is a personal issue that was promoted as the grim reaper in the 1980’s.
    Eventually everyone calmed down.

    My question: is COVID just repackaged?
    If it is, then ‘standard precautions’ apply.


  9. Yer Harry is a real old style investigator – you should see his old stuff uncovering Agenda 21 and The Rockefeller 2 step – bit stuck on the Jews but hey.. Not for no reason..He thinks Climate Change is real though – oh well – fault in all of us..

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  10. @ Barbara Dove “not only the vaxx as people were suffering long covid long before the vax arrived, esp those on cruise ships”
    – 2 things
    1. covid-like symptoms can be caused by EMF. There was speculation that passengers who signed up to Medallion net might have been targeted by onboard by 4G @ frequencies to mimic viral infection?
    2. It’s a safe bet the so-called vax were sitting on the shelf long before the theatre of Pfizer trials and FDA approvals happened in 2020. According to research group la Quinta Columna, graphene oxide has been found in flu shots dating back to 2019.
    Predictive programming can be traced back to at least 2007. Check out anime movie ‘Vexille 2077’.
    What we are witness to is deliberate mass murder by a handful of psychos.

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  11. Phillip Osullivan

    Thanks David. It is very difficult to try to explain to people that ‘viruses’, do not exist? Yet. They do. Because ‘virus’, in Latin, Means, poison! But they r not little organisms that r alive and that can mutate. They are proteins, and part proteins, (prions) in other words, chemical poisons. All I am trying to do is stop the idea that some little bug is gunna jump out and kill granny at any minute. The waxxed r manufacturing poison’s. And this will kill granny. And more than likely the rest of us. And most living things on the planet.

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  12. This is brilliant
    How can it be that with such a substantial mountain of evidence that this Covid 19 pandemic is nothing more than the biggest organized criminal enterprise in human history that people are still in the dark about this fact? How can it be that the voices who did speak out against this crime comprise persons with much more substantial credentials than those who participated in this crime against humanity – yet were able to be marginalized by those criminals so effectively, to the point where the people are not even aware of the existence of this greater body of knowledge and credibility?

    And how can it be that the information systems of this earth are under such an iron grip of censorship that most people who eagerly and aggressively support the “official” lies do so completely unaware of the existence of such substantial numbers of scientists with far greater credentials who stand in strident opposition to the genocidal Covid-19 plan of these criminal elites?

    How can it be when it is generally accepted by the most credible scientific organizations that Covid-19 was 100% manmade, that almost half of all Americans have never even heard that there are any questions about its origins?

    How can it be that with so many people dying suddenly of heart attacks and so many children dropping dead too young from the shots that so many people have never heard that there are any such issues?

    These questions have a clear answer, and this video answers all those questions.

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  13. Its not only the vaxx as people were suffering long covid long before the vax arrived, esp those on cruise ships.


  14. Its not only the vaxx as people were suffering long covid long before the vax arrived, esp those on cruise ships.


  15. Live viruses mutating? Oh dear! Has anyone EVER seen a “live” virus? Let alone one that is in its mutation phase?

    Thank you, Phillip O’Sullivan. Spot on as far as I’m concerned. And thank you for the article, Lyndesy, apart from Phillip’s slight modification you entirely agree with me. lol

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  16. Phillip Osullivan

    Your post is mostly true. Except the part about ‘viruses, combining with other viruses. This is absolute illiterate rubbish, scientifically, medically. Viruses r chemical solvents. They r not transferred, nor can u mix them to create new strains! You can mix different proteins, that causes different cell reactions, that the cells then excrete other combinations of these toxic chemicals.

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  17. Good post ..just need to remember there are no “natural virus’s or any virus’s of any sort so that is less to worry about than plain old poisoning

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  18. of course it is, no such thing as Covid ….truth will come out, all part of the agenda and the quaxx was meant to kill 80% of the population by these evil swamp creatures….

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  19. It could be argued that big Pharma own your blood, after all it has their intellectual property that’s floating around in your body. If this is the case then they own your blood and you must comply with their recommendations and protect their intellectual property, otherwise you will be sued for damages. Of course a blood transfusion would see a criminal action brought against you for theft.

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  20. From the get go, long covid is vax injury. It’s so obvious.
    Evidence of blood studies is that EMF seems to supply energy for the growth of amyloid structures the nano-tech in situ, etc. Part of the solution therefore includes seriously reducing the power flux density levels of mobile RF. Aust is in the same category as the US in the chart below (in terms of RF power but Salsburg levels would be smarter).
    We could easily reduce power density by x1000 and still have communications, without the downside of being nuked by microwaves at levels that humans never evolved to cope with.

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