By columnist Lyndesy Symonds

And then there is the cohort which has the exact same set of symptoms described by Dr Phelps, a cohort which has not been vaccinated but lives with family members who are.

Vaxxed persons injected with a prion disease and who become infectious with it, also become transmissible. And those patented mRNA biotech spike protein sequences of the vaxx are jigged to be RECOMBINANT with other natural viruses – so there will be no end of variants.

We are looking at an epidemic of prion disease in this country. Just like the global pandemic of 2020 was a hoax in which the government / health system rebranded the influenza as a ‘SARS cov-2 nouvelle corona virus’ on the basis of a PCR test that does not diagnose any disease, the real epidemic of prion disease from the vaxxes / boosters is being labelled as ‘long covid’ in order to cover up IT IS THE VAXX.