By Cossack Colonel YURI KOMONYISKI
The Chechens recently captured numerous Australians. It is believed they are from the west coast of Australia, presumably Perth, and belong to an association of shooters. They were asked for help by the Ukrainian government and for some mad reason agreed to go over and fight. Their future is very uncertain at present. It’s rumored that the US consulate is the primary supplier of Zelensky’s cocaine. The Chechen leader Kadyrov has formally enacted a Jihad against NATO.

In the Nikolaevka region an Australian sniper has been killed, his nickname was Big-Boy. There was a group of approximately 40 Australians of which 18 are now dead. These men were lured by the RF into a kill zone and detonated an airborne device (cassette) that scattered needle like pins, these pins can penetrate bullet proof vests. The RF believes some Australians may have escaped the kill zone. (Cairns News note: Officially, only three Australians have been killed in Ukraine since the start of the war in February and Foreign Affairs and Trade advice is that Australians should not travel there).

The RF continues to put down Ukros. only now 80% of the Ukros are averaging 60 years of age. Many of these men under the cover of dark are surrendering to the RF they are not interested dying for Zelensky and NATO. During the last few days 1200 Canadians/US/UK mercs have been extinguished.The Poles are shitty it seems and they are asking Russia to surrender the city of Lvov. In return they’ll try to convince Zelensky to negotiate a peace deal. The Ukrainians were even capable of putting together a company comprising LGBTQ members. They would carry their flag into battle however whenever the RF would fire a few shots in their direction they would lift their skirts, snap their heels and flee. The dust they raise makes for good cover, our lads are still trying to acquire one of their flags the lasses are really quick on their feet.

The Ukrainian GRU murderess Natalia Vovk fled Russia after planting a bomb in a car to murder the Russian ‘ideologist’ Philosopher Alexander Dugin, only to successfully murder his daughter Daria Dugin. Apparently, the Ukrainian murderess fled through the EU to hide in Germany, this version of her will remain there permanently as she has been found dead with 17 bodily strikes with a very sharp instrument. Even though this has been reported it is likely to be a false trail, the murder was likely staged. The RF continues to seek the truth, after all she was traveling with her daughter and the daughter is nowhere to be found.

The Chechens are focused on street fighting something they are well versed in. The mercs are dying en masse and the RF estimates that 40 to 50% of the Ukrainian forces comprise mercenaries. Western supplied weaponry continues to flood the black markets. The west has been dumping all of the antiquated USSR munitions into Ukraine however this source is dwindling rapidly.

NATO continues to provide claymores and small arms. The Ukros/NATO continue to use Himars to shell the Kakhovskaya dam, endeavoring to breach it and flood the Kherson valley region. However, these weapons are aren’t designed for striking the same spot.

The Ukro/NATO forces have a deficit in artillery and the RF is preparing for a serious encounter with them. The RF has sent a nuclear submarine into the conflict zone, a message of sorts perhaps. All such RF subs are on red alert. NATO has mobilized its control command planes the RF has similar technology it appears that both sides are taking nuclear war seriously.

US Himars are being rapidly destroyed and there is now a noticeable shortage of them in the field. The US is secretly trying to orient Zelensky to start to considering peace talks with the RF. Kiev is considering evacuating 3 million people from the city because of the lack of power. Kiev is just one of many large cities housing millions that need either relocation or power, a very tall order. The Germans cannot house additional migrants the other EU countries are in a similar position perhaps the US will take on board several million Ukrainians.

Certain EU countries have banned Russian citizens from using crypto within their borders – Nazism is alive and well. Starvation in the Ukraine is now a very real thing, meaning Zelensky is killing those he is responsible for. Entire regions (oblasts) within the Ukraine have now gone dark. It won’t be long before they start burning the chairs they sit on just to keep warm.

The NATO heavy equipment is not suited to the current ground conditions and are bogging down they are restricted to the hard surfaced roads the Russian equipment are fitted with swamp tracks adapted to the conditions. The RF has greatly improved upon their targeting capabilities the Ukro tanks are popping on a regular basis, sometimes their tracks ending up in the trees.

Kiev is largely without power, which is great for the climate fanatics but bad for the people. The RF lets them have light for about 10 days before taking out the energy source. Zelensky is demanding generators from his UK/US masters to which the response is in the negative. The border peripherals along Polish boundary have been hit hard, particularly the transport infrastructure they are starting to turn to horse and wagons to move goods.

Rumor has it that the ministers of the Ukrainian RADA (parliamentary TV channel) are infighting and hiring professional killers to take out their competitors. Kolomoisky, a Ukrainian billionaire who helped to finance and put Zelensky into power, is suffering greatly. He is being divested of his banks, boats and factories as it appears Zelensky has him in his sights. One of the biggest investors in the Ukrainian economy is Monsanto, and farmers are growing their genetically modified crops. However it appears they are not suited for human consumption and are being used to generate biofuels.

Apparently, Elon Musk has pulled Starlink from the Ukraine, which means the Ukro artillery is not targeting accurately and their attacks are disoriented. It’s pleasing to see that Musk kept his word and opened up Twitter. Musk has shut down at least 100 star-link units, seriously impacting communications. Recently the RF launched four military satellites into orbit most of the US satellites have been taken out. Now the US has to resort to using its command control spy planes to acquire intelligence and provide coordinates to their ground forces. The RF has warned that if they continue with these flights they will be targeted.