Will the west give weapons to Palestinians to fend off Israeli aggression?

Letter to the Editor

So Europe has decided to flood The Ukraine with weapons to assist the helpless non-Russian Ukrainians against the Russian Ukrainians? It’s imposed massive sanctions and even shot itself in the arm and the leg to do so. I see!

What about flooding Palestine with some of those weapons too? To help the Syrians and Palestinians to fend off the occupiers of their lands?

Israelis are occupying Syria’s Golan Heights and the West Bank and the rest of Palestine for decades! They have unilaterally declared it ISRAELI land, with America’s blessings. In Ghaza they’re even running the most massive open air concentration camp in history.

So how has that “Western” show been encouraged by the West for decades, together with other shows in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Africa, Vietnam, Laos, Grenada, Central and South Americas, etc., but not in Ukraine?

So much for their version of global peace. It’s one big mother of all gaslight shows and we’re right in the thick of it. It’s time to open your windows and let some fresh air in, folks.

from David


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Hello: fairdinkumnews2013. First, you are one of the very few who understand and know some real history and analyze things for yourself. My complements, often we as people complain when something is wrong, — BUT not often do we give compliments when something is RIGHT.
    You are one of the Few, thank you for your comments back to Han Barkmeyer. This really made my rotten rainy cold day.
    Last Re: part your second paragraph quote: “I find that reprehensible to be honest, but aussies seem to love their pedos they protect them it seems as many are hidden by suppression orders for a longtime.” Well I know for 100% in many western countries, this love for the pedos is incomprehensible, so not only Australia, you know most Western European countries they have that problem. The people in government who are enlightened receive gag orders if they bring the Pedo question up in parliament. Yes many high court judges are involved, (been going on for years) what a bloody mess. It looks the people and their (Talmud) need to have an long well deserved appointment with Mister Flick. “The vermin exterminator.”


  2. fairdinkumnews2013

    Hi Han Barkmeyer, just wanted to compliment you on your longish comment in regard to kharzars zionist and jews , and also to thank you for your uplifting comments to everyone.
    You are well versed, so many will not do their homework , clearly you have , yes you are right 100% in my view, it’s never the jews? No one ever seems to question them at all , even though their most holy book the Talmud, talks pure evil towards non jews, many of us find these verses disgusting to say the least.

    They also never question why everyone seems to hate the jews?, me excluded,
    and I mean, they have been removed from every country they have ever lived, 109 to be exact, or 1040 towns many multiple times. But it’s always the antisemite’s fault never theirs. It’s a sad world we are living in Police Judges Priests and more raping children and with the police it’s not just one or two it is dozens and dozens, I find that reprehensible to be honest, but aussies seem to love their pedos they protect them it seems as many are hidden by suppression orders for a longtime.

    They are yet to realize they are all contracted to the government , and therefor stand in dishonor if they have not complained about them to government , i have and that is why i have been arrested for taking a list of pedo judges to court and asking questions, raided by the terrorist squad, and the fixated persons squad, as well as being charged for (Threatening) the PM and Treasurer which was a lie, and I defended myself in court over these charges and won, they dropped the threat charges, as I called for a constitutional common law court , letter sent to every AG in Australia .

    One thing for sure, i can tell you all is, yes i am 100% fixated on truth justice and freedom, as well as love peace and compassion, traits that not many seem to possess these days sadly . How about some justice for our Anzac’s too ? Stand up Australia Jordan Maxwell said it ” Do Your Homework”

    Cheers Han !

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  3. Han Barkmeyer, your last Quote: Is the One…! Our political “Leaders” are not serving our interests. They serve the interests of a foreign nation. THAT IS CALLED TREASON.
    Will anyone do anything? I say yes when I see the red crap dribbling on each side of the Guillotine blade…” Soon Hollywood will make a movie of their own downwards spiral…” You cannot have any seats, ALL GONE…

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  4. Hello, Han Barkmeyer, surely people must realize now that the Goyim has always been used as cannon fodder by the Jew all throughout history. And do not to forget – history is now being MADE daily… And it goes on and on… This will only stops when we stop all this once and for all…

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  5. Han Barkmeyer, for the Jew 6 Million this is an joke YES? For the Jew 7,5 billion is to many, so they need to go. Funny thing most people cannot even comprehend what I just have written. Your Quote: “Bizarrely after only a year in custody the genocidal terrorist Kovner was quietly released into Jewish Israeli hands.” AND SO MANY MORE…

    Most people are still to gullible…
    But don’t forget we are running out of time.

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  6. Hi, fairdinkumnews2013, I cannot judge if you are Jewish or not, but what you have written is clearly of an human entity that is thinking much better then people with an excess of degrees in how to lie. Thank you for your contribution.
    Last you are so right: “We have VERY little time left…”

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  7. Hi, cyril baker “I must have missed your comments, I’m sorry but better late than never.” You have summed it up pretty well and must know something of REAL history. Thank you for writing your comments. My respect…

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  8. fairdinkumnews2013

    I think this quote from Billy Hughes sums it up well ” The Monetfiore’s have taken Australia for their own, and there;s not a goldfield or sheep run, from Tasmania to NSW, that does not pay them a heavy tribute.
    What is the good of our being a wealthy nation, if the wealth is in the hands of the German Jews” ? Billy Hughes Australian PM June 19 1919 .

    Here also is my favorite jewish rabbi one of only a handful who tell it like it was and is , he is exactly right except for the reprint of mein kamph which says falsely that hitler had planned to kill jews , this is most definitely false.
    Anyway see for yourself what he says , as this is what true history will show . 8min


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  9. Hi Editor,
    Australia is also ruled by her Jewish Masters and does exactly what she is told. As Peter Dutton said: “We have to prepare for War”.
    Sure, in whose interest? Definitely not ours.

    This is Jewish Power:
    It is difficult to know to what extent Malcolm Fraser was influenced by the Jewish background of his mother, Una Wolf, whose father was Jewish. He also was awarded a Humanitarian Medal by International B’nai B’rith in Washington in September 1980.

    An article by well-known Australian Jewish historian, Suzanne D. Rutland, OAM, a Professor in the Department of Hebrew, Biblical & Jewish Studies, University of Sydney, published in March 22, 2015 in the J-Wire:
    ‘Malcolm Fraser: A Beacon of Light for the Jewish Community as Prime Minister’

    From HAARETZ, Sep 17, 2015: Jewish Australians Welcome New PM, Malcom ‘Moishe’ Turnbull
    A practicing Catholic, Turnbull claimed in 2013 he may have Jewish roots.
    “My mother always used to say that her mother’s family was Jewish,” he told the Australian Jewish News.
    “There is no doubt that the strong traditions of family and the whole heimishe [homely] atmosphere of the Jewish community, which I’m sure some people don’t like, for me – as someone who is a good friend, but not part of it – I find very admirable.”

    “Malcolm Turnbull is an exceptional friend of the Jewish community and a staunch supporter of Israel,” said the executive director of the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council, Dr Colin Rubenstein.

    From the Financial Review, Dec 16, 2016:
    Goldman Sachs alumnus Malcolm Turnbull runs the country; others the US Treasury

    From the Sydney Morning Herald, May 10, 2019
    Back to the future as Turnbull returns to his old home at Goldman Sachs
    It’s been more than two decades since Malcolm Bligh Turnbull strode into Governor Phillip Tower, rode the elevator to the 48th floor and walked through the smoked glass doors to his desk at Goldman Sachs’ local headquarters.

    Prime Minister John Howard accepted the “honour” of having a forest named after him in Israel’s Negev Desert and also the Jerusalem Prize for his support of Israel and its “values”.
    And John Howard is in good company: Sir Robert Menzies and Bob Hawke – both former Australian prime ministers – also have forests in Israel named after them, as well as a former governor-general, Sir Zelman Cowen.

    Zelman Cowen was the only son of Bernard Cohen and his wife Sara. He was named after his paternal grandfather, Solomon, who used the Yiddish form of that name, Zelman. A few years after his birth, his father adopted the family name of Cowen. – Michael Kirby, Australian Bar Review

    Our political “Leaders” are not serving our interests. They serve the interests of a foreign nation. THAT IS CALLED TREASON.

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  10. Han what about Australia’s effort? Ed


  11. Han Barkmeyer, surely by now you understand the duplicity, the triplicity, and more of some of the writers on the subject. The intention is generally to lead you down a number of selected deep dead end rabbit holes. They do not favour either the light or dark of truth, always the uncertainty of falsehood and its 256 shades of grey. “By deception thou shalt wage war!” is a long standing motto worth noting.

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  12. David: “What is amazing is that so many and so diverse peoples in Europe can all be fkd over so many times, without ever figuring out why and by whom.”

    Yes, that is truly amazing.

    I think you will find this interesting.
    It always struck me that the Zionists and the Ashkenazi Khazars are always getting the blame for the evil the Jews are perpetrating. It is never the Jews. “They did nothing wrong, they were always persecuted.”
    I always copped a lot of criticism “for blaming the Jews for everything”, “sounding like a scratched record”, etc.

    I read something very interesting the other day. I am sure you know “The Thirteenth Tribe” by Arthur Koestler. His book deals with the Khazars converting to Judaism.

    Before Israel was created, Koestler was an ardent Zionist and became enamored with Ze’ev Jabotinsky, the Russian Jewish nationalist who advocated a rapid, and if necessary, violent establishment of a Jewish state. In his college days, Koestler, as chairman of the Federation of Zionist Fraternities, was asked to escort Jabotinsky on his lecture tour around Europe’s universities.

    “More on the Khazar Theory”: Koestler Admitted He Wrote His Book to Further Jewish Interests

    I have just discovered a quote that shows the clear ethnic Jewish motivation of the popularization of the “Khazar theory” by Arthur Koestler. Koestler, the Jewish one time Communist and radical Zionist (Jabotinsky party member), is most famous for writing the book “The Thirteenth Tribe” which is one of the most quoted “proofs” of the “Khazar theory.”

    Koestler’s history is clear. Like many other Jews, he vacillated between Communism and Zionism ultimately settling on Zionism.
    He was a signed-up member of the Communist Party of Germany prior to World War II, supported the Jewish Bolshevik mass murderer Bela Kuhn (Cohen) in Hungary, and also ran the Secretariat of Ze’ev Jabotinsky’s Zionist Revisionist Party in Berlin. He only left the Communist International after the Hitler-Stalin Pact of 1939 (as did many other Jewish Communists after the Jews lost power under Stalin).

    His official biography, written by Michael Scammell, specifically quotes him on why he wrote “The Thirteenth Tribe.”
    His argument was that if he could persuade people that a non-Jewish “Khazar” heritage formed the basis of modern Jews, then this would be a weapon against European racially based anti-Semitism.
    “Should this theory be confirmed, the term ‘anti-Semitism’ would become void of meaning,” he said.

    According to Scammell, Koestler told French biologist Pierre Debray-Ritzen he “was convinced that if he could prove that the bulk of Eastern European Jews were descended from the Khazars, the racial basis for anti-Semitism would be removed and anti-Semitism itself could disappear.”
    (Source: Scammell, Michael. Koestler: The Literary and Political Odyssey of a Twentieth-Century Skeptic, Random House, 2009, ISBN 978-0-394-57630-5, p. 546.)

    There you have it The Jewish radical who wrote “The Thirteenth Tribe,” the book which more than any other that advanced the “Khazar theory,” did so because he thought it would advance the interests of the Jewish people.

    The attempt to say that Jews are not a race is merely a very convenient method to avoid being called “racist”—when in fact racism and tribalism is exactly how Jewish Supremacists achieve and maintain their power.

    Their psychology in saying the Jews are not a race goes like this: “How can the Jews be racists if they are not a race?”

    The concept of “racism” is usually associated with the idea that a race is discriminating or oppressing another. So, denying the Jews have a racial identity makes it harder to accept the ideas that many Jews use favoritism for their own and discriminate against non-Jews in institutions.

    In fact, Jews are similar in genetics, mentality and personality and they certainly do promote their brethren in any field while discriminating against non-Jews. That is how they amass their power in finance, academia, government and media.

    The promotion of “non-racialism,” readers will note, is only done to non-Jews. Among themselves, hardly any Jews believe the Khazar theory.

    Actually, the Khazar Theory is one more example of Jewish dualism:
    Israel is state that permits no marriage between a Jew and non-Jew and Jewish organizations the world over to prevent intermarriage of Jews with Gentiles, but all over the world tell that Gentiles who do the same thing are evil.

    Israel has the toughest immigration policy on earth and has a racial, not merely religious immigration selection. They actually want DNA testing to prove Jewish heritage. But Jewish organizations around the world work tirelessly for open borders.

    Israel and the organized Jewish community around the world overwhelmingly reject the Khazar theory and proclaim the scientific evidence that Jews are a race.

    The most important promoter of the Khazar Theory, Arthur Koestler, bragged to his fellow Jews of his motivation in promoting it was to defend Jews from “anti-semitism.”
    What more evidence do you need?

    From the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, January 22, 2010

    Published in 1976, “The Thirteenth Tribe” was the last book Koestler would ever write. Though it became a best-seller, its premise was widely denounced from whatever precinct it came — Jewish liberals, hawks, Zionists, critics and, most importantly, scholars. Koestler used the discredited academic idea that the Khazars, a Caucasian tribe that converted to Judaism in the eighth century, were the blood ancestors of European Jews.

    To this day, it’s unclear from where Ashkenazi Jews descend, but Koestler borrowed one idea that was simply off the wall. In the early 1940s, a few Jewish historians put forth the Khazar-Ashkenazi theory based on the thinnest possible evidence. But by the time Koestler wrote his book, scholars roundly rejected it, asking why, for instance, Polish Jews and Khazars spoke wholly unrelated languages. Just as crucial, critics argued that the Khazar theory was a way for demoralized Jewish historians, before the establishment of Israel, to find an example of illustrious Jews living in the diaspora. The Khazars existed, it was true, but their ties to the Jews of Europe were patently false.

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  13. Han Barkmeyer: “Yes, another “Drang Nach Osten” instigated again by the Jews to destroy Russia, Ukraine and the EU and possibly the rest of the world by igniting World War III.”

    “Langsam, langsam aber sicher…” It’s only the 4th attempt, this time with most of Europe actively in tow.

    If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. What is amazing is that so many and so diverse peoples in Europe can all be fkd over so many times, without ever figuring out why and by whom.

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  14. David: Shades of the 1930s. Now we just need to wait for another Drang Nach Osten.

    Yes, the Jews initiated the “Drang Nach Osten” in the 1930s and were the REAL VICTORS in 1945 at the cost of millions of dead and wounded Goyim.
    They started World War II to totally destroy Germany for the second time and to create their Israel.

    The Jews are fanning the flames of War and Hatred in the Ukraine.
    This “War” in Ukraine has been a meat grinding machine whose long-term task is to grind all Ukrainians and Russians in this fertile land.

    Yes, another “Drang Nach Osten” instigated again by the Jews to destroy Russia, Ukraine and the EU and possibly the rest of the world by igniting World War III.

    Jews always want the Goyim to fight and kill one another and the Goyim never wake up to the scheming, devious Jews in their conquest for world domination.

    THIS IS JEWISH POWER IN THEIR “DRANG NACH OSTEN” and the Jews play the Goyim like a fiddle. Again.

    Germany sent Ukraine air defence systems, self-propelled howitzers and tanks.

    Spain sent 200 tonnes of military equipment to Ukraine, including 30 trucks.

    France sent more than $107m of military equipment to Ukraine, including MILAN anti-tank missiles, Caesar self-propelled howitzers and Mistral anti-aircraft missiles.

    Turkey sent TB2 combat drones. Ukraine used a TB2 to distract the defences of the Russian warship Moskva before pounding it with missiles in mid-April, causing it to sink.

    Norway sent 100 French-made Mistral anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine as well as 4,000 M72 anti-tank weapons.

    Sweden sent 10,000 single-use anti-tank launchers along with demining equipment.

    Finland sent 2,500 assault rifles, 150,000 rounds of ammunition, and 1,500 single-use anti-tank launchers. Helsinki will send more weapons, without specifying types or quantities.

    Denmark sent 2,700 anti-tank launchers.

    Poland sent $1.6bn worth of arms, including more than 200 tanks, anti-tank missiles, mortars, ammunition and drones.

    Slovakia sent military material worth $164m and howitzers.

    Slovenia sent Kalashnikov assault rifles and ammunition.

    The Czech Republic sent military aid worth $180m, also combat helicopters and rocket systems.

    Belgium sent 5,000 automatic rifles and anti-tank weapons to Ukraine.

    The Netherlands sent 200 Stinger missiles and some of its German-built Panzerhaubitze 2000 long-range armored howitzers to Ukraine. Also known as the Pzh 2000, these hulking 61.5-ton tracked vehicles are arguably the heaviest land-warfare systems a Western ally has transferred to Ukraine so far.

    Italy is keeping its arms deliveries to Ukraine secret.

    US President Joe Biden has already sent $4.5bn in military aid since the war began. $40bn fund for Ukraine approved by Congress

    Britain has committed $566m so far to support the Ukrainian military.
    Aid included 120 armoured vehicles, 5,800 anti-tank missiles, five air defence systems, 1,000 rockets, and 4.5 tonnes of explosives, electronic warfare equipment, a counter-battery radar system, GPS jamming equipment, and thousands of night-vision devices.
    Britain also trained more than 22,000 Ukrainian soldiers.

    Canada supplied Ukraine with $208m worth of military aid since February.
    Also sent 20,000 artillery shells to go with the M777 howitzers it already transferred to boost Ukraine’s defences in the Donbas.
    It also sent drone cameras, rifles, ammunition, high-resolution satellite imagery, rocket launchers, thousands of hand grenades, and two tactical airlift aircraft.

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  15. Shades of the 1930s. lol You’ve got to love Hegel! He always gets it right.

    Now we just need to wait for another Drang Nach Osten. Better get your 1812 Overture out in case Lili Marlene is still a bit on the nose. lol

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  16. And just as I predicted (in a reply to Brian Johnston last week), Italy has also now been ‘implanted’ with another UN/NATO puppet. More arms to Ukraine.


  17. Moscow Rabbi tells Jews to leave Russia? Just like he told them to leave the US when the US bombed Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia and a few dozen other places?

    It wouldn’t have anything to do with the obvious likelihood of the West deliberately escalating the Ukrainian show into something much bigger?



    Abba Kovner and his faction Nakam planned the genocide of 6 million Europeans post WWII. Kovner was arrested aboard a British destroyer with enough poison to murder the inhabitants of four major European cities through their water supplies. Bizarrely after only a year in custody the genocidal terrorist Kovner was quietly released into Jewish Israeli hands.


  19. The Jewish Plan to Conquer the Gentiles & Rule the World EXPOSED (Part 1) | KMN Live w/ Adam Green

    Adam Green did mention the Ashkenazi Khazars only twice (46:28 and 1:39:30 minute mark) in his well-researched 2:07:01 hour long video.

    Many say that the Ashkenazi Khazars are not the real Jews, but the Synagogue of Satan.
    And so many say that the Ashkenazi Jews are not Khazars.

    Who cares whatever these people are? They are the followers of JUDAISM with its Torah and Talmud and hellbent on conquering the world.

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  20. cataclysmicduck: “Zelenskyy virtually rang the Opening Bell of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) today, inviting businesses around the world to invest in the future of Ukraine.”

    lol An invitation to a fire sale, with Zelensky & Co collecting the auctioneer’s premiums and fees.

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  21. Lavrov on Zelensky’s attempts to get rid of any Russian Ukrainians …

    “The people living there are essentially only reacting to what President Zelensky recommended for them to do in one of his interviews in August 2021. Back then, he advised everyone who feels Russian to ‘go to Russia’ for the benefit of their children and grandchildren.

    “That’s what the residents of said regions are doing now, taking their lands, on which their ancestors lived for centuries, with them.”

    The West cannot celebrate the meltdown of Soviet Communism but keep supporting the Communists’ forced creation of a “ukrainian” state now in the process of ethnically cleansing its ethnic Russian population. It’s against everything the West has allegedly stood for.


  22. Reckon the only countries left liking Europe and the West are…. themselves!




    If allowed, Zelenskyy will sell out the entire western half of present day Ukraine, with the assistance of his US little helpers (XXXXX, whose modus operandi is regime change).

    So the fire sale of assets, must be the final cog in the wheel of this real world rip off.

    I was thinking the four eastern oblasts holding referendums, that may see them given full military protection of the Russian Federation, was an obvious answer to eight years of UN documented, indiscriminate killings of their citizens by Azov and western murders for hire.

    But the change of ownership of western Ukraine assets, might see any military hits on the Collective Western Corporatocrasy of Thieves by Russia, declared an act of war, resulting in minions dieing for nonexistent democratic values, in a full blown military retaliation that protects western oligarchy’s newly acquired treasures.


    This tit for tatting of Russian Statesman v Collective West Clowns, is toe heeling all the way to the bank.

    From yahoo finance:

    ‘NEW YORK, September 06, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy virtually rang the Opening Bell of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) today, inviting businesses around the world to invest in the future of Ukraine.

    The $400+bn in investment options featured on AdvantageUkraine.com span public private partnerships, privatization and private ventures. A (XXXXX emphasis added hehe)-supported project team of investment bankers and researchers appointed by Ukraine’s Ministry of Economy will work with businesses interested in investing.’



  24. Apologies for veering a little off topic – but this does depict further outrageously blatant hypocrisy. Seems hypocrisy is the new black – or rather, is the true global pandemic. Maybe they should vaccinate against that!


  25. A few readers have questioned the role of Ashkenazim Zionists in running Australia. Perhaps a little history will help: Melbourne Zionist developer Albert Daden funded Julia (cutely nick-named “Jew-liar”) Gillard and she was the inaugural member of the Israel-Australia Leadership Forum. This was regarded as so outrageous that two former Australian ambassadors to Israel broke tradition and condemned her publicly. Basically, Gillard locked the ALP back into Zionism and Albanese is a card-carrying Zionist, as is Penny Wong and all other portfolio holders. Gillard claimed to have been a victim of misogynism but my surveys of the time showed that by far, the sex of her detractors was massively female. They hated her voice with a vengeance.

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  26. Cynics suspect Putin is a Zionist shill. I have IDd all of those behind the war against Putin and Putin’s Russia and every single one of them is a Zionst Jew. For “Jew”, read Ashkenazim fraud who has no genetic link with Judea, so basically we are talking Khazar investment bankers. The prime movers are the City of London and the American AIPAC, represented by all parties in the White House, led by Askhkenazim Zionists Blinken and Nuland.

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  27. Speaking of supporting and arming the non Russian Ukrainians to erase the Russian Ukrainians, Australia has now DONATED around $400 MILLION to the cause.

    What is of such massive import to the Australian population that it LITERALLY GOES INTO HOCK FOR $400 MILLION (so far!) to enable Zelensky and the Ukrainian oligarchs to rule the roost in a region renowned for its historically fickle allegiances.

    Particularly since Zelensky has already sold off 17 million hectares of farming land (size of Italy) to foreign commercial interests and even more particularly since most Australians know nothing about Ukraine and might even struggle to find Ukraine on a map!

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  28. Where is “Jewish Queensland”? Have we sold off Queensland too? What’s next… “Jewish Australia”?

    Where was it that Palashchook (Palashay?) and her lot hail from? From somewhere around the Polesian Marshes around The Ukraine, Belarus and Poland region, was it?

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  29. This is very interesting:
    The Bible Hoax That Conquered the World | Know More News w/ Adam Green & Charles Giuliani

    Charles Giuliani has degrees in history, theology and education and was a devout Christian.
    His Bible Contradictions Part 1, 2 and 3 are also very interesting.

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  30. David, sovereignty of British Law is like the sovereignty of Australia. The “Chabad (Center) of learning” that is located in any democratic capital of the western political correct surreality is a center of learning after all. Brits were early learners and “their” laws were only designed by very nice Jewish folks – that cared. The divisions in general between England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales, the Catholic & Protestant religions, N England vs S England, the defined caste system and the lower, middle & upper class were/are only victims themselves. The BRITISH EMPIRE was and is entirely kosher and has now become a third world country itself that has “imported” all their colonial troubles right to their own home turf. But now its time to move on and to spin the shekel somewhere else.


    “Our State is a wonderful place in which to raise families, and to live our lives fully as part of the broader Queensland community while retaining a proud Jewish heritage, traditions and beliefs. Prejudice and intolerance can stem from ignorance which arises from lack of education and information. By providing clear and factual information about Judaism, the Holocaust and Israel, by explaining our community’s history, how it is structured, and the activities it is engaged in, we hope that an accurate picture and understanding of our community will be appreciated”.

    Yeah that is the AUSSIE WAY, lets all adopt to the “Australian” way of life that understands OUR JEWISH COMMUNITY – or else!

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  31. jo: “the Queen of the empire of British waves” was waiting patiently like a well behaved schoolgirl for an audience at Col.”

    Would “Col” be a reference to the City of London, the one square mile which is beyond the sovereignty of British Law, or the Chabad Communications Centre? They both carry the same acronym.

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  32. tonyryan43: ““She came as close as diplomatically possible to describing Israelis as sadistic thieving psychopaths. Now, ain’t that a kick in the teeth to those who described the British Royalty as part of the Zionist cabal.”

    Did you ever manage to confirm this claim? I would be interested to see where and by whom it was noted. Notwithstanding that even if confirmed it may merely express disagreement with the brutality of the strategy rather than an objection to the objective. If true, it may simply have been a politically expedient comment with the knowledge that it would ultimately be of absolutely no consequence. Good cop, bad cop kind of stuff.

    Of course, a true humanitarian with her weight and pull might have followed up on it a little. One swallow do not a summer make, in any event. I would be looking for more serious evidence of her teeth kicking before buying into such an exculpating conclusion holus bolus. But then… I am a cynic by nature. lol


  33. Today is the eve of the Hebrew New Year 5783 – promises to be a Jubilee for the Jews and they will be celebrating the start of Rosh Hashanah tonight at sundown. So who are the Jews?

    The New Testament definitely answers this question. In his dialogues with the Pharisees, Jesus of Nazareth has drawn the line for all time between those descended from Judah and the Israel of the Covenants (Abraham, Israel, Moses, David)
    and the Idumeans, descendants of Esau as well as other ethnics joined to them (including Judeans of Roman Palestine who were descended from Jacob / Israel) who adopted the Traditions of the Elders, its Babylonian subversion of the Israelite Covenants (the Pharisaic laws, religion / modern Judaism)
    and the Israel of God (Galatians 6:16) of the N.T. – those who were baptised into Christ.

    What today is Judaism, the religion of the Pharisees as they appear in N.T. actually voids the Covenant and teachings of Moses. The Ashkhanazi who of today style are the majority of Jews as they are known today. Ethnically, they a Turkic / Mongolian people out of the Caucasus; they are not of the Hebrew and Semitic people unless they have married into these ethnicities. They converted to Judaism. They Khaganate today rules the world.

    When Israel is Mighty

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  34. “She came as close as diplomatically possible to describing Israelis as sadistic thieving psychopaths. Now, ain’t that a kick in the teeth to those who described the British Royalty as part of the Zionist cabal.” Tony, that must have felt exactly the same way to the Zionists as when “the Queen of the empire of British waves” was waiting patiently like a well behaved schoolgirl for an audience at Col.

    “Israelis are occupying Syria’s Golan Heights and the West Bank and the rest of Palestine for decades!” David, this is one of the reasons why Israel has become an exporter of fossil fuel and Gas for the world market recently, besides the usual kosher black market dealings in sponsored war games or “entrepreneurial money out of nothing spinning”.


  35. “She came as close as diplomatically possible to describing Israelis as sadistic thieving psychopaths. Now, ain’t that a kick in the teeth to those who described the British Royalty as part of the Zionist cabal.” Tony, that must have felt exactly the same way to the Zionists as when “the Queen of the empire of British waves” was waiting patiently like a well behaved schoolgirl for an audience at Col.
    “Israelis are occupying Syria’s Golan Heights and the West Bank and the rest of Palestine for decades!” David, this is one of the reasons why Israel has become an exporter of fossil fuel and Gas for the world market recently, besides the usual kosher black market dealings in sponsored war games or “entrepreneurial money out of nothing spinning”.

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  36. “That little Zionist schlemiel: Zelensky claims to be ‘building a Northern Israel’”

    I’m not shocked to hear that. Ever since Jewish Victoria Nudelman installed a conga line of her Jewish Ukrainian co-patriots as Presidents of Ukraine after her $5 billion US sponsored 2014 Maidan putsch, Kiev has been dealing with the ethnic Russian Ukrainians as if they were Palestinian Arabs. Even worse! At least the Israelis haven’t been CONTINUOUSLY shelling and bombing the Palestinians for 8 years; and their kill rate is considerably lower.


  37. The Soviet Union was actually the first nation to recognize the state of Israel, but even with the so-called collapse of communism and Regime Change to the Russian Federation – still no military assistance for for the Palestinian authority from that quarter. Now they claim to be ‘anti-Zionist’ and have ‘thrown out the Rothschilds’ and ‘sent the Jewish Agency packing’ etc – still no assistance.

    That little Zionist schlemiel: Zelensky claims to be ‘building a Northern Israel’ and yet still no assistance from the Russian Federation or its allies for the Palestinian Authority. Why?

    Because there is a bigger play. The idea here and the goal is that post WW3, it is all going to be integrated into one Eurasia and that will certainly be controlled by the Judaic Supremacy.


  38. Chris: “That land you refer to is Israel’s land, not the Palestinians land. Check Bible History. ”

    After 2000 years of abandonment you could safely assume it no longer has any legal standing as such, except at the point of a gun. Get a grip on yourself. The Greater Israel project stretches into Syria, to the Euphrates and into Egypt.

    Is the “West” going to facilitate that too? It’s already taken out Iraq and Baghdad and Syria and Damascus and Libya and Tripoli in preparation of any Arab objections. What next?


  39. fairdinkumnews2013

    The Bible is the most sadistic and disgusting book there is bar none, like the Abrahamic religion itself, hard to believe so many people , are so indoctrinated by these peoples made up bible lies, they are currently calling for the death and destruction of all white people via many sources, and soon that will become reality , it is a sad situation , how a group of subhuman like people with hate and vengeance in their heart, can actually rule over good people , ask the Anzacs how that worked out , cannon fodder comes to mind.

    Jews were never god’s chosen people, god’s chosen people would never do some of the despicable things they have done and continue to do, so when white man falls completely off his perch you will know why, and you will feel the guilt and you will deserve all you get for the ignorance and cowardice you have shown, because it will be too late then. First, they came for the indigenous, then they came for the Anzacs, then the Palestinians and then US. Goodnight White Man You have failed Miserably.

    I am Jewish and have spent 100,000 hrs studying this utter mess, my father was a communist masonic newsman , he was a disgrace , and always will be in my eyes, i stand for freedom truth and justice, my Uncle was a Cooee Anzac, wake up Australia you have little time left for living, see for yourself how they call for our deaths at Know More News.org Everything is a lie and yes i mean everything , how sad it is . Free Palestine and we will Free the World.

    Just like they wrote the bible and the prophecy, which they would fulfill, they wrote the History as the winners of the wars, Anzacs did not fight for freedom or for Australians in anyway, they thought they did though, the only people that fought for freedom well surely you can work it out Allies=All-lies.
    Bob McDonald Cooee Anzac Blood.

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  40. I completely agree with David and the statements in his article.
    The Joos (and Joo lovers) have been committing genocide on the Palestinians and others for 100’s/1000’s of years, and because they own the banks, govt’s, political parties, etc and make the decisions that run the world (at the head of virtually all corporations, govt’s, govt dept, fake media- ABC Ita, Murdoch, Packer, etc) they think they can get away with it, and they will, while-ever the Goyim (goy) let them continue, which will be until there is a major DEPRESSION and social upheaval; the reason there hasn’t been one. They play us along. They are the SCUM of the earth, kicked out of every country of the Old world, at different times, until they bought/stole their way back in. The New world was founded by Joos and their money. If they didn’t have most of the money, they wouldn’t have a friend in the world. They refer to us Goy as beasts- cattle in the Talmud and to be treated as same. Why would we have anything to do with them, other than victimise (as they do to the rest of humanity) and/or lock them up?
    The Joos are not “the chosen people” and have no “jooish power”, only power we allow them to hold over us.

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    Tut tut David, there’s oil and gas big plenty in them there Syrian hills, ask Rupert and Lord Jacob Rothschild and Dick Cheney and BlackRock and Vanguard and other leading public equity and hedge fund scalpers and Howard S Jonas.

    2013 Israel awarded AFEK Israel Oil and Gas, a subsidiary of US based Genie Energy, a petroleum exploration licence in Northern Isr, um those hills.

    Anyone see this evilness bloke at the recent Commonwealth Games in London?


  42. Chris:
    That land you refer to is Israel’s land, not the Palestinians land. Check Bible History. Watch what happens when you go against God, and His chosen people. And watch what is to come at the battle of Amergeddon. Ezekiel 38 Ezekiel 39

    Yes, Mr. Yahweh, the god of the Jews and Genocidal Psychopath is not a very nice man, wanting to destroy the earth with the fire of his jealousy.
    Zephaniah 3:8 King James version:

    “Therefore wait ye upon me, saith the Lord, until the day that I rise up to the prey: for my determination is to gather the nations, that I may assemble the kingdoms, to pour upon them mine indignation, even all my fierce anger: for all the earth shall be devoured with the fire of my jealousy.”

    But how considerate of Mr. Yahweh the Psycho to save his Chosen People:
    “I will make an end of all nations… but I will not make an end of you.”

    Plenty of examples of mass murder in their Torah and “our” Bible, both the word of Mr. Yahweh, the serial mass murderer.

    “Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy all that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.” – 1 Samuel 15:3

    Also, plenty of examples of mass murder in their Talmud (work of the Rabbis), which takes precedence over the Torah (word of Mr. Yahweh).
    Meaning that even the Rabbis don’t take Mr. Yahweh seriously. They created Mr. Yahweh. They know that the 10 commandments and everything else uttered by him in the Torah is pure BS, only to be followed by the gullible Goyim reading their Jewish Bible, NOT by the Jews.
    Here a 6-minute video:

    Why Do Jews Have Laws for Non-Jews – Rabbi Dr. Yitzchok Breitowitz

    “It is not Jews telling non-Jews what to do, it is god telling human beings what to do. God is the creator of heaven and earth, god created all human beings. God created Adam and Eve and all human beings come from Adam and Eve and later on human beings come from Noah.

    God does not create for no purpose. God has given different parts of humanity different missions. The Jewish people as the PRIESTLY CLASS so to speak of humanity were given the mission of bringing god into the world to the Torah and 613 mitzvahs of the Torah… and the mission of non-Jews are (to obey) the Noahide Laws that were given to humanity.

    So, it is not Jews telling non-Jews what to do, it is god’s mission for non-Jews… so it is almost unfortunate that it became a little bit of a responsibility of the Jewish people to remind the non-Jewish population of what is god’s plan for them.”

    Of course, the good old Rabbi is saying that the non-Jews have to worship the Mr. Yahweh, the Jewish god. Yes, be a good obedient slave to the Jews.


  43. BRAVO, David!

    The hypocrisy of the West is breathtaking. The enemies of Israel are always demonised by the Jew controlled Western media. Not one Western politician is brave enough to speak up against Israel.

    That is Jewish Power. They own the governments in the world.

    From thetaoofanarchy:

    Did I tell you that I had smelt the stench of Talmudic rats all over the Covid crime and the war of distraction? (Ukraine).
    Whatever you may argue, at the end of the day, the most important thing is how to stop them!
    Well, you JUST CANNOT STOP THEM since these Talmudic rats have never done anything to you directly.

    They have always done everything through your own system of government power/ your own laws, which is designed to support and protect them…not you!

    In one word, it’s your government authority that you believe that allows these Talmudic rats to exercise their so-called “Jewish power!” Without your system of government protecting them and doing works for them, THEY HAVE NO POWER at all!

    As a matter of fact, if it weren’t for your own government, they would have never dared to do a thing to you! Because THEY know that you outnumber them and would wipe them out in no time!

    You just cannot fight them without fighting your own governments!
    It’s just stupid and futile!


  44. This is the latest investigation report on Shireen Abu Akleh’s murder…


  45. Hi tonyryan43, Well that’s a revelation and a half!! Who would’ve thought?! Yeah, “sadistic thieving psychopaths” is an understatement.


  46. Thank you David for addressing this. Good to see these pertinent questions and parallels raised which illustrate such profound hypocrisy and double standards. No amount of spin and weasel word rhetoric by the UN, et al can EVER justify how they have continuously allowed the persecution and slaughter of these peoples.
    Palestinian President Abbas has delivered a scathing and wholly accurate address at the UNGA. And regarding the killing of Shireen Abu Akleh – it has just been reported that the joint investigation has found she was deliberately and repeatedly shot by an Israeli sniper.


  47. It is not well known that Queen Elizabeth travelled to many countries, Canada 43 times, but she flatly refused to visit Israel because of its vile treatment of Palestinians, especially in the Gaza Strip and on the West Bank. The Queen listed her specific objections, which included genocide, torture of children, killing of women and children, and theft of indigenous land.

    She came as close as diplomatically possible to describing Israelis as sadistic thieving psychopaths.

    Now, ain’t that a kick in the teeth to those who described the British Royalty as part of the Zionist cabal. I have to include myself in that unjust error. But I still say Charlie is a green slime ball.

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  48. That land you refer to is Israel’s land, not the Palestinians land. Check Bible History. Watch what happens when you go against God, and His chosen people. And watch what is to come at the battle of Amergeddon. Ezekiel 38 Ezekiel 39


  49. time has told us that this is probably not going to happen, since Peace talks even did not work ! may common sense be re discovered!! Victory to the Light is therefore my final saying.


  50. Thank You! Good Question…. …… but, “Not likely” is the answer.


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