Grow your own veges to keep ahead of coming food shortages

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Dutch farmers update… this could happen here and everywhere.. They want their land to build smart cities…


  2. Behind all these happenings are the WEF and UN with their plan to depopulate the world.
    Covid and the jab were the first phase…now we have food , petrol and electricity prices hiking, and many people have been tamed and trained, especially in Australia.Some are like meek mice…bowing down to be slaughtered!
    We are being culled and we allow it!
    Other countries have more backbone….what a sad lot we have become.
    In the Vic Agricultural legislation, passed last year, there is a small part that indicates that people will not be allowed to grow their own food….it will come to other states.
    Are we going to let this happen?

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  3. Auntie, if the “liquid” is separated from the “solids”, stinking/toxic sewerage becomes non existent. As you wrote, urine is nitrogen and should be used as a natural fertilizer anywhere in the garden (thinned down with water otherwise it will burn the plant). The solids mixed with dry plant matter and later on completely dried out make up a great NON SMELLING compost/soil that can be used/mixed with all sorts of stuff or just used around trees and shrubs as it is.

    The most important part for the garden is water and the state its in. Tank water, especially in “plastic based” holding tanks is stale or “completely dead” and can not even be compared to running water from creeks or currents which is alive, cleansed and boosted with all the “natural magic stuff” while flowing, rolling and circling in its natural state and “water’s memory” is restored with “life” and exactly what a plant needs and wants, to grow strong.


  4. Jo, is on the money. If you bury your own sewerage, bury her deep down below, as some things need breaking down, p#ss on the grass, around your plants, around your trees, there’s your nitrogen, chook poo Is way strong, use in liberation, break it down in water, good stir while fermenting, or give it a good chance to break down mixed with your compost, just like your sewerage, break her down, mix her in. Goats poo is the ducks nuts. Just things my folks taught me to do, good luck folks


  5. But Tony, we have nothing to fear from Singapore imposed sanctions on fuel exports.

    Scandemic self made multi millionaire Schomo, has plenty big gallons stored in Yank Tanks.

    I wonder if any has been gambled on the black fuel market?

    Mmm, if the tanks aren’t bled dry, getting it to Australia by 2030 might be problematic, Operation Zero , dirty fuel tankers, tips of icebergs, etcetera..

    Where are those Yank Tanks located and have we built our own since Schomo’s band aid fix?

    Will we have to draw muskets over your biodiesel, cassava & spike protein fed muddies?


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  6. How to recognise the time for Aussie liberators to strike the tyrants… China declares support for Russia, Biden rattles sabres, Singapore cancels fuel exports to Oz. With our 30-day fuel reserve down to -7 days, Defense commandeers all fuel. Without fuel, transport stops, food stops, water stops, electricity stops. Instant stone age. There are no communications and no law and order. That is the time to strike the tyrants in the media, bureaucracy, the politicians, and doctors. I will cheer you all on from my rebel walking frame. RPG mounted and ready.

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    * correction for error weeks back, the AFL Grand Final is tomorrow.


  8. Alison… Depopulation agenda… Russia sent about 220 ships full of fertiliser to the EU and Russia stipulated that they were supposed to send on to the poorer nations – but the EU kept almost all of it for themselves only 4% made it to Africa !!

    Also ‘live births’ are down all over the world. Although Australia apparently has no stats for this (see One Nation site)… but I would say the quadrillion IVF ads on TV are a bit of a giveaway..

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  9. aapkoning…. and the the question people should be asking is why is El Nina hanging around for so long… It hasn’t hung around for this long for over 20 years… But when you say anything to people about this weird weather, they say its oh ok its just El Nina… BUT IS IT..

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  10. The European Parliament has refused to amend a law that would have stopped the use of food crops for fuel production, putting the interests of the biofuel lobby before those of millions of hungry people around the world.

    OXFAM International labeled the vote a missed opportunity to help solve the situation, while the UN Food Programme Director warns of a ‘global emergency of unprecedented magnitude’ as nearly 350 million people are on the brink of starvation in Africa.


  11. Han, you hit them on the East Coast, that’s the place people are…
    Forget the middle of Australia. “Apart from “Geo – CLIMATE – engineering” People cannot see and don’t know what this is, because it is not on the silly box and MSM…

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    The Ice Age Farmer is knowledgeable on the topic JG.

    You can find him on

    This is an appetiser, probably only survived on doobtube due to negativity towards Iban.

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    Well, you won’t hear about it on the radio, see it on the TV, read about it in the papers or bot ridden sensored spook controlled social media, so is JG new to real media?


  14. What food shortages?


  15. Some salient warning here, about those who might steal or destroy our produce. That is why my garden is a long way from any other people. And I am growing sweet potato and cassava, plus dark green veggies. Wild-caught fish for protein, and the creation of biodiesel on the side, with waste product glycerine converted by lye to soap. Nothing wasted. Even fish guts and seaweed become fertiliser. A few months after the super shelves get empty, a rifle might come in handy too. That will provide bait for mud crab traps. Just joshing.

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  16. The trick is to know your natives and unusual food plants. Have a food garden that does not look like a food supply. The Moringa tree for example. In Africa called: never die. Easily strikes root. bark, root and leaf – all essential nine amino acids (protein) essential vitamins and minerals. The root makes an excellent ‘wasabi’. Stinging nettle is another powerhouse plant of nutrition. The root vegetables that you have to dig can be concealed.

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  17. The nutrition coming out of Produce has dropped significantly. Supermarket Tomatoes are a great example. The “shelf life” and looks are A1. Smell? There is no tomato flavor whatsoever. The taste including all that is needed to support a healthy lifestyle is greatly reduced for $$$. I have thrown a over three month old tomato down the hill and it bounced and rolled but was still intact and solid and by the looks could have been returned to the shelf now including “healthy” internal sprouts. This is what matters for human production – good looks but all good has been bred out of it – a bit like humanity itself.

    Commonwealth research is baring its “fruits”, because they “have always looked after us and THEM”.

    Great comments by Blisskit, Auntie and Rebecca has also more than a point.

    Composting toilets will become an important feature for the garden in the future after “commonwealth health has retired for good”. And why not having our loved ones feed the soil (or a tree) – if they were not too infused with all the decade long goodies big Pharma and our “leaders” have thrown at us but that would mess with the new modern Australian tradition to have a true blue Funeral plan.

    Seeds bought from woolies, Bunnings etc have been tempered with and also might not like some ingredients of your local soil. Swapping (local heritage) seeds from your region is the only way to go for a healthy immune system for you and yor plants.

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    Sorry, misunderstood your post, I thought that you were referring to the old bag of bones in England.

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  19. CATACLYSMIC DUCK Why would you want to poison your crop?


  20. In the US the USDA wants people to register their gardens! Watch for that coming here and be very wary.. the below link shows a video by an Amish farmer warning about this..

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  21. Along with your veggie patch, make sure to surround it with a 10 metre wall and have an abundance of armed guards to protect it. For every person who has a garden there’s a thousand who haven’t and you’ll be amazed at what people will do when they’re hungry.

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  22. Why fork out 12 grand on a funeral, bury Granny in the veggie patch.


  23. Blisskitt is right, seed swap, especially for seed stock that has proven it’s salt in your local (demographic) area. The seed savers group that I was familiar with has been around since the late 80’s, they’ve done their best to share & save (heritage) seeds to swap, used to be Mum&Dad gardeners in my day . For those that doubt how our seeds/plants have been messed with… You used to be able (for an example) put any tomato seeds in the ground from the tomato you bought, not now, it won’t reproduce… you may get a couple to a few fruit, if lucky, but not a good crop & definitely no further reproduction, they’re messing with us, they’re messing with our food. Until they take out our power, store your seeds in the fridge, or a cool place, they’ll last 5 or more years past what you’d expect

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  24. Hi Editor
    What has been established here in my town (and could be elsewhere no doubt) is a seed library. Little pop-up seed stands outside homes. People can take if they wish for free and/or swap donate others. Is a great idea. I know the one near me has replenished stock and had several donations already and has only been there a fortnight.

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