by Lyndesy Symonds

Come in Spinner. The New Scientist has noted: “there are thousands more UK deaths than usual and we don’t know why.” Jason Arunn Murugesu ( 1 Sept 2022)

To the NHS in the UK this would seem to be a real stumper. Actually. We know why but it is not CoVID. Correct to say so and indeed, saying so could get you sacked from your job – especially in the NHS.

Qld Health Minister Yvette D’Ath can’t work out why all the extra deaths, 20 per cent over normal, is blaming Covid, when she knows it is deadly mRNA vaxx

Even the British Medical Journal (a BigPHarma peer reviewed POS) has had to admit that the UK health officials are trying to nut it out.

This phenome is not confined to the US and UK. Excess deaths are being noted in many nations and they are mounting. Australia is putting ‘soaring excess death rates’ down to [drum roll please] : ‘Omicron’. Yes children. The dreaded Omicron stalks 1 in 5 ‘covid’ survivors who may develop ‘Omicron’ in the year after covid infection. This is why we must continue to mask and socially distance. By covid infection they are probably talking about the ‘nouvelle SARS-MERS’ Cov-2 virus’ never isolated from any human tissue of which there was much ado in the 2020 Pandemic declared by Ethiopian former Gook Terrorist Tedros. That covid infection. And this has put it on the radar of the ABS that we have excess deaths in Australia 20% in excess than the historical average for Jan and Feb 2022.

Worryingly (for some), the medical and scientific communities still claim to be unable to pin point that elusive cause. And The New Scientist has probably been threatened not even to entertain the possibility it could be – you know.
6 Sept 2022

Genocides are basically in poor taste and tank the box office.

Regardless of what the politutes are doing in the legislative assemblies and the Parliament – it is the Politburo [National Cabinet] and Operation CoVID Shield which will be shielding these genociders from public scrutiny.

ABS: Australian Bureau Statistics