Labor, Greens stupidity over the myth of ‘climate change’

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  1. Hope the TIME will come, I’m NOT holding my breath…


  2. Yes Indeed MORE Nations will follow…


  3. He Han, “The PSYCHOS of the New World Order, DO NOT LIKE IF YOU WRITE DOWN THE TRUTH…” And you are NOT alloyed to laugh about them!!!!


  4. Think the Greens and fumbles Albasleezy want to make a name for themselves as making Australia set the standard, what a wank.


  5. What do you mean labor, greens? The lnp is 100% on board with the insanity. The ‘country party’ nationals even replaced their leader so they could target suburban seats on climate change issues. We are well and truly farked in this country when all major parties do whatever the wef billionaires them

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  6. Joel whiteman

    120 years or so the gouvernment has been in action, they’ve literally done nothing but chip away at our souvrenty and culture, this graph is another example of gouvernment either blindly or I think purposely attacking our freedom souvrenty and rights, send them all to botany bay never to be released, I live on a massive lake that has constant millitary aircraft flying at all time in what they think is secrecy, it’s not lol. Behind some regular aircraft over head I’ve taken images of chem trails, and while observing I also watch local weather forecast. I have very convincingly proven to myself that chemtrails are directly intrtfering with our local weather ☠️


  7. Where are the Greens and Labour and the Liberals on the catastrophic EMF-Wireless and CHEMTRAIL POLLUTION which are more URGENT than the global warming which WAS supposed to sink half the Pacific islands some 10 years ago.

    Where are all the bleeding hearts who are getting sick and dying and watching their loved ones getting sick and dying because of the “settled” science on the EMF and Chemtrail disaster ?

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  8. crisscross767

    Atmospheric gas ratios are self regulating. If Greens as they reckon have the ability to alter the atmospheric gas ratios then there will be no life left on Earth.

    “……. carbon dioxide is about 40 times more soluble in water than the truly nonpolar atmospheric gases, nitrogen, N2, and oxygen, O2.”

    Click to access COW-water-Jan2011.pdf

    Water is a natural solvent. Rain water is acidic due to carbon dioxide picked up in the atmosphere.

    Any water soluble gas becomes more soluble as temperature decreases because, in and of themselves, gas molecules have little affinity for each other — after all, that is why they are gases. When dissolved in water, CO2 forms weak bonds with the water molecules. The lower the temperature, the stronger the bonds, the greater the amount of CO2 that can be dissolved.

    Carbon dioxide is more soluble in cold water than it is in warm water.

    Water and CO2 make carbonic acid (acid rain).

    Plants need carbon and water.

    So it makes sense to me that convection causes latent heat carrying water vapour to rise, then cool when it gets high enough, condense to form clouds, and release latent heat which continues to rise. CO2 then exercises its affinity for water which falls as a weak carbonic acid when the formation of droplets reach a certain size.

    I can’t see how it would be possible for anyone to explain how Co2 or water vapour can form a greenhouse blanket around the Earth reflecting heat back to Earth. Blankets work both ways.


    CO2 is only 0.0385% of the atmosphere and is the heaviest gas in the atmosphere which is why plants are able to utilise it in the respiration process.

    Carbon Dioxide Not a Well Mixed Gas and Can’t Cause Global Warming
    By: John O’Sullivan

    “………CO2: The Heavy Gas that Heats then Cools Faster!

    The same principle is applied to heat transfer, the Specific Heat (SH) of air is 1.0 and the SH of CO2 is 0.8 (heats and cools faster). Combining these properties allows for thermal mixing.

    Heavy CO2 warms faster and rises, as in a hot air balloon. It then rapidly cools and falls………………”


    From “CO2 Spin on that” – a site no long available –

    ……..In his memoirs entitled “Contributions to Molecular Physics in the Domain of Radiant Heat”, detailing a series of experiments conducted at the Royal Institution, Tyndall fallaciously states with regard to Oxygen and Nitrogen that they are both quote:
    “practically transparent to radiant heat.”

    Thus laying the foundations of AGW fraud.

    This statement by John Tyndall is the origin of such claims as “the science is settled” and the “greenhouse effect is 150 year old established physics.” In terms of radiant heat it is the only factor that would differentiate between the various atmospheric gases.

    After all, Oxygen and Nitrogen constitute 99% of the atmosphere. If these two gases are shown to absorb and re-emit infrared radiation, what would make so called “Greenhouse Gases” like CO2, such a threat to the environment at only 0.0385% of the atmosphere?

    So the basis for the “Greenhouse Effect” is that incoming and out going IR is not absorbed by Oxygen and Nitrogen which instead passes straight through these gases.


  9. roland13021954

    I,m going to be really pissed off if I can,t get co,2 to make my beer fizzy. it would be just like having an English pint .

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  10. It is quite foolish of academics and pseudo-scientists to promote AGW and covid scams because, inevitably, one day, we the people will rise up and eliminate the cowardly politicians who kowtowed to the WEF extremists.

    There will be much bloodshed, and vengeance will then be indiscriminately inflicted on every greenie, doctor, nurse, and bureaucrat who played along with this game.

    I would not want to be the doctor who jabbed a child who then died, or the bureaucrat who destroyed businesses to save the planet from plant food.

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  11. Trying yet again not on my mobile phone this time but on my old mac to get comment through and not fdisappear after wordpress > ALL the climate change Plonkers (a plonker is what drops in the toilet) better smarten up and get real honest real quick smart because NONE of you would surely want to be part of or responsible for the destruction of our lives democracy and our country = TAKE warning >



    See Sri Lanka Corruption >
    The government owes $51 billion in debt and cannot make any payments on loans. Their currency collapsed 80% and was basically worthless. Tourism halted after the pandemic, adding to the crisis. The people had hit rock bottom and knew exactly who to blame. President Rajapaksa and his brother, former Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, are extremely corrupt.
    They allowed the problem to become a crisis; living lavishly as their people starved.
    The revolutionary wave has only just begun. I warned that it would first come for emerging countries. However, do not think this incident will be isolated to one nation. Unrest is rising as living standards decline.

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  12. Michael Augustus

    The only true wilderness is between a greenie’s ears.

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  13. Han Barkmeyer

    “Climate change” is just a diversion from the real issue:

    WEATHER MANIPULATION causing droughts, floods and bushfires in Australia and so many other countries.
    Deliberately destroying their economies, infrastructure, food supply, etc., to force people to live in THEIR Smart Cities.

    It is all about CONTROL of the people by the PSYCHOS of the New World Order, The Great Reset.

    Vice President Lyndon Johnson in 1962:

    “It lays the predicate and foundation for the development of a weather satellite that will permit man to determine the world’s cloud layer and ultimately to control the weather; and he who controls the weather will control the world “- Vice President Johnson at Southwest Texas State University (1962)

    President Johnson would go on to authorize weather warfare over Vietnam.
    Operation Popeye first came to public light in March 1971, when reporter Jack Anderson published a story based on a secret 1967 memo from the Joint Chiefs of Staff to President Johnson. The memo read:

    “Laos operations – Continue as at present plus Pop Eye to reduce the trafficability [sic] along infiltration routes & Authorization requested to implement operational phase of weather modification process previously successful tested and evaluated in some area”. (US Senate, Subcommittee on Oceans and International Environment; 26 July 1972; p. 5).

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  14. On the BALL, Thank you…

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  15. It is very true what you are writing, cannot fault it…

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  16. Carol Horrigan

    Another bloody farce.Climate change, more like globally controlled. HAARP to thank for extreme weather events all over the world.

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  17. Margaret Newnham

    The absolute stupidity of it all is we will still sell our coal to China, India etc. because they wont close down their coal fired stations. We will install unreliable windmills – each windmill requires a 648 ton base of concrete just to get it to stand. They last a lousy 20 years and none of it is recyclable – it becomes land waste. Lets not forget the destruction of flora just to allow a clear path for the wind to turn the turbines. They cause bush fires and heavy loss of bird life. Lets never forget the “numb nuts” who are pushing this technology. And they call themselves Greenies and care about our Planet !!!!

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