Drought culling Texas cattle numbers by 80 per cent, food supply teetering on edge

(Natural News) I have confirmed with local cattle ranchers in Texas that large-scale herd liquidations are under way right now, with some herds being reduced by 80%.

Texas cattle culling affecting food supplies long term

This is happening due to the extended drought affecting Texas, Oklahoma and much of the southern and western United States. The drought not only reduces grass production on the fields being grazed by cows, it also causes hay production to plummet, reducing the future food supply that could keep cows fed through the fall and winter. As a result, the vast majority of cows in Texas are being sold for slaughter.

As I point out in today’s Situation Update podcast, below, this will cause a temporary glut of beef in the food supply chain which will lower beef prices in the short term. But after that supply glut is processed and shipped, beef prices will skyrocket as cattle remain in short supply for years to come. It takes several years of good rain to replenish cattle populations and bring beef prices back into an affordable range.

The upshot is that if you plan to eat beef anytime in the next 2 years or so, you’ll want to acquire it and freeze it over the next several months. By early 2023, beef will be skyrocketing once again.

This cattle liquidation is just the latest disruption to hit the US food supply which is already reeling under global supply chain disruptions, fertilizer shortages, diesel fuel price increases and extreme drought conditions. The hits just keep coming.


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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Hi Han, glad you finally found the book shop… I knew the street had the nickname Ratmakka but thought the full name would be on a map. Maybe next time just get a tuk tuk there and back – it will be easier. Its quite a busy place, but I loved it there – so much to see and do.

    I am glad you got the Nancy Chandler map – you will find your way around a lot easier with that.. It was my bible and even when it started to fall to pieces, I stuck it together with sticky tape.. You will be able to find specific places you want to see and find your way everywhere around the Old City. The Thai language books also sound very good.

    There is much to see there so I hope you make many more trips to the Old City for a good look around.


  2. Hi Jen,

    We went to the Old City today, very hard to find a parking spot. Couldn’t find Ratchamanka Rd…
    Of course, the street sign showed Ratmakka which is Ratchamanka Rd… Typical Thai…
    ‘The Lost Bookshop’ is great and I was very lucky, they only had one copy left of the Nancy Chandler’s Map of Chiang Mai. Very good map.

    Bought to two small books, ‘English-Thai’ and ‘Instant Thai’. The last one is very good, just what I was looking for. “How to express 1,000 different ideas with just 100 words and phrases.”
    It will be so much easier now for me to learn Thai. Toom will help me with the pronunciation as Thai is very much a tonal language.

    The medical centre/acupuncture does have lots of herbs and once inside the gate the centre looks very beautiful and peaceful.
    Didn’t have time to check out the vegetarian restaurant in Moonmuang Rd.
    Jen, thanks for letting me know about the Old City, much appreciated. I would never have gone there if you didn’t tell me about it.


  3. Hi Han – The rise does not affect my friend at all as he is on an O Marriage Visa. Maybe marrying Toom would fix this issue for you – you sound very well matched to me.

    I know what you mean about vaccines and our immune system. I only had the childhood ones which were just the usual, not like today. And when I started travelling the smallpox one was a requirement as was yellow fever for some countries. I also had Hep B when I worked in the medical industry. Luckily I had no side effects. My daughter had side effects as a baby from the triple antigen one, and about 3 years ago was told she needed Hep B for a new job she was taking, she only the one and ended up in emergency with some very weird side effects… it turned out that she need not have had it all. Needless to say she has not taken the jab due to my urging. She is the only one in her workplace not vaxxed – she just said no and because she is very good at her job, they did not force the mandate on her.

    But they were vaccines in the traditional sense, not mRNA toxic gene therapy as these are now. I have only ever had the flu shot twice.. I think that was just a con to train people used to lining up regularly. After I became D sufficient, I never got cold or flu again – not that it was a regular thing for me anyway.

    I have not always looked after my health and was quite the party animal in my younger days. The last 12 years of my working life I worked in the medical industry, not as a nurse, administrative – but it was here that I saw the harm that was being done to some people – and people’s injuries and concerns were just swept under the rug. This is when I radically changed my ideas on the health industry and decided to take responsibility for my own health. So its never to late to turn things around.

    I like all those doctors you mention and have seen many of their videos… they are really experts in their field. I also like Judy Mikovits, Ryan Cole, Peter McCullough… etc..

    Yes, Engdahl is very good -and the others I mentioned to you are as well. I particularly like TJ Coles and James O’Neill – but the others contribute very interesting articles backed up by documentation and references.

    The Fantastic Fungi video is on Netflix which I have – so I will have a look at that.

    Re the munitions being given to Ukraine, a lot of them are being sold on the dark web… so the nazis are making quite a profit – and goodness where they will end up. The rest are appropriated or destroyed by Russia – it is a losing game for Ukraine – but one that the West is determined to keep going. They cannot punish Russia – and are only punishing the every day people around the world with their sanctions – maybe that is the plan after all.

    I hope you enjoy your visit to the Old City… You will find it quite busy, but very interesting and so much to see… Definitely get the Nancy Chandler map from the book shop which shows every temple, restaurant or point of interest on it – and you can discover new things bit by bit.

    There is a restaurant to the north of the Old City called the Blue Diamond – 35/1 Moonmuang Road – it is vegetarian and the Rad Na (lad na) is absolutely delicious. You may wish to go there on on another occasion as I am sure your day will be pretty busy.

    Have fun.


  4. Hi Jen,

    The new insurance requirements would affect me in a bad way. I’m now paying 70,000 baht premium for 400,000 baht cover. Just imagine what the new premium will be for 3,000,000 baht cover… A 750% increase. I talked this morning to John, the English metallurgist, and he is very worried about it.

    People like Drs. Tom Cowan, Andrew Kaufman, Sherri Tenpenny, etc., are very vocal about virology and vaccines. Tenpenny never had one vaccine in her life and is totally against vaccines. I don’t think there is a need for vaccines. Mother Nature is perfect and gave us a perfect natural immune system.

    Humans have been around for 200,000 years and have done very nicely without vaccines.
    Vaccines have now been around for the past 100 years, I think, and look at the damage done.
    There are no safe vaccines, that is why the manufacturers have been indemnified from prosecution if their products kill or injure.
    I always watch James Corbett’s videos and I am sure you will find this one very interesting: https://www.corbettreport.com/rockefeller-medicine-video/

    “As Americans fret about the Obamacare website and wonder how the country became enslaved to the highest healthcare costs in the world, we turn back the pages to look at how the modern medical paradigm came together in the early 20th century, courtesy of the Rockefeller Foundation and their cronies. Join us this week as we explore the real history of modern healthcare and the real motivations behind the family that brought it to you.”

    Jen, you are very healthy at 75. Of course, you have been looking after your health all your life otherwise you wouldn’t be that healthy now. Health to me is number one.
    I never smoked and never drank and from age 13 did Japanese martial arts and still doing it.
    I even have a punching bag in my living room and go to the gym with Toom, who is also an exercise junkie. I do at least 80 push-ups and squats in a 2-hour training session. It keeps me fit and flexible. People in the gym can’t believe that I am almost 74.

    Type this in your search engine: ‘september 9-11, 2016 han barkmeyer howard lipman cairns kyokushin karate’

    I have a book here by William Engdahl in German ‘China in Gefahr’ (China in Danger). A German friend gave me the book and other videos, all in German, all published by Kopp Verlag (Kopp Publishers), a very good publisher. They must think highly of Engdahl to publish his book in German.

    Very interesting what Col Macgregor had to say in that video. The WEF, NWO have no interest at all to call for a cease fire. Putin is making a lot of money by selling Russian oil and gas, making the ruble very strong and it is a boon for the American arms manufacturers shipping $4 billion of arms to Ukraine. No one is in a hurry to end the War in Ukraine, this could well be the start of WW 3.
    To me, like in so many other wars, like WW 1 and WW 2, this war is also instigated by the Jews in their drive for World Domination. Pax Judaica.

    This is also a very interesting documentary live for 1 day and 13 hours.
    Type in your search engine ‘food revolution network fantastic fungi’

    Director Louie Schwartzberg’s visionary time-lapse photography allows one of nature’s most powerful stories to unfold before your eyes. You’ll experience the hidden world of fungi like never before.

    We will go to the Old City tomorrow, can’t wait to see it.


  5. Han – Truth be told, it might weed out some of the ugly Farang – those that go and lord it up over the Thais and look down on them – only eat Western food and so on.. whilst in their own country they live just above the poverty line.. Might be a good thing.. ! Why does Thailand need people like that anyway.


  6. Thanks Han, will let my friend know. I am sure he is on OA visa obtained before entry into Thailand, its the one I had as well. He may already know as he is quite on the ball I am not sure it would make that much difference to him really as I think he is reasonably well off – although I can imagine him doing his nut about it… lol


  7. Han Barkmeyer

    Hi Jen, just a quick one. I got this last night. Please send this to your friend in Chiang Rai.
    This could well be the end for many Farang in Thailand. Interesting comments below the video.


  8. Hi Han

    I don’t think anyone is anti-vax – they just want a real one, one that works and does no harm. Also childhood vax has become a joke now – years ago it was only about 6-8 vax in the first year of life, now its like 50 or so… its just gone mad..and extremely harmful to young children to have their immune systems bombarded with so much stuff all at once. And they lump some of them together in one shot, like the MMR, and this not good.

    A proper vaccine takes 10-12 years to develop with about 5 years of that in trials. Chinese and Russian developed vax are not mRNA and are more traditional and I read that whilst China ordered mRNA and did receive it, they never used it on their people. The Russian one, Sputnik V, was already in late stage development for SARS-2 and they just tweaked it for covid so it was also in development over quite a long period of time. This is what I have read about it.

    Yes do go to the Old City to the street I mentioned, pop into the book shop get your Thai little language book and a Nancy Chandler map which I am sure they will have there – almost next door is a vegetarian restaurant with lovely food. And then amble down the road, only a few minutes, opposite side to book shop and you see the natural medical centre. It is shown on an online map of CM as well and will show location in relation to book shop. I also did acupuncture there for my hip but it was too far gone and that’s when I knew I had to come back to OZ for the surgery. I have had it before for sciatica… it fixed it in 3 treatments – the 6 weeks of prior physio did not help it at all.

    I turned 75 a couple of weeks ago, and I am very healthy, the main reason I think is because I take no prescription drugs whatsoever. I have had some surgeries however, knee replacement x 2, one hip and some spinal surgery, but I survived all those and take appropriate steps now to keep my bones/muscles in top notch condition and I am very mobile though I am careful what I do, no bike riding, mountain climbing, etc… lol.

    Nearly all drugs come from plants but then they synthesise them and they cause side effects… I figure I might as well just take the natural equivalent so I do. Ginger and turmeric are great for immunity and inflammation and garlic is a natural antibiotic. Lucky you are able to get such fresh produce – farm to table – with all the goodness still in there. I used to love that.. all the fruit there is ripened on the tree and tastes wonderfully sweet unlike the supermarket varieties here.

    Send that letter to your friends… make them feel uncomfortable ! If they don’t feel uncomfortable, they were never really your friends.

    Sorry you can’t get the digital download of that special issue… Some of the authors are
    F William ENGDAHL (award winning geopolitical analyst – he has a website), Caitlin Johnstone (reader supported independent journalist from Melbourne, writes for RT News, she has a website), Marie D Jones (she has website), James O’Neill (Born in NZ, A retired Barrister who writes on geopolitical issues with particular emphasis on international law – not sure if has website but writes for New Dawn, New Eastern Outlook and Counterpunch and elsewhere), Frederick Dodson (creator of Reality Creation Coaching, a spiritual coach), Mehmet Sabeheddin (research, writer and spiritual swaggie – – interests include mysteries, hidden history, Sufism, Islam and esoteric Christianity – interesting man – no website listed he may only write for ND..) Mehmet did a story on the “Golden Bullion” – google that.. interesting.
    Others – Jason Jeffery, Ethan Nash, Brendan Murphy (who did a runner to Mexico)..
    This just a short list – there are others from time to time… Nexus also has good articles by good independent journalists..

    There is also a story about an interview on Sky News Australia on 6 July with a former senior US military official, Col Douglas Macgregor – who spilled the beans on what is really going on in Ukraine and that Western media are covering up the true story.
    – this was the link for that, I hope I copied that right… if it is still even there, as I don’t they expected him to correct some myths about this war… lol I hope a lot of people saw that. He advised Australia to stop sending aid as nothing is going to stop Russia’s advance – 80% of Ukraine is destroyed, and 80% of its manpower killed or wounded… that’s what he said on this interview.

    Anyway plenty of little research jobs to keep you busy, and I hope you do get around to going to the Old City soon – you will wonder why you never went before..!


  9. Hi Jen, I really hope that you and the Editor are right and that Putin is on our side. Time will tell.

    I would like to buy that New Dawn Magazine, but my CBA account in Cairns won’t let me. I think they blocked my account from those transactions since I left Australia. I can only do international transfers from my CBA account to my Thai Bank account.
    I had a Norton Anti-Virus (NAV) subscription for years and the annual fees were automatically deducted from my CBA account. CBA stopped the NAV payments and I was then forced to buy Kaspersky, the only anti-virus program available in shops in Chiang Mai.
    I am very reluctant to use my Thai Bank account to buy stuff online for obvious reasons.

    Would be great if you could give me the titles and names of the authors of the Putin articles in that New Dawn Magazine, I might then be able to look for them on the net.

    Your comments yesterday and today on “Cairns News everything you need to know about monkeypox” are very very good! I still have to watch that video worldcouncilforhealth.
    That letter by a vaxxed Australian read by Del Bigtree is fantastic and I would like to forward it to my friends. Unfortunately, most of them don’t want to know me anymore because I am not vaccinated and a proud anti-vaxxer. Some of them call me “an extremist”.
    I am against all vaccinations. It is time to take a stand against Big Pharma and governments bribed by them.

    So many people who are against the COVID jab say upfront that they are “not anti-vax”. WHY?
    Because they are scared being labeled “anti-vaxxers”. People are basically cowards.
    Big Pharma cannot be sued if their vaccines cause injury or death. And just look at their criminal records. Shouldn’t that be a reason to attack them?

    Toom, my Thai girlfriend, told me that if it wasn’t for me, she also would have been vaccinated. We told her son not to get the “vaccine”, but he took 2 shots and is now sorry to have taken them. I hope he got the Sinovac, Chinese vaccine, the least harmful according to retired Dutch Dr. Maarten Vasbinder living in the Isaan, writing on Thailandblog.NL, the site for Dutch and Belgian expats.
    Vasbinder was/is always writing that COVID-19 is utter BS and that no one should take the vaccine. Of course, he got viciously attacked by many Dutch and Belgian expats.
    I hope your son-in-law got the placebo.

    Jen, I am so glad with this info you gave me:
    “Not far from the book shop on the opposite side of the road is an natural health medical centre.. they sell all kinds of herbs and even do acupuncture there. Herbs are also very cheap to buy in the drug stores – Fah Talai (or Creat) and Kamin Chun – Andrographis Paniculata and Curcumin (turmeric) these are.. fantastic for immunity.”

    Kapun krap, kun Jen! Old City here we come! Can’t wait to see that natural health medical centre.

    Toom and I are both health fanatics and I have been looking for this info all the time that I have been in CM. I have been a vegetarian for more than 40 years, I love animals and I could not kill an animal to eat it. I shot a rabbit when I was 16, it was injured and I will never forget the eyes of the rabbit. I killed it with the butt of the rifle and could kick myself.

    I will be 74 in October, and always have at least 4 cloves of raw garlic, ginger, turmeric and red chillies in my food. I take Blackmores vitamins also available in CM. Since a couple of weeks also taking ginger and turmeric extracts in capsules. I can’t remember when I was sick the last time. Our natural immune system is our best defence against sickness.

    I am a big fan of acupuncture. I had bursitis in my right hip and got physio and 2 steroid injections in Cairns and it didn’t help. I went to an acupuncturist just opposite the Old City and after a couple of sessions no more bursitis.


  10. Ed… I agree absolutely, he is on our side..


  11. Nothing suspicious about attacking US owned biolabs creating pathogens to release on Russain soil. He is taking down NATO and with it the NWO. Ed


  12. Hi Han, glad you have found a nice partner there – and a mature age one so she would be pretty sensible too… I have seen a lot of the failures you describe because men chose a partner who was too young and really not interested in the marriage but the money or a better life – and who can blame them I suppose. This happens everywhere I guess… but still sad for the man who chose wrongly and perhaps for the wrong reason..

    She will help with your Thai – but do get the little Thai language book, its just the tourist one. Go to The Lost Book Shop on Rachamanka Road Chiang Mai in the Old City (near Eastern Gate end) – its a fantastic book shop and they might have one there… but just go there anyway it has a great selection of all kinds of books. See also if they have a Nancy Chandler map of Chiang Mai Old City – I got one online even before I went there and it became my bible.. it shows absolutely everything of interest on there. Not far from the book shop on the opposite side of the road is an natural health medical centre.. they sell all kinds of herbs and even do acupuncture there. Herbs are also very cheap to buy in the drug stores – Fah Talai (or Creat) and Kamin Chun – Andrographis Paniculata and Curcumin (turmeric) these are.. fantastic for immunity.

    Get the map and go sightseeing in the Old City – near the book shop are some nice restaurants too.

    Re Putin, I have downloaded that link but do not believe it. Yes he did attend meetings but think he attended to see what was going on and gave speeches in opposition to what WEF was proposing in general. Read the Special Issue of New Dawn and then we will speak of it again – Unlike Nexus which I think you have to subscribe yearly to download – with New Dawn you can download a digital copy per issue of any particular issue you want to read.. this will cost AUD$5.95 per issue. New Dawn is really my favourite magazine.

    The articles in this New Dawn issue will explain everything re Putin, Russia and Ukraine (as well as other things) and written by genuine independent authors. Liberty Beacon may be alternative but there are very few true alternative sites – I have never heard of the guys saying those things.. who are they?

    We will discuss again after you read this digital issue. It will change the way you see everything.. for now, sawatdee krap…


  13. Han Barkmeyer

    Hi Jen, I think you are right about a language school, a waste of time. Better wait for my Thai girlfriend, to improve her English to such a level where she can teach me Thai. She is almost 54, a beautiful woman and a devout Buddhist and when we first met had to use Google Translate on our phones.
    Her son just finished Uni, but can’t find a job in Chiang Mai, so he wants to move to Bangkok.

    She is giving me instructions where to go when I am driving. Left, leo sai, right, leo kwa, straight ahead, terung pai and careful, ramatrawang.
    I got some Thai-English study books and should get stuck into them, but I spend so much time on the internet, reading, watching videos about all the world events… Not enough hours in a day.

    I certainly like what Buddha said: “To desire is to suffer.” A pity they turned Buddhism, a philosophy, into a religion with all the pitfalls of a religion; power, corruption, etc.
    Buddhism, Monarchy and Military are the three pillars supporting the Thai elite.

    I still miss my dogs and the vet at the Chiang Mai Uni told me that my cat could well live for another 3 years. I have to give him Interferon every night to support his immune system. My stray cats are properly fed. I give them dry food in the morning and fish from the market at night.

    Yes, you are right, Farang can buy a house, but not own the land. No problems with buying condominiums.
    Your Chiang Rai friend is a lucky man with his Thai wife. I know of so many expats happily married to Thai women. There are also sad stories.
    I was told the other day of a Melburnian, married to a Thai, had to go back to Australia before March 2020, but because of COVID couldn’t come back to Thailand for a long time. By the time he got back she was already living with another Farang in their house.
    Now this Melburnian lost his Thai wife and his house. Very sad indeed, all thanks to those pushing the COVID SCAM.

    I watched Max Igan’s latest video too where he said that Putin is part of the NWO.
    I would love to read the articles you are referring to proving Max Igan wrong.
    So, I looked on the net for Nexus and New Dawn Magazines, but you have to subscribe or buy them.

    I also listened to Putin’s St. Petersburg speech and read the transcript on Kanekoa’s Newsletter.
    Klaus Schwab was also present at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), 15-18 June 2022, when Putin gave his speech and said: “Russia is one of the responsible global regulation leaders.”

    I don’t trust Putin at all. Have a look at this article:
    Putin and the WEF – cause for concern. Are we being played yet again?

    “Much is made of Putin being outside the influence of and indeed in opposition to the so-called “New World Order” tyranny of the wealthy, manipulative globalist cult.

    “But his attack on Ukraine is highly suspicious and could not have been more timely if it had been scripted. It occurred at the very moment the globalist stooges wrecking many nations, facing civil unrest and some serious comeuppance or murdering thousands of their own citizens with booby-trapped pseudo-vaccines and laying waste their economics through the mechanics of a fake health emergency, needed the distraction of a new terror – in this case, war – to keep the citizenry cowed.

    “It is possible that the Russian government, having inflicted the same caper on its own people is facing similar comeuppance and needs the distraction of military conflict as much as similar criminals in Western nations.”


  14. Han, I went to language school after I first arrived in Thailand – complete waste of time for me. The lessons are all set – Lesson 1 and so on, and you cannot deviate. I had a little Thai phrase book and learned words and phrases from that, I just needed to connect them and in the end I asked the teacher to just tell me the connecting words – how to make a sentence.. how to say I want to go etc -and when to use words like, why, how, when, what, want, do, go etc… and I just learned to connect the words together – not perfect but the Thais could understand me… lol

    Yes my friend in Chaing Rai finds that most annoying too – the amount of expats all masked up walking around in the open air etc… Totally brainwashed in my opinion and not an independent thought in their heads. Actually I think a foreigner can buy a house there, but they don’t own the land, and of course if you are married and split up then the wife gets it all. Steve is married and is putting his wife’s son through Uni. She is a lovely woman and not a dolly bird, younger than him but middle aged. He is on his second house now – first one was too big and on a noisy main road, so he sold and has bought another place on one level in a quieter area that he has renovated. I am pretty sure you can buy and sell there.

    I am sorry to hear about your two beloved dogs and now the cat being sick. I have friends who live in Malaysia with a lovely dog – he was a rescue dog and has some health issues so they could not come back to Australia as the quarantine period would have killed him. Well they can’t come now anyway due to vax mandates. The Thais are very kind to animals… in the Old City every afternoon when out walking I would see bowls of food and water left out in the lanes for the strays and they would feed them scraps at other times too. It was lovely to see the robed monks in the mornings with their begging bowls making the rounds and people giving them food… It as beautiful. If you go to the Old City, go see the Terracotta Garden near the South Gate – the icy whole coconut drinks were superb.

    Please look online for Nexus Magazine and New Dawn Magazine… The both come out bimonthly at the end of the month but ND has a special issue that comes out in between which I bought today. So much information and so interesting in this issue.. they are alternative magazines with 100% independent journalists, geopolitical analysts, doctors, etc..

    Max Igan said in his video that Putin is part of the NWO – I think he is 100% wrong and the articles in this magazine prove it… As does Putin’s speech in St Petersburg which I listened to. He has said that it is doomed to failure, and I think he is right… The countries aligning with US are only a very small part of the world… most other countries are not interested and outnumber the US by billions of people and also in terms of GDP. However this does not mean elites can’t cause turmoil as they are doing right now, but in the end it is going to end in failure for them! Thailand is part of ASEAN by the way whose group of countries are against NWO.. as is BRICS group which more nations are joining, and the Eurasian Economic council countries.

    Thanks for the link … They also caused the huge problems in Hong Kong, and the Uighurs in China… and anywhere there is trouble they are probably involved.


  15. Han Barkmeyer

    Jen, sabai dee mai? I am impressed, you are also well-informed about Thailand. You are right about the Thai infrastructure, all messy. But I think that the Health facilities in Thailand are not too bad.
    You also made me curious about the Old City. I will surely go there and have a look.

    You have forgotten a lot of your Thai? I still have to learn the Thai language properly and go to a school to learn it. But I refuse to wear a mask so, no Thai school for me.
    I love the language too, I love all languages. I spoke Dutch and Indonesian as a child in Indonesia, then moved to Holland where Dutch, English, German and French were compulsory at High School.

    I picked this moo baan on the outskirt of Chiang Mai because of my 2 dogs and cat I brought with me from Cairns. It cost me a fortune to fly them over but I would never have left them in Australia. Unfortunately, one dog, a Labrador and Great Dane mix, only 6 years old died of liver cancer in November 2020. My other dog, a German Shepherd, 13 years old, died last November of old age.
    I only got my 7-year-old cat left and he now has, according to the vet, the Feline Leukemia Virus. He got that from fighting with other tomcats in our moo baan.
    I’m feeding at least 10 stray cats in the morning and at night time. Not all kittens survive, I already buried 5 of them in the yard.

    LOL about that Australian woman. Yes, there are some ugly expats. I get on so well with Thais, also the well-educated ones who speak perfect English, but the expats… This morning I was talking to a Kiwi in our moo baan who runs his own business and has a big mansion, must be in the name of his Thai wife as Farang cannot own houses. She is driving a Mercedes. His son and daughter just graduated from University, so he must have been in Thailand for well over 20 years.

    The good thing about him is that he is anti-vaccine. This morning we were talking about the Monkeypox and he said to me: “Why do they want to kill all the intelligent people? The stupid Arabs and Africans don’t want the vaccines. They should kill them all. They are good for nothing.”

    I know an Englishman in our moo baan, a real gentleman married to a Thai, they have two daughters. He has been in Thailand for 26 years, has a PhD in metallurgy and was lecturing at Bangkok and Chiang Mai Universities. He has also been vaccinated and was wearing a mask. It looks like the best educated people are also the most gullible. They don’t believe in “conspiracy theories” from the anti-vaxxers.

    One Canadian challenged me in street for not wearing a mask. He worked in hospitals for 40 years and “you have to wear a mask!”. Did we get into a shouting match… All the Thai around us must have been thinking what those two Farang were on about.
    So many Farang are so pro-vaccine and mask weaing. I had so many arguments with them, they had the “vaccines” so they could travel, to protect themselves and others, etc. They don’t like me and I don’t like them.

    A close neighbor of mine is a retired Thai lawyer and speaks perfect English. I couldn’t believe it, he is so much aware of the role the Jews are playing in this world.
    I read an article about a Thai Member of Parliament accusing the opposition getting Jewish money. And that was on Thai TV.
    When I read the Bangkok Post there are so many articles from the New York Times, Reuters, Bloomberg. I can remember a two-page article praising Bill Gates to high heaven.

    Here a good article:


  16. Han, Sabai Dee Mai? I have forgotten a lot of my Thai but love the language..

    Do go to the Old City… there are wonderful markets there and lots of beautiful temples, its more real.

    Yes, we are all prisoners of our stuff.. I took so much stuff there when I moved there and acquired more while I lived there. When I had to leave I had to give much of it away – think I made one village very happy! Its probably one of the reasons I didn’t go back, it would have been too hard to start over again. But stuff is only stuff – I don’t think the situation with compliance is as bad around Chiang Rai. Friend in CR does not wear a mask anywhere but others going to big stores do. Life in the small village just outside Chiang Rai is much the same as before and pretty normal.

    I think the US has tried to gain a foothold in Thailand but have not quite succeeded yet… and I am sure the red shirts were a plant. They have legalised Cannabis there and also advised people to get onto Fah Talai (Creat) – which is very good advice for the people – so I think in their way they are trying to help the people re health.

    The Thais are proud of never having colonised but its also why they lack the more refined infrastructures of places like Cambodia, Laos etc. I saw the influence in the wide streets, and house designs in Cambodia and even in the bathroom fixtures etc..no heater on the wall for hot water etc – just hot and cold taps as normal. But they (Thais) retained their individuality and it has been of great benefit to them in many other ways to not have been colonised.

    So you are a moo baan farang..some of those are just lovely. I do think that so many expats move there and then live with their own kind and they miss out on a lot of things. I guess we all still want our Western comforts to a degree. I moved from the Old City to be closer to other English speakers and lived in a condo for a few months before I left – and I hated it there and missed the Old City and my lovely Lanna apartment and gardens and my Thai landlords there – the trade up wasn’t worth it.. – I missed not being within walking distance of a temple or a local market and being involved with Thai life.

    And I came across a few ugly expats.. those that live there only because its cheap and think they are far above the native Thais and treat them thus . Most of those that did this were American but not all. . And they lie about their past life in their home country, about their jobs and where they lived – they make out they held high managerial positions and lived in up market areas… it makes them feel superior. An Australian woman I met did this and was caught out and had forgotten I had met her earlier when she had originally told meher previous occupation and where she had lived in NSW.. she changed all that when she joined a women’s social club.

    I hope Thailand still remains its own country… I note it is neutral re the war which is a good sign..


  17. Hi kun Jen, sawadeekap?

    I have been driving past the Old City so many times, but never got inside it. All part of Thai history which I like to know more about. I know now that the British and the French tried to colonise Thailand but decided in the end to have a buffer state between them with the British in Burma and the French in Indo-China. That is why Thailand was never colonised.

    The French, however, took Laos from Thailand. The Thai took the northern part of Malaysia, hence problems with the Muslims in southern Thailand who want to be reunited with Malaysia.
    The American and European governments have also been trying to destabilise Thailand and funding the students to agitate against the Thai government. All very interesting.

    Yes, Chiang Mai is very busy and I would love to move to Chiang Rai, but I brought so much of my stuff from Australia with me and I acquired even more stuff over the past 2 years. Makes it so much harder now to move again. Sometimes you can become a prisoner of your own stuff.

    Lucky, I live in a beautiful quiet area of Chiang Mai, a big moo baan, with lots of parks and a big manmade lake. It takes me almost half an hour to walk from my house to the main entrance.
    The Thai government decided no more mask wearing, but I am the only one not wearing a mask while EVERYBODY in the streets and shopping centres is wearing one. Even the Farang who should know better. Unbelievable. Everybody wants to conform, that is why it is so easy for governments to manipulate the people.


  18. Han – yes Chiang Mai. I went for a holiday and stayed in the Old City and was offered a Lanna apartment by the owners of the guest house I was staying in. They showed me the apartment just up the road and it was beautiful. I said it would take me 3 months to get organised and come back and they said they would keep it for me – and they did. It was almost opposite Terracotta Garden (if you know that near South Gate)… it was beautiful there.

    What a coincidence you are there. Had I stayed on I would have moved on to Chiang Rai though. I visited Chiang Rai and liked that it was quieter there, Chiang Mai is very very busy. Perhaps you should go to Chiang Rai and really check it out. I recommend Grandma Kaew House as a place to stay while investigating options – walking distance to everything.

    Yes lots of poor but that is Asia all over, including India… even so, they are a very versatile and innovative people and are willing and hard workers and they seem to manage to find ways to make a living and always have a smile.

    I agree the world could be a beautiful place if everyone could accept cultural and ethnic differences without being judgemental.


  19. Hi Jen,

    We certainly have something in common. You lived in northern Thailand (Old City)? That can only be Chiang Mai, the City Square ringed by water. I live in Chiang Mai and came here twice for a holiday and decided to retire in Chiang Mai. No problem getting a retirement visa, compulsory health insurance is about $3,000 a year and you have to have 800,000 baht in your bank account.
    You are right, life in Thailand compared to Australia and other Western countries is dirt cheap for the Farang, no wonder to see so many ex-pats from all over the world in the country. I met quite a few who have been living here for 10, 20 even 30 years.
    I do envy your friend living in a village near Chiang Rai, it is a lot smaller than Chiang Mai.

    I also love to experience different cultures and see how other people live. I read and can see around me that the difference between rich and poor is one of the biggest in Thailand. While the Thai middle class is well-off, driving BMW’s and Mercedes’, the lower classes are struggling. You must have noticed that too when you lived in Chiang Mai.

    So many Thais think that I am also a Thai and speak Thai to me. I am a mix of Dutch, German and Indonesian. My mother was German-Indonesian and I got the Asian features and skin colour from her.
    I do love Europe and I am quite familiar with European history and culture with Beethoven my favourite composer. I had a good time in Australia too, but I also love Asia. The world could be such a beautiful place…


  20. Thanks Han… Actually I have following and reading alternative news for about 15 years, so I have lots of information stored away in my head.. lol I enjoy your comments also… there is a lot of information shared in the posts on the Cairns News site which I like.

    We have something in common… I lived in northern Thailand (Old City) for a year 5 years ago – went there to see if retirement there would suit me. I loved it there but unfortunately I started to have some problems with my hip (I blamed the tuk tuks lol) and it was cheaper to come back here to have it fixed (had private cover on hold here) than do it there… Then I didn’t end up going back… in some ways now I wish I had. The people were lovely there as you say, and life was easy, carefree and very cheap. I agree about the food, loved that it was farm to table.. picked in the morning and on sale in market the same morning.. Can’t get any fresher than that..

    I still have a good friend who lives in a village just outside Chaing Rai and we are still in regular touch – he is of like mind. Other people I knew were were in Udon Thani.

    I too am interested in all world news because I travelled around the world for 7 years when I was younger and lived and worked in some places overseas including the Middle East. I love different cultures and seeing how other people live. From about 2010 on I travelled on holiday mainly in Asia with my last trip being that year in Thailand. I would have loved to go back there again to visit again but this is impossible now with things they way they are. Still, I have been very fortunate to have been able to see most of the world when things were different.

    Thanks for that link which I have saved. I have seen his videos before from Mexico and he is very good, I like him.

    I know things look bad, but I still think they will not succeed in the end. Too many other countries are banding together now with Russia who want a multipolar world…


  21. Han Barkmeyer

    Hi Jen,

    This is so true: “Coincidentally all the fires took place all down the coast right along the line they want to build rail tracks for the smart cities they want to build to herd people into.”
    You are one of the best-informed people on Cairns News and I always enjoy reading your comments.

    Here an interesting video of Maria Zeee interviewing Max Igan:

    I watch every Max Igan video (thecrowhouse odysee) to see what is going on in Australia.
    Same reason why I also follow Cairns News. I used to live in Cairns too and some 50 of my letters were published in The Cairns Post. I can never shut up when I see BS.

    I do like Max’s fighting spirit. He had to flee Australia last October and is now living in Mexico.
    I left Australia in February 2020, just before the Lockdown and the Bolshevik Revolution of March 2020 in Australia.
    I am now living in northwestern Thailand and the country reminds me a lot of Indonesia where I was born. The people and the food are so similar, only the language is totally different.
    Thai people are very friendly and Thai food is delicious, so I feel quite at home in Thailand.

    It is obvious to me that they first want to destroy the Western countries like Australia, New Zealand, Europe, US and Canada. They are Amalek, the Eternal Enemy of the Men with Small Hats, to be destroyed.
    I keep in close touch with Holland where I also used to live. I follow Dutch and European politics, watch Dutch Parliamentary debates, placing comments on websites similar to Cairns News.


  22. Ed… Never mind, the comments on this article are as valid now as they would have been in 2011… and something similar is occurring somewhere anyway


  23. Although not appearing in the news: over the past few weeks, the Sun has generated a large Sunspot, ejecting heated particles on a direct trajectory to the Earth’s current location in its orbit.

    The last time this occurred, it took out Canada’s electricity grid.

    I’m only guessing?, but I sense this may well be largely responsible for the northern hemisphere’s coinciding heat wave?

    Various research centres also indicate that the associated droughts will increase over the next few decades.


    Add the Government into the mix, and well, – best not think about it.


  24. Han – you are correct.. Weather manipulation has been happening around the world for years, including in Australia – they use it for war and as a means of controlling markets and people. They spray chemicals ahead of summer bush fires which act as accelerants – people in Victoria actually saw this for months before the fires there -and probably in the US and everywhere else. Coincidentally all the fires took place all down the coast right along the line they want to build rail tracks for the smart cities they want to build to herd people into.

    And what audacity to now be going on about climate change and global warming – what hypocrisy. They want to shut down industry, energy, control food, impoverish people so that they are reliant on government and are completely then under their control.

    It is for good reason that Earth is called the prison planet in ancient writings. But that may change soon – as more and more of these evil doings come out in the open and obvious for all to see.


  25. mga@tdstelme.net

    The article you cite is from 2011.

    Mary A dams


  26. Han Barkmeyer

    Vice President Lyndon Johnson in 1962:

    “It lays the predicate and foundation for the development of a weather satellite that will permit man to determine the world’s cloud layer and ultimately to control the weather; and he who controls the weather will control the world “- Vice President Johnson at Southwest Texas State University (1962)

    “Climate engineering continues to rage in skies all over the world, polymer nanofibers are a component of these operations. The science community has now confirmed that microplastics have been found in human blood and farm animals. These puzzle pieces are not hard to connect for any that conduct objective investigation. New studies now also confirm that plastic pollution could “make much of humanity infertile”.

    “How well would this serve the objectives of those in power? Engineered winter weather and temperature whiplash scenarios are continuing wherever and whenever the climate engineers have compatible conditions for carrying out the highly toxic chemical ice nucleation cloud seeding operations.

    “In the meantime the weather makers are relentlessly cutting off the flow of rain from the Western US. Crop production is being crushed while the stage is being set for yet another summer of record wildfires. What will it take for a greater percentage of the population to look up and connect the dots?”

    President Johnson would go on to authorize weather warfare over Vietnam.
    Operation Popeye first came to public light in March 1971, when reporter Jack Anderson published a story based on a secret 1967 memo from the Joint Chiefs of Staff to President Johnson. The memo read:

    “Laos operations – Continue as at present plus Pop Eye to reduce the trafficability [sic] along infiltration routes & Authorization requested to implement operational phase of weather modification process previously successful tested and evaluated in some area”.
    (US Senate, Subcommittee on Oceans and International Environment; 26 July 1972; p. 5).


  27. Thought they were feeding American cows with over production skittles.


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