Former, honest JCU researcher Peter Ridd who blew the whistle on dishonest reef reports will be present at the Brisbane film release on Sunday July 24.

Former JCU reef researcher Peter Ridd
Truthful researchers and dive boat operators say there is nothing wrong with the Great Barrier Reef in Australia while crooked university researchers and the GBRMPA lie to governments to attract more funding grants
All these reports about the Great Barrier Reef bleached white.  I’ve visited the reefs reported by the government agencies as dead and dying and instead I’ve found and filmed extraordinary beauty.   

It is a risk, and it is expensive, deciding to make a film about something way offshore and underwater.    I’ve done it twice now – with both films showing at the New Farm Cinema (701 Brunswick Street) in Brisbane this Sunday July 24 at 2:00 PM. 

Tickets are $20 general admission and $10 for AIP and IPA members. Click here to RSVP and get a ticket

The first film has the title ‘A Coral Bleaching Tragedy’ – and the tragedy is not with the corals but how colourful bleaching is misreported and so misunderstood. The corals at John Brewer Reef through March and April 2022 were putting on a spectacular and colourful show while local and international media falsely reported them as having turned stark white. This film also demonstrates the nonsense of attempting to determine the health of a coral from an aeroplane as report in recent official surveys. To know the true state of the corals it is necessary to get into and under the water.

The second film, ‘The Measure of the Great Barrier Reef’, is about a voyage in a little boat to a magical place with crystal clear waters, giant clams, and even bigger corals. Myrmidon Reef is way out on the edge of the South Pacific Ocean beyond the Great Barrier Reef proper. Two of us continually disappearing under the waves with a tape measure to determine the size of the monster boulder corals to know coral growth rates and thus temperature change over the last few hundred years. 
If you can’t make it to Brisbane but would like to organise you own local showing of these films get in touch – maybe we can organise something at your local cinema.  

Thanks for caring.

Dr Jennifer Marohasy 
Researcher & Writer 

PS I was back at that reef last week with my daughter and we found the coral that The Guardian had reported as badly bleached was fully recovered, more at a recent blog post that you can read by clicking here

PSS Peter Ridd will also be at the New Farm Cinema on Sunday.  We both so hope to see you there.  Buy your ticket, reserve your place by clicking here