Another “mysterious death” and states wash hands of vaccine liability

Haileybury College teacher Mitch Williams with his daughters Lila, 3, and Zoe 1. (Picture: Melbourne City News)

ANOTHER fit young man, in this case a PE teacher and football coach at a Melbourne school, has died mysteriously.

The COVID vaccine that is forced upon teachers by Victoria’s State Government is suspected as the cause, as it is in many other cases of “mysterious deaths” of fit, young healthy people in Australia and worldwide.

Medical scientists and doctors have warned against the dangers of Pfizer’s COVID shots and two national governments, India and Uruguay, have demanded that the company prove the efficacy and safety of its vaccines. In both cases the crooked Pfizer management withdrew their products in order to escape the demands.

India’s Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) reported that its experts did not recommend the vaccine because side effects reported abroad were still being investigated. It also said Pfizer had not proposed any plan to generate safety and immunogenicity data in India.

But Australia, the corrupt federal and state health departments and medicine approval bodies such as ATAGI (Australi’s Technical Advisory Group on Immunisations) are actually pushing for a fourth COVID shot regardless of the lack of safety data.

Mitch Cade Williams, 34, collapsed at his Greenvale home on Saturday, July 2nd. The teacher from Haileybury College leaves behind his wife Casey and two young daughters Lila, 3, and Zoe, 1.

Media reports say the cause of his death has not yet been determined and will be investigated by the coroner. We await his finding with interest.

Meanwhile state governments and their vaccine-pushing health department have washed their hands of liability for vaccine injuries, after making them mandatory under so-called pandemic emergency laws.

According to media reports, new laws passed by Victoria’s Labor government are “aimed at helping Victorian employers make decisions on virus control measures” and will “allow employers to request an employee’s Covid vaccination status”.

Does this mean that an employer can coerce someone into getting vaccinated? It should not, given our right at common law to informed consent to medical treatment. However this right is already being violated by state government dictatorships such as Victoria.

So it’s now up to workplaces to set their own “jab requirements” and decide what measures are needed to “keep their workplaces and workforce as safe as possible from the virus”.

A possible bright spot is that it may now be easier to take an employer to court if they cannot prove the efficacy of vaccines or show beyond reasonable doubt that they are safe.

According to the chief health officer Brett Sutton, some vaccination requirements under “pandemic orders” have been removed, so businesses and employers should consider their own policies based on their own assessment of risk.

That’s a neat little sidestep that will help Sutton and company escape liability for the undeniable number of injuries and deaths that just happen to coincide with vaccines and boosters.

“The regulations do not require workers to be vaccinated, but will ensure employers hold relevant information to make decisions on necessary control measures at their workplace,” media reported.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. They will pay for what they have done, one way or another…

    However people need to wake up also, take responsibility for their own health… Surely any thinking person can see that they are not vaccines, and of course a lot of it has to do with fitting in with their vaxxed friends, wanting to travel, to live in the big house, earn the higher salary…They will pay a heavy price and so will their children, and are doing so. People need to change, stop being materialistic, find their spirituality again,and take back their souls.


  2. I want to scream everytime I hear reports of vaxxine deaths and injuries and how in the hell any person at all – especially those in positions of authority continue to sit back and allow this murdering and maiming and murdering of our democratic rights and Medical Rights is beyond me how they continue to let it continue.

    They should all be screaming that ALL Mandates and all other Tyrannical Governments actions be abolished immediately and permanently and irrevocably.

    Through to 2 July 2022 – 75,322 Dead and 5,938,318 Injured Recorded in Europe and USA Following COVID Vaccines

    The truth of the figures for Australia will never be told by all those involved in these crimes against innocent populations but I think they are all going to pay the price for their treasonous lawless Tyrannical actions.


  3. The moment I looked at this young man’s face, so happy to be with his sweet babies, and knowing that now there is a single mother who has lost her love in this life, tears sprang to my eyes, even though this is not a surprise as there have been deaths upon deaths with the same story. How do these unaccountable politicians and ‘health officers and GPs and nurses live with themselves? What do they tell themselves? How do they sleep in the quiet of their beds at night? No wonder so many politicians get on the grog. How are we all going to live our lives with so much needless death of our fellows around us everyday, and we haven’t seen the worst of it yet. I hope Jane Halton has a very painful and lonely death awaiting her.


  4. Addit: little ‘girls face’, but these days, they would claim it could be either.
    Stop giving them so much power


  5. Look at that little guys face.
    That’s why there has to be justice.
    Cold, hard justice.
    Evil is as evil does


  6. Re Observer… The Dr Coleman video should be shared by everyone everywhere… ! It should be front page news but it won’t be, so spread the word.

    So sad about this young man, but its only tip of the iceberg unfortunately. Anyone who gives this jab knowing what it is, is complicit and has sold their soul to the devil.


  7. I am so sorry for Mrs Williams and the children.. Please people do not take this experimental injection. How many deaths and injuries does there have to be before you suspect there is something mighty wrong.The fact the people in power of this jab are not condemning it, means they fully understand what they are doing..
    We are talking about educated people here., And yet they stand there so blatantly and lie.Always trying to coerce their audience to feel stupid and give in to their demands. I pray they have a change of heart and mind or the consequences for them will be damnation.
    Especially if children are damaged. I recallabout little children.what Jesus said

    This death is not mysterious .There have been too many. The mystery has all gone. If one is trying to get out of lying any more than one excuse a a sign the truth is being hidden. The trouble is, too many people are making too many excuses.



  8. Another “Mysterious Death” and States continue to wash hands of Vaccine Liability

    Remember originally Two weeks to flatten the Curve

    Now it’s
    Another Jab to flatten your Pulse

    Remember Corona Virus, Rhinovirus and about a hundred common viruses Are the COMMON COLD


  9. kevmudskipper

    Where is the mystery , this poor bloke has a young wife and family whats he going to do he was made to take the jab and he did it because he was threatened you take the jab or we are going to sack you . This is not the first FATHER OR MOTHER TO BE MURDERED BY THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT AND THERE HEALTH MINISTERS / PREMIERS YOU NAME IT THEY ARE ALL TO BLAME FOR MASS GENOCIDE OF THE AUSTRALIAN PEOPLE AND ALL SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE . NO EXCUSES ANYMORE THIS HAS TO STOP NOW and dont say he could have said no , thats a load of crap this young man was protecting his beautiful family the best way he knew and I bet a million bucks he didnt want to but he was THREATENEND BY THESE SCUMBAGS


  10. Marianne Pleming

    Just terrible this guy was 34, he was a father of 2 young children, he had a responsibility to them and his wife and himself to check this vax out before rolling up his sleeve like a good boy. A lot of people investigated and did not take the vax they started stocking up so when they lost their job as was always on the cards they had food to fall back on. They started a veggie garden, they took responsibilities back into their own hands and survived. So sad RIP


  11. The relevant authorities are still liable as they made the original mandates, just the same as ScoMo hand-balled his Constitutional duty to the States.
    Liability goes back up the chain, as far as I am concerned, because the original enabler got the ball rolling.
    I also fear for my brother, who is also a Phys Ed teacher and would have to have gotten a jab, but will not raise the subject with him because of his conservative nature.

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  12. I’m with you Tony.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Tony Ryan
    100 % agree with you


  14. Tonyryan – If you were a painting… – You would be a masterpiece!


  15. Finally, medical proof the Covid jab is “murder”

    Dr. Vernon Coleman

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  16. This could all end if we manned up instead of whineing and squawking.

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