Never was a pandemic

Letter to the Editor

So yet again, there is another sensationalist interview making its way through the truth community. Let’s work out the play and get out from under the manipulation, shall we?

Did you know you can safely drink venom? Venom is actually not poison. Venom injected into the bloodstream via needle or bite can kill but not in water. Research before reacting and sharing false information. There is no covid, there was no spike in deaths, this was a PLANdemic and a testing pandemic, made up, statistics based on a false test. No one has covid, no one can catch covid, there is no drug for covid, there is no such thing. Let me help you through this sensationalist piece called Watch the Water and break things down for you. Did you know that antibodies are produced to help the body get rid of wastes? So when you are toxic, you make them, to cleanse! So that is all their therapies are doing, grabbing all sorts of wastes. Yes, they are trying to kill a lot of people, but we already know this. We don’t need more muddy waters, we need to focus on the facts: there is no new disease and never was, it is a scam from tip to tail and they are still playing us with it!
Snake Venom – Watch the Snakes! – Discernment Time Again, Truthers. – Amandha Vollmer 👉

from John A


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Phillip Osullivan

    John A. What u describe as perfectly safe venom to drink. Is ignorant of the fact that the venom peptides are synthetic and genetically altered to allow for the absorption into the gut of organisms. The HIV- gp 120, and the rabies G protein, allow for this absorption, the glycol protein is readily found in water, indeed they test for it in water. U might want to reconsider your post, which is clearly wrong on all fronts. Cheers


  2. You are correct there’s always that creates a whole new conspiracy that draws attention away from reality , the facts are the vaccine can be deadly or cause permanent debilitating injury in a large number of people and it has zero effect on the covid flue and it does not reduce any symptoms although with studies in the UK 80% of those in hospital’s are fully vaccinated


  3. The whole snake venom story has been twisted because that’s how you get people distracted and off on tangents.
    Go back to the source.
    Go back to the Doctor who hypothesised it.
    Not the ones who analyse and then partially interpret what he says.
    The Doctor has clarified that he said nothing about it being in the water.
    That is a ridiculous notion even to him.

    His main point is that he questioned why people would not be allowed to receive anti venom for a few weeks after they had received the gene therapy clinical trial injections.
    It was on that basis that he raised a red flag.
    What would anti-venom have to do with a covid injection?
    Apart from that, we know that snake venom does causing clotting and bleeding issues.
    It’s up to Medical Professionals to test that theory if they so choose, not the public.

    While the ‘pandemic’ has many of the hallmarks of being a ‘plandemic’ there is no denying that people were getting very sick during their winter despite having the flu vaccines (4 in 1) at the end of 2019 and for Australia, around March/April 2020.

    There is no denying that people are getting very sick now despite having their covid injections.

    The question remains: what is covid?
    Is it a “certificate of vaccine ID….c-o-v-i-d?”

    Was it a DNA data gathering exercise via PCR swabs with private information sent to undisclosed sources?
    Is it for Biofield manipulations in the future?
    Does it have the purpose of creating wireless synthetic neuro networks in the body?

    Was it just the flu?

    Whatever it was, they announced there would be a pandemic, and there was.


  4. exaclty. i agree.. just listen to Dr David Martin.. he is trying to Expose big Pharma and the Government US..( He has the Patents of whats been going on) i think its going to be USA that can stop some of this genocide ..hopefully all of it.. but there are a lot of others doing great work over there


  5. Phillip Osullivan

    They do use anti venom for c19. That’s what monoclonal antibodies are!


  6. Phillip Osullivan

    Where we get the venom from is the genetic make up of the sarscov2c19 “protein”. There is no virus. Ever! They do not exist. It is voodoo!
    We have the complete genetic code of the c19 poison. It has venom, hiv, rabies, amongst its markers! Patented in 2011, by dassack,Fauci,nih, university of Huntsville Alabama. Wuhan provided the spike to make it gain of function, patented in 2017. I can’t paste pics in here. Otherwise I would show you the patents. Cheers.


  7. If it wad snake venom why not use antivenom


  8. The snake venom is one person’s theory that has many holes in it the main one is people like myself who will never take a vaccine got covid and now have a natural immunity so where did we get snake venom , the truth is the US spent millions at the Wuhan lab developing this virus but the problem was it didn’t turn out as deadly as expected so they were counting on the vaccine to kill a lot more people and even though more people have died from the vaccine too many people woke up and didn’t take it so that was another failure so now their new hope is the next pandemic which we’ve been told is 100% coming soon so if we don’t take all these psychopaths out it will probably be to late


  9. Here’s an interesting story that appeared in the Berlin Daily… It would seem that the Germans are a bit more concerned than the average Joe Bloes here in Oz.

    “Insane Spike in Heart Attacks and Strokes Prompts German Emergency Services to Demand Suspension of Covid “Vaccine” Mandates”


  10. “For example at 60GHz, 5G activates and is absorbed by oxygen.”

    I am told that 60GHz breaks down oxygen, destroys it. Shutting down CO2 also destroys the ability of plants to create oxygen. So both put together will significantly lower the oxygen available to our lungs.

    In addition, I am also told that targeting someone with 60GHz EM radiation should nicely deplete their oxygen levels to the point of destroying their lungs, akin to high altitude sickness and con-vid symptoms. A great way of killing oxygen dependent creatures without destroying any physical assets or property.

    Anyone know any different?


  11. To the Editor In 1999 we had 3G cell phones and shortly after we had SARS-COV-1 In 2009 we had 4G cell phones and shortly after we had MERS. in 2019 we had 5G cell phones and 5GHz WiFi, then we had SARS-COV-2 Remember in 1919 after World War I, we had world wide Radio Telephony and Telegraphy and we had Spanish Flu pandemic?

    The 5G technology was originally planned to be released at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020. It was changed to the Closing Ceremony of the World Military Games to be held in Wuhan, China. When the French Military contingent returned to France many were suffering a severe respiratory illness and many we in hospital with oxygen masks. The French Military Reserve Officers did a 2 month review of the episode and published their findings on 13 May 2020. It was translated into English and published on 27 August 2020. I was given a PDF copy of the full report on 21 September 2021. See PDF copy attached.

    They found that the infection was caused by a Prevotella Bacteria, more common in older adults. The bacteria was being poisoned by EMF pulsed microwave radiation which caused cytokine shock. 5G Cell Phones and 5GHz WiFi is implicated in Covid-19, with electromagnetic radiation having possibly highly activated:    o The pathogenic power of the virus bioweapon, or     o The Prevotella bacterium which caused the cytokine shock For example at 60GHz, 5G activates and is absorbed by oxygen.

    Perhaps this is why Intensive Care Units have equipment using wireless connections operating at 60GHz to avoid interference between devices?

    (The similarity between the lung damage observed by all emergency doctors and damage caused by the use of an electromagnetic weapon (plus permanent headaches, fatigue, burning sensations in the lungs, thrombosis and loss of sensitivity to smell and taste, also cited as symptoms of COVID-19) Agenda 21 was falling behind schedule so a meeting was held in October 2019 to bring forward the Event and plan the control of the narrative. That was Event 201. The Wuhan World Military Games followed. Happy reading.

    DB 0411595322

    Science doesn’t work on consensus


  12. Phillip Osullivan

    This vid was really bad. Full of false facts, blatant misrepresentation, and ignorance! 1. There is no sarscov2c19 VIRUS! 2. There is a Cov 19 synthetic protein. This is being transferred via nasal swabs, and aerosols, it has venom and bacterior in its genome. It primarily causes the receptor in the brain to malfunction causing breathing difficulties. Who is this housewife?


  13. John A and Amanda V need to rewatch the documentary again. They need to explain to me why the TGA banned ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. Have they connected the dots of the man behind the approval of the vaccines?. The idea of the snake venom is to make you sick, so you go to hospital and get on a ventilator and get remdisivir to kill you. Check out this link to get the full story


  14. The best cure for almost all diseases is long term urine fasting. As the ancient cultures were fully aware of.

    The following text is an extremely enlightening examination of numerous case studies conducted over many decades.

    Click to access The%20water%20of%20life%20-%20by%20John%20W.%20Armstrong.pdf

    Cancer, gangrene, etc, all respond favourably to the process, as the starving body systematically cannibalises it’s unnecessary [unhealthy] cells, until eventually leaving what it deems as necessary healthy cells. With the cessation of the fast, It is the remaining healthy cells that reproduce themselves to form a regenerated body of healthy cellular material.

    Unlike the pharmaceutical industry, – fasting is free.


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