by Alison Ryan

The meter detected more government COVID vaccine lies and deceit

Mandates for the vast majority of employers affected by the Chief Health Officer’s recommendation will end after June 10.

While WA Police will scrap their mandatory vaccination requirement from next Friday, Commissioner of Police Chris Dawson committed to continuing internal disciplinary action against those who refused to get vaccinated.

Former officer Jordan McDonald, who resigned over the issue (mandatory vaccination) said he believed there would be legal challenges to employers which sought to keep vaccination mandates.

Given the alleged high rate of vaccination achieved in WA, and the high number of people already exposed to COVID-19, most vaccination directions are now no longer required.

In NSW “teachers and administration staff who quit or were sacked for refusing to be vaccinated will be able to apply for jobs from July 18.”

In Queensland “un-vaccinated teachers who have been stood down will be able to return to work from next week, the Education Department confirmed. A Department of Education spokeswoman confirmed that from 1am on June 30, staff and non-school workers would no longer be required to be vaccinated to attend Queensland schools or early childhood centres.”

Vaccine mandates will remain in place for Queensland police officers – some of whom have taken their employer to court over the issue – despite the state government lifting most mandates from next Thursday (June 30).