Australian mercenaries killed in latest report from Ukraine

Five Australian ‘red beret’ corpses are in body bags heading to Australia with another 30 corpses being prepped for transport by the Red Cross.

Cossack Colonel Yuri Komiyenko

Military correspondent Cossack Colonel Yuri Komiyenko said from Ukraine yesterday that the Australians had been killed in an ambush in the northern Donetsk region.

It is unknown if the Australians are regular troops or mercenaries on hire to Ukraine.

The Defence Department has been contacted for comment.

United States media referred to them as ‘jungle hunters.’

“The red berets were acting as a diversionary group but were crushed in the northern Donetsk region,” Colonel Komiyenko said through an interpreter.

“Russian forces became aware of the mercenaries operating in a forest so they were lured into a trap.

“Once their location was confirmed and numbers known an artillery strike took them out.”

 In another offensive an English mercenary, the son of an English Lord was captured.

“The Lord has reached out to the English government to organize a prisoner exchange  but our response was to ignore the request,” he said.

“This mercenary will stay a little longer to experience a war crimes tribunal.

“This mercenary and some of his dead comrades were kind enough to supply our forces with video evidence of war crimes they were committing.

“All captured mercenaries will be tried under DPR law as Avoz Fascists and potentially receive life imprisonment or the death sentence which has now been legalized.”   

In another skirmish a 450-man Polish tactical battalion was taken out by artillery bombardment near Bereznoe in the Lvov region.

“There are at least 3 active cauldrons in the fighting zones comprising 10,000, 3000 and 2000 Ukrofascists and their mercenary allies,” Colonel Komiyenko said.

“All access to and from these cauldrons have been cut, it’s now a case of surrender or die.” 

The tide of war is changing as Russian forces now control more than 20 per cent of Ukraine helped by removing their less experienced fighters for seasoned veterans. This has had the effect of making the Ukrofascists more inclined to surrender entire towns without a fight. 

Interestingly enough the ongoing fighting is in the exact same place as in 1943 where the Russian troops fought the Nazi fascists.

“The Belarusian forces have surrounded Kiev and it is now within arm’s length, relatively speaking,” he added.

The Russians have warned the Ukrainians and their US masters if long-range weapons like the Howitzer 155 cannons are provided to Ukraine and these are used to strike mainland Russia, he said Ukrainian politicians would become targets and cities like Kiev and Lvov would be leveled.

Russian foreign minister Sergy Lavrov warned the US consulate in Kiev that should the Howitzers be used against mainland Russia then there would be disastrous consequences for the US.

Last night railway tunnels linking Poland to Ukraine were destroyed along with trains and cargo.

Similarly, the tunnels connecting Romania (NATO) and the Ukraine being used to supply the Ukrainian armed forces with weapons were also destroyed. The rail bridge connecting Moldova and Odessa, Ukraine was also taken out.

Transnistria is being defended by the Russians where there is a large weapons cache that the Ukrofascists are attempting to seize. 

The Ukrofascists are taking heavy losses generally in the vicinity of 30-40 %. In one example, 3000 Ukrofascists were whittled down to 1100 within a week. In another incident the Azov-Nazis instructed the regular, underequipped Ukrainian armed forces to storm the RF forces in what was a suicide mission.

The Azov-Nazi’s, immediately surrendered to the RF forces. They asked that they not be returned to Ukraine until such time the fighting was over. It is estimated that in excess of 10,000 Ukrainian’s are being held in POW camps.

In another area 80 Ukrofascist tanks were enticed to enter a zone where new subsurface antitank equipment had been installed. The experimental mines launch into the air striking the tanks from above. All 80 tanks were destroyed.

“It would seem the Ukrofascists do not have many fighters, the majority of them appear to be either cook’s or kitchen hands!” Colonel Komiyenko said.

“This is a common statement repeated by women and men for that matter, particularly British mercenaries.

“Strangely enough these women are generally carrying around bags of cash and have bruising on their inner shoulders and black eyes. These are normally symptoms of using high powered sniper rifles.

“Needless to say, these women are currently resting in their own cells awaiting trial.”   

“Russian passports are being issued to liberated individuals behind Russian lines should they wish it.

“The Russian government has issued instructions that cement plants be dismantled in Russia and transferred to Ukraine to commence reconstruction of the cities.”#   

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. I understand Putin trained also with Klaus Schwab. [Like Trudeau and Adern et al] therefore I have trouble trusting him as ‘simply good’…can you enlighten me at all about this aspect?


  2. Thank you Cains News for putting out the truth , good on you J Madison


  3. periguinfalcon

    Dumb enough to vote, dumb enough to fight globalist elites wars. Just desserts.

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  4. Very well said Jo…!

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  5. “how did we end up with so many dumbed down idiots in Australia and in our government services?”

    Riding on a imaginal wave of living in the best country of the world (especial those true blue Aussies who have never been overseas in their lives but know it all from a Government that has never acted Australian due to very deep pockets of selfishness and traditions of greed) and an education system that “produces” hypnotized zombies that live and pay for their imaginary world in $mart phones and are working for – or are contracted by the biggest Australian employer – THE HONORABLE COMMONWEALTH GOVERNMENT OF AUSTRALIA.

    Australia, the land of OZ and endless political correct fantasies is coming crushing down and making room for those who still can afford to live here when the tide of cleaning has passed Aussie subjectism.

    How does one become an idiot? Maybe, while denying it altogether or by projecting it on others.

    The world does not change by itself. It is us – the idiots that do not want to be involved in change and are complying with all that is presented to us. And we talk and talk till the lights go out. In the meantime we are dependent on those that want to get rid of us and paying dearly for it. With our lives while throwing all the life savings silently into their hands with the hope AUTHORITY is saving us along the way.

    When a sheep believes the wolves will come to save it from slaughter, instinct will change its sheepish mind. When an idiot believes Authority will come and save him/her it is a comfortable habit that comforts by not to think for oneself.

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  6. Because people have stopped thinking for themselves… many seem incapable of independent thought and let the media and government do the thinking for them… Common sense has flown out the window. Too much ‘she’ll be right mate’ mentality.

    And the mercenaries that go to Ukraine are being used as cannon fodder there, nothing more.. and if they decide not to fight, they get shot by Azov.

    Russia seems to be one of the very few countries in the world who is making a stand against evil.

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  7. It seems we are going down with the Yankee ship. Ed


  8. jgbaustralia

    We are at war in Australia with hospitals running covid BS, government with weather manipulation, government shuttling down factories, abbators, manufacturing, power plants, selling water assets, genocide. But brain dead military personnel go fight overseas for a country that has been caught red handed with child trafficking, human bio weapons, boi food production 🤔 how did we end up with so many dumbed down idiots in Australia and in our government services?

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  9. The Russians have been preparing for this military action for years, using the time to bolster their economy, upgrade the army in material and competence, and create the supplies of missiles and productive capacity for the same to do what they are doing.
    Whereas NATO countries have depleted their stocks of donated weapons (so they say), the Russki’s have no such limitations.
    Go rootin tootin Putin !


  10. Hi agassi123, Because psychopaths take ANY opportunity they can to enact their evil….given carte blanche posing inside uniforms and pretending to ‘defend’. A great way to get rid of them actually.


  11. why are people so stupid to go and fight for Neo nazis in Ukraine ! really.. dying for what Cause!!?


  12. D Johnston… yes, a very good article and Kissinger is right. I can’t help thinking that everything he describes is exactly what the WEF wants for the Great Reset – and if so then America is being conned as well by the WEF.

    Also I think its already too late for the peace talks… Russia is no fool and will not desist unless all their demands are met now. However the EU and US will face a revolt by the people if they don’t do something.

    And China and Russia became allies long before all this happened… it began from the day they starting demonising both nations. And other nations they did this too have now joined them… The Unipolar world is a fading dream… and in the end there will be a multipolar world whether the West likes it or not – or a world divided in two…

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  13. Janicew37: “Have a very nice day…. ‘My dear’!”

    Thank you, I will, dear. Give my regards to Donald next time you meetup for coffee.


  14. Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn what YOU believe.
    I know what and who I believe in and that’s all that matters to me.
    I don’t care where Trumps grandfather came from…..
    Have a very nice day…. ‘My dear’!


  15. In this particular case regarding Trump’s “Swedish” ancestry claim there is no need to wonder, dear. “The stuff” was volunteered by Trump HIMSELF. But please don’t feel obliged to believe it.


  16. Some of the information “the whackjob” provides can easily be verified and is good. Some information is plainly wrong and off the mark. Hence the caveat emptor.

    Start with Trump’s biggest money backer Adelson and work your way back through New York’s and Florida’s Who’s Who. Seek out the connections for yourself. You don’t need to rely on a “whackjob” or a Q to tell you whether it’s raining. lol

    As for the Swedish grandfather story being fake, it checks out, right? So take Drumpf at his word at your own risk too. As I said, caveat emptor with these bods, they live on disinformation.


  17. This is an excellent, very revealing article…


  18. 🤣🤣🤣 you have to wonder where they drag this stuff up from…..

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  19. Hi daviddd2, Sheeesh! Miles Mathis is a notorious insecure, attention seeking whackjob whose Mom an Pop obviously took too many bad acid trips.
    His other ‘revelations’ include that pi is really equal to 4, and that John Lennon is actually alive and well, living in Canada.
    “Caveat emptor” indeed.


  20. periguinfalcon: “I’m merely stating its one big club and we ain’t in it”

    For what it’s worth, here’s someone who goes into it a little deeper and a little further down the rabbit hole when it comes to Trump. …. caveat emptor.


  21. Hi Janicew37, It was in fact Donald Trump’s father Fred who denied his German ancestry claiming it was Swedish. He did so after WW11 and who can blame him. Many many people did the same fearing vengeance and persecution.
    In Trump’s The Art of the Deal, this was relayed out of respect for his father, however not long after he said he was proud of his German heritage. He also has Scottish from his mother’s side.
    Anyhoo….It’s hardly as if he’s Jewish right?!…THEN we’d have a problem.


  22. periguinfalcon

    That’s democracy for you and you are all entitled to opinions, I’m merely stating its one big club and we ain’t in it. Just think of the Punch and Judy show? Who’s actually pulling the strings? I’m on your side, all leaders serve Israel and so does Trump. Not sure if you ever noticed over the years all leaders go to Israel for a month! They actually tell you on the news but nobody pays the slightest bit of attention. 😉


  23. @Janicew37,

    One of those “shoot the messenger” types are you? lol

    Which part are you suggesting is rubbish?? The fact that he claimed that the grandfather was Swedish or the fact that he was German?

    With respect to the first part, refer to Trump’s book “The Art of the Deal”.

    With respect to the second part refer to the genealogy records.

    With respect to your illusions and delusions refer yourself to a doctor. Just in case I am inadvertently dispelling them and ridding you of them by “spouting rubbish”. Cheers. 🙂


  24. Hi periguinfalcon, Probably one of the rare times I’ve disagreed with you…but the scamdemic hoax that fooled the mortards and Trump’s authenticity, are not even remotely comparable.


  25. periguinfalcon

    That mIllions believed the covid Hoax? It’s all one big pantomime


  26. Do you have proof of what you are saying here, daviddd2, or are you spouting rubbish?
    If what you say is true, do you think the military would back him if he was cabal?
    If what you say is true, why do so many billions of people world-wide believe in him so much?
    I would like you to provide actual believable proof what you say is true.
    If what you say is true, who is going to bring the cabal to its knees? Don’t tell me the people… they’re still too nicely tucked up with their tails between their legs to know who, what or how.


  27. Hi Janicew37, Rest assured, the key elements are strategy and timing… Trump and Putin are the only grand masters here.

    And if O’Biden is crazy enough to follow through with a proposed visit to Riyadh, begging the Crown Prince (who hates his guts) for oil…he just may not make it back.
    Would save conducting his impeachment which is imminent.


  28. Are we talking Donald Drumpf? The one who claimed that his grandfather was from Sweden instead of Germany?


  29. Well… we will just have to wait and see…

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  30. periguinfalcon

    Sorry but Trump is cabal, they are playing you off! It’s one big pantomime


  31. Well…. They can’t say they haven’t been warned…
    Someone is going to jump on me for this… but trump needs to make his move NOW!
    I’m sorry for the ones not awake, but too late and too bad now.


  32. Russia (Putin) has been trying for the past two decades to obtain a European-wide defense treaty from NATO countries. Instead US/NATO has absorbed nearly all countries up to the Russian border, threatening Russia. Russia has need of a European-wide defense treaty, for such could provide assistance it can call upon IF China, into whose arms the current war is driving Russia becomes openly antagonistic…

    Should Russia fail in Ukraine, Russia will be carved up as Western and Chinese forces compete for control of Russia’s natural resources. Through it’s wars the USA has gained control over Middle-Eastern oil. China now obtains oil from Russia. China will not allow the West/USA get control of Russian energy resources without a fight…

    It was in the West’s interests to give Putin the desired European-wide defence treaty. Given the neo-liberal forces in Russia they would have ensured the West got access to Russia’s natural wealth, with or without Putin…



    Zelensky never called for peace in his address to the WEF, nor did Sch wab, the flying lizard said he wants


  34. Oh Ok Ed… I know its all on Telegram, I keep forgetting about that, luckily I can get on RT News still.


  35. Yes, that’s one good thing… stupid people..

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  36. Look like Zelensky’s gonna have to ditch his t-shirt and high heels and put on his lederhosen.

    Not too many EUkrainians are happy owning nothing.

    Zelensky is also feeling the heat as the Poles move to restore their slice of western Ukraine with his blessings.

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  37. Thanks Jen we got a few from Telegram too. Ed


  38. Just a term coined by the Ruskies it seems. ED

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  39. Hi Jen, Yes and apparently associated with NATO. Whatever, at least it makes them a more visible target.

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  40. No kidding?!


  41. Putin is destroying any armaments coming from elsewhere as soon as it arrives in Ukraine.. He is on top of it all.


  42. kaiwanshou…. Well some of the Australian military DO wear red berets… I just checked..

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  43. periguinfalcon

    Exactly, well said! Karma comes in all forms

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  44. Well they can’t say they didn’t receive fair warning. Most likely the same breed/mentality of hired thugs that committed acts of violence against protesters.
    Anyway, thought we were meant to be demonising all things plastic… guess unlike trying to obtain essential groceries for basic survival, these bags are exclusive.

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  45. Nobody seems to have noticed a new war phenomenon… for the first time ever, in real-time, savvy observers have been able to follow the progress of the war from the reports of other observers who are behind both battle lines. And we are able to compare the propaganda of both sides.

    What is now apparent is that Biden is about to introduce the tipping point factor, which is arming the Ukraine forces with weapons that will kill Russians in Russia. This will provide Putin with no alternative but to obliterate all transport corridors into Ukraine, and to wipe out all transport hubs in Poland and other NATO countries who might convey such artillery to Ukraine.

    I always knew, since the Cuban missile crisis, that if global destruction were ever to ensue, the White House would be the psycho element. Somebody in America, please kill Biden, Blinken, and all the other lunatics threatening this planet.

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  46. “Red Berets” are American! John Wayne made them famous!


  47. Ukraine making fake movies with the help of the UK showing battle scenes of brave Ukraine soldiers against Russians.. lol They are getting desperate indeed…


    And maybe Zelensky’s own army will do him in….

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  48. Putin is doing a great job and I like that he made it clear that he will not tolerate any attacks on Russia. I think he is getting tired of all the Western BS and is getting down to business.. As for Azov not wanting to return to Ukraine until after the war is over, they know they will be shot on sight for surrendering by their fellow nazis!

    Red berets, interesting… wonder if they were active military… and what will the Australian Government’s response be?? As Putin said before, any mercenaries there pay the price same as any other hostile.

    Love all this news, thanks Editor…

    Viva Russia and Putin! There should be more leaders like him in the world today and perhaps it would be a different place – someone has to stand up to the so called world’s policeman – the US, who are really the greatest terrorists of all !!

    I have so much admiration for Putin. He is a man who really cares about his people from some in-depth stories I have read about him. And in spite of the awful lying propaganda about China, Jinping has done some amazing things for his people also.

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  49. periguinfalcon

    Look at the bright side -at least they won’t have to live under bideneses dictatorship Australia.

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  50. Thank you Putin for saving our world from the corrupt cabal deep state Traitors .And thank you Cairns news.


  51. as Mercenary’s they belong to no nation, so I dont know why they are being flown home, this is not their country anymore, they should have buried them in a mass grave where they belong, goes to show you that this government supports a proxy war against Russia, if any of them come back alive they should be charged with treason

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  52. Colonel Yuri Komiyenko’s report of the red berets and women snipers reminds me of what Mike King states in his book, “The Bad War The Truth Never Taught About World War 2”, that back in June of 1941 Stalin had used “partisan divisions and diversion groups to pursue and destroy the invaders in a merciless struggle.” Mike continues: “In violation of commonly accepted rules of warfare, many Partisans neither wear uniforms, nor recognize international law. To grow the ranks of the Red Partisans, and prevent the Germans from winning over the civilian population, Soviet commandoes dress up in German uniforms and carry out “false-flag” atrocities against their own people, inciting hatred against the Germans”.

    The face of evil never changes as seen in the Colonel’s report here. There is only one that is standing up to the forces of evil. Putin – a man of intelligence and great courage. And as the head of Russia he has the means to stand up to the One World Government.

    Pertaining to WW2 and at that time, Mike continues: “Communist and Jewish Partisans, aided by the OSS (forerunner to CIA), also form in other nations, using the same false-flag tactics, and menancing the safety of German troops unable to tell enemy from civilian”.
    This “massive Jewish support for and participation in non-uniformed Partisan groups, including women and children, is the main reason for Hitler’s decision to intern Europe’s Jews in work camps as a wartime security precaution”. Horrific acts were committed against “Finnish children who were executed by Soviet Partisans”.

    Thank you very much Cairnsnews for this very needed report.


  53. This extremely based Chechin explains the deal to captured Ukrainians. He points out how they were tricked into fighting for the degenerate West, and not for Ukraine.


    When Russian Chechen Soldiers Capture 100’s of Neo-Nazi Ukrainian Azov Fighters…👊🏻🇷🇺👊🏻☪️🙏🏻👊🏻🇷🇺

    ♬ original sound – Wake Up Sheeple


  54. Quote: Five Australian ‘red beret’ corpses are in body bags heading to Australia ??
    Hmm Will Albo give them a full National Military Funeral with Honours & nominate all of them, for a posthumous V.C. ??


  55. It sounds like Putin has really had enough and is not pissing around anymore….. if they are mercanaries, so be it. Shouldn’t have put their noses in where they shouldn’t have been. Hopefully this will wake a few more people up…. Or are Australians still thinking ‘she’ll be right, mate!’?

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  56. Question. When will President Putin get finished with Soros stooges in Kiev, so we can get him here to clear out the eco Nazi WEF criminals occupying our Parliaments?

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