China’s military airstrip in Western Australia

Labor and Liberals have allowed China to establish a substantial beachhead in WA which would allow CCP fighter jets from an aircraft carrier to land and be re-fuelled for military action against Australia.

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. They don’t need it in remote WA. They can land their aircraft on any undefended air strip anywhere in Australia and secure the strip and fuel supplies with little if any resistance.


  2. I don’t know what all the fuss is about. We Aussies have a long history of throwing ourselves under the bus. Giving the country away for a few $s in the back pocket is pretty standard when it was never ours in the first place. My good mate’s family came out on the first fleet and they didn’t land at Botany Bay, they landed landed at Norfolk Island and declared it the C’wealth of Australia, see here:
    So, given the above, it’s no wonder Tera Australis is up for sale, and Tasmania too!

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  3. This is the main reason I have not voted for LNP or Labor in this election. Defence for me is a priority.


  4. Who ever signed off on the sale of the airport sale should be charged using the sales of Office Act.The airport taken back straight away.


  5. Thank you !!
    Look like capitalism EVERYONE OWNS YOUR COUNTRY ………….

    Communism The Gov own the county…Hmmmmmmmm????


  6. Hi Tony can you give us more info about the Gove trip?


  7. Learning from history.

    In World War II, UK, USA, and Soviet Russia, teamed up as the Axis powers against Germany. Soviet Russia was then under Stalin’s international Marxist–Leninist movement.
    In the end, UK and USA were outwitted by Stalin, and condemned Eastern Europe to years of Soviet domination.

    Likewise, almost solely respon­sible for China’s ascen­dent rise as a world power came from the impact of the Rockerfeller/ Tri­lat­er­al Commission policy of 1979. The West aided the technocratic development of Com­mu­nist China.

    China has become a super power. And the globalist policies have come back to bite us in Australia.

    It is the AUSTRALIAN politicians who have sold Australia out to overseas buyers with the help of corporations.

    How can we as Australians complain about China when politicians have endorsed and mismanaged our economy? How can this be restored? Surely we can negotiate with diplomacy and good will towards our neighbours?

    We need to have dedicated politicians loyal to Australia’s sovereignity in Parliament, and good economic advisers.


    In October 2015, the Chinese-owned Landbridge Group won the bid for a lease of Port Darwin. The then COUNTRY LIBERAL – controlled Northern Territory Government under then Chief Minister Adam Giles granted the company a 99-year lease for A$506 million

    China Investment Corp owns 14 per cent of the East Link Freeway in Melbourne and 20 per cent of the Port of Melbourne.

    The Port of Newcastle was owned since 2014 by China. It has been privately owned since 2014 by The Infrastructure Fund and China Merchants Port Holdings Company (CMPorts).


    The United States and United Kingdom are the biggest investors in Australia, followed by Belgium, Japan and Hong Kong (SAR of China).

    China is our ninth largest foreign investor, with 2.0 per cent of the total. However, the levels of Hong Kong (SAR of China) and Chinese investment in Australia have grown significantly over the past decade.

    What Australian companies are owned by China?
    Construction and materials

    Atlas Arteria, roads and infrastructure.
    Leighton Asia (ASX: CM), infrastructure contractor.
    Lendlease (ASX: LLC), infrastructure.
    Woods Bagot, architecture consulting.

    Source: Australian companies in China – Wikipedia

    IN THE DECADE TO 2020 – according to ATO Register of Foreign Ownership of agricultural Land. Foreign ownership of land in Australia shows 26.2% is in Tasmania, NT has 25.8%, WA has 17%, Qld has 11.8%, NSW has 5.1%, Vic has 5.6%, SA has 10.7%

    Global investment powers Australian mining, manufacturing and finance. Some figures of
    Foreign Direct Investment (FDI):

    35.3% of FDI (worth A$360 billion) is invested in our mining industries.
    12.9% of FDI (worth A$131 billion) in invested in Australian manufacturing.
    11.1% of FDI (worth A$113 billion) is invested in financial services and insurance.

    The European Union (EU) and North America have contributed almost half of all the FDI to arrive on Australian shores over the past decade.

    The UK remains a major investor in Australia. Japan and the UK have jostled for second place over the past decade.

    China is now Australia’s sixth largest direct investor .

    FDI from other Asian economies in the decade to 2020 show:

    investment from ASEAN countries (including Singapore) rose by 9% per year
    investment from Hong Kong by rose by 10% per year
    investment from Korea rose by 15% per year.


    About 10.9 per cent of water entitlements on issue in Australia were owned by foreign persons (as defined in the Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers Act 1975) at 30 June
    By country, the top three sources of investment at 30 June 2020 were:
    • Canada, with 1.8 per cent of the total volume of Australian water entitlements
    (16.2 per cent of the volume of foreign-held water entitlements)
    • China, with 1.7 per cent of total entitlements (15.4 per cent by volume)
    • USA, with 1.7 per cent of total entitlements (15.4 per cent by volume).

    Source: Inquiry Report – Register of Foreign owned Water Entitlements

    Canada is the foreign nation that holds the most overseas-owned Australian water, ahead of China, USA and the UK. Water is able to be owned because the water reforms over the past 30 years have supported the development of markets for water.16 Aug 2021

    China owns 1.9 per cent of Australia’s water, which is the equivalent of one and a half Sydney Harbours worth (pictured on June 20).

    Just over half of all water entitlements on the issue in Australia are located in the Murray-Darling Basin. Of this, 9.4%, or 1800GL, are foreign-owned.



  8. A couple of D Cat 10 Buldozers with rippers will fix those airstrips, nothing will land on them then

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  9. Thanks, Tony, for your article re: The Kopassus and Indonesia. Knowing the Indonesian history rather well, I do agree with most of your explanation, however, most people in Australia see Indonesia still as an enemy, because Indonesia was a Dutch colony for over 350 years. The relationship between the Dutch and the English has always since early 1606 been very restrained. In respect of current Australia, most people in Europe still see Australia as a colony of the English. The relationship between the Dutch and the English in South Africa is the same, very restrained. Some of the Dutch that does know real history know the real culprits behind the genocidal control of the Dutch descended Boers. (When I write English – I mean Jewish-controlled English, this got worse after King William the Orange). It is just a pity the Satanist forces behind most wars in the world is not recognized by the majority of the citizen worldwide. Once the majority will open up their eyes,
    the W E F and all organisations under their control will collapse.
    Unfortunately often we have to go back into history to explain current conditions today. I have personally experienced that people do not want to know what really happened yesterday! So I’m rather worried that people in this country will Vote for the Satanists that have controlled the population of Australia. Based on the last 58 years since I have had my home in Australia, I’m afraid the majority will vote, Labor or Liberal. I hope that my expectation will be wrong, and I have to eat my own words… Bloody lovely…

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  10. we all should think of MADE IN CHINA when we do are next shop.

    YOUR money will be buying BULLETS aimed at our heads!!!!!!!!!!


  11. True to this pattern of betrayal, in Gove this week, US Marines and Indonesia’s special force unit, Kopassus, will visit and do a reconnaissance in preparation for their death squad missions in the near future, to kill off any remaining unvaxxed.

    For the uninitiated, Kopassus killed a suspected half a million suspected communists under Suharto, with CIA support; thousands in Dili during the Indonesian invasion; and more thousands in West Papua and Aceh. Basically, they are state terrorists, featuring death head masks as they torture and rape their way through villages where people resist the Javanese invasions. They also eliminated a village in Bali.

    US law forbids cooperation with Kopassus because none of the officers responsible for atrocities has ever been held accountable; yet here they are, holding handies.

    Kopassus have been trained by the US and also by the Australian Defence Force. One of my relations recognised the man who executed her son in Bali, as he marched with his platoon (Grup 5) through the streets of Darwin.

    Their commander assures Territorians they are here to train for disaster assistance, no doubt similar to the garbage retransfer farce we all witnessed after the recent floods in Queensland and NSW. Pure PR exercises. Apparently, we no longer have Australian soldiers because none are defending us from this first invasion of Australia.

    Because too many Australian diggers refuse to shoot fellow Australians, Dutton has brought in foreign death squads. Another military well-versed in genocide is the IDF, who also are currently believed to be in Australia. New legislation makes these foreign troops immune from prosecution.

    Meanwhile, our brave resistance and protestors engage in yet more peaceful protests. History will one day speculate how it was that we marched joyfully to our executions.


  12. I was sending this info around years ago. The info I had was 2 airstrips…….1 for training Virgin pilots and 1 Chinese military. No-one took any notice. Well the chooks have certainly come home to roost far too late for the crappy governments we are stuck with to do anything about it. Dutton apologises mumbling under his beard. GUTLESS THE LOT OF THEM! If Hard Labor get in there will be welcome home parties as our chinese mates walk in from the North, West and East. Dutton will mumble as usual, the Yanks under Bidet? will do bugger all!
    Wankers, the lot of them.


  13. They just went down 4 rungs on my vote . Kissing Duttons arse…


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