Reserve Bank created credit for business Jobkeeper – never borrowed

ABC Broadcast April 6, 2020

Reserve Bank creating money out of thin air to prevent economic disaster – PM – ABC Radio 

Here it is folks the official admission about credit creation we have been waiting to hear for 30 years. The former Reserve Bank Governor said in an ABC Radio interview the Reserve Bank added extra noughts into the computer and bingo! the Federal Government produced $330B two weeks ago under Jobkeeper to pay the wages of small business employees across the nation who have been displaced by ‘Coronavirus’.

Unfortunately a reported $150B went to the banks who have been creating their own credit since banks first started.

Reserve Bank of Australia

Better still the bail-out was created interest-free but Jewish Treasurer Josh Frydenberg in good old ‘long nosed’ style added an interest component ensuring it is paid back. We wish him good luck there.

Now this worst-kept secret of the banksters has hit the airwaves. The cat is out of the bag-officially.

Following on from this fiscal revelation an honest government would continue creating national credit for the benefit of nation building infrastructure at 0.05 per cent interest rate to cover the cost of bureaucracy if granting credit to private enterprise. Federal and State government owned new infrastructure building should be exempt from interest.

In essence this credit, backed by our inestimable in-situ precious metals, coal, iron ore and nearly every other valuable mining commodity known to mankind, and our people, Treasury credit creation could remove:

  • income tax
  • payroll tax
  • Goods and Services Tax
  • land tax(States)
  • fuel excise tax (38 cents per litre)
  • stamp duty on property sales (States)
  • motor vehicle taxes (States)
  •  every other tax or impost
  • and most importantly remove the professed need for overseas investment(ownership)

Threats yesterday by China to boycott our agricultural exports and education providers if we don’t back down from an independent inquiry into the Coronahoax should be ignored. Australia does not need Chinese investment. In fact an honest government would confiscate all Communist Chinese Government-owned property in Australia as reparation for war crimes associated with the bogeyman Wuhan virus.

We could build the Bradfield Irrigation scheme, new high-speed rail links, steel works and foundries, aluminium manufacturing, new age, clean coal fired power stations, new age, safe nuclear reactors ad infinitum in deference to Chinese and the City of London financiers.

These projects could be funded just like the Snowy River Scheme without borrowing and give every Australian a standard of living equal to the best on Earth.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. What is the UN?
    by Anna Von Reitz

    All those who answered, “Why, the United Nations, of course.” — get an “F” and go to the back of the line.

    The “UN” is a CORPORATION founded in FRANCE several years before the UNITED NATIONS CHARTER was ever created. The “UN Corporation” is just another commercial corporation formed in Vichy France during WWII by Fascists bent on world dominion. It is criminal to the core and the French people and French government need to be “highly motivated” to pull the plug on it and liquidate its far-flung mercenary empire. 💥

    And here, for your edification, are the Principal Parties of Interest driving the “UN Agenda”—– Current version UN CORP dba WORLD BANK dba FEDERAL RESERVE — 52% owned by Rothschild Bank of London and Berlin; 8% owned by Lazard Freres Bank of Paris; 8% owned by Israel Moses Seif Bank of Italy, 8% owned by Warburg Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam; 6% owned by Lehman Brothers of New York; 6% owned by Kuhn Loeb of New York; 6% owned by Chase Manhattan/Rockefeller Bank of New York; 6% owned by Goldman Sachs. (There may be some changes in ownership(s) since this list was compiled, but the above is accurate for the most part.)

    So for all those who are alarmed about the UN, perhaps you should share this information about what the “UN” really is? And maybe you should be bringing appropriate political and international scrutiny to bear on the owner/operator/shareholders of the “UN”?

    And also on the French Government, meaning the Rothschild dominated corporation dba FRANCE?

    Back in the 1970’s the endlessly useless bums in the Territorial United States Congress took it upon themselves to “release” all our state laws to the United Nations Organization, which the UN Corporation then capitalized upon and falsely claimed that this gave them the right to dispose of our property.

    The UN Corp and the “United Nations” front organization has demonstrated in mis-directing humanitarian aid that was paid for in Good Faith and charged against the accounts of innocent Americans, Chinese, Germans, Swiss, Norwegians, Canadians, English, Russians, Japanese, Aussies, Italians, Frenchmen, Poles—- people from all over the world have faithfully contributed large amounts of humanitarian aid to and through the United Nations— and most of it “disappeared” down rabbit holes.


  2. periguinfalcon

    By the way Murdock is jewish living in America and he controls Australians by media bullshit

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  3. periguinfalcon

    Don’t be silly, they don’t want the peasants enjoying the fruits of their Labour! Keeping us poor is designed to keep us in check and be slaves to the system all our lives to make the elite very Rich! The more we struggle the more we have to work longer for less! Less money means we must work longer hours and harder to keep our heads above the water. The Australian education system is designed in such a way as not to educate you. It’s designed to get you into the 8-5 routine! Alarm bell goes off you start work, alarm bell goes off you stop for a quick break… floyd is a marvelous warning not many have taken heed from.


  4. Heh heh


  5. A message to the Politicians:

    The sad reality is that we don’t have any leadership willing to stand up to the UN, despite the fact that they have shown their hand which will lead all of us, including the children of those Politicians in Parliament….into a form of slavery, digital ID, loss of autonomy and the Australian spirit.

    Yes, the UN would impose sanctions, and isolate and cause trouble (as they have forewarned), but ask the Australian people if that would be okay with them.

    Don’t assume that Australians want to be part of a One World Government.

    Don’t assume there is no other way.

    Take out the garbage.

    Be the alternative Country.
    An Independent Island.
    Self sufficient.
    Grass roots.
    Non trading.
    Self producing.
    Non afraid.


    And take the heat off.
    Have a referendum.
    This election.
    Ask the people.

    What do they want?

    Let the people decide.

    Or they will decide for you.
    And it won’t be pretty.

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  6. Retell The Story By Jeremy Lee

    The first Peoples Bank – The Commonwealth Bank of Australia -1912

    We need a Peoples Bank again.
    Citizens Party advocate this.

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  7. ed: “Mossad operatives have controlled ABC Sydney HQ for 25 years or more. Ed”

    William “Billy” Hughes and the Montefiore Band reckon it’s decades longer than that. But I wouldn’t know, I wasn’t up to date at the time. lol


  8. @tonyryan43

    Return To Sender – There’s no aapkoning at daviddd2. Hic!


  9. Mossad operatives have controlled ABC Sydney HQ for 25 years or more. Ed

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  10. Right Tony we could walk away from the NWO tomorrow and we would be far better off. Ed

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  11. Now look here, aapkoning, I ain’t fighting in the same trench as you if you are going to fart all they vegan crap over me.


  12. tonyryan43: “And also a fact, is that Macron opposes democracy and is ultra-right. That is the power of the media, but you go on believing you have an independent mind. LOL.”

    You obviously missed my post of Zuess’s article under the thread “Confirmation of electoral fraud in France cost Le Pen the presidency”.

    It states the same as you just did. Next time steady your hand and pay attention before you shoot from the hip. lol


  13. Egads indeed. Why do you think Le Pen lost her election?

    The French media manipulated French political fundamentalism and always referred to Marine as the ultra-right candidate. Everybody recoiled and Marine lost. But in fact, Le Pen is a middle of the road pro-democracy candidate who believed France is for the French.

    And also a fact, is that Macron opposes democracy and is ultra-right. That is the power of the media, but you go on believing you have an independent mind. LOL.


  14. “I suggest you do a little historic homework and give up on the woke agenda.”

    lol “Un-brainwashing” is harder to achieve than brainwashing. Good luck there, Mate! It was worth a try, on humanitarian grounds at least.

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  15. “Murdoch owns the Australian government by owning the media.”

    Egads! Have the Montefiores gone broke or incognito since Billy Hughes’ days? lol

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  16. Well said, Anthony.

    Can I add that Australia possesses all resources and is capable of being self-sustaining. This is what the WEF fears, our capacity to walk away from globalisation. Hence we are being jumped on.

    i guess we deserve to die because nobody is prepared to fight.


  17. It’s simple.
    Israel is the Zionist Capital.
    Murdoch is one of the foremost Zionist leaders.
    Murdoch owns the Australian government by owning the media.

    Ergo, Israel calls the shots in Australia.


  18. Anthony: “WHO HAVE WE BEEN SOLD TO?”

    Most of the cattle have been sold to the Cattlemen’s Club. All except for the mavericks who struggle to avoid being branded with the mark of a beast.


  19. After the second world war when Australia was in debt to British banks ( owned by them ) the then Australian Government were told to focus on wheat and wool. Australia was already allocated a roll in the world corporation. In the 1970’s after the LIMA declaration Australia was included in the ASEAN group of nations and we removed all our tariffs and protections. Since that time we lost all control of our resources. All our inventions were either shut down or lost to overseas investment. All our manufacturing was lost to overseas countries and our economy was tied to exports and house building which has made our economy extremely vulnerable to problem around the world. Before the 70’s we had limited inflation. A single wage could support a family, with a home, food clothing and a yearly holiday. That has all gone. If all the countries around the world are in massive debt where did the money come from. If you have a home with a mortgage you don’t “own” your home, the bank does if you can’t repay it so who owns Australia. WHO HAVE WE BEEN SOLD TO and WHO IS RULING US .?

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  20. In response to tonyryan43 you might want to have a look at some of these claims:

    Reference: risemelbourne @risemelbourne (twitter) and follow the thread about what the Nationality of all the big names are. That’s just what it is.

    Reference: crabcrawler@crabcrawler1 (twitter) for which Corporation for the last 3 decades has had their fingers in all the pies.

    Who is running the show? Government or Corporations?
    Do we no longer have Government?
    (I think we know the answer to that)

    Why don’t we just vote for which Corporations we want running the place.
    At least that would be more honest.

    I agree however, that a few bad eggs in any Race doesn’t make them all bad.
    I think most people know that.
    The issue is why does there appear to be no diversity of Race running the ‘pandemic’ scaremongering Agenda right now?

    Is it because it is their Agenda?


  21. “Yes, but is Australia Mature enough to stand on its own without help from mother England and Rothschild / Rockefeller?” Absolutely not!

    Just a recap of today’s FINANCIAL reality:

    Australian debt: 1.5 trillion $
    The corporate debt of Js of America: 30 trillion $
    The Jknighted Kingdom of not so great Britain: 2.5 trillion quids

    Australia, like the self declared fake eagle of international justice is owned by a international banking crime syndicate that has mismanaged THEIR assets on purpose – for the usual coming stock take and reshuffling of disguised power.

    Dreaming about revolutions of the past that come with a two sided history will not make any difference of what is to come.

    Look at history as one big painting and stop glorifying some strokes of the brush as heroic and outstanding. It will not change the impression or story of the whole painting. All resistance against “the owners of mankind” have been crushed violently. ANYWHERE and ANYTIME.

    “to organize the intellectuals and use them to make Western civilization stink.
    Only then, after they have corrupted all its values and made life impossible, can we impose the
    dictatorship of the proletariat.” Willi Muenzenberg

    The western civilization stinks to the heavens since some time and dreaming of Eureka will make little difference. Intellectualism is the cancer of societies as some other entity than ourselves does the thinking for the two legged intellectual herd that argues like mad over this, that and the other while led to the slaughterhouse.

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  22. No nuclear reactors in this country . We have seen what has happened in Chenyoble , Hiroshima , it’s imperative we keep to safe power , nuclear energy is not safe by any stretch of the imagination


  23. ed: “citizen of Israel and is disqualified from sitting in Parliament”

    Didn’t the Constitution and the High Court say you didn’t need to be a citizen of another country, it was sufficient that you were merely entitled to its citizenship.

    In which case there’s more than just one elephant in the room. Gotta wonder why the Australian political and legal world keeps missing it.


  24. Frydenberg typifies the Jewish bankers. He is a citizen of Israel and is disqualified from sitting in Parliament
    under Section 44 of the Constitution used so effectively for decades against friendly pollies. After this article hit the airwaves he and other Liberal Jewish cohorts went on air claiming they borrowed the money. He really is on the nose. Editor


  25. farken oath


  26. Mavis…

    I verbally take exception to “jew-baiting”, not that I give a shit about offending anyone, but because it can lead to the murder of innocents. ie other victims, such as Misrahim and Sepherdi.

    But you appear to take a purist and defensive position because you have no idea whatsoever what is going on.

    The entire world-wide hegemony and destruction of freedoms is run by Ashkenazim bankers who have been on the recurrent warpath since 1815. It is they who fallaciously call themselves Jews when they are devoid of any Semitic DNA whatsoever. But because they proselytise this fraud, people use the term Jewish. This is not racist, but is merely a response to the ball kicked by the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and their banker alliance in the first place.

    I suggest you do a little historic homework and give up on the woke agenda.

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  27. When you use any opportunity for derogatory/anti-Semitic comment (‘but Jewish Treasurer Josh Frydenberg in good old ‘long nosed’ style added’) you lose credibility! So puerile! I usually forward your otherwise quite intelligent reports to others – but not when this happens. Responsible, reliable journalists don’t lower themselves or their readers to this insulting and ridiculous level, this pseudo-reportage. Grow up!



  28. aapkoning’s reply deserves an explanatory accolade.

    The Eureka Stockade battle of 3 December 1854 was in fact a fight for democracy, joined by workers from all around the world, including the US, Russia, China, and Europe. The Rothschilds freaked out and demanded the British Government crush the movement, decisively, with no hope of revival.

    The Rothschild believed Eureka would trigger a world revolution and they were right. The whole world was watching.

    The British have, ever since, propagated the myth that it was only about gold mining licence costs. As usual, they lie.

    Eureka is unfinished business and I celebrate Australia day on December 3. Aborigines should too, because they had the oldest per-tribe democracy on record.


  29. While whole-heartedly supporting the concept behind this post, which is using Australia’s natural, infrastructural and human resources as collateral for ongoing investment and development, I would like to add a couple of compromising details.

    First, the Reserve Bank is owned by the BIS which is a Rothschild bank in Switzerland. It’s role will be to declare Australia bankrupt, foreclose on the mortgage, and forgive all the (bullshit) debt if we make the above resources free for the BIS to exploit.

    This is the kind of “forgiveness” celebrated by the WEF’s Bono a couple of decades back.

    Second, yes, we built the Snowy Scheme debt-free but the actual capital was a purported ‘investment’ of the Welfare Fund that in fact was never paid back by the corporations that did the construction.

    Here is where it gets dirty. The Welfare Fund, created by the last patriotic Prime Minister Australia possessed, Ben Chifley, was paid into by every Australian worker at a rate of 3.5% (1/6 in the pound) of GROSS INCOME and was officially owned by the Australian workforce. The government was specifically banned from touching the Welfare Fund. The Fund was administered by the Department of Social Services under the Social Services Act 1946; itself mandated by National Referendum.

    To vary the conditions of that Act would require a second referendum to un-mandate it, which never happened. Thus, Liberal PM Robert Menzies stole the Fund to invest in the Snowy River Scheme, which his corporate mates refused to pay back.

    Then Paul Keating illegally applied income means tests to the age pension which is owned by every worker. Means testing is outright illegal. Every worker is entitled to the age pension and free to top this up with employment.

    It gets worse. Scott Morrison will be cancelling the Age Pension for anyone not jabbed. This is not government money. It is ours.

    Keating and Morrison should hang for treason, along with every other social services minister who has played along with the biggest theft in history.


  30. If money is being created then isn’t this a big delusion for the consumers of the credit?
    It that why the two pictured on the link – Josh Frydenberg and his mate – are laughing?
    What if we had a genuine system of wealth creation in this country?
    I think the Citizens Party have a good platform for creating real wealth and independence for all Australians, so if I’m anywhere near understanding the consequences of this admission, this is another reason to sack those laughing hyenas at the polls.


  31. Rod from Brisbane

    It was better to print the money than to borrow more. I commend the decision.


  32. No one who knows the truth will be surprised. Since Goff Whitlam threw out the Australian Constitution in 1972, we, the people who own that constitution, have been pillaged by politicians of all persuasions and now it is time for payback. All federal and state politicians have been dining free at the peoples table and have never sworn alliance to the Crown since 1972. This is treason in any country in the world, and is a death penalty offense. Bring it on!!!!


  33. Mike Van Kampen

    Yes exactly, but the most important scheme to be introduced by a commonwealth sealed government, is compulsory apprenticeships. Singapore had a system, whereby every teenager was to commence four years army, the day they left school, whereby they would complete a trade. Trades people grow industries , industries fund economies. These corporate tyrants, have slaughtered our trades people and brought our industries to their knees .. National disgrace !!


  34. Ross Graham Cairns

    Don’t forget about Sino Iron at Port Preston WA, it will be the largest iron ore mine in the world and owned and operated by the Chinese. Could we do this in China ? absolutely not. Why did John Howard allow this to happen. Please explain Scomo.


  35. Yes, but is Australia Mature enough to stand on its own without help from mother England and Rothschild / Rockefeller? I think we are, Because we, “‘We swear by the Southern Cross, to stand truly by each other, and fight to defend our rights and liberties’. 1856… Come on Australia.
    So Go, EUREKA STOCKADE II here we come.


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