CCP prevents any further investigation of white pyramids of Xi An

by Lyndesy Symonds

This idea that that the ancestors of the Han Chinese are the oldest in China would explain why the CCP has closed access to the white pyramids of Xi An and forbids further investigation, archeology (or even discussion) into the mummies of the Tarim Basin which are the oldest mummies and grave goods in China.

When the Spanish began to write down the histories of the indigenous people of Latin America they all had stories of the red headed sea people who came before them.

Mysterious Mummies of China 1993 Series

Probably the same migration that made the perilous crossing of the Pacific Ocean by another route
New Zealand Skeletons in the Cupboard

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    Watchwoman: In addition to reading this, the 45 communist goals, click here to read “The 10 Planks of Karl Marx, ‘The Communist Manifesto.’ ” America has already fulfilled 90% of them. ………………


  2. How The Threat Of China Was Made In The USA


  3. Some of the video is not factually correct, – very American, with deep voiced narrative and mandatory spooky music.

    It said that the mummies are screaming, because they were buried alive, – which is utter nonsense.

    If one has read the books by the few Westerners who have physically studied these mummies, one will learn, that the ancients used to tie a strap under the chin of corpses to stop the jaw dropping [as shown], which is a natural occurrence. The Western examinations revealed that in some cases the strap had slipped, – hence the open mouths.

    The descendants of these people were the Yuezhi, who were displaced by the Han in ca. 500.B.C.Having relocated to the Western Oases, they initially displaced the remnants of Alexander’s Oriental Greek kingdom, where they became known as the Kushans.

    This is where the history becomes interesting.


  4. Koreans are Han too. In fact their country’s name in their language includes “Han”! The Chinese natives are all white skinned as are the Koreans. The largest group of Jews live in China too! China now has the largest number of Christians as well. Every town and city in China has mosques and you will hear the call to prayer as you walk around twice a day. Chinese absolutely love Muslim food, especially Lanzhou lamien. Lamien is an Italian word!


  5. If one examines the most archaic of the Taoist texts and jade engravings, dating to over 1000 B.C., they all emphatically state, that the ancient Hsien, – or so called immortals, were inhabitants of the Kunlun Mountains. This much is clear.

    When you study this history deeply, as I have, one will eventually realise, that the Han Chinese only arrived in the region in ca. 500 B.C. Up until then, the Kunlun Shan were inhabited by Caucasians, so it stands to reason, that the Hsien, and their original system of Taoism, – were in fact Caucasian.

    If the Chinese put these two archaeologically and textually confirmed facts together, – this will be another bitter pill to swallow. [Best to keep quiet about this].

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