Spot the real Russians

by Lindsey Symonds

The ‘Russian’ people – a very small minority of people inside Russia.

The Russian Federation has an assortment of ethnic demographics with Russian citizenship. The actual Russians – the White, European Russian ethnos – sufferred the “greatest human slaughter of all time” in the twentieth century – across the entire Russian land mass, the Ukraine and Belarus. Those who rule Russia today are Khazarian / Ashkhenazim Jews. They might appear to be ‘Russian’ because they come from families that captured a lot of European genetics. Putin (a former KGB) is Ashkhenazim. His mother was Jewish. He makes Aliyah. He puts on a beanie and prays for the Third Temple to be built at The Wall. And, as part of his ‘conservative, traditionalist, Russian nationalist ‘ schtick he pretends to be a Russian Orthodox. There are lots of great photo-ops of Vlad lighting candles with a vacant , vaguely pious expression. He looks better in Israeli Nazi pornography naked and riding his war bear.

The real Russian Orthodox Church inside Russia was martyred for the faith. The current Patirarch Kirill came up through the ranks of the KGB. After the Communist government [Wall to Wall Ashkhenazim ethnic Jews according to Putin himself] murdered the Russian Orthodox hierarchy, they trained the KGB in some of the old RO rituals and bells / smells / chants etc.

So who are these ‘Russians’?

Criticizing Putin and the government of the Soviet Union / Russian Federation will get you turned over to the police. The dob / snitch system is ubiquitous. As we have seen with the Manifest of our own Communist Takeover in Australia, there is nothing easier than to set up a dob / snitch system among sheeple who just want to keep everyone safe and do the right thing.

DaS Political Correctness operates throughout all social institutions in Russia.

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. to Brian Johnston; Herman hasn’t got a clue what he is talking about as far as the history of the Catholic Church goes, there was never a Jewish takeover, and Jesus Christ established the Catholic Church with the Apostles. The Jews as the people of God, and a Holy race died when they crucified their Messiah, breaking their Covenant with God. The Jews of today are fake Jews of the Synagogue of Satan, and Talmudic Judaism is not even a religion.
    The Bible comes from the Catholic Church, and was declared the word of God at the councils of Rome, Hippo, and Carthage finally in 397AD.


  2. P.S:

    B. Johnston: just noticed an omission (April 10, 7:49).

    I should have added – ‘Lecture VI’ – when referring to the passage in The Invasion of Europe by the Barbarians.

    Save you scouring the book for it.


  3. Brian Johnston: your most welcome [and apologies for getting your name wrong in last two posts!].


  4. Brian Johnston

    Herman, thanks for the info. B Johnston


  5. D. Johnston.

    Here’s a few more details if you want to pursue your own research.

    Human sacrifice not being a Christian practice, forces the conclusion, that those operating beneath Vatican Hill, must have been a Pagan Jewish orientated cult, – where child sacrifice was central to certain sects.

    With the Paulinists being the prominent sect within the Phrygianum, one would assume that certain of their members were responsible for it’s importation into Roman society. Indeed, according to the Catholic Encyclopaedia, – Mass is defined as a ‘Christianised synagogue service.’

    Of notable importance, Paul of Tarsus was a Pharisee, a fanatical sect later known as the Chassidim (Jewish Encyclopaedia. Vol IX. p. 661. [1904]): they maintained a time honoured reputation for ritual murder, that persisted until very recently.
    King Solomon is often accredited with the cult’s introduction to Judea, where the god was called Molech (Ba’al, etc), and it’s cult centre was called Tophet, located in the Hinnom Valley, near Jerusalem (I Kings. 11:7, Jeremiah. 32:35). Here children would be ‘offered to the fire’ (2 Kings. 23:10, Leviticus. 18:21, Babylonian Talmud, Tracate Sanhedrin. 64. a.).

    The Judaic ‘burnt offering’ rites of human child sacrifice can be found in numerous sanctified passages, e.g. Book of Judges. 11:30-31, 11:34-40, 2 Samuel. 21:1-11, Schulcham Aruch, etc.

    Certain Cabbalistic texts actually legitimise the practice, ie. – ‘Furthermore, there is a commandment pertaining to the killing of strangers, who are like beasts. The killing has to be done in a lawful method. Those who do not ascribe themselves to the Jewish religious law must be offered up as sacrifices to the High God.’ (Thikunne Zohar. Berdiwetsch edition. 88 b).

    The following passages, presumably refer to the Septimus-Fulvius-Domna alliance in Libya, i.e., ‘that the Jews and Carthaginian (Libyan) Pagans had allied themselves against the Christians’ (Ep. 59:2. Cyprian), whilst ‘certain Christians (Paulinites) of Tertullian’s acquaintance were known to have observed the Jewish fasts’ (De Jujunio. 14:5).

    Tertullian also wrote the following, – allegedly to deflect contemporary public opinion away from the problem, ie., – ‘And to see to the bottom of the reports, so frequently and falsely thrust upon us. For instance, to bring in a true list of how many infants every Christian has killed and eaten, what incests committed in the dark, what cooks we had for dressing the babies flesh, . . . Oh what immortal glory would a proconsul gain among the people, could he pull out a Christian by the ears that had ate up a hundred children . . . ‘
    (The Apology. Ch II. Tertullian).

    Sir Richard Burton also wrote, ‘The Talmud declares that there are two kinds of blood pleasing to the Lord, viz: (1). that of the Paschal holocaust (Easter sacrifice), and (2). that of circumcision.’ (The Jew, the Gypsy and El Islam. Sir Richard Burton. edited by W. H. Wilkins. Messrs Hutchinson. 1898).

    Here is another valid snippet, that occurred during Alaric’s first sack of Rome in A.D. 408, where in order to appease the Pagan gods, and save the city, Pope Innocent I consented to – ‘the secret performance of the necessary rites. But the priests said that the [human sacrifice] would not avail unless they were celebrated publicly on the Capital in the presence of the Senate, and the Forum.’ (The Invasion of Europe by the Barbarians. J. B. Bury. [1928]).
    Although the type of sacrifice in not mentioned, other testimonies make it quite clear.

    This reveals that in early fifth century Rome, certain Pagan cults were still performing human sacrificial rites in secret.

    P.S.: I forgot to mention (April 8. 6:20), that Emperor Marcus Severus Alexander (222-235 A.D.), was also a member of the Septimus-Fulvius-Domna alliance. He was the son of Julia Mamaea (Julia Domna’s sister), and thus, – the cousin of Emperor Elagabalus.

    Hope this helps, cheers.


  6. Hi D. Johnston.

    I agree, the word Jew, is a European term, or shall we say, – English term, ostensibly adopted when the Jewish people first migrated into Europe. I believe it was a derivative of their land of origin, – ‘Judea,’ – much like Aussie derives from Australia, Arab from Arabia, etc.
    N.B.: The word ‘Jew’ is a late Anglicised version of the German word, – ‘Juden’ (Judean), which reveals the origin of the word better.
    The German presumably derives from the Latin, – iudaeus.

    In Egyptian times they were known as the Hiberu = Hebrew, and other such terms. During the Roman era, they were associated with House of David, etc.

    I’ve never come across that word ‘lewes,’ which off the top of my head, – reminds me of the word ‘ewe’ (female sheep), which is phonetically the same as the German, Jude, – the J being pronounced as a Y, ie., Yude. So your probably correct with this.


    The Ashkenazi Jews, as most people know, were a predominantly Turkic race, who converted to Judaism and intermarried with Jewish merchants based in the southern Caucasus.
    Prior to their conversion to Judaism in the sixth century, the earliest mention that I’ve found in Western texts, comes from a few snippets in Jordanes’s ‘Getica’ (Goths), written in A.D. 551. This records events of two centuries earlier.
    Herein, they are described as inhabitants beyond the Maeotis Marshes (the swamp between the Volga and Don), who display cruel characteristics (Ibid. XXIV: 121-128). These were known as the Black Huns, or Black Khazars.

    This region adjoined the eastern border of the Gothic Kingdom of Oium (Ukraine), so at this time remained completely uncharted and undocumented, it was only following the incipient Hunnish invasion of ca. A.D. 350, that the tribe enters into the annals of occidental history.

    Interestingly, the Goths were originally adherents of the old, non-Judaic Christianity, – Arian Christianity, which Catholicism decried as heresy (hairesis, ie., ‘choice’).


    Regarding the Queen of Sheba, and other ancient Middle Eastern histories, one book I highly recommend is L. A. Waddell’s, The Makers of Civilisation (1929). The author was unique, insofar as being the only person who could read all three ancient scripts, ie, Sumerian, Egyptian and Sanskrit. As such, he managed to read, translate, and compare the respective ‘Kings Lists,’ thus, discovering that the apparently different kings, – were in actuality, – one and the same. Indeed, the first Egyptian king, Menes, Manis-Tusu, was buried in Ireland (see below. p. 281-290, etc). If I remember right, this had something to do with the Stone of Scone, – as you touched upon.

    Frank Cumont’s book (Ch. III.), offers a brief introduction to the Cybelline cult, and it’s close association with the Judaic cults,


    I am not aware of any single book devoted to these matters, but if one studies the old texts, with this in mind, one will soon discover plenty of snippets here and there, which can then be chronologically arranged and slowly pieced together.

    I can provide some further details if you require.



  7. Brian Johnston

    Herman, can you recommend a good book on the subjects you cover including the Jewish takeover or establishment of the ‘church of Rome’
    1. J came into use 1665 what were Jews called in older times. Iewes?
    2. The Borgia controlled Rome – Sephardic Jews.
    3. Then we have Ashkenazi Jews.
    4. The Jews are not the ancient Israelites.
    It is very involved and complicated.
    I have The Bible came from West Arabia by Kamal Salibi. Very interesting
    We then have Comyns Beaumont. The Bible lands were in Scotland. Very very interesting.
    Solomons temple may have been just above modern day Yemen. The Queen of Sheba ruled over Yemen and Ethiopia.


  8. Your welcome David, glad you found it interesting, but hereafter, we enter more familiar territory. I was always curious about the early foundations of the Roman Church, – as it’s here, where the interesting things occurred.

    With the Roman Church now established, and the Pope’s privileges assuming the role of supreme head of the Western Roman Empire, the associated Judaic-Catholic ideology, henceforth, served as the empire’s neo-political creed through which to orchestrate it’s genocide, enslavement and cultural annihilation of the Pagan Northern Europeans.

    It is generally accepted, that Christ’s mission centred upon the ideological replacement of the obsolete Judaic doctrines extolled via the Old Testament, where it’s violent and immoral dogmas were to be succeeded by the peaceful and moral teachings of the New Testament. Yet for obvious reasons, the Christian message was perceived as an attack on the elder Jewish establishment.

    But what eventually transpired, via the Jewish seizure of the Roman Church, involved the usurpation of the Christian teachings of the New Testament by those of the Jewish doctrines of the Old Testament. The latter ideology was then falsely propagated under the cloak of Christianity, ie., – the Church of Rome.

    Any perusal of the Roman Church’s canon, or Holy Bible, promotes the obvious question, – if Roman Catholicism was a purely Christian Church, then why, were the obsolete doctrines of the Judaic Old Testament incorporated into the corpus of a Christian Church?. In verity, the Christian Holy Bible would have consisted of the New Testament and other gospels, but never the Old Testament which it was implemented to replace.

    On the contrary, what actually happened, involved the adherents of the Jewish Old Testament, implementing a successful usurpation and domination of the machinations of the western Christian Church. The Vatican now assumed it’s role as the – New Jerusalem.

    In his magnus opus, ‘Phillip II,’ W. T. Walsh explained how Catholicism was viewed as a ‘continuity and fulfilment of Judaism’ (p. 625).


    In my original text I incorporate a lot of supporting footnotes, to assist with the explanation of certain ancient Pagan customs, etc, and provide source material for some of the presented information.

    Here are some of the more useful notes

    The statue of Cybele was a cone shaped meteorite about 15 feet high.

    Vatican Hill was an ancient cemetery for the Roman nobility, formerly known as the City of the Dead. The Cybelline priests were eunuchs who derived their alms from fortune telling (‘vaticanari’).

    In the ancient Pagan culture, such as the old Kali cults of India, which survived until quite recently, the human sacrificial victims were always youths, who had volunteered themselves to the Goddess for one year, and were treated as gods, provided with every earthly pleasure, after which they willingly offered themselves up to sacrifice. Their families subsequently acquired a high level of social esteem, whilst the sacrificial volunteer earned a noble re-birth.

    In the early years of the church, although Christianity did not exist as such, the Gnostics were regarded as the proto-typical Christians. However, whilst adopting many of the ancient Egyptian rites, eg, the Osirian ‘Death and Resurrection’ rituals, etc, Gnosticism was soon appropriated by the Alexandrian Jews, where according to The Jewish Encyclopaedia ( p. 681), – ‘It is a noteworthy fact that heads of the Gnostic schools and founders of Gnostic systems are designated as Jews by church fathers. Some derive all heresies, including those of Gnosticism, from Judaism’ . . . ‘the principle elements of Gnosticism were derived from Jewish speculation, since the second century B.C. Gnostic thought was bound up with Judaism. Which had accepted Babylonian and Syrian doctrines.’
    According to Tacitus (55-120 A.D), it was the Gnostics who were called Christians (Annals. 15:44).

    The Pharisee, Saul (Paul) of Tarsus, prior to his conversion, was responsible for a ruthless genocidal persecution of the followers of Jesus Christ, ie, the Gnostics (Book of Acts). These ingrained ideas were eventually transferred to Rome.

    For a detailed account of the Phrygianum and it’s Cybelline origins, see for example, ‘The Oriental Religions in Roman Paganism,’ Ch III. Asia Minor. .’ (Frank Cumont. Open Court Pub, 1911).

    Abundant accounts (eg. Acts. 28: 15-31) testify that most of the first Christian converts were Jews: – the first formed the sinews of the Church (Phillip II. William T. Walsh. Shead & Ward, London. p. 240).

    Poppaea Sabina was a descendent of the Talmudic sage, Rabbi Meir. She later married the emperors Nero and Titus (78-81 A. D.), who was also married to a Jewish princess.

    Nero’s conversion to Judaism (The Jewish Encylopaedia. p. 88).

    According to Edward Gibbon’s magnus opus, the Jewish reasons for the torching of Rome were more obvious than the Christians, ie. – ‘But the Jews possessed very powerful advocates in the palace, and even in the heart of the tyrant, his wife and mistress, the beautiful Poppaea, and a favourite player of the race of Abraham, who had already enjoyed his intercessions in behalf of the obnoxious people.’ (The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Volume I. E. Gibbon. p. 459).

    Fulvius Pius of Tusculum, belonged to an ancient patrician family related to the original Roman kings.

    Of further interest: Emperor Severus’s second wife, Julia Domna, was a daughter of the priest-family of Emesa (Hems, Syria), whose temple enshrined a similar ‘black stone’ to the one in the Phrygianum. In this case, the Emesa shrine symbolised the regenerating god, Elagabalus (Ba’al). (The Empresses of Rome. Joseph McCabe. p. 195).
    Thus, there were two black stones, i.e., the female stone of the Goddess Cybele in Rome, and the male stone of the God Elagabalus in Emesa. This provides further clues in regards to the intermarrying of the two families. The surviving son of Severus and Julia, Emperor Caracalla, was clearly a non-Roman, as he used to don blond wigs to appear Germanic. Having married the daughter of Gaius Fulvius Plautianus, Fulvia Plautilla, the Septimus-Fulvius-Domna clan lineage was further reinforced.
    Julia Domna’s grandnephew, Bassianus later acquired the hereditary title of High Priest of the Temple of Emesa, which was another cult requiring human sacrifice. Having changed his name in honour of the Emesa god, Bassianus was then crowned as Emperor Elagabalus (218-222 A.D.).
    As emperor, Elagabalus immediately removed the ‘Black Stone’ from Emesa (ibid. p. 215), and reinstated it on Palantine Hill. Thus, the two stones (of Cybele and Ba’al) we’re now located in Rome. However, upon Elagabalus’s death, the stone was returned to Emesa. (N.B.: There is good reason to believe, that the Black Stone of Ba’al, is one and the same with the Black Stone of the Ka’ba in Mecca.

    Well that’s enough for today, cheers,


  9. Thanks, Hermann, look forward to the next instalment when you get the chance! Cheers.


  10. With regards to the early history of the Phyrgianum.

    The origins of the Phrygianum dates back to 204 B.C., when King Attalis of Phrygia (Turkey), presented as a gift to Rome, the ancient ‘Black Stone’ of the Goddess Cybele, later known in Rome as the Magna Mater (Great Mother): this was reputedly the largest iron meteorite of the ancient world.

    Arriving in Rome with it’s attendant priests and priestesses, the Black Stone of Cybele was taken to Mons Vaticanus (Vatican Hill), previously known as the ‘City of the Dead.’ The Phrygianum, or Temple of Cybele was built to house the Black Stone.

    The traditional Pagan rituals of the Magna Mater were performed by the high priestess of Cybele during the ‘Megalesia,’ or ‘Birthday of the Goddess,’ which included the ritual offering of a human sacrificial victim.

    Around A.D. 43, Emperor Claudius I (reign 41-54 A.D.), claimed as his emperor’s right, the role of High Priest of all Roman cults, thus, acquiring the title Pontifex Maximus (Priest Supreme), the Roman Pontiff, or Pope. In consequence, the former matriarchal duties of the Cybelline High Priestess were now performed by the patriarchal papal institution.


  11. Continuation of previous post (April 7. 8:40). For those interested.

    Arriving in Libya, the ancient family of Fulvius Pius quickly allied themselves with the Septimus family.

    This alliance brought Fulvius Pius two important offspring, ie., his son, Gaius Fulvius Victorious, and his maternal great-grandson, Septimus Severus. The former being responsible for abetting the latter’s ascension to the imperial throne.

    Attaining the imperial crown, Emperor Severus Septimus (193-211 A.D.), immediately set about the restoration of the outlawed Cybelline cult. Moreover, with Gaius Flavius Victorious promptly appointed as the new Bishop of Rome, the ban on Paulinity (Judeo-Catholicism) as a capital offence was duly lifted. At the same time, the Phrygianum was re-opened, but now came under the control of the Bishop of Rome and the associated Pauline sect.

    Under the new Bishop of Rome, the cult practice of human sacrifice was quickly restored to the Phrygianum. But instead of the child sacrifices occurring on the major feast days, Pope Victorious I (193-199 A.D), instituted a new sacrificial rite, involving a monthly blood offering known as the ‘Black Mass of the New Moon.’

    There is strong reason to believe, that the Roman ‘Mass of the Eucharist,’ served as a symbolic plebeian version of the secret patrician Black Mass.

    With the assistance of Quintus Septimus Tertillianus (a marital member of the Fulvius clan), Pope Victorious proceeded with his program of re-inventing the Judaic Pauline ideology, through which to usurp the traditional Christianity.

    Tertullian also attempted to counter public rumours concerning ritual cannibalism and incest (Apology. II). In regards to the latter crime, it is noteworthy, that once again, members of the Septimus-Fulvius-Domna family alliance were those publicly accused of this crime. These being Julia Domna and her son, Emperor Caracalla, whom in response to the allegations, called for the sack of Alexandria (‘The Empresses of Rome.’ J. McCabe. p. 206-8).

    Having established Roman Catholicism as a family affair, Pope Victorious I was succeeded by his son, Pope Zephinrynus (199-205 A.D.), who was succeeded by his son, Pope Callixtus (217-222 A.D.).

    Notwithstanding this, due to the continuing excesses of the Black Mass, and overall corruption of the Vatican clique, Emperor Marcus Serverus Alexander (222-235 A.D.), felt compelled to order the execution of Callixtus.

    With the removal of Pope Callixtus, the Phrygianum returned to it’s traditional priest-families, becoming once again, a purely Pagan shrine. It remained as such, until the arrival of Pope Damasus (366-384 A.D.), whose tenure coincided with the reign of the avowed Christian, Emperor Gratian (367-383 A.D.).


  12. “During these early days of the Church, there were numerous factions vying for power, each having a few years of rule, before being usurped, etc. It was not a clear cut and linear event.”

    I would agree with that. Christianity was and is an evolving process, witness the East/West “filioque based” split, the Sephardic takeover of the Papacy, the Reformation, the Evangelists, the modern shifts in Vatican doctrines… etc, etc.

    It has to evolve and adapt in order to compete with and avoid being undermined by other religions and ideologies if it is to remain politically relevant in terms of human control.


  13. Eskimo Man: I merely forward what is recorded in documents contemporary with the time. People closer to time, usually had a better grasp of their lived reality, than people commenting fifteen hundred years later.

    If one visits Vatican Hill today, one can still observe (and touch) the Cybelline altar, dedicated to Cybele in A.D. 374, which provides demonstrable evidence that Vatican Hill was still actively Pagan until this time – at least.

    During these early days of the Church, there were numerous factions vying for power, each having a few years of rule, before being usurped, etc. It was not a clear cut and linear event.


  14. to Hermann; If the Catholic Church does not agree with your version of history, then neither does Christ, and it is not true. Historians have nothing on the Catholic Church because they were not there at the time, the Church was. 1 Timothy 3:15.


  15. With regards to the early Catholic Church, I may add, that by the mid first century A.D., numerous Jewish sects were squabbling for dominion in Rome: the most notable being the Gnostic and Pauline sects.
    It was the latter, under Paul of Tarsus, that encouraged the breakdown of the existing racial order.

    Around A.D. 60, the Pauline cult were given lodgings in the Phyrgianum (ie. Temple of Cybele), where they proceeded to attract a large number of Jewish leaders.

    Under the influence of his Jewish mistress, Poppaea Sabina, Emperor Nero converted to Judaism. Surrounded by Jewish advisers, Nero descended into his notorious behaviour, including the murder of his mother, Agrippina.

    Around A.D. 64, the first Bishop of Rome (Episcopus Romanus), Simon bar Jonah (a.k.a. Peter), was succeeded by Pope Linus, whom along with certain Pauline revolutionaries, were assumed responsible for the Great Fire of Rome, – which fortunately ‘spared’ the Phyrgianum.

    Most scholars agree, that Poppaea Sabina influenced Nero’s persecution of the Christians, whilst Suetonius wrote, that Nero did little to trace the arsonists, whose names appeared on the ‘only list’ presented to the Senate, and were ultimately, – let off lightly.

    Under the overriding papal authority, the priestly families of the Phyrgianum, the Paulinites and certain Roman patrician families, continued perpetuating their time honoured initiations, rituals and human sacrifices of the Cybelline cult, – now conducted in the subterranean catacombs of Vatican Hill.

    With Emperor Domitian (81-96 A.D.) being a true devotee and defender of the ancient Roman Pagan religion, he continued Vespasian’s policies regarding the persecution of the descendants of the House of David. Under Domitian, human sacrifices were outlawed and made punishable by death. However, failing to conform to the edict, the Phyrgianum was shut down, and it’s priests banished to Tusculum, south of Rome.
    Although the temple remained closed, access to it’s subterranean chambers was still viable, as such, the associated sects now perpetuated their human sacrifices solely within the catacombs.

    Having increased in popularity, Gnosticism gained an admirer in Emperor Antonius Pius (138-161 A.D.), who finally, ordered the sealing up of the catacombs. Among those responsible for the human sacrifices were the Paulinists and several prominent patrician families, including Fulvius Pius of Tusculum, whom fearing for their lives, fled to Libya.

    The next part of this hidden history (which is well documented in the ancient texts), is even more fascinating. At this point, we discover the names of the old patrician families, – most interesting.

    I extracted this from some old writings of mine, so excuse the brevity.


  16. The papal worship goes way, way back to ancient literal Babylon.
    Rome linked to Jerusalem on seven hills is “in very deed” the Babylon of the Apocalypse: her character, her objects of worship, her festivals, her doctrines, her ceromonies and rites, her priesthood, have all been derived from ancient Babylon.

    Who is called the queen of heaven? Through the OT prophet Jeremiah, God speaks to the idolatrous Jews who burnt incense to the pagan queen of heaven. The title “Queen of Heaven” has long been a Catholic tradition.

    Eye opening book by the late Alexander Hislop presents the evidence. Better to stand up for Jesus Christ and his gospel than a system devised by men.


  17. As I said, the Papacy was infiltrated in the the 15th century by the Sephardic Borja family. The infiltration was firmly entrenched courtesy of yet another Sephard known as Loyola, the father of the Jesuit Army which was set up as the Papal enforcers.


  18. In Paragraph 3 of the Protocols, No. 23, the antichrist is called: “The supreme lord who will replace all now existing rulers.” Paragraph 4 of Protocol 17 states: “The King of the Jews will be the real Pope of the Universe, the patriarch of the international church.”

    The claim to “Pope” is found in the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) and no other church.
    Ostensibly, the Vatican plays a central role in Zionist plans for world rule from Jerusalem.

    Converted Roman Catholic, Edward Hendrie, born-again Christian, says that the Vatican is a gentile front for a Judaic religion. The traditions of the RCC are rooted in the Jewish Kabbalah. Nesta Webster stated that the Jewish theology of the Kabbalah was introduced into the RCC by Pope Sixtus IV, 1471-1484. (Secret Societies and Subversive Movements, p68)
    Pope Sixtus IV’s use of the Kabbalah was not new in the RCC but rather a progression of Judaic principles. Hendrie’s book, Solving the Mystery of Babylon the Great, proves beyond any doubt that the RCC is a “christian” front for a Judaic / Babylonian religion.

    The religious Jews don’t have a temple of worship today, and no ongoing practising priesthood. It was destroyed, just as Jesus Christ said it would be, and the Jewish state along with it in 70CE. That a temple in Jerusalem will exist in the days of the “beast” is certain, along with a satanic system of worship, and images which speak. Idolatry is worship of demons which masquerade behind their images. There’s no power in the image, per se. It’s what is taught in that “faith” system that a person believes in, who uses idols or images, that the Bible tells us comes from seducing spirits and doctrines of devils.

    Just as there is no commonality between Judaism and Christianity, so also, there is no commonality between Catholicism and Christianity. (Bloody Zion, Refuting the Jewish Fables That Sustain Israel’s War Against God and Man. Edward Hendrie. p265)

    But there is commonality between Catholicism and Judaism.
    Both are overtly antichrist religions, and the good news is that men / women have been saved out of them and been brought into the kingdom of God. Made true Christians who follow Christ.


  19. Start with the basic premise that in Communism the means of production, i.e. Land, Labour and Capital are controlled and owned by the State as the ultimate authority, not by private corporations or bankers or associations or individuals. Private ownership is very limited if not negligible..

    There is a huge difference between people pushing communism and people actually BEING communists. The top of the pyramid cannot be communist unless it is the State itself.

    Rather, the top of the pyramid promotes COMMUNISM because the State and its actors are controlled proxies and act in the interests of the immensely wealthy CABAL forming the apex of the pyramid. More wealthy than most of the world’s states combined.

    Analogically, those who pay the communist pipers call the tune but they themselves are in reality neither communists nor pipers. So it seems. 🙂


  20. to daviddd2; Well, to explain in more detail. Capitalism is controlled by bankers and large Corporations, and the banks and large Corporations are controlled by the Communist Jews who created usury. When the Holy Roman Empire was in power, they were against usury, and money was valued by labour, the same as how when Hitler ruled Germany, he got rid of the Jews, disconnected with the Jewish controlled IMF, and made his own money valued on labour. The government controlled what is controlled by large Corporations and banks in Capitalism, and gave the people interest free loans and insurance. On top of that the German people helped each other.


  21. Since the 1940’s, the CIA had cultivated the Ukrainian anti-Stalinists who had volunteered to fight alongside Germany against the hated Stalin.
    Today’s “neo-Nazis” have been skillfully brainwashed into hating Russia by ignorantly associating Russia with Stalin (who was actually Georgian).
    The “neo-Nazis” were mostly disaffected young men and boys that had been skillfully manipulated by their handlers, the CIA, Soros / US NGOs.
    Soros / US NGO’s and the CIA’s teen age “Neo Nazis” continued to agitate against Putin.
    Source: Mike King


    *NAZI does not mean National Socialist German Workers’ Party
    *German Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP)
    *The first use of the term “Nazi” by the National Socialists occurred in 1926 in a publication by Joseph Goebbels called Der Nazi-Sozi [“The Nazi-Sozi”]. In Goebbels’ pamphlet, the word “Nazi” only appears when linked with the word “Sozi” as an abbreviation of “National Socialism”.


  22. source selected by Gospa News
    The Media Narrative >>

    If we look at what is happening in Ukraine, without being misled by the gross falsifications of the mainstream media, we realize that respect for each other’s rights has been completely ignored; indeed, we have the impression that the Biden Administration, NATO and the European Union deliberately want to maintain a situation of obvious imbalance, precisely to make impossible any attempt at a peaceful resolution of the Ukrainian crisis, provoking the Russian Federation to trigger a conflict. Herein lies the seriousness of the problem. This is the trap set for both Russia and Ukraine, using both of them to enable the globalist elite to carry out its criminal plan.

    It should not surprise us that pluralism and freedom of speech, so praised in countries that claim to be democratic, are daily disavowed by censorship and intolerance towards opinions not aligned with the official narrative. Manipulations of this kind have become the norm during the so-called pandemic, to the detriment of doctors, scientists and dissenting journalists, who have been discredited and ostracized for the mere fact of daring to question the effectiveness of experimental serums. Two years later, the truth about the adverse effects and the unfortunate management of the health emergency has proven them right, but the truth is stubbornly ignored because it does not correspond to what the system wanted and still wants today.

    If the world media have so far been able to lie shamelessly on a matter of strict scientific relevance, spreading lies and hiding reality, we should ask ourselves why, in the present situation, they should suddenly rediscover that intellectual honesty and respect for the code of ethics widely denied with COVID.

    Even if we only want to limit our investigation to the economic aspect, we understand that news agencies, politics and public institutions themselves depend on a small number of financial groups belonging to an oligarchy that, significantly, is united not only by money and power, but by the ideological affiliation that guides its action and interference in the politics of nations and the whole world. This oligarchy shows its tentacles in the UN, NATO, the World Economic Forum, the European Union, and in “philanthropic” institutions such as George Soros’ Open Society and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

    All these entities are private and answer to no one but themselves, and at the same time they have the power to influence national governments, including through their own representatives who are made to be elected or appointed to key posts. They admit it themselves, when they are received with all the honors by heads of state and world leaders, respected and feared by these leaders as the true masters of the fate of the world. Thus, those who hold power in the name of the “people” find themselves trampling on the people’s will and restricting their rights, in order to be obedient courtiers to masters whom nobody has elected but who nevertheless dictate their political and economic agenda to the nations.

    We come then to the Ukraine crisis, which is presented to us as a consequence of Vladimir Putin’s expansionist arrogance towards an independent and democratic nation over which he is trying to claim absurd rights. The “warmonger Putin” is said to be massacring the defenseless population, who have courageously arisen to defend the soil of their homeland, the sacred borders of their nation and the violated freedoms of the citizens.

    First of all, it is necessary to remember the facts, which do not lie and are not susceptible to alteration. And the facts, however irritating they are to recall to those who try to censor them, tell us that since the fall of the Berlin Wall the United States has extended its sphere of political and military influence to almost all the satellite states of the former Soviet Union, even recently, annexing into NATO Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary (1999); Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Romania (2004); Albania and Croatia (2009); Montenegro (2017); and North Macedonia (2020). The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is preparing to expand to Ukraine, Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia. Practically speaking, the Russian Federation is under military threat – from weapons and missile bases – just a few kilometers from its borders, while it has no military base in similar proximity to the United States.

    The current Ukrainian crisis entails secondary, but no less serious, consequences on the geopolitical balance between China and Taiwan. Russia and Ukraine are the only producers of palladium and neon, which are indispensable for the production of microchips.

    Biden’s interference in Kyiv politics, in exchange for favors to Burisma and corrupt oligarchs, confirms the current US President’s interest in protecting his family and image, fueling disorder in Ukraine and even a war. How can a person who uses his role to take care of his own interests and cover up the crimes of his family members govern honestly and without being subject to blackmail?

    Read more:


  23. source selected by Gospa News >

    On April 4 the Kiev regime with an active support from its Western sponsors started to promote in Western mass media fake news about alleged “atrocities” of the Russian military forces in the town of Bucha (a suburb of Kiev) in Ukraine.

    I would like to present to you the real facts about Bucha. During the time that the town has been under the control of the Russian armed forces, not a single local resident has suffered from any violent action.

    For as long as the town was under the control of the Russian armed forces locals were moving freely around the town and using cellular phones. So they could post on social media any photo and video footage of any theoretical “harassment” if this were the case. However, that did not happen.

    Let me address the developments in chronological order.

    On March 30, following another round of talks in Ankara, Russian Ministry of Defense announced the withdrawal of forces from a number of regions, including Bucha.

    That fact was confirmed the next day by the mayor of Bucha.
    In his video of March 31 Anatoly Fedoruk presented the withdrawal of Russian forces as a victory of Ukrainian Army.

    Interestingly, he had not mentioned any mass atrocities, dead bodies, killings, graves or anything like that. It is hard to imagine that a city mayor can “forget” to address such a devastating scenario.

    Let me show you the video posted by Mr. Fedoruk.
    As you will see, he looks happy and smiling. It is hard to imagine that he is acting like this against the backdrop of “massacre” in the streets. That’s in Ukrainian, but as I said, he is very happy that Russian troops withdrew, which he regards as a great victory of the Ukrainian army. He makes no mentioning of any atrocities in the city.

    This video was posted on “Ukraine 24” channel on the 1st of April. I would like to stress – nothing about “atrocities” was revealed on April 1st.

    Let me also show a photo of Zhan Belenyuk, a deputy of the Ukrainian parliament, who, according to his reports in social media, visited Bucha after regaining control by the Ukrainian government. As you can see, he is also smiling. He is joyful. In his reports he mentions no dead bodies. Not a single reference to “atrocities”.

    On April 2nd the National Guard of Ukraine posted on official resources a video from Bucha.
    Let me show you the footage. The video captures members of Ukrainian armed forces entering Bucha. The footage shows no dead bodies in the streets. The Ukrainian military interviewed several people in different locations across the town. None of them said a word about any “massacre” or mass killings. Camera also captures background behind these people, with no dead bodies in sight.

    To sum it up, there are no reports of atrocities which are accredited to the Russian military in Bucha, which happened before the Ukrainian army took control of the town. Four days after the Russian military left the city of Bucha there was not a single sign of any “atrocities”. I repeat – not a single reference to it, anywhere.

    The infamous video depicting bodies on the city roads only appeared on April 3rd. It is full of discrepancies and blatant lies. According to its authors, the bodies were lying on the streets for at least 4 days by the time the video was filmed. However, the bodies are not stiffened. How is that possible? It is against the law of biology. The bodies do not have signs of decomposition known to forensic experts, including cadaver stains. The wounds contain no blood.
    Another point illustrating that this video is fake.

    The Ukrainian forces use either blue or yellow armlets or stripes. Because members of Ukrainian militia do not always wear military uniforms, local civilians in Bucha wore white stripes on their upper arms when the Russian forces were stationed in Bucha.
    That was done to prevent misidentification of civilians from members of militia. When the Ukrainian forces entered the town, they fired at the people with white stripes, killing the civilians. There is a video showing a conversation between members of Ukrainian units. It was published in social media by the so-called “territorial defense” – a radical nationalist fighting group. One of the radicals asks if he can shoot at the people without blue stripes. The other confirms that this is permissible.

    Russian speakers know that, but let me translate for the rest of you:
    Question behind the scene – «There are folks without blue bands, can I shoot them?»
    Answer: «Of course».

    I hope the evidence we demonstrated today leaves you with no illusion that the video circulated by the Kiev regime is a crude forgery. It does not stand any scrutiny. However, some Western leaders, for example German Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz, French President Emmanuel Macron, and of course British Foreign Minister Liz Truss have already lined up to promote this false narrative.

    What happened in Bucha is exactly a false flag attack by the Kiev regime and its Western sponsors.

    From the very beginning it has been clear that this is nothing else but yet another staged provocation aimed at discrediting and dehumanizing of the Russian military and levelling political pressure on Russia. Not many of you know about the Russian military, but I assure you that Russian military is nothing that it is being accused of, in particular what regards “cruel atrocities” against civil population. It is not the case. It never was, and will never be.

    We have factual evidence that proves this point. We intended to present it to the Security Council as soon as possible so that the international community is not misled by the false narrative promoted by Kiev and its Western sponsors.

    To this end, the Russian Federation requested a Security Council meeting to be convened at 3 pm New York Time today on April 4 to discuss this heinous provocation by the Kiev regime.
    I would like to emphasize that we did it as early as on 2.51 pm on Sunday, full 24 hours before the requested meeting, so the UK claims that we asked for a meeting “too late” are misinformation.

    Our efforts have been met with the fierce opposition of the UK Presidency with the support of other Western delegations, namely the US, France, Ireland, Norway and Albania.



  24. BarbieJean G.

    very serious video attached. Barbara J Gibbs, Dip.Diet& Nut:BA/BSc:Grad.Cert.OSH;TEFL Cert Ganoderma Distributor e’mail:


  25. Racial and ethnic cleansing is a huge part of the J-PEX Bankster Agenda for their world soviet. Your XYZ has run an excellent report on White eradication in nations where the European demographic is racial and founding stock of the nation state and its society – in ancestral lands and continents other than Europe.

    All these Marxist states owned by the Jew Bank are ethnically cleansing us just like they did the European Russian ethnos in Russia.

    Kind of like Scotland in the famous movie:

    The trouble with Scotland is that it’s full of Scots


  26. Eskimo Man: “Capitalism controlled by bankers, is just a mechanism that causes Communism.”

    I may be wrong, however I suspect that Communism wasn’t “caused” as a consequence of Capitalism but was a very much controlled strategy in the service of Capitalism. Think MIC, global military dominance and global hegemony for a start.


  27. Brian Johnston: Re – “There’s more to “fascism” than simple authoritarianism, particularly in its economic framework.”

    Please refer to Mussolini’s Carta del Lavoro, 21/4/1927 (Charter of Labour) for a more comprehensive overview regarding fascism and its economic framework.


  28. Brian Johnston

    daviddd2. Fascism is a term for Italian politics between WWI & WWII. The Mussolini era.
    Mussolini smashed the mafia. After the war the Americans and the usual suspects backed the mafia back to allegedly break up fascism.
    Fascism comes from fasces or fascio.




  30. to daviddd2; Judaism is Communism, and Communism is Judaism. The Jews (Fake) are responsible for all Communism, and Communism is their model for the New World Order. Capitalism controlled by bankers, is just a mechanism that causes Communism.


  31. to recalcitrantj; Do you even know what a Jew is? They are not a race, and they are not a religion anymore, they are a group of communists who hate everything except themselves.

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  32. There’s more to “fascism” than simple authoritarianism, particularly in its economic framework.

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  33. Brian Johnston

    daviddd2. Bolsheviks and Mensheviks are/were both Jewish.
    Your earlier comment would make more sense if you did not use fascism, maybe authoritarian or despotic.

    The capitalists wish to be the rulers, communism is for the masses.
    The Bolsheviks were 95% Jewish and capitalist backed. Jewish capital, they went on to murder up to 60 million Russian Orthodox Christians. According to Solzhenitzyn it was 66 million.

    lindesymonds, sorry you are being very flippant with the term Nazi.


  34. aapkoning: “Sorry, not my fault…”

    It is quite possible that the Bolsheviks have been replaced by the Mensheviks. Trotsky, interestingly enough, was a Menshevik but flicked to the Bolsheviks as the Mensheviks were not getting enough traction at the time.

    Certainly, the oligarchs and the movers and shakers behind Putin in Russia even today are of the Money Merchant class. Whatever the end it would not surprise if it is deemed to justify the means. Putin’s real role is still to be confirmed, in my opinion.


  35. Smoke…


  36. Sorry not my fault but, Putin is Jewish = 100% already so much info re Putin on Cairns News, have a look.


  37. As usual, the first level operators are being pointed to. You need to recognize the Master Puppeteer.


  38. As the Bible states clearly we don’t” wrestle again flesh and blood but with principalities and powers and rulers of wickedness in high places”. This world is being setup fro the rule of the the Antichrist and the world government and leaders all think they will be granted eternal life, riches and power under his rule. They are just puppets to be disposed of the the time comes as he will not let anyone rule other than himself.

    We have been hearing about the New World Order for a long time many decades in modern times. Satan’s only purpose is to destroy the image of God that man was created in, by whatever means possible it will be, worship the beasts image or you are over and out.

    We are now in the beginning of the birth pangs of what will be coming upon the earth.


  39. Hey Adenovirus, put on your thinking cap and at least ask the question why the ‘Nazis’ in the Ukraine are not attacking any Jewish interests. I mean – being ‘Nazis’ and all. Even the ADL has given them ‘a pass’.

    Both ZOG West and ZOG East have created ‘Nazi’ paramilitaries for the purposes of atrocities and atrocity propaganda they want to brand associate with either Ukrainian nationalism ( the nationalism of a White nation) or Russian nationalism (the nationalism of the White ethnic Russians of the Soviet Union).

    Both ZOG West and ZOG East are Jew owned and operated. But they have different scripts in what is called ‘a Meshugganeh’. This is a Yiddish word defined as an insanity. It is used to mean a complex insanity or a complete craziness that conceals the method and purpose of a calculated and well concocted plan.

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  40. BarbieJean G.

    Dear Editor, Lyndsey Symonds is a pure Academic from JCU and we all know who own the universities in Australia. She is for the opposition full-on and has several businesses. Get rid of her rantings. I knew her on Magnetic Island. Barbara J Gibbs, Dip.Diet& Nut:BA/BSc:Grad.Cert.OSH;TEFL Cert Ganoderma Distributor e’mail:


  41. lindesymonds: “a world soviet is going to be the foundation of social order”

    I believe you’re right on the point about social order and its control paradigm but I cannot muster the willingness to believe the economic order will follow the precepts of “the soviet or communism”.

    The control of land, labour and capital will remain in the hands of the 0.01%, the Money Changers at the apex of the pyramid, which in the economic order of things will not follow “communism” but “fascism”.

    So while there may be a form of a SOCIO-POLITICAL “soviet” it will be OWNED by and run more by FASCIST players. The “communists” will merely be in charge of social order and control and take instruction from their FASCIST owners in the shadows.

    That is not the definition of global communism, rather a description of global fascism utilising “communism” (or any other ideology for that matter) to sustain itself!!!

    Thus we might have the notion of a more obvious hybrid order which is neither communism nor fascism but a SYNTHESIS of both “opposing” orders. If we observe the historical play and its testing grounds we can see the experimentation and refinement of each order as it took place. Sometimes concealed, sometimes not.

    Ultimately, Hegel I believe got it right! “Thesis v Anti-Thesis = Synthesis”

    And our Synthesis is likely to be owned by the same 0.01% currently providing us with the Thesis and Anti-Thesis, except on a more comprehensive, complete and more global rather than regional scale.


  42. what a load of hogwash
    I think this was written by an Azov hiding in his bunker

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  43. Hi Editor. I could write a referenced precis for you on Sionistskiye Gosudarstva (Zionist Goverments or Operation SIG). Ion Pacepa knew a lot about it, but more has come to hand since he first informed the West..

    Many Home School Communities are reading this website. The young Australians, now in high school, who will pick up the Counter Revolution for Australia need to know this material.

    Your correspondent daviddd2 correctly states that

    “Surely you realise that the masters and fathers of the purveyors of Communism were not, are not and never were communists but fundamentally wealthy capitalists? No revolution, anywhere in the world, was ever staged by the working class or by any real “communists”.

    The Owners of Monopoly Capital – namely the Apex of the central banking cartel and The Owners of the Communist Revolution are one and the same group of dynastic Jewish families. And their are many Biblical references to them. In the Lenten readings most recently from the Saturday of the Third Week we see this fascinating reference:
    “two of the ancients of the people appointed judges that year: Iniquity that came out from Babylon from the ancient judges that seemed to govern the people. These men frequented the house of Joachim..” Daniel XIII : 15 – 30. DRV.

    “Iniquitas de Babylone” – refers to the secret sexegesimal system of usury for state capture and slave making. As Catharine Austin Fitts correctly states: “Slavery is the most lucrative business in the world and it always has been”. Most lucrative of all, is, of course the captured nation and its state.

    Because the Communist Revolution (total and hybrid warfare) is controlled by a central Apex it can be NETWORKED through captured states [that is governments owned by their Fifth Plank / Central Bank]. Marxist states with many different forms of government participate: Communist states which have built socialism, Deep States where the Key positions are all controlled by Revolutionary Assets, many liberation front proxies, Gook armies, Identitarian liberal movements, the Big Tax Exempt foundations (5C) – like Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie etc. The Reece Congressional Committee uncovered all that in the US. Alexandr Dugin in his Fourth Political Theory maps all this out.

    The UN is at present the Presidium and that was elected by the Supreme Soviet before its dissolution 1991.

    Because it is controlled from a central Apex , the Revolution can have many axes of power and The Owners of the Revolution can utilize the scissors strategy, cutting the social fabric to order – both within captured states and across their global hegemon.

    Communism is by definition Global and on the Goy plantation of The Owners of Monopoly Capital – a world soviet is going to be the foundation of social order with a more advanced totalitarian control grid than anything we have seen to date in nation like the Soviet Union or PRC – nations which made the required genocides and built the socialist base for the world order project.


  44. Putin wasn’t able to get Israel to stop bombing Syria so there goes the theory.

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  45. Yes Peter we know this but we reckoned Lindsey, a master scholar, might add a bit more. EWd


  46. Lindsey might pick this up. Ed


  47. Submit a contra story if you want. Ed


  48. Brian Johnston: “…we are witnessing a dynastic shootout and we count for zilch.”

    That’s not impossible. lol


  49. lindesymonds: “Change my mind”

    Surely you realise that the masters and fathers of the purveyors of Communism were not, are not and never were communists but fundamentally wealthy capitalists? No revolution, anywhere in the world, was ever staged by the working class or by any real “communists”.

    Communism is a socio-economic-political ideology designed to capture and hold the imagination and fanaticism of ordinary working class people in the same way that the other ancient “opium of the masses” captured and enslaved them into docile obedience and prescribed norms.

    The Klaus Schwabs and the George Soroses presenting as the vanguard of the NWO are no more communists than the succession of their employers and masters who have been operating from the shadows for hundreds of years.

    So it might be worthwhile to reformulate the “communist” story into a bigger and more updated reality in light of what we now know about the mask and tool of Soviet or Chinese “communism” as a Hegelian antithesis to Capitalism, eventuating in Global Totalitarianism.

    You can call that totalitarianism whatever you wish. But it won’t be “communism” as the Global Money Changers by definition can never be communists as long as they are private individuals and they control land, labour or capital.

    Hopefully you can see that the idea of “communism” taking over the world is a furphy invented to disguise the real actors who have remained in the shadows for centuries.

    Your turn to change my mind. Cheers. 🙂

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  50. So, Recalcitrant, why not reframe this for the goyim? Great photo-op of Vlad btw with his Rabbi: Berel Lazar of the Chabad Lubavitch doomsday cult.

    Putin admits to the ‘first’ soviet government being Jewish.

    After they consolidtated power , the Party [ all Jewish ] ran the USSR through the KGB. The Politburo and organs of state were there to provide a Goy schmo screen for the genocides of the European ethnicities – the Russians and White Slavs.


  51. Brian Johnston

    Stephen Mitford Goodson died under suspicious circumstances aka murder?

    If Putin is Jewish then we are witnessing a dynastic shootout and we count for zilch.

    Australia and New Zealand are being swallowed by subversion along with the other three major commonwealth countries, England, Canada and USA.


  52. recalcitrantj

    Tired of the endless blame everything on the Jews bs on this channel. Starting to become irrelevant


  53. Brian Johnston

    Stephen Mitford Goodson died under suspicious circumstances aka murdered?

    If Putin is Jewish then we are witnessing a dynastic shootout and we count for zilch.


  54. I do not speak for anyone except myself. I am a traditional Roman Catholic and homeschooling grandmother. I do not belong to any political party or sectarian organisation. I do not vote for any political corporate politute party.

    I am a Western Counter Revolutionary.

    I am critical of Fourth Political Theory (the Geopolitics of Aleksandr Dugin) and the entire Soviet Eurasian project as I have been following it for years. I tend to be argumentative with the Valdai Conference / Davos crap for building a world soviet with a foundation in the UN – a Communist Entity.

    The Communist Takedown of all Western nations by their Marxist states (now Manifest) is part of the Agenda for the Communist, UN Operation currently underway.

    The Long March of subversion: corruption and Satanisation of all Western institutions is part of the hybrid warfare of the Revolutionary Network of the permanent world-wide Revolution of the Fourth ComIntern – founded by Trotsky 1938. I oppose this and notice that in the US ,the Counter Revolution is fierce across all insitutions of social influence. The Americans are having some success in bringing the UN CoVID Operaton to heel through the courts. They may even be able to get the Biden, Clinton, Bush and Obama crime syndicates indicted.

    I support all Australian endeavors along the lines of cleaning up the Marxist SOP and its sistema of crime, corruption, chaos, paedo / trafficking and transfer of ownership to the Chinese Communist Party.

    I do not read blogs and various reports of ‘the latest outrage’. I read books. And I think the key authors / texts for this discussion are the works of Aleksandr Dugin, Anatoliy Golitsyn, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (The Gulag Archipelago and Two Hundred Years Together), Theodore Herzl “Judenstaat” and the G. Edward Griffin of Yuri Bezmenov. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is also essential reading, but one must understand that the Big Macher Jews are not above operating the Theodore ‘the Jews must suffer more’ Herzl plan. They own the central banking cartel as a private interest and arm of the international Judenstaat. This cartel owns all 153 nations as assets of their World Money Pyramid. They financed the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and bankrolled the genocides which followed – in Russia, its COLONIES and across the world. Karl Marx covers all of this in Vol III of The Capital.

    This brings me to another essential text for the 21st century – the works of a former director of the South African Reserve Bank: Stephen Mitford Goodson on the banking cartel. He researched its foundation in The Corporation of the City of London, its Apex in the Bank of International Settlements and the building of its cartel by Sir Montagu Norman.

    Change my mind.

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  55. This post doesn’t make any sense as Putin is the only one going against the New World Order. Give some links or some kind of evidence to believe that crap.


  56. Dear Lyndsey, I wonder whose side you are on…do you actually understand what is happening in the world, or do you just see it through your journalistic eyes? A true academic…and who runs the universities???


  57. This article does not align with much other information I’ve read and heard about Russia which I’ve checked thoroughly.


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