by Lindsey Symonds

The ‘Russian’ people – a very small minority of people inside Russia.

The Russian Federation has an assortment of ethnic demographics with Russian citizenship. The actual Russians – the White, European Russian ethnos – sufferred the “greatest human slaughter of all time” in the twentieth century – across the entire Russian land mass, the Ukraine and Belarus. Those who rule Russia today are Khazarian / Ashkhenazim Jews. They might appear to be ‘Russian’ because they come from families that captured a lot of European genetics. Putin (a former KGB) is Ashkhenazim. His mother was Jewish. He makes Aliyah. He puts on a beanie and prays for the Third Temple to be built at The Wall. And, as part of his ‘conservative, traditionalist, Russian nationalist ‘ schtick he pretends to be a Russian Orthodox. There are lots of great photo-ops of Vlad lighting candles with a vacant , vaguely pious expression. He looks better in Israeli Nazi pornography naked and riding his war bear.

The real Russian Orthodox Church inside Russia was martyred for the faith. The current Patirarch Kirill came up through the ranks of the KGB. After the Communist government [Wall to Wall Ashkhenazim ethnic Jews according to Putin himself] murdered the Russian Orthodox hierarchy, they trained the KGB in some of the old RO rituals and bells / smells / chants etc.

So who are these ‘Russians’?

Criticizing Putin and the government of the Soviet Union / Russian Federation will get you turned over to the police. The dob / snitch system is ubiquitous. As we have seen with the Manifest of our own Communist Takeover in Australia, there is nothing easier than to set up a dob / snitch system among sheeple who just want to keep everyone safe and do the right thing.

DaS Political Correctness operates throughout all social institutions in Russia.