The LNP, ALP and Greens defence force

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  1. periguinfalcon

    Meanwhile fuel costs rocket, their aim is to close every business down which isn’t jew owned! Nobody does a damn thing! Unbelievable, wait til they starve you into submission. But at least your favourite football team won.


  2. I made a video about the economic destruction of Australia, Alison.
    Unfortunately, my alleged colleagues at the time did not forward that video to many people, and those who did see it may have been more interested in fomenting their own opinions rather than paying heed to what I said in the video.
    I got nothing wrong, in that video, and even Craig Kelly, the federal MP, paid attention to what I said in relation to the economic genocide of Australia, and asked for more information.
    So I sent it to him, and that info is basically what is in the links on my video.
    Not to blow my own trumpet too loudly, but if sufficient attention had been paid to what I reveal here, and people had acted on that information, said people may have voted out the scum years ago.
    The video dates from 2017, which is five years ago-and they say that a week is a long time in politics!
    Well glory be!!!:


  3. The deceit of the “green economy” (aka Sustainability, Technocracy) is explained in the following comments:

    “The major political parties’ economic policies from the 1980s onwards smashed Australian manufacturing, which shrank from 20 per cent of GDP in 1980 to barely 5 per cent now.

    But then came the COVID-19 pandemic, and the severe disruption of global supply chains.

    Suddenly every politician started complaining that Australia was too dependent on imports, and that we had to revive domestic manufacturing. Or they were in 2020. Only two years on from the beginning of the pandemic, both parties are already backtracking, as is evident in a new Senate report on manufacturing they have combined to produce which is a betrayal of Australians.

    Given the circumstances, any Australian Parliamentary inquiry and report on manufacturing in 2021-22 should be a clarion call for the biggest investment in manufacturing since World War II.

    Yet what have the Liberals and Labor produced in this Senate report?

    More of the same! As the Labor Party had the majority of members on the committee, its majority report reflects the ALP’s current manufacturing policy. Unbelievably, the current policy is weaker than the ALP’s pre-pandemic manufacturing policy in 2016.

    The majority report recommendations amount to the usual window dressing platitudes on the need for more research and development, more skills training and apprenticeships, and more “green” manufacturing.

    None of it, however, reflects the need for a total transformation of the economy to again make Australia a manufacturing powerhouse.

    For example, Labor recommends a “review” of Australia’s government procurement policy to enable more local businesses to tender for government supply contracts.

    This is a “no-brainer”—government procurement creates major demand in the marketplace. Bob Katter MP argues that if all levels of government—federal, state, and local—had been required to buy Australian-made cars, it would have been enough to ensure the ongoing viability of the Australian car industry.

    But that breaks free trade “rules” that enable multinationals to dominate all economies. However, instead of learning the lesson of the pandemic and throwing out such unjust rules, Labor is only recommending a “review”, showing it isn’t serious about supporting manufacturing at all.

    Neither is Labor serious about the principal need of the manufacturing sector—investment.

    The report recommends a Manufacturing Industry Fund, which is clearly based on Labor’s own election policy of a $15 billion fund. This could most generously be described as a “start”—the actual investment needs of manufacturing are far greater.

    As the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre identified in its submission: “[manufacturers] regularly report that banks are unwilling to lend to companies to fund growth or new equipment purchases because banks lack an understanding of what manufacturing looks like today and perceive it to be high risk.

    Manufacturers report … there is a ‘valley of death’ when it comes to finding the larger amounts of money required to grow their enterprises to commercialisation and meaningful scale.”

    As weak as Labor’s recommendations are, they positively shine in comparison to the minority report recommendations of the Liberals.

    Bearing in mind that this is the party whipping us up for war against China right now, its attitude to manufacturing is insane, rooted in ideological lies.

    In a paragraph that should be framed and mounted as Australia’s national suicide note if the Liberals succeed in keeping our nation on its current road to economic perdition, Liberal Senators Andrew Bragg and Paul Scarr wrote:
    “The majority report proposes a number of recommendations which would underpin a government-driven interventionist approach in the manufacturing sector. Such policies have not worked in the past and there is no evidence to suggest that they will work in the future. The danger is that they will distort the market and cause more harm than good.”

    Calling Labor’s weak policy recommendations “a government-driven interventionist approach” only exposes how ideological the Liberals are. Saying a government interventionist approach has “not worked in the past” exposes how dumb they are.

    Australian manufacturing peaked in the mid-1960s at 30 per cent of GDP entirely due to government support.

    Starting in the economic mobilisation of WWII, the support continued with Ben Chifley’s establishment of the car industry, with investment from the Commonwealth Bank; the establishment of the Commonwealth Development Bank (CDB) in 1960 “for the establishment or development of industrial undertakings, particularly small ones”, according to then-Commonwealth Bank chairman Warren McDonald; and the ongoing use of tariffs and bounties to foster local production.

    The attitude of the two major parties as expressed in this report is unforgivable.

    The ALP and Liberals would deny that in the 1980s they knew their policies would smash manufacturing, but they cannot deny it now.

    Moreover, they cannot deny that Australia’s lack of domestic manufacturing and reliance on imports made us dangerously vulnerable in the pandemic.

    To ignore that reality, and stick to their failed approaches, is no longer a case of ideology, but criminal negligence.”


  4. What’s that, A net Zero Capability defence farce?


  5. I’m sure some Virtue signalling morons will have a melt down about this cartoon. No black people, No LGBQRSTUVWXZYF+ people or flag and where the army officer who identifies as a Cat? 🙈


  6. I’ll send then a six pack of Energisers tomorrow.


  7. Looks like we have a very poor defence force.Morrison has donated our money to the Ukraine. Do you reckon they will help us out if we need it ?
    The ADF tents they had in the Lismore area looked white and clean enough to be in Mecca. I never saw troupes buzzing around Any flood areas I have been in , get muddy and mucky, But the girls standing around.NOT ONE of them working , in the picture I saw, could have done a better job I reckon.They probably got stuck into it later when they got off the phones.
    We need a good defence force.Maybe the photos did not do them Justice.
    Maybe they need better public relations people.


  8. Good one!! 🤣🤣


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