AN Ottawa cafe operator who stayed open for Freedom Convoy truckers then bravely drove away Justin Trudeau’s rampant COVID fascism enforcers has gone viral on the internet.

Under Canada’s war-time Emergency Powers Act Trudeau has imposed a dictatorship even more far reaching than the emergency powers employed by Australian premiers with some 200 Freedom Convoy protesters and supporters having bank accounts frozen, business licences suspended and other actions designed to cripple war time subversives and terrorists.

The operator of the Iconic Cafe in Ottawa was visited by a group of Trudeau’s new Gestapo and city bylaw cops as protesters were being driven out of the city. The owner requested they produce a warrant to come in and “inspect” the premises but they refused and simply demanded to be let in.

When refused entry multiple times the cops then threatened to break the glass door, but the cafe owner and a woman stood their ground. Both prayed and it appears their prayers were answered as the cops eventually did go away.

Rumours have been circulating that the Ottawa police have been bolstered by UN forces, but we have yet to see hard evidence of this.

Freedom Convoy spokesman Tom Marazzo spoke about the protest developments at a press conference, calling the protest break-up “a dark day in our history”. “Never in my life would I believe anyone if they told me our Prime Minister refused dialogue and chose violence against peaceful protesters.

Marazzo said three of the protest leaders had been arrested and had their bank accounts frozen, including his own.

“This is one battle in a larger war for our freedoms. This is not a white flag of surrender by any means, at all. (It’s) time to regroup and re-evaluate what’s next for us.”