MSM either ignores or misrepresents 50,000 trucks and drivers condemning fascist Trudeau

We have just seen similar Australian media tactics over the reported, suspected deaths of two children on the Gold Coast after being vaxxed.

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. As Solzhenitzn came up, those with time, should read The Gulag Archipelago (all three volumes!).
    What was interesting was how they set up this massive genocide machine under the noses of the general public. Solzhenitzn once mentioned, that at a railway yard, their cattle trucks were regularly parked alongside trains packed with normal people, how could they not work it out, he pondered.
    This Magnus Opus is useful, insofar as revealing how these killing factories develop little by little, and were maintained by fear.

    Two Hundred Years Together is an excellent complimentary work.


  2. aapkoning:

    My reference to Kristallnacht was on the basis that it is today primarily used as a symbol of discrimination, intolerance and violence with respect to a declared “undesirable” and “threatening” group of people. Whether it was based on truth or fiction in 1938 is not an issue in the above context in which I applied it. Today the violence and propaganda which the event is known for may well be applied to the “unvaccinated”. That was the sole point, violence is not the arbiter of truth.

    In 1938 Kristallnacht specifically referred to violence against German Jews. Their perceived “undesirability” being of course buttressed by the declaration by “International Jewry.” of an economic war and boycott against Germany in 1933. The declaration of course set the International Jews against the German people and created a less than favourable climate for the German Jews to remain and be perceived as loyal German citizens. .

    At the time in Germany, the promotion of Kristallnacht as a vehicle of intolerance and violence was no doubt considered by both the German government and the International Zionists to be of of considerable value in encouraging Jewish migration to Palestine.

    Whether it was possibly a collaborative effort pursuant to a disappointing German Jewish response to migration to Palestine supported by the Haavara Agreement signed by the Zionists, Britain and Germany also in 1933 is still very much being considered by historians.

    If you know anything substantially different I’m always receptive to further education. Cheers 🙂


  3. I would venture a guess that we can look forward to a hybrid form of totalitarianism and imperial rule which includes the best of Fascism and the best of Communism. Best for the 0.01%, that is!

    Both the Fascist and Communist trademarks are owned by them and will encompass elements favoured by and palatable to the deliberately structured and ideologically divided sheep.

    A little like the Roman Empire structuring and employing “Christian” mysticism to absorb various cults and vassal subjects and unite them into its then “global” Empire.

    But maybe that too was a “conspiracy” theory. 🙂


  4. Here below the RIGHT ANTIDOTE* to the CONTINUOUS JEW POISON we get exposed to all our lives and again daily, TO WHICH THE OVERWHELMING MAJORITY OF THE GOYIM SUCCUMB.


  5. A look at the skyline of the Big Russian cities and Astana would tell you that the same people who own Russia also own the Western capitals. Their banking cartel owns these captured states as vassal nations – all welded to their seats in the UN.

    The ethnic European Russians are a captured and brutally oppressed people since the capture of their state 1917. Solzhenitsyn’s most famous quotes have told us this. The Russian governing class are crypto Jews, exactly as is the governing class of the Western nations.

    Post the destruction of the West, the real JWO will come from the East. The idea here is for the Soviet Union (which is still the SU) to merge with the EUSSR. The Europeans detest the EUSSR and these nations have every sovereign right to decide how they are going to organise to prevent this merger.

    Poland is always going to be in the way – as are the Visegrads.

    Back in WWII, The Owners had to get through Poland from the West because they prevented the Red Army from sweeping through to seize Europe in force 1919. They had to break through these nations from the West by setting up the Nazis and winning the German nation with the idea of liberating Russia. But once they were in Central Europe, their treatment of the Slavic untermenschen told a different story. The people who would have joined a powerful and determined German nation to rid Europe of Bolshevism and the Communist base for the permanent worldwide Revolution were betrayed in deepest consequence, as were the German people.


  6. Thank you davidd2 “Krisallnacht” To know: “Educate yourself”…
    Of course, the EVER LYING JEW gave a JEWISH TWIST to the story, or TWISTED THE STORY so to speak, which you can read here in THE (JEWISH) GUARDIAN:



  7. When governments and big corporate MSM get into bed with each other, and distort facts and truth, we end up with Crystall Nachts and Fascist 1930s type European regimes like Nazi Germany. And they’re way bigger than c-vid if anyone cares to recall the lessons of history.

    But at least at the end of the day we can all claim “we didn’t know”. Wake up to yourselves those of you who can’t be fkd to use your brains. You won’t be any more immune to being abused than anyone else. How did that “get the jab and you’ll have no more restrictions” fairy tale go for you? Happy ending? lol Smile next time you have to bend over, or at least pretend you’re happy.


  8. Lets hope that the history is not coming back to bite, at the moment the Jews at the top using anything possible to again make sure that the Goyim in the West fights the Goyim in the East.
    “Goyim means anyone not being Jewish.” Just look who has been behind the wars in the past.
    Then when both parties almost killed themselves, the once’s who created and started all the troubles will again pick up the spoils. And again control the world Overtly and Covertly. Lets hope this time an process is put in to place that the same cannot happen Again.


  9. Totally Editor…”or just a very naughty boy”.


  10. I am sure that Western ‘conservative’ Christian denizens of these subverted Marxist states with a satan social order are supposed to look at Vlad in exactly that way Editor. The Jew MSM carefully screens and sanitizes the gulag state of the RF / SU. Vlad has, of course, mandated the lethal injection but I seriously doubt that the ‘Russian’ batches are doing the harm that Pfizer, Modern, A-Z, Johnson and Johnson etc are doing in the West. The UN Plan 17 SDG, UNDRIP, UNCED and UN Global Compact for Human Tsunami is for the destruction of ZOG West, not ZOG East.


  11. Vladimir is so capable of almost anything. Maybe he is the Messiah?


  12. Since when has MSM actually reported anything in a truthful manner?


  13. Obviously MSM are doing their job. Good on them! That way they are very obvious.


  14. Let’s hope Justine remains in safe space. The convoys of the ‘fringe minority’ stretched from Manitoba to Ontario. I watched the American convoys cross the Falls Bridge over the Niagra into Canada. So North America has come together in a dramatic way. The Americans and Canadians are only rivals when it comes to sports. When it comes to the big issues, the N. Beavers and S. Badgers are of like mind.

    The truckers have decided to grind Canada to halt on their terms and wield the ‘if we stop no one eats’ power over their Communist psycho gov’t which ‘has been using that same power over the Canadian people to mandate ‘choice’ for the lethal injection. The truckers have seized that power and it looks to me like they are going to use it to topple the government.

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  15. I was just watching the trucks in Canada.Great. Trudesu has gone into hiding,He is supposed to have Covid. I saw Klaus Schwab being interviewed.Saying how Trudeau wah a Young Global Leader he trained.He was saying proudly that half the Canadian cabinet were trained by Klaus and the WEF. Of course so was Adhern.So was Macron.They have been working on this for decades and decades.
    Because most of our country men/ women , would not listen but chose to ignore the signs, now we have an enormous battle ahead.It has to be now. If we do not get off or butts and stand up Now. we will end up slaves. Oh laugh if you dare. the noose is getting tighter.
    This is not a joke. This the future of our children and their children. Do NOT have you kids injected Do Your research.
    No I am not joking, I am not stupid . . I have tried to awaken people for years, only to be ridiculed..It does not matter. But it will destroy you ,your home,your family, your job. .And totally stuff our beautiful country. Please if you love everything you have, and what you treasure , like children your freedom, defend it now, or I believe we will not have it.A small group cannot do it.



  16. Hi Editor, saw a hilarious report on Gateway Pundit, that CBC News (Canadian Lamestream) have claimed that Russia is behind the convoy protest!!! I’ve recently noticed that Abbott’s Bakery have suddenly reduced the slice size of their bread…..Goddam Russia!


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