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Police are investigating death threats against a Gold Coast doctor after he was trolled by anti-vaxxers following a child fainting episode at his vaccination clinic earlier this week.

An emotional Pacific Pines medico Dr Wilson Chin broke down on Thursday as he told of the threats and intimidation.

It came after two girls fainted at the clinic after they received the Pfizer vaccine.

A viral Facebook post claimed the girls started convulsing ‘uncontrollably’ and the nurse had to scream to Dr Chin to ‘do something’.

Dr Chin told Nine News Gold Coast that it was a normal fainting spell and ‘not an adverse reaction to the vaccine’. (Editor: here the doctor’s testimony fails – why would two young girls simultaneously have a ‘fainting episode’ immediately after an injection as potentially lethal as mRNA?)

He said the clinic had opted out of the child vaccination program as a result of the threats.

“The death threats and the threats out there are just not worth us jeopardising the safety of our staff,” he said.

The practice has reported the threats and intimidation to police.#

Why hasn’t News Ltd reported on the fate of the two young girls aged 6 and 10? If they had recovered without serious illness News Ltd would be crowing such. Editor