So many good cops were sacked by the Qld Labor corporation there are none left to investigate stolen cars

Letter to the Editor

As Cairns residents would know all to well the amount of stolen property and armed hold ups are now at a all time high, (Up to 30 cars stolen in 1 night in FNQ)

I too had a vehicle stolen in December 2021 and reported it to police. After making a report I went searching for my car and found it. I rang the police and informed them I found my car. The police then sent forensic officer to fingerprint the vehicle along with 2 other units 4 officers who drove past and didn’t even say hello. They didn’t knock on doors of people who clearly had CCTV or ask anyone if they seen anything suspicious in the area they simply drove off. I then called my insurance and they asked 1 million stupid questions and asked for a police report number. The forensic officer supplied me with that information. The insurance company then towed my vehicle to a yard in Cairns for assessment as the vehicle couldn’t be driven because of the damage.

Weeks went by and nothing so I called the police in Cairns and spoke to a officer who informed me they are doing the best they can. I asked if they had obtained CCTV footage from the area. He said there is non. I then informed him there is and give him the address of multiple addresses with CCTV. The officer then said he will get a unit to look into it.

Another week went by and I called the Cairns police again and spoke with a officer

Who informed me they have spoken to the people with CCTV and asked them to put the footage on some police system.

Another week went by and I again called Cairns police station and spoke to a officer who informed me the police have done everything they can. I got angry and said hang on, you never spoke to anyone with CCTV because I personally contacted them and they told me they have never been contacted from the police. It’s been a Month, now the cctv footage is gone. Your a bloody lies are not acceptable. How can you be paid to talk so much bull shit and get away with it. The officer hung up and I called again and asked to speak to a inspector. I explained myself to a inspector and he assured me he will personally deal with it himself.

Another week went by I spoke to the people who had CCTV on the street and they confirmed again the police had not contacted them so I called Cairns police station again and asked for the inspector and was told he wasn’t available so I asked for another officer for a update and was told the police have requested the CCTV footage from all the residents I informed them had CCTV systems and they are waiting for footage to review. I politely informed the officer he was lying and shouldn’t be a police officer. He hung up.

I then called my insurance company who settled with out restitution which means I’m out of pocket the access because our lazy Cairns police didn’t do there job. The insurance company informed me they had emailed and called the Cairns police for more than a month and never had a response. They also informed me Cairns police were the most difficult to get reports from.

Over 800 cars were stolen in Cairns in 2021, if everyone’s access was say $1000 that’s $800,000 the Cairns police cost people in Cairns who had their vehicles stolen without prosecution and restitution.

Julie Jones