5G turned on in US today

Letter to the Editor

I don’t believe they are wrapping up (the Covid scam) by March 1.
My own theory is that they are fast moving into Phase 2.
As warp speed as possible now that the world is waking up.

Today in the USA, 5 G in the higher GHz range is going to be turned on.
This is despite concerns from Airlines that it could interfere with their avionics.
Those concerns have been ignored.

Schools in the USA have their fencing in place to keep children in.
The sort of fencing which is high and not able to be cut if one wanted to get out.
Many schools have mobile towers nearby.

The theory is that Directed energy weapons will be used at some random time in the near future but in more specific targeted ways.

There may be no personal mobile communication available and no one will know what has really happened.
If people drop like flies, MSM will say it is ‘covid’.

Of course these are just theories.
Or perhaps I too have succumbed to Predictive Programming…

They do have their underground bunkers set up though.
Why would you need an underground bunker?
In the USA Underground bunkers have been in extremely high demand according to those who design them.

In Australia, she”ll be right mate.

Given the psyops they love to play there is no way they are giving up yet and in amongst the lies will be an element of truth.

We know that 5 G at 60GHz is on the radar spectrum. It also interferes with the oxygen molecule at that level.
This could lead to a hypoxic hypoxia.
At the very least, there may be signs of radiation sickness.
Humans are not made to live in such an electromagnetic soup.
Robots maybe, but not human’s.
The calcium channels of the heart
would be bombarded and people may get arrhythmia.
I really hope that none of this is going to happen.
There is nothing worse than not being able to breathe.

There are some that claim Directed Energy weapons can also attack Countries creating fires, or earthquakes, then tsunami effects and so on.

So if there is any truth to the claims of a silent yet deadly electromagnetic attack on the horizon, one thing I can be pretty sure of…
It won’t be Armaggedon.
They will just want us to think that it is.

from Seb


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. WHO?? in their right minds with even a vestige of intelligence, would go floating around on a giant electromagnetic petrie dish and consider it a holiday? And HOW have they been able to live this long?


  2. Hopefully there a a lot of medical staff onboard. Ed


  3. Thanks David long ago we did publish something similar by a European Professor from memory. Ed


  4. https://scientists4wiredtech.com/wireless-at-60-ghz-has-unique-oxygen-absorption-properties/

    60Ghz is 98% absorbed by oxygen, the oxygen molecules get over excited and it becomes difficult for haemoglobin to transport them. Hence you die of oxygen starvation (breathing difficulty) similar to the fatal c-vid cases, as opposed to fluid flooding in the lungs in the case of flu or pneumonia which also cause breathing dramas of a different sort.

    It’s a phenomenon of nature: the oxygen molecule (O 2) absorbs electromagnetic energy at 60 GHz like a piece of food in a microwave oven.

    Point-to-point wireless systems operating at 60 GHz have been used for many years by the
    intelligence community.


  5. Seb

    Just prior to the plandemic, the cruise line company (advert brochures) bragged about being the first line to have their fleet 5G’d.

    Early on in the plandemic a cruise ship that had deaths and many supposed covid problems, was tied up in Sydney.and had the problem of passengers getting off the ship before being cleared. Yes, it was a ship from the line that bragged about 5G being used onboard.

    Same cruise liners now back in action, all passengers now have to be vaxxed.
    Seen a report recently that they are (again) having problems onboard with covid,, really, they are all vaxxed.


  6. All those high fences around the schools have been going on only since Covid. Every school I’ve seen has high fences that no adult can possibly scale. I thought they were to herd people into – the metal is strong! It didn’t occur that just the kids would go in and not come out!


  7. In response to David Esplin, there are those who knew from the very beginning that the initial Cruise ship line that got ‘covid’ had just rolled out a 5G system onboard.
    Those retired people were in a floating EMF soup with typical symptoms of radiation sickness which can be flu like, or heart arrhythmias…and fatigue and so on.

    Many would have had co morbidities and on lots of medications given their retirement age.

    If Cruise Liners continue to float around offering 5G to their patrons in such a confined space then we can expect to see more of the same.

    Perpetuating ‘covid’ symptoms.

    The reality is they don’t want to know.

    But here’s a novel idea: Offer a Cruise experience where mobile technology is left at the door. Smell the sea air, see the sights, talk to your neighbour, read a book on the deck. No need to ring home. No need to find out the latest Facebook drama. Have a holiday.
    Imagine that.
    They only thing the Cruise Liners would have to deal with is ‘withdrawal’ from technology and that’s not contagious.


  8. janicew37,
    As far as I can ascertain that worked, folks stopped getting sick.
    The problem is that Indians had the balls to stand behind Mahatma Gandhi, and Australia is largely peopled by the nation they chased out of India. Go Figure.


  9. Now you’re talkin!!


  10. tonyryan43

    The real info for each frequency distance strength,etc, for different types of aerials and devices is hard to come by.. I use a Trifield EMF meter model TF2 – Not too expensive, good quality, tests up to 6GHz, does Mag, Elec and RF. Tests 2,3,4,5 G.

    Anything that tests the higher 5G frequencies starts to cost a lot of money many thousand of dollars, if you could get them.

    Testers such as the Trifield, picking up the higher 5G frequencies will just go to the max on the tester, lets you know by the way the tester responds that it is testing a very high frequency – very fast pulse rate, etc.

    The main worry is safe distance, the Trifield and other similar meters will give you that..


  11. Maybe we should do what they did in India…. Burn the damn things to the ground.


  12. Seb

    The lower 5g frequencies were auctioned off, I was following it at the time, 60GHz was not auctioned it was allowed to be used for free.

    Just had a quick look on internet, first entry:

    “A prime selling point for the 60 GHz band used by devices programmed for this bandwidth is that it is either license-exempt or lightly licensed in more than 22 countries, including the United States, the UK, China, Germany, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Australia and New Zealand. Using an unlicensed band for backhaul enables an operator to avoid the time-consuming license application process as well as burdensome license fees.” Fierce Wireless


  13. Αριστη Αρβανιτίδου

    They have already used their directed energy weapons in Syria, and the fires set worldwide. This is not new. What is needed now is for mankind to stand up at warp speed and take them down before they do more damage. Their time is finishing, and they know it.


  14. Queensland premier directs police to break the law

    Sent from my iPad


  15. Unsure Tony search Cairnsnews. Is Arnhemland closed down? Ed


  16. David and others who apparently grasp what this technology is about… will Telstra public payphone reception/transmission towers in remote locations emit dangerous radiation? And if so, to what distance?


  17. Very thought provoking – and I would bet right on the money.


  18. Old kodger, you’ve reminded me of something very weird and unsettling that I saw (in Cairns), one night a couple of weeks ago. Was sitting on my balcony when suddenly there was a very large, noiseless, reddish coloured flash, which reflected off the white side of the neighbouring apartment complex about 15 or so metres away. It lasted only about 4-5 seconds. There was no one around outside or even any traffic. I didn’t stick around out there for an encore.


  19. I’d like to see a graphical and statistical analysis showing number of “Covid” deaths vs 5G coverage / intensity. We’ve known from the start that Wuhan was a 5G hotspot. I’ve long suspected that the reason so many governments of all political persuasions are on board with this scamdemic is to eliminate their 5G liability. They probably figure: “An initial wave of deaths is inevitable, so we may as well invent an illness whose symptoms match radiation poisoning.” If 5G is the underlying cause, then we would expect the elderly and those with comorbidities to be hit first. There would be an initial impact over a few years as the vulnerable succumbed to the additional load on their health from radiation poisoning that could be explained by a viral pandemic, but there would also be ongoing deaths and health problems from that radiation poisoning.

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  20. In response to kaiwanshou, I understand that there are different frequencies that get auctioned off.

    So maybe you don’t personally feel any physical effects yourself at 24GHz but I’m talking about 60GHz.
    That’s when a chart will show you it crosses into the radar range.
    Neither should one discount the unnatural electromagnetic effects (EMF) on the body at 24GHz.
    This will be a new experience for us all.

    If they want to change it to 60GHz by changing the box on a system now being put in place, they are not going to tell us…

    My own thoughts are that 5G frequencies will be used as a weapon for at least crowd control in the future.
    It has already been tested as an effective invisible tool that will cause people to quickly scatter.

    I also think it is their weapon of choice for this ‘war’.

    Maybe that’s why they don’t care too much about the banter.
    Pure blood or not.
    In the end you die.

    They say they need it for the Internet of things.. do we just believe that?
    They said they wanted you to have a vaccine for your good too.
    What if the IoT is a cover story?
    To make you think it’s a good idea…

    The California fires were claimed to be quite odd. Specific houses burnt down but the trees nearby did not burn in a normal way, if at all.
    They seemed to be burning from the top first!
    These were the claims of those who were watching.

    As far as I understand 60GHz (a dedicated military frequency) has not been auctioned off in Australia.
    Not that anyone would tell us if they had.

    Given what 60GHz would do to nature, so long as the birds are still singing and not dropping out of the sky with bleeding eyes, then all is well.

    While the New Age Movement, Mother Earth, Gaia encourage people that a new better world is now in sight, I trust those observations as much as I would trust a Cult leader right now.

    There is no sign of the lies letting up.

    Barry Trover (UK) was a British Physicist who trained in Government Microwave Warfare in the 1960’s.

    I wonder what he would say?


  21. It is not a coincidence the the WA, and the VIC premiers have claimed the definition of “fully vaxxed” is about to be updated. And if you dont submit to the third experimental injection you’ll be locked-out and treated like the unvaxxed.


  22. Dear Editor and readers, as a separate issue, can anyone shed light on why we are hearing absolutely nothing re Boris Johnson’s lifting of plandemic restrictions? The site where I watched his parliamentary address has since mysteriously vanished, although you can still view the video on Gillian Mckeith’s Twitter feed. Naturally there’s only crickets from MSM.


  23. Yes Editor, Telstra have been pushing 5G (without customer consent) for some time now. Back in around October, I received a text from them advising they had installed 5G on my phone “as a free 3 month trial for my enjoyment”. You what?! I neither requested nor consented to that. When I checked, sure enough there it was. I guess legally they had to send the text after doing this. I most likely would have been unaware otherwise. I immediately reverted it back to 4G and unleashed on them. Later, an acquaintance in Telstra retail confided there had been numerous customer complaints regarding this. What a power trip they’re on.


  24. Sorry my comment on sebs comment did not have my name, put some of my comment in the wrong box.

    I was working at a hospital when the plandemic started. From memory the communications dish and aerials on top of the hospital were changed to 5G aerials.just before the terrible C…d arrived. When they carried out the changeover we were not told a anything about it – I was in a job that meant we should have been told,

    The hospital is in a city that was one of the first in Australia to have the whole city covered by 5G. They have been exposed for years now, I will watch how things go when they crank up the frequencies – likely that city will have big problems..

    Same city had very high PCR testing.

    For two years prior to the plandemic 5G had been active in Australia for testing only, you could not connect to it.


  25. Telstra is running the 5G show in Oz. Ed

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  26. t has been know since soon after the start of the plandemic that the symptons of


    Another very good article.

    Information that 5G, could and would, likely be used as a weapon against the people, has been available from very good scientists and other credible experts, since well before the plandemic started.

    I remember that the corporations / providers had to bid for the 5G frequencies, but did not have to bid for the 60 GHz frequency – it is free to use, strange that.

    No more jabs, no worries, just hit them with the higher frequencies, and blame the harm and deaths on whatever scamdemic they come up with at the time. The more graphene in the body the more effect the 5G will have.

    Could be why they are in a hurry to get as much graphene into us before they have to end the plandemic.

    Trouble is it will also effect the those who have not had the jabs..


  27. In Mareeba too we have been told but for another purpose – too keep marauding young murri vandals out. Ed


  28. Not everywhere, especially in the bush.Cities were first. Most regions are on 4G.Ed

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  29. Seb,
    There is a photo taken by a “firie” in NSW \, which I have seen, which shows a red beam emanating from above the cloud/smoke screen, which the firie described as some sort of “firebrand”. It would seem to me that there is your 5G weapon being tested.


  30. Australia already has 5G turned on in the mass population areas for about a year

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  31. I noticed that all the schools in cairns have been getting those fences too.


  32. When is there a time to turn off from everything? So many supposed truthers saying this covid is coming to an abrupt end of some sort & no matter what the deep state do it will fall apart and so on. Since when do nihilists give up? Sure they’ll hand the planet back to the people in a trillion pieces that’s about it.When you have an overbearing negative force that
    feels it’s right of place in dominating the planet I would imagine the only outcome to this solution is civil war. Get armed and get ready.

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  33. There’s a dangerous chemical in these ‘so-called’ RAT tests, which also deprive & destroy oxygen, which is no doubt by design.

    I don’t have the details here, but included a link in an earlier comment.

    I wonder if that PSYCHOPATH Gates will succeed in blocking out the sun, which will reduce photosynthesis, making it possible to also reduce oxygen levels due to plants reducing less.


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