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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Absolutely correct, Steve Fishman. And the collusion seems evident in Australia, too, as it is alleged that the federal government’s Future Fund, piloted by Peter Costello, has a couple of billion invested in all the major vaccine producers, and a $250 million or so in Facebook, which is regularly stifling political commentary on their platform. The Editor recently re-posted the Geelong Animal Laboratory expose on government-approved gain of function research here in my home town (I worked on the construction back in 1980) funded by Bill Gates, the Wellcome Trust and others, including Chinese scientists working in the lab. This video exposes people like Greg Hunt as being an operative of the World Economic Forum (a Strategic Director) and others. So it looks like our own government was p[art of the forward planning for the Plandemic? Indeed, one article I have says that Scott Morrison sought emergency powers months before any pandemic was declared:

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  2. President Trump won in 2016 with a promise to “drain the swamp.” But he did not drain “Big Pharma” out of the fake vaccine business. On the contrary, he embraced Big Pharma and is still endorsing and pushing OPERATION WARP DEATH as the Big Pharma Whore both he and Crash Test Dummy Biden both are. We need a candidate in 2024 who will stop the Vaccine Holocaust of the Experimental Use Authorization Eugenics Depopulation Lethal Injection Bioweapon. Without such a candidate, we the unvaccinated are doomed to watch 200 of our fellow Americans die of vaccine adverse events, many of which will already be dead by 2024. This song is TRUE and must be sung to wake people up to the evil that is upon us. And everyone pushing OPERATION WARP DEATH, from Trump to Biden to Fauci to Bill Gates to Klaus Schwab needs to be brought before a Nuremberg-type tribunal and tried for crimes against humanity.


  3. Not from this end Helen. Change your server. Ed


  4. Nicely said Ron and we support Ceep. Ed


  5. Ceep

    I did not like the music and song, that could have been done better.
    I did appreciate the message / warning.

    Who from Cairns News is laughing about people being harmed and dying from the jab?

    I have noticed the opposite, we are very much against the harm and death caused by the plandemic.

    It is very upsetting seeing the results of the jab especially in the real world – up close on video.

    I have already seen many videos put on line by the victims or the victims partners or families.
    They want to get the message out so that others are aware of what can happen to them.

    I worked most of my life in health and other systems where pain, suffering, harm and death were a part of the job, others have done similar. I certainly get upset about what is going on, but, I do like to know the facts about the harm and end results of the jab.

    We are in a real war, not like previous wars, the plandemic is a big part of the war.

    I suggest that if things keep going as per the plan (plandemic) there will be many more similar videos on social media and alternate news. – unless the system that is in control .of us bans them to hide the reality of what is happening.

    What is happening and coming up in the near future is going to shock anybody who has lived a protected life, many will not be able to get through it.

    I also suggest that after some time – upsetting videos will no longer upset people as much, it will become the see the results of the plandemic.


  6. Hi Cairns News… there any way i can get around the block they have when i try to open some of your news items please ________________________________


  7. Yeah Bob they use the blackfellas to line their own pockets. Eg Paul Kelly. Ed


  8. Irony? What are you talking about, ironic humour “for the cause”. Not worth my time trying to explain further.

    As a subscriber that is my choice? Well bravo for free speech at cairnsnews. Do you think you’re unique in this aspect?

    It’s also my choice to unsubscribe.

    For other readers of this site, here’s some of the comments from the video site posting the clip. There’s been multiple uploads and they’re littered with comments like this.
    I’m sure it’s so comforting for those who’ve one less place to set for Christmas dinner this year and are in full approval while really appreciate the ‘irony’ (seemingly for the illiterate).

    “Thank you for allowimg me to laugh again!”

    “Yo ho ho! Merry fucking Xmas! See you unjabbed next year! Better say my Goodbyes to the jabbed now . …………….. Just in case!”

    “EFFING Funny!!”

    “I feel very guilty but I did laugh it’s so True”

    “Excellent, we need a laugh even if it’s a bit goulish !!”

    “very good you gotta laugh otherwise you would be decorating all the trees with these buggers you know what am sayin??”

    Lets hope you’re not having to rent billboards anytime soon.
    Peddle on regardless.

    Ta ta.


  9. Ceep obviously does not understand the concept of irony.


  10. We at Cairns News are now -possible WANKERS- according to Ceep well that’s freedom of speech observed here at CN and Ceep is entitled to that as a subscriber.


  11. “If the death of my daughter would help to expose the government death march of the people I would put it on roadway billboards for all to see if I could afford it. It is mind over matter Ceep and your mind appears not to matter when it comes to freedom fighting”


    Really? Well, that’s your right as a parent of a deceased daughter. Have you asked all the families of these poor people if they feel the same way? No you haven’t and neither has the editor of the video clip.

    You know it’s wrong, you really do, as you don’t have permission to use these awful scenes. Are you really assuming it’s now a ‘free for all’ due to the current dire situation? So, as well as all our protective laws being cast aside by the corporate sluts, we can now cast aside our common decency as a society as well, because of personal angles to ‘fight for freedom’?

    Sarcastic jingles layered over the top of people dying? Yeah, that ‘s a real f**king winner. A real rallying call to the masses.

    Facts/figures, short interviews etc. They work, without throwing respect and common decency out of the window.

    You’ve now tried to justify it by basically saying, if you feel it’s OK, then everyone else should. You’re as bad as most of the wankers in Parliament if you truly believe that. I don’t think you do really believe that, I reckon you’re just running with a knee jerk defensive towards my initial comment, as you’re caught up in the passion of the fight (which is real). At least I hope that’s the reason.

    As I said, there are other ways.



  12. In regard to Tony Ryan’s comments about our Blackfella brothers and sister: I ‘d like to know where all the musos and artists are who profess camaraderie and affiliation with the Blackfellas of Australia. Where is Paul Kelly, who has written heaps of aborigine-related songs; where is Shane Howard, who has made money put of his blackfella-related songs; and where are people like Dan Sultan and other blackfella artists? I have not seen them, have not seen them jumping up and down about the Northern Territory abductions-nothing! So where are they. The silence is deafening. I have Shane Howard’s email address, and have emailed him before, to no effect. I htink he is worried about his public profile being tarnished, as the rest of them probably are.


  13. They rely on total sheeple support of their fear-mongering spin doctors and they are getting that support, but it is starting to show cracks as the mind control power is losing energy as the power of personal thought starts to return .. ED2


  14. We have absolutely nothing to do with anything on Facebook. We control what we publish not controlled by a pathetic social media muck heap. Our readership is vast, national and international enjoying our Facebook free factual information site .. ED2


  15. obviousbob~ Links are a problem with this site my guess for the scrambling keystrokes Best to not use links in comments ED2


  16. If the death of my daughter would help to expose the government death march of the people I would put it on roadway billboards for all to see if I could afford it. It is mind over matter Ceep and your mind appears not to matter when it comes to freedom fighting


  17. Legal proceedings now underway against Boris Johnson, etc, for crimes against the British people.


  18. Never fear, the New York school district are across it. The K-12 district is to the fore in educating parents about ‘sudden cardiac arrest in teenagers. This is not a new phenome – so don’t go there people and start associating it with the now mandatory injections.

    This is a common problem that has always been ‘unackowledged’ and ‘under-reported’. For years.


  19. whetheryoulikeitornotthetruthisthetruth

    No? Really? You don’t say! It is all conspiracy theories. Ask the fact checkers. They know better.(/sarc)


  20. These murders are trying to get reed of the true Austrailns indigenous people so they can clam Australia, for there own ,bustards!


  21. Dr Malone states that 80% of the Worlds population are suffering from Mass Formation Psychosis, which is the Legal Medical Definition, and in other words they are Hypnotised.
    It doesn’t matter what evidence you give them, they can comprehend it. You are wasting your time to communicate with them, it will always go on deaf ears. The Psyop has worked a treat. But sources say that they are slowly starting to be deprogrammed via MSM now.
    Time will tell. The Good guys are in charge.


  22. Don’t baptize unless you believe, otherwise Baptism is a pointless ritual. Jesus says ‘I am the way, the truth and the life’


  23. Very disappointed. As a species, we used to have a thing called ethical behaviour.
    I wonder how you’d feel if the sudden demise of someone you loved was used in a video like this?
    Yes, in this instance, I am shooting the messenger. There are other ways, FFS!



  24. Saw that right off. God help the innocent. And be JUST to the guilty.


  25. bring on the rope


  26. I am absolutely shocked to the core. That is totally tragic.


  27. I think using the word “Genocide” so often on Instagram, is what got my account frozen.. lol


  28. Dying with your boots on; scary indeed!


  29. Yes. Dropping Like Flies: ds,podfpof090954054=-y[p24k,54-0-045popm05609984840///???


  30. I have no idea how to transfer your postings to Facebook or similar but would certainly like to on occasions.
    Can you advise or better still add an option to click on to do so.


    Eon Radley


  31. Dropping like flys everywhere alright How long can the zio controlled politicians/msm/Big Pharma cover this shit up?


  32. The Covid Vax campaign has been used as a Trojan Horse to introduce Gene Technologies and Gene Therapy into Health debates. Central to Gene Theory is the notion that nearly all diseases are due to “defective” or “faulty” genes…
    Gene Theory is to Gene Therapy as Germ Theory is to Vaccinations…
    In October ’21 the head of Bayer-Monsanto remarked “mRNA vaxxines are an example of that cell and gene therapy which 95% of the people rejected in 2019.”…
    Yes ! Covid is the name of A Vaccine Marketing Campaign…
    For an idea of the dangerous assumptions that undergird Gene Therapy, on 17 December Celia Farber posted her interview with Richard Strohman “The Machine Model of Biology…”
    Well worth reading…
    It should come up if you type “The Machine Model of Biology – Celia Farber” into URL…



    This is how genocide works for most people. Two months or so after your second jab, comes the heart attack or neurological disintegration. An actual example…

    A six-weeks-vaccinated 50 year old Aboriginal lady with negative test result is inexplicably and forcibly removed from her homeland and taken to Darwin and locked with her daughter in the Howard Springs Concentration Camp for “14 days”.

    At an unexplained three weeks, still detained, she complains of heart pain and sore left arm. The next morning, she pleads with her daughter to call an ambulance. The Camp supervisors send a couple of nurses over several hours later, but no ambulance. At ten that night she collapsed and died.

    But it’s alright, total media blackout, so no unnecessary public panic or outrage.

    The video records the verbal evidence of families, repeated by a lawyer for independent verification. The only Australians who will ever know about this are immediate family, friends and allies. Genocide is nothing if not discreet. Remember earlier concentration camps?


  34. How many are prepared to meet their maker.? Lord have mercy . Please have your children baptised.

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  35. So true!



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