Black sheep Mesiti exposes the woke Rev. Costello’s “social justice by vaccination” crusade

Pat Mesiti at one of his recent rallies in Queensland.

THE Rev. Tim Costello and his brother the former Treasurer Peter Costello, are up to their eyeballs in big pharma’s insane “global vaccination” drive. While one Costello beats the drum to “share the vaccines with our poor neighbours” the other keenly watches over the vaccine profits rolling on in.

Rev. Tim Costello cunningly co-opted major church denominations into a vaccination crusade.

The former Treasurer these days is making sure the Australian Future Fund ($149 billion in assets) is raking in tens of millions from its big pharma and “medical research” investments, while his woke Baptist brother Tim is making sure those shots are distributed far and wide with generous support from the Aussie taxpayers – all in the name of “regional social justice” and “vaccine equity” of course.

But neither Rev. Tim nor Pete have said a public word we are aware of about the victims of vaccine adverse events, probably because that’s not on Bill Gates’ everyone-must-be-vaccinated agenda that is giving companies like Pfizer and Moderna staggering profit figures in the tens of billions and filling the pockets of the western privileged elites as represented by the Costellos.

Neither are the Costellos speaking up about long and destructive lockdowns, the banning of proven anti-Covid therapeutics, forced business bankruptcies, youth suicides, and now the criminal threats and coercion to vaccinate vulnerable teens at schools and even on their own doorsteps. No, the good reverend has other “social justice” issues to harp on about, most notably the crooked Crown Casino. Nothing like a local gambling den to raise the ire of a good old-fashioned Baptist minister?

Mega money manager Peter Costello is involved in the business end of his brother’s campaign to vaccinate the entire world.

Lucky Pete by the way, also chairs the Nine Entertainment Corporation, the sleazy big media group renowned for dishing out bread and circus tripe to the populace that also played a major role in pushing the Event 201 mantra to “Flood the zone”. Hence, 9 News almost daily spouted the lie to its brain-numbed followers that their only hope of being protected from “the virus” was a vaccine.

This is also one of the same big media companies, according to Senator Gerard Rennick, that have instructed their newsrooms to shy away from reporting hundreds of post-vaccination deaths and thousands of adverse events, now also being covered up by the TGA and it’s lying chief, Adjunct Professor John Skerrit.

Rev. Tim, for his part as a woke and prominent pusher of “climate action” and “vaccine equity” is being rewarded by the academic establishment with an invitation to chair Melbourne’s Peninsula Campus Community Advisory Council where he can project his “social justice” twaddle into the educational system.

But we must give the good reverend some credit for his ability to “network”. It seems Rev, Tim also employed prophetic powers and could see the pandemic coming down the track months before, just like Jane Halton and her corporate cabal at Event 201 in August 2019.

Rev. Tim, or someone pulling his strings, knew it was essential to get the churches on side, and hey presto, a clever marketing campaign was put together and launched by Tim’s team at Micah Australia, an organisation for Christian social justice warriors. That campaign took on the catchy hash-tagged title #EndCovid4All – after all, what good Christian would not support such a fine cause.

Next thing we know Micah Australia was circulating a 55-page propaganda booklet called Shot of Hope. That’s right, a vial of dangerous experimental medicine your “only hope”. The Lord God didn’t even get a look in. But churches and church welfare organisations of all the major denominations hardly hesitated in signing up.

The booklet outlines “the case” for Australia pushing vaccines on to the Asia-Pacific region, which according to Costello and company is the great “socially-responsible” thing to do. They call it “vaccine equity”. But there’s no mention in Shot of Hope about the tens of thousands of people worldwide who have died post-vaccination or the millions injured by the same or the obscene, extortimoney-grubbing deals perpetrated by Pfizer against nation-states everywhere. (The official adverse event reporting service in Europe, EudraVigilance, recently reported 28,104 post vaccination deaths and more than 2.634 million injuries from the so-called “shot of hope”).

Micah meanwhile, teamed up with a bunch of globalist NGOs and vaccine-pushing medical institutes such as Melbourne’s Gates-backed Burnet Institute, the Australian Global Health Alliance, the Pacific Friends of Global Health, UNICEF Australia, Médecins Sans Frontières Australia, the Australian Council for International Development, Save the Children Australia, World Vision Australia, Global Citizen and Results Australia.

These organisations are noted by their swollen ranks of academic-political appointees. The Australian Global Health Alliance has 14 such high-flying members on its advisory board, headed by a former Victorian Labor Party premier John Brumby. Its members come from all the politically correct institutions – Monash University, the Burnet Institute, University of Melbourne, Nossal Institute for Global Health and surprise, surprise, a representative from GlaxoSmithKline.

Most of these organisations (Global Citizen a glaring example) are rolling in money and also happen to be pushing the “climate action” agenda, to turn the global temperature down by 1.5 degrees – almost like you do with your airconditioner. But of course, we all need to be vaccinated vegans living in sustainable high-rise stacks of boxes and riding battery assisted bicycles before that utopia arrives. And as Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum famously assures us, “you vill own nothing unt be happy”. Gee, thanks Klaus. Does that apply to your Rothschild relatives too?

But God moves in mysterious ways, they say, and it took an unlikely former “defrocked” Hillsong Church pastor Pat Mesiti to come back to haunt the Rev. Tim and his misguided woke injection crusade and the churches who signed on.

Mesiti, who runs a motivational, life-coaching business, has bounced back from a self-admitted scandal-plagued episode in his life, to become a leading figure in the Australian protest movement, gathering Australian and international leaders Monica Smit, Topher Field, Ricardo Bossi, Aussie Cossack and others online to fight the tyranny. He is also running a series of Great Southland Rallies for churches across Queensland.

Mesiti has been taking special aim at the corporate churches across Australia not only for being sucked into the vaccine campaign but also for taking Scott Morrison’s JobKeeper handouts, as did big business. Take for instance the $47 million dished out to Seven West Media, run by Treasurer Josh Frydenberg’s close friend Ryan Stokes.

Mesiti reckons the mega-churches got more JobKeeper money than their offerings to pay staff. “Follow the 30 pieces of silver,” he told a gathering of church leaders recently in Queensland. He was also referring to the $50 million allocated under Shot of Love to combat “vaccine hesitancy”, in other words propaganda to white wash the mRNA vaccines.

He challenged those present to look up the denominations who signed up for a share in the vaccine campaign money. “When did we learn to bow the knee and almost redeem ourselves by acts of social justice? – like this stuff, headed by the wealthiest, most leftist Baptist in this country, and pentecostals are following him like he’s a sacred cow,” said Mesiti, waving a copy of Shot of Hope.

He said Shot of Hope “reeked of racism” because the $50 million would supposedly educate people in other places about vaccines. “What, we white people are that superior that they can’t educate themselves in other islands?”

Mesiti returned to his 30 pieces of silver theme. “A Shot of Hope sounds like ‘we’re all in this together’ – unless you disagree with us. Then we’re going to betray you. I know people – and I know them because they call me – they turn up at a march, so people at their own church dob them in… one of them was a worship leader from a major church. One of the signs is betrayal. Judases don’t change.”

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Every organisation worldwide has been infiltrated except mum and pop concerns. There is one guy in charge, initials FSA residing in the Rev 17-18 city of the seven hills.


  2. How many Shekels you have received Tim to advocate the lethal injection ?


  3. do you recall the promotion of freemasonry in Happy Days??? the grand pooh bah??? constant referencing to the Jews in the NANNY??? programming has been going on for a loooong time!


  4. It all started with a lie.

    It’s not a vaccine.
    It doesn’t fit the description of one.
    It is a gene therapy.

    The original and true definition of a vaccine as understood by most, is to take a small attenuated (dead) part of a real virus and put it into an injection (called a vaccine) to teach the immune system to recognise it into the future.
    A pre-recognition readiness.
    This includes the assumption that a healthy immune system actually needs help.

    The ‘Covid’ injections as part of the Worldwide Clinical trial do not fit the above description.
    Pfizer/Moderna/Novomax mRNA injections contain a synthetic virus, not a real one, and it is the spike protein in them that is the disease causing entity.

    People will also express this injected spike protein (HIV, XMRV, and SARS) and shed/spread it…just like one does after receiving a flu vaccine.

    The idea of vaccines to prevent a childhood disease like measles has been an accepted practice in the past but do those that continue to promote vaccines even have an ounce of a clue that they have been contaminated with mouse viruses, cow blood, monkey viruses, pig blood and aluminium?….
    Do they even know that vaccines have not been tested since 1989?
    Or that flu shots have been contaminated with coronaviruses every year, including 2019?

    The advice is becoming urgent, loud and clear from real (non Government appointed) experts:

    “never ever get another injection including the flu shot….because it will kill you if you have taken a ‘Covid’ mRNA shot”

    “This synthetic mRNA injection is causing the immune system to make binding antibodies and not neutralising ones”
    Reference: Scientist Dr J Mokovitz

    This means the person’s innate immune response will now be bypassed and that includes the type 1 interferon innate immune signalling.

    Your immune system cannot help you if you do.

    Unfortunately some of the post Covid injection help offered by Doctors and Scientists have been made illegal in this Country so they cannot be offered as advice.
    They included Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, ozone, chlorine dioxide (also used for autism), type 1 interferons in low dose spray, immune modulating peptides, cysteine and glutathione.

    It is important to know we haven’t seen anything yet.

    I just hope that the claims are correct that only half of this Country have actually swallowed the “vaccine” lie, not the purported 80-90% they would have everyone believe.

    As a clinical trial there likely would have been different doses, and even some controls.
    We just don’t know who received what.

    A Russian roulette shot of love.

    Pigs fly.

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  5. Time to rise up in the power of almighty God no more sitting on the fence God defend our nation as your people seek your face in repentance He has promised to heal our land .🙏🙏


  6. The more people put the pressure back onto these corporate’s forming working groups so as not to individually feel under pressure the sooner we may have a bit of normality in our lives.
    This was one of the best legal letter I have seen put out by Reignite Democracy Australia. I am sure it was this letter that made Coles Group retract their mandatory Vaccination for employees. I am sure RDA don’t mind seeing it spread around.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Very interesting. Thank you for keeping me informed!


  8. This is a mountain of stuff , and you have enlightened me considerably ,A great post .I have read a ton of stuff and you have educated me so much with this.,
    I have come to a state, where it is hard to believe almost anyone. The lies and the conniving that once respectable men and women now promote ,disgust me. , I always believed that academics, politicians, business men,and of course ministers were really a cut above the working classes. My Lord , how they have fallen. Yes there are a very few exceptions, For them , we must support them.
    There are 500 New Billionaires because of this Scamdemic. I expect they will get richer as people pay to try and survive..Tim should know all about repentance. Me ? I will get out and walk the streets with the rest of our defenders of freedom.

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  9. He always was part f the cabalist groups with UNICEF etc…did you really expect his stripes to change? His brother being a Liberal politician to push things their way to boot. May God’s will be done to them all very soon…maybe the gallows in Melbourne? lol whatever! They are killing us, and watching what I type and judging me by it…yet they are the criminals??? Go figure!


  10. Where did you get this information from?


  11. Evelyn McMenamin

    I will send this to my brother pat mesiti uses classic freemason signs


  12. Australia: With 2 Liberal Senators and 2 One Nation Senators now pledged to withdraw their vote until the Prime Minister steps in and ends the vaccine mandates, then Parliament is on a collision course with the Governor General.
    In fact these are the settings that lead to the infamous 1975 Constitutional crisis where Sir John Kerr dismissed Prime Minister Gough Whitlam after the Democrats in the Senate blocked supply.
    Pauline Hanson and the 3 Senators have created settings for the very same Constitutional crisis if they hold true to their word and withdraw their votes. This will leave the PM with the option of upholding Section 51 23a and Section 109 of the Constitution as requested in One Nation’s new Private Member’s Bill or walk to Government House and notify the GG that an election must be called. If he doesn’t do either and the Senate remains blocked then the GG has no choice other than to dismiss the Prime Minister, appoint a caretaker and call an election of both houses.
    Listening to Pauline Hanson last night she’s not budging and she has the Constitution on her side.
    Whilst Whitman’s dismissal may have been seen as partisan this dismissal, if it were to happen, would have been assisted by two members of the Prime Minister’s own party. That’s how far from the conservative base Scott Morrison has drifted.
    This should be the ONLY news in the country.

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