National disgrace: AMA steps around vaccine-related death after TGA bans Covid treatment

Dr Chris Perry of the AMA’s Queensland branch dared not tell the real reason why Aboriginal communities are “vaccine hesitant”. The “eminent physician” blamed conspiracy theories..


Dr CHRIS Perry of the Queensland branch of the AMA appeared on ABC radio this week moaning about low levels of vaccine uptake in Aboriginal communities like Cherbourg. But the highfalutin doctor didn’t have the guts to mention the death of Aboriginal elder Bevan Costello, who died six days after his much-publicised vaccine in Cherbourg in September.

According to Perry and his OAM-laden public health ruling class, deaths that happen after vaccination are simply part of the 3000 weekly deaths that occur in Australia normally. This is “statistics, damned lies and statistics”. Most of those 3000 are the octogenarians, not people like Bevan Costello who looked reasonably fit and well, and was certainly not in his 70s or 80s.

When asked by his ABC interviewer about the number of deadly adverse events in Australia, the doctor claimed there had “only been about 10 deaths from vaccines”, and specifically the ones that caused blood clots. No doc, the official statistics from the TGA in May 2020 were 210 post-vaccination deaths. There are almost certainly hundreds more since then, but Adjunct Professor John Skerrit’s crowd at the TGA have been doing their best to cover them up.

Corporate health bureaucrat Skerrit bestows his most holy blessing upon a vaccine lab early in the plandemic.

There is also the rash of heart attacks suffered by healthy teens and young adults worldwide after mRNA vaccinations. Some of them die and others appear to recover, but the long-term effects of pericarditis and myocarditis (external and internal heart muscle inflammation) are potentially serious.

Nevertheless, the AMA doctor, egged on by the reporter asking why there were such high levels of vaccine hesitancy in the remote communities, blamed “conspiracy theories”.

Our guess is they had seen the Cairns News’ report on the Cherbourg death but dared not mention our name for fear of publicising the story even more. Too bad ABC and AMA, Cairns News gets tens of thousands of views every week without your help.

Skerrit’s infamy goes back to September, when he and whoever works closely with him in his elite bureaucratic heights, banned the medicine ivermectin. They disingenuously claimed it was dangerous above certain dosages. So is just about every drug on the market.

They also made the ludicrous claim that it faced a shortage for its normal prescription use for lupus, scabies and other parasitic infections. In fact more enlightened public health officers in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh (pop. 26m) give away prescription packs to infected families. The case numbers in that state, with only a 9% vaccination rate, have dropped spectacularly.

But the highest of our eminent public health authorities don’t listen to people from “places like India”. They are still living in their Anglo-centric colonial world that sees the British-US medical establishment as the fount of all scientific wisdom.

Health statistics from two Indian states make a mockery of the Australian TGA’s claims that ivermectin is dangerous and ineffective and vaccines are the only effective treatment.

The reality is these people pushing the totalitarian lockdowns and mandates don’t make such decisions based on real scientific inquiry. They’re following orders that filter down from above via the WHO, Pfizer, the Wellcome Trust and Gates and Rockefeller foundations.

This is exactly why Morrison and the premiers are desperately fighting FOI requests for the alleged science behind the so-called health orders. It’s also why Andrews is attempting to institute a fully fascist regime in Victoria, beholden to his whims and any suspicion of a virus lurking anywhere, anytime.

Skerrit’s TGA are extraordinary hypocrites. If regular Australian parents in a household deprived a child of a medicine that could have stopped that child’s serious injury or death, the TGA would be on their case to ensure they were criminally charged with child abuse and neglect. There have been such cases, but when a so-called Skerrit deprives Australians of a potentially life saving medicine, Skerrit probably gets a bonus gong after his name.

Skerrit, like his big shot US health bureaucrat colleague Anthony Fauci, is a snake. In biblical times he would have fitted in among among the Pharisees, who Jesus condemned as a “brood of vipers”. There’s little to distinguish that notorious sect of word and truth twisters from today’s super bureaucrats like Fauci and Skerrit.

The viper injects poison into it’s victim, then lets it go free to wait for it to die. In Skerrit’s case he inserts a poisonous distortion of truth into the public service rules and people die as a result. Hospitals are being co-opted into this diabolical scheme. They falsely claim that serious COVID cases can only be put on ventilators, when that practice was shown to be very dangerous very early in the plandemic.

Also Watch Skerrit’s “Yes Minister” performance with Queensland Senator Gerard Rennick (one of the few LNP names worthy of mention) who questioned him at length about ivermectin. Skerrit cleverly maintains a cool, measured countenance when Rennick calls him out on a number of points – for instance the WHO’s classification of ivermectin as an essential, safe drug, when Skerrit and his accomplices claim otherwise.

Dr Vladimir Zelenko of New York had an almost 100% successs rate treating 1000 or more serious cases early in the outbreak with hydroxychloroquine, zinc and antibiotics, but of course was ignored by Fauci, his medical establishment and their jackal media hirelings. Zelenko now accuses the same US FDA with genocide and premeditated murder of some 700,000 Americans.

The truly revealing and criminal banning of alternative COVID-19 treatments is very likely part of Australia’s contract with the criminal pharma gangsters Pfizer, who had the gall to demand Argentina hand over its military bases as collateral in their borrowings for their vaccine contract.

The fact that the powers that be don’t want competition to vaccines is admitted in the TGA’s spurious reasons for banning ivermectin: “The Department is concerned that there are a number of significant public health risks associated with this practice including, for example, that persons taking ivermectin in an effort to prevent COVID-19 consider themselves to be protected against the disease, elect not to be vaccinated as part of the national COVID-19 vaccination program, and chose not to get tested or seek medical care if they experience symptoms. As a result, the use of oral ivermectin for the prevention or treatment of COVID-19 has the potential to spread the risk of infection throughout the community.” What absolute poppycock! It’s the opposite.

There are various protocols for taking ivermectin, one in particular developed by the truly eminent professor Thomas Borody of Sydney, and published over a year ago in August 2020. Borody was also an author of a paper on an ivermectin trial.

The group of Australian doctors treated patients in Sydney and Melbourne in July, August, and September with a protocol called the Ivermectin Triple Therapy (ITT), a combination of ivermectin, doxycycline, and zinc. It was highly successful with 600 patients treated, 5 admitted to hospital and zero deaths.

The equivalent control group in Australia of 600 people, not treated with triple therapy, resulted in 70 admitted to hospital and six deaths. Skerrit and his team will tell you vaccines “reduce the risk of severe infection and hospitalisation”. It’s another big lie. Even the CDC in the US now admit that vaccines don’t stop infection or transmission. Ivermectin by contrast does. Look at the statistics from Uttar Pradesh where it is administered by the state to infected people.

The sensible, independent health authorities of Uttar Pradesh make our public health authorities and the politicians and media who listen to them, look like fools – and they are. All the pride of high public position and fear of losing it drives this gang to the point now where they defend the worst medical fascism since the days of Hitler, Stalin and Mao.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. brianconcannon Don’t forget to add Gestapo Gladys to that list, they all have blood on their hands. Even our local member for New England was coercing his constituents to get the poison!


  2. Ertimus Waffle Gho DVM and bar.

    You cannot trust anyone these days every one is compromised.


  3. Head of the AMA Queensland, Dr Chris Perry, is a disgrace to his profession, and it says a lot about the AMA Qld if they tolerate his stupidity and complete lack of knowledge about the bio-weapon, “vaccines”, and the deaths and injuries they are causing around the world. This pathetic ‘doctor’ has sounded his own death knell, for as a traitor to his countrymen, and in coercing the public to take a poisonous jab, he deserves to be hung, and if not hung, he will be hunted down when the truth is revealed, as it will be eventually.

    Dr Perry, on Chanel 9 network television, “issued a dark warning to those who refuse anti-Covid vaccination, saying they not only face fines and fraud charges, but will be separated from the rest of society.
    “Life will be miserable without being vaccinated. You won’t be able to hide,”
    What a joke! Is he serious? He’ll be the one up on fraud charges and running, looking for somewhere to hide, when the baying mobs come after him. Have any AMA doctor members taken him to task, or are they scared of being struck off?

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  4. The money Mafia has a monopoly on truth. No amount of empirical evidence is permitted to contradict the reality it chooses to impose on us.

    Those countries which are financial enough to explode their national debt get lockdowns and injections, those which are not financial enough get Ivermectin protection. Nothing personal, just business.

    By Order of the Capo di tutti Capi of the Global Reserve. 😉


  5. Uttar Pradesh has a population of 231 million. [2021]. Makes us look even more stupid, or criminal.


  6. Judeo – Christian are not synonomous in meaning, and the two words should not be joined together by such labelling.
    Judaism as a religion does not accept Jesus Christ as the Jewish Messiah, despite OT prophecies and Jesus’ demonstrated deity in words and actions. (Although many Jewish people did and have accepted Jesus as their own Saviour).
    Perhaps confusion/misunderstanding has happened because “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.” Gal 3:28
    Nevertheless, this misunderstanding of scripture does not allow for the term ‘Judeo-Christian’.

    Sadly, this term has led to the zionist christian movement, which does have political aims.
    Had the church stuck to preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and seeking first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, zionism would not have expanded so quickly.


  7. Hi va121. Nov 11 will always be Rhodesian UDI.

    I am an Australian – a counter-revolutionary Australian. I have associations with the Rhodesian community because I teach the history of the Communist Revolution for home and parish community schools. And I contribute to the Rhodesian project.

    I think that project has a lot to offer Australia at this time of very similar crisis.

    At the end of the Dark Continent to which you refer (South of the Zambezi) , the Rhodesians and South Africans fought the armed aggression of the Communist Revolution when it invaded Africa. After the UN resolved in 1960 that the Europeans had to abdicate from their colonies. The Communist Bloc (of course) remained in possession of all theirs and so was positioned to crank up the machine of the Revolution, train and equip gooks, international red brigades to take over all the newly de-colonized populations of the world – which they did. Africa may well have gotten the worst of it.

    Rhodesia and South Africa stood against this onslaught. Rhodesia fought both Soviet and Chinese gooks and International brigades. SA even got to fight the Russians in person and handed their ass to them.

    Unfortunately kids in the modern schools don’t really learn history, they only get selected factoids and cultural Marxism. Figuring out whether they are a boy or a girl and what is their best pronoun can take up a whole term. That is why the home and parish schools place so much importance on the history of the Communist Revolution, cultural Marxism, the Long March of subversion through all institutions. All this stuff is censored in the mainstream.

    The Rhodesians made many satires on the Communist dictatorship that came to power through the UN electoral process foisted on them in 1980. And now that failed Marxist state has openly sold itself to Communist China – land, water and mineral rights, population (the bonded entities). Their only export is human tsunami. And in Australia, the Communist / corporate agents impersonating a government have imported a sizable number of people from these failed states controlled by the standard Marxist sistema of crime, corruption and social chaos. As our Communist / corporate agents implement failed Marxist statehood all these folks will fit right in.

    The Robert Mugabe Song can certainly happen here.

    Robert Mugabe Song

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  8. The FULL truth is that it’s a “civilized” world disgrace rather than “national” disgrace — study (NOT briefly scan) “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective  & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon”” at

    “The inhumane abominations, issued by the highly credentialed professional class of psychopaths-in-control and their lauded sycophantic minions, of “No Jews Allowed” and “No Colored People Allowed” of yesterday is the “No Unvaccinated People Allowed” of today.” (from cited article)


  9. @ lindesymonds

    You and I appear to come from the same end of the Dark Continent.

    Happy, belated 11 November to you and all the rest of us caught up the in the ‘new diaspora’!


  10. The entire UN under its Charter is a communist entity controlled by the Soviet [aka Russian Federation] / Sino Bloc. It is owned by The Owners of the central banking cartel. [All Jews for the folks always factor in that constant]

    And yes, some COINTELPRO manufactured ‘Globalist’ billionaire funds WHO since the Donald pulled the plug on US funding.


  11. Excellent coverage of crimes against humanity in Australia today!


  12. What’s going on with so many celebrity/personality vaxx spruikers carking it shortly after being injected? Are they dying of shame or what?

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  13. Ahem! On the principle of he who pays the piper calls the tune, the WHO is most certainly NOT controlled by a Sino-Soviet bloc. A quick look at who’s who in terms of funding will immediately dispel the notion that “communists” are the key players. The people who rank highest on the list are overwhelmingly from the “rich list”. That suggests more Fascist, oligarch style, than Communist influence.

    By the same token, the Communist style agendas being inflicted on us for the purposes of social and political totalitarianism should not be confused with the Fascist agendas inflicted on us for the purposes of economic and political totalitarianism.

    Both types of agendas merely serve to conceal and mask each other. Ultimately, they are both employed to strip us of our humanity “for the common good” .

    And it seems to me that is precisely what we are seeing in Australia and in similarly democratic nations. In short, we are being screwed for “someone else’s good”.

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  14. I’m, not sure that the people that we have in Australia that are qualified doctors should have that title.

    And further to that they no longer appear to be honoring various elements of the Declaration of Geneva (to the lay bods this is what we call the Hippocratic oath, but it isn’t and that’s just another neat bait an switch example)

    And here we begin the autopsy of the desired corpse of what was the sworn oath of medical practice compared to what the actual messy remains now are. I will for Brevity’s sake only focus on the most important sections of the declaration as given by people that enter the profession purporting to be Doctors (aka general practitioners and other as they climb that hill)


    I SOLEMNLY PLEDGE to dedicate my life to the service of humanity;

    yeah, from what I have seen, and experienced I reckon this is not happening right now, it seems you’re all serving the AMA and AHPRA.

    THE HEALTH AND WELL-BEING OF MY PATIENT will be my first consideration;

    right, so all of those early intervention treatments that we have seen be so effective in other parts of the world (Utar Pradesh, Japan maybe) can’t be prescribed here, dropped that ball didn’t ya?

    I WILL RESPECT the autonomy and dignity of my patient;

    I have spoken with two dr’s (really) one a so called specialist and the other a very general practitioner and their advise? “just go and get vaccinated, your concerns although they can’t be actually addressed through informed consent requirements should not stop you getting jabbed” and I have now adopted Islam and my name is ‘ASIF’!

    I WILL MAINTAIN the utmost respect for human life;

    refer to points above as desired……………no you’re not!

    I WILL NOT PERMIT considerations of age, disease or disability, creed, ethnic origin, gender, nationality, political affiliation, race, sexual orientation, social standing or any other factor to intervene between my duty and my patient;

    Try telling you’re very general practitioner that you’re not getting jabbed and watch this one get thrown out the window, hypocritical indeed!~

    I WILL RESPECT the secrets that are confided in me, even after the patient has died;

    Absolute crap, the Australian Immunization register is happily sharing your immunization records with any state organization that requests it, hello VAXX Passports.

    I WILL RESPECT the secrets that are confided in me, even after the patient has died;

    Yeah, no everything that is discussed with your very general practitioner during a visit is captured on an eMR (electronic medical records) system and is accessible by any other very general practitioner (including the more specialized general practitioners) as and when desired, so no more secrets I’m afraid!

    I WILL FOSTER the honor and noble traditions of the medical profession;

    doesn’t look like that’s actually happening at the moment does it?

    I WILL SHARE my medical knowledge for the benefit of the patient and the advancement of healthcare;

    Ummm no! As mentioned above it appears that the AMA and AHPRA have figuratively removed any testicular fortitude you may once have had rendering you effectively medical eunuchs!

    I WILL NOT USE my medical knowledge to violate human rights and civil liberties, even under threat;

    No, refer to comment above, re. eunuchs

    I MAKE THESE PROMISES solemnly, freely, and upon my honour.

    Really, I would see more honor amongst a band of thieves,

    as I mentioned in the start of this mild diatribe, I don’t think there are many amongst you currently that deserver to wear the title of Dr.

    Whipped, whimpering, emasculated, errand boys the lot of you!

    shame, shame, shame!

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  15. Hi Tonyryan43. Very interesting comment. There is no shortage of COINTELPRO parties set up to capture preferences for the Australian politburo at federal, state and local levels.

    Australia is going through a supreme crisis. As the government goes down The Owners have laid every snare they can think of to capture the population – ” this is because slavery is the most lucrative business in the world and it always has been” Catharine Austin Fitts.

    Bosi often references Australia as ‘Judeo-Christian’. I have no idea what this means. There is Judaism and there is Christianity. The Constitution 1901 was established upon Westminster jurisprudence of which the Church is foundational and later this shifted to the Anglican Church.

    But Westminster has been undergoing extinguishment through conflict of laws set up within the legal fiction of the UK since the War of the Succession 1688 – 1746 when the sovereignty passed to the Money Power. Since that time the UK monarchy and The Crown are not the same. Clearly Australia is a post Christian society with a Judeo-masonic social order. In the last fifty years, it has legislated for all four sins crying to Heaven for Divine vengeance, upheld them through the courts and enforced them upon the nation through every institution of social influence. Even at the end, however, the defenses of Westminster will prove to be very strong – as they did for Rhodesia in 1965 with their Declaration of Independence.

    The Australians can unite and roll the Communist take down of this country. All these corporate agents of the Corporation of the Commonwealth of Australia and the states – here in Qld we are chartered as the Brigalow Corporation – must go. For decades they were Fabian Socialists and now they are wall to wall Fourth ComIntern under the Praesidio of the UN.

    Rhodesians Never Die

    Happy Nov 11 to Rhodies everywhere.


  16. For the record Uttar Pradesh’s population is in the order of 225 million (or 9 times the population of Australia). Otherwise an excellent post. Thank you.


  17. Everyone should have a look at lindseymonds comments and especially have a look at the link in the comment. I have been saying for years ‘follow the money’. In Queensland our premiers father is known as Baileqi in China and has millions invested there – and of course follow the Pfizer money trail and it goes straight to Fauci.


  18. In response to Tonyryan43:
    Thanks for that update on what is happening in NT, especially the terrorising of Aboriginal communities. I hope the community freedom fighters are honing their survival skills.
    I have the same feelings about Riccardo Bosi. He is certainly a firebrand of opposition to the Bill Gates/big pharma/WEF narrative but as you say he is unavailable to his membership and judging by his performance on camera he would be very cruel to anyone who disagrees with him; the makings of yet another dictator perhaps?


  19. I’m Aboriginal and I won’t take their poison EVER.. I don’t eat ice cream & as for the financial bribes they can shove it… Their MRNA gain of function experimental eugenics poison WILL kill my connection to Country, Ancestors & Ancients… The final nail to shut down they’re theft of this land.. morriscum & Every Other Politician will get their ice cream alright .. COUNTRY.. SING YOUR LANDS !!

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  20. The experimental injections are so effective Israel is already on its 4th shot as boosters. . Soon enough they’ll need permanent drips in order to ensure effectiveness.

    And yet the doctors still ask no questions of their Mafia bosses.

    Money/Politics 1 : Science 0


  21. In Australia the Comrade public health authorities follow orders from the UN (a Communist entity controlled by the Soviet / Sino Bloc). They are running the CoVID operation (influenza rebranded: 2020) and the Vaxx Roll-out (objective of the operation 2021) on the basis of “Australia’s National Health Action Plan for Health Security 2019-2020”. This is a UN exercise of the UN International Health Regulation (IHR) which all the premiers signed off in 2018.

    The Comrade CHOs follow foundations like Rockefeller because these are the financial engines and workshops of the sistema. These big 501c Tax Exempts were all investigated 1952-54 by the US House Select Committee to Investigate Tax-Exempt Foundations and Comparable Organisations and were found to be working for international Communist objectives.


  22. A dumb Vax FANATIC has shot himself…

    Big Mouth Vax Advocate DEAD after Second COVID Jab


  23. It’s bad enough when the nation is betrayed by scum like Skerrit and other sociopathic doctors, but it is infinitely worse when people claim to be egalitarian patriots, representing Australians, but run organisations just as totalitarian as the corrupt government.

    I refer to Roccardo Bosi and his AustraliaOneParty. Apart from running an appalling web site, there are no live links with which to contact Bosi or his organisers, despite a “Contact us” link. How hard is it to provide live links?

    Enquirers just go around in circles from one page to the next. In the NT, there is simply no way a member can contact Bosi.

    I have joined the party twice over the months so far and have received no acknowledgement, nor responses to my questions, which I sent when an active link was still available.

    Reading between the lines, it is now clear that AustraliaOne Party is a fundamentalist Christian/Zionist party, which is precisely the genesis of the NWO clique destroying the world.

    In the NT, our backs are to the wall. Our Aborginal communities are paralysed in terror, with constant rumours of UN troops forcing jabs, or Kopassus roaming with the same objective in mind. Terrorised people are then bribed $500 to be jabbed. Some previously stoic Aboriginal freedom fighters have disappeared altogether, presumably in hiding way out bush.

    NT small business has formed its own fightback org but is labouring under the illusion that Gunner actually respects the rule of law. Until they wise up, they are as much use as tits on a bull. Meanwhile, 3000 Darwinites demonstrate in protest every week, but although this keeps spirits up, it has no impact on Gunner’s excesses and repressions. 90% of the population is unaware of the protests.

    The problem with manipulators like Bosi is that he sucks the strength out of the local resistance, as they anticipate backup from the south. Right now, this is fatal.

    So my message to Bosi is, put up or shut up. Repair your one-way-narrative website and reply to questions. Right now you are indisputably the enemy. At first, I thought this was accidental, now I suspect this is enemy tactics.

    I guess we will know for certain by next weekend.

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  24. Funny how Pfizer had developed something similar to Ivermectin

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  25. Thank you Tony, your post is so well written and I am sure it reflects the opinions of tens of thousands of un-brainwashed Australians. We have so much weight of evidence on the brazen criminality of Skerrit and his boss Fauci yet they are clinging to the tips of their ivory towers like rats on a telegraph pole in a flood.
    I have listened to other ABC interviews with Duckter Chris Perry and seriously a vomit bucket is a necessary accessory to the radio. I stand there waiting for the interviewer to ask a pertinent question but instead they wheel out the trusty old ‘conspiracy theory’ wagon. The ABC is almost at the top of the list of treasonous entities in Australia. That is such a crying shame: They could have been honest and clear throughout this scamdemic and for that they would have earned the respect of all Australians. Instead they chose to scurry around in the sewer pipes with the cream of the filth in Australian politics, public service and deadlical profession..

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  26. If anyone has any doubts about Uttar Pradesh using Ivermectin, you can hear it straight from Dr Lenny Da Costa:

    Dr Lenny Da Costa – The True Story of Ivermectin in India


  27. Clearly the Corporate Health Bureaucrats at the top actually don’t want a solution.

    The deeply rooted problem with Allopathic medicine is that it has been hijacked by big Pharma for way too long and clearly they are calling the shots now.

    A Pharmaceutical rep turns up in GP rooms and in Hospitals with (gifts) and the new latest pill and Doctors just accept it.
    Sometimes on very little data.
    The reality is that the TGA does not get it right 100% of the time.
    They allow a drug on the market, they find it causes adverse effects (sometimes serious) and they may even remove it.
    Meanwhile unsuspecting patient’s have been taking it, and they are never told.
    It is certainly not reported to the public in those terms, if at all.

    Most Doctors have never given vaccines any real thought either.
    They just ‘trust the science’….of a Pharmaceutical Company.
    They don’t even look at the insert in the package.
    They refuse to acknowledge vaccine injuries that have occurred over the last 30 years.
    They don’t consider cause and effect.
    Most are definitely not experts in this field.
    So why would you even ask them for their advice?
    (let’s not forget they actually are not allowed to tell us or they risk losing their licence)
    Reference: ‘

    It is on that background we now have what we have.
    Legalised drug pushers using coercion and now discrimination as their tools.

    These Pfizer/Moderna/Novomax injections are a novel (new) mRNA genetically modified Clinical trial being rolled out.
    That’s incredibly serious.
    The full extent of data has not even been compiled yet.
    If people want to consent to participating in a drug trial that remains their prerogative but it is their choice, and theirs alone.

    Many many Doctors actually do not agree with what is going on.
    Even in private they have been known to called it BS.

    The reality is that very few Doctors like Dr Humphries (a kidney Specialist) in the USA have actually bothered to spend hours, even years in truly understanding the science behind vaccines.
    Reference: ‘Dissolving illlusions, disease, vaccines and the forgotten History’ by Suzanne Humphries, MD

    Our whole Allopathic system needs a really good shake up.
    We all need to see it for what it has become.

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  28. Werner Schmidlin

    Dear Editor, I would appreciate if you would publish this; people need to be informed of the truth.
    The Qld premier and her cohorts are urging us to get the JAB and get protected from the Covid virus. Now, let me explain what protection meant to my sister and family in Germany.

    My sister was happily and fully vaccinated, three jabs, then two days later she was in the hospital with liver problems, something she never had before.

    Her daughter and her whole family got also fully vaccinated, and now they are all sick from the Corona virus and can’t go to work. So, this looks to me like a Claytons protection, a protection when you haven’t got one, doesn’t this tell us something?? So, Premier, what do you think about this?

    Werner Schmidlin

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  29. Skerrit is our very own Mengeler.

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  30. in this story below you wrote “/In May 2021 there were 210
    post-vaccination deaths”/

    In order for you to update that 210 figure, I attach three one-page
    documents in which I cut-and-pasted things from the TGA website, and
    added my comments:

    1. 210 deaths as at 27 May 210
    2. 318 deaths as at 24 June “i/n people who have been recently vaccinated/”
    3. 407 deaths as at 29 July – -If you are busy, then read only this
    third attachment.

    From the latest weekly safety report at

    * we see that the total number of reports of *AEFI, Adverse Events
    Following Immunisation*, were 76,587 for a VOLUNTARY reporting
    scheme that UNDER-states the true problems
    * of the total number of AEFI reports, there were 1,411 reports for
    persons aged under 18 years
    * among the vast number of words, tables and numbers, it is impossible
    to find, as I did above, the total deaths reported;
    but it was way above 500 a month or two ago when I could find the
    total number
    * ” approximately one third of the cases reported to the TGA are
    classified as Tier 1 cases which tend to have more serious outcomes
    (Table 4).
    Tier 1 cases involve clots in an unusual location, such as the brain
    or abdomen ”

    Note that the TGA does not publish the time delay between vaccination
    and death

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  31. Great article Tony.. Lots of good info.. Fauci, Skerrit and co should be …. for their murderous roles in this vaccine Holocaust stitch up of the human race
    Here in NSW Hazzard, Chant and Perrottet have blood on their hands for ignoring the dangers of the clot shots. Pushing health misery on Sydney siders.

    Sack Dan Pfizer Andrews

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  32. All these Criminals are all going to HANG………Australians will come for all of them, there is no turning the other cheek. Its called Genocide.

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  33. Dr Perry & his AMA mates will face the music at Nuremberg 2.0 & it won’t be “malpractice” charges but ones they will swing for. Book early & bring plenty of popcorn 🔥💥👏🇦🇺

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  34. Sheer brilliance… sticks it right up the AMA murdering bastards 👏

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  35. I believe the expression is “lies, damned lies and statistics”
    rather than as quoted in the story.

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