The socialist wrecker of Victoria Daniel Andrews shares a masonic handshake with “Brother Scotty”, a partner in the corrupt global vaccination scheme driven by global big pharma, the WHO, World Economic Forum and the Gates and Rockefeller foundations.
PM Scotty on the big screen at the Hillsong Conference with his wife Jenny.

LIBERAL Party MP Stuart Robert, a Hillsong Conference attendee along with his fellow “Pentecostal PM” Scott Morrison, are complicit in the sell-out of Australia to global elites and deceivers of both the Christian community and the population in general.

Conventional politics dictated that Morrison and Robert could shore up a huge slice of the evangelical Christian vote if they turned up at the annual conference that was attracting up to 25,000 representatives from dozens of Australian and international church denominations.

Morrison was ushered onto the main platform at the start of the 2019 event by Hillsong’s Brian Houston, who is facing court in November over failing to report child sexual abuse by his deceased father. Morrison, when asked to share a message with Australians, said they should “pray for and love one another”.

The sad face of Stuart Robert MP, now pushing the mark of the beast-style digital ID tyranny on behalf of the Liberals’ globalist puppet masters.

What an exercise in gross hypocrisy by a prime minister who, in a previous ministerial role, introduced for the first time in Australia “no jab, no pay”, otherwise known as coercion of families to get their children vaccinated or lose support payments – in direct violation of Section 51: 23a of the Constitution. Not that PM Scotty and his Liberals could care about the Constitution unless it suited them.

Now the same Morrison is presiding over coerced vaccination of the entire nation with dangerous mRNA experimental genetic therapies that have killed tens of thousands of people worldwide and maimed millions of others. The official EudraVigilance figures from the EU confirm the extent of this disaster with more than 27,000 Europeans dead following vaccination and more than 2.5 million injuries.

Morrison also used the Hillsong platform to voice “concern” about attacks on religious freedom, another vote-winning pitch at the conference. He had already been advised to put up a religious freedom bill to under-gird Section 116 of the Constitution and force the states to come into line. Two years down the track he has done nothing and his good mate Dan Andrews (apparently a Masonic lodge buddy) has actually criminalized prayer in Victoria that dares encroach on LGBTIQ ideology.

Robert, who had been forced to stand down from a previous ministerial role because of improper use of taxpayers funds to attend a business deal signing for a mining company friend in China, had another stage at the 2019 conference, preaching a message about how the Apostle Paul was followed by one of the civic leaders of a city in the New Testament. Apparently this was to encourage the conference attendees to look favourably upon the Liberal Party’s influential evangelical wing.

As it turns out Morrison and Robert, no doubt under the direction of their public service mandarins and the power broker Jane Halton, are selling out their country to the godless, communistic and fascist digital agenda of the World Economic Forum and the heinous global vaccination/global depopulation scheme of the Gates and Rockefeller foundations. Scotty and Robert might protest that they don’t have any choice but to follow the dictates of the global uber rich corporate elite, but they’re not honest enough to admit to the obvious and it would spoil their political gaming of the population to boot.

ScoMo, to add insult to the grievous injury of his country, is heading to the COP26 climate conference in Scotland to please his “green” corporate sponsors like Deloitte and PriceWaterhouseCoopers who are strangling investment our coal, oil and gas industries so we have to buy even more solar panels and windmills from China – the biggest global burner of coal by far. ScoMo is so far down the climate change rabbit hole he believes it is “a matter of national security”.

You bet it’s a matter of national security ScoMo. Take away this country’s base load energy capacity from coal and try to replace that with windmills, solar farm and battery supply and you have serious economic problems, regardless of what the so-called “economists” at PwC Australia dream up.

Robert, now now the Minister for Employment, Workforce, Skills, Small and Family Business, is pushing digital ID, the very agenda of the globalist cabal as represented above, in the draft of the so-called “Trusted Digital Identity Bill and related legislative instruments”.

Robert, in the typical political corporate-speak of Canberra, says the plans are all open for “public consultation”. In fact the digital ID stuff has been on the drawing boards of ID2020 since at least 2016. The Rockefeller Foundation also foreshadowed a digital dictatorship in it’s notorious 2010 report “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development”.

ID2020, a partnership of Gates’ Microsoft, the global vaccine pushing organisation GAVI and the woke global Accenture corporation, are pushing vaccine passports they so lovingly call the “Good Health Pass”. ID2020 says they’re all about “restoring the global economy and restarting global travel”. Where have we heard that narrative before?

Of course Robert says there’s been “extensive consultation – including two completed rounds of public consultation – to understand public expectations for the legislation”. Really Mr Robert? Did you do a public forum in your Fadden electorate? Or was it just the usual corporate sector “stakeholder consultations”.

He says the legislation (guaranteed to pass with the support of their Labor Party bedmates) will “enable the expansion of the Australian Government Digital Identity System, specifically to enable greater participation by state and territory governments and the private sector”.

Who, Mr Robert, in their right mind wants more participation by governments in the private sector? Are you insane or just completely bought and paid for? You claim to represent “small and family business”. No you don’t, because you and Scomo and the premiers are in the process of destroying it on behalf of your puppet masters at the WEF who say by 2030 “you will own nothing but you will be happy”.

Robert claims the digital ID will “enshrine in law various privacy and consumer protections, so that Australians can have confidence in the System and know that their personal information is safe and secure”. Really Mr Robert? Safe and secure like the digital passport system that forces people to disclose their medical status in contradiction of current Commonwealth privacy law and that has now created an actual class of “untouchables” otherwise known as the unvaccinated?