“Christian” Liberals push globalists’ green shutdown and digital ID population control plans

The socialist wrecker of Victoria Daniel Andrews shares a masonic handshake with “Brother Scotty”, a partner in the corrupt global vaccination scheme driven by global big pharma, the WHO, World Economic Forum and the Gates and Rockefeller foundations.
PM Scotty on the big screen at the Hillsong Conference with his wife Jenny.

LIBERAL Party MP Stuart Robert, a Hillsong Conference attendee along with his fellow “Pentecostal PM” Scott Morrison, are complicit in the sell-out of Australia to global elites and deceivers of both the Christian community and the population in general.

Conventional politics dictated that Morrison and Robert could shore up a huge slice of the evangelical Christian vote if they turned up at the annual conference that was attracting up to 25,000 representatives from dozens of Australian and international church denominations.

Morrison was ushered onto the main platform at the start of the 2019 event by Hillsong’s Brian Houston, who is facing court in November over failing to report child sexual abuse by his deceased father. Morrison, when asked to share a message with Australians, said they should “pray for and love one another”.

The sad face of Stuart Robert MP, now pushing the mark of the beast-style digital ID tyranny on behalf of the Liberals’ globalist puppet masters.

What an exercise in gross hypocrisy by a prime minister who, in a previous ministerial role, introduced for the first time in Australia “no jab, no pay”, otherwise known as coercion of families to get their children vaccinated or lose support payments – in direct violation of Section 51: 23a of the Constitution. Not that PM Scotty and his Liberals could care about the Constitution unless it suited them.

Now the same Morrison is presiding over coerced vaccination of the entire nation with dangerous mRNA experimental genetic therapies that have killed tens of thousands of people worldwide and maimed millions of others. The official EudraVigilance figures from the EU confirm the extent of this disaster with more than 27,000 Europeans dead following vaccination and more than 2.5 million injuries.

Morrison also used the Hillsong platform to voice “concern” about attacks on religious freedom, another vote-winning pitch at the conference. He had already been advised to put up a religious freedom bill to under-gird Section 116 of the Constitution and force the states to come into line. Two years down the track he has done nothing and his good mate Dan Andrews (apparently a Masonic lodge buddy) has actually criminalized prayer in Victoria that dares encroach on LGBTIQ ideology.

Robert, who had been forced to stand down from a previous ministerial role because of improper use of taxpayers funds to attend a business deal signing for a mining company friend in China, had another stage at the 2019 conference, preaching a message about how the Apostle Paul was followed by one of the civic leaders of a city in the New Testament. Apparently this was to encourage the conference attendees to look favourably upon the Liberal Party’s influential evangelical wing.

As it turns out Morrison and Robert, no doubt under the direction of their public service mandarins and the power broker Jane Halton, are selling out their country to the godless, communistic and fascist digital agenda of the World Economic Forum and the heinous global vaccination/global depopulation scheme of the Gates and Rockefeller foundations. Scotty and Robert might protest that they don’t have any choice but to follow the dictates of the global uber rich corporate elite, but they’re not honest enough to admit to the obvious and it would spoil their political gaming of the population to boot.

ScoMo, to add insult to the grievous injury of his country, is heading to the COP26 climate conference in Scotland to please his “green” corporate sponsors like Deloitte and PriceWaterhouseCoopers who are strangling investment our coal, oil and gas industries so we have to buy even more solar panels and windmills from China – the biggest global burner of coal by far. ScoMo is so far down the climate change rabbit hole he believes it is “a matter of national security”.

You bet it’s a matter of national security ScoMo. Take away this country’s base load energy capacity from coal and try to replace that with windmills, solar farm and battery supply and you have serious economic problems, regardless of what the so-called “economists” at PwC Australia dream up.

Robert, now now the Minister for Employment, Workforce, Skills, Small and Family Business, is pushing digital ID, the very agenda of the globalist cabal as represented above, in the draft of the so-called “Trusted Digital Identity Bill and related legislative instruments”.

Robert, in the typical political corporate-speak of Canberra, says the plans are all open for “public consultation”. In fact the digital ID stuff has been on the drawing boards of ID2020 since at least 2016. The Rockefeller Foundation also foreshadowed a digital dictatorship in it’s notorious 2010 report “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development”.

ID2020, a partnership of Gates’ Microsoft, the global vaccine pushing organisation GAVI and the woke global Accenture corporation, are pushing vaccine passports they so lovingly call the “Good Health Pass”. ID2020 says they’re all about “restoring the global economy and restarting global travel”. Where have we heard that narrative before?

Of course Robert says there’s been “extensive consultation – including two completed rounds of public consultation – to understand public expectations for the legislation”. Really Mr Robert? Did you do a public forum in your Fadden electorate? Or was it just the usual corporate sector “stakeholder consultations”.

He says the legislation (guaranteed to pass with the support of their Labor Party bedmates) will “enable the expansion of the Australian Government Digital Identity System, specifically to enable greater participation by state and territory governments and the private sector”.

Who, Mr Robert, in their right mind wants more participation by governments in the private sector? Are you insane or just completely bought and paid for? You claim to represent “small and family business”. No you don’t, because you and Scomo and the premiers are in the process of destroying it on behalf of your puppet masters at the WEF who say by 2030 “you will own nothing but you will be happy”.

Robert claims the digital ID will “enshrine in law various privacy and consumer protections, so that Australians can have confidence in the System and know that their personal information is safe and secure”. Really Mr Robert? Safe and secure like the digital passport system that forces people to disclose their medical status in contradiction of current Commonwealth privacy law and that has now created an actual class of “untouchables” otherwise known as the unvaccinated?

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Does anybody know about the prosecuting of Daniel Andrews in the Hague for acts against humanity and treason, I thought that this action was being brought against Dan by a former Senior Accountant from the Victorian Government.


  2. AUSTRALIANS HAVE TO RISE UP POWERFULLY AGAINST THESE INSANE NAZIS WHO HAVE DESTROYED US ALL AND OUR COUNTRY AND WORLD. There are some wonderful human rights lawyers fighting for us all, where are all the rest ? there should be thousands upon thousands of them because we are all doomed if these deranged dangerous psychopaths in Government are allowed to continue their crimes against humanity > all of us.

    There is going to be a long list of ‘covid criminals’ from Australia who many have no doubt, will eventually meet their doom for these heinous Crimes Against Humanity.
    It has become obvious even to the most uninformed, that something is not right and they are asking questions – the obvious starting point was when global governments and their co-criminals, hijacked the internet to impede, obstruct and interfere with people doing their own research – so clearly that obstruction was premeditated.
    The ‘vaccination policy’ was and is corrupted and the conflicts of interest systemic and widespread. Tick tock – they will be held accountable.

    FDA ENDORSES MURDEROUS ATROCITIES AGAINST CHILDREN … Emergency Rooms across America being filled with post-vaccine patients suffering serious illness
    October 27, 2021 by: Mike Adams
    In a 17-0 decision, an FDA committee has codified medical atrocities against innocent children across America by voting to approve “emergency use” of covid vaccines in children aged 5 – 11.
    Importantly, there is no medical need for children aged 5 – 11 to take covid vaccines at all, given that their mortality rate from covid infections is nearly zero.
    Because of the near-zero mortality rate, there is no “benefit” that can be offered by the vaccines. Only risks. And these vaccines are incredibly risky, having already killed an estimated 250,000 Americans so far (and counting). Source: Dr. Zev Zelenko.
    This means the FDA panel members, by approving this deadly vaccines for children, are carrying out medical genocide against innocent children on a scale never even imagined by Third Reich medical experiments doctor Josef Mengele.
    The White House now plans to assault 28 million children with vaccine violence, and the mass slaughter of innocents is being carried out like clockwork. The only question remains: Will the slaughter of innocent children finally be enough to awaken America to the genocidal evil of Big Pharma and its captured regulators like the FDA?
    Find more answers in today’s Situation Update podcast below…
    NPR admits emergency rooms across America are “swamped” with organ failures and serious illness… it looks like a wave of vaccine injuries
    As we’ve documented numerous times, covid vaccines destroy the innate immune system. This is part of their functional design, for if they didn’t suppress immunity, the vaccine’s mRNA strands would be attacked and destroyed by the immune system before they could infect human cells and take over the protein synthesis of ribosomes.
    Current estimates show that people who have taken mRNA-based covid vaccines (Moderna and Pfizer) lose about 5% of their innate immune function each week. After about 20 weeks, they are characterized as “AIDS patients” who have little to no functioning immunity against in-the-wild pathogens such as common colds and flu viruses.
    Beyond merely theoretical, this phenomenon is now being confirmed by the swamping of US hospital emergency rooms with post-vaccine patients who are exhibiting extreme levels of sickness against common health insults. “ERs are now swamped with seriously ill patients — but many don’t even have COVID,” reported NPR.org yesterday. Running out of ER rooms, patients are being treated in reclining chairs placed in hallways. From the NPR story: (emphasis added)
    Months of treatment delays have exacerbated chronic conditions and worsened symptoms. Doctors and nurses say the severity of illness ranges widely and includes abdominal pain, respiratory problems, blood clots, heart conditions and suicide attempts, among others.
    A separate section of the hospital was turned into an overflow unit. Stretchers stack up in halls. The hospital has even brought in a row of brown reclining chairs, lined up against a wall, for patients who aren’t sick enough for a stretcher but are too sick to stay in the main waiting room.
    There is no privacy, as Alejoz Perrientoz just learned. He came to the ER this particular morning because his arm has been tingling and painful for over a week now. He can no longer hold a cup of coffee. A nurse gave him a full physical exam in the brown recliner, which made him self-conscious about having his shirt lifted up in front of strangers. “I felt a little uncomfortable,” he whispers. “But I have no choice, you know? I’m in the hallway. There’s no rooms.”
    [Notice that the tingling arm is a typical consequence stemming from vaccine injury and blood clots…]
    “We are hearing from members in every part of the country,” says Dr. Lisa Moreno, president of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine (AAEM). “The Midwest, the South, the Northeast, the West … they are seeing this exact same phenomenon.”
    NPR, of course, utterly fails to link any of this with vaccines, even when patients are being diagnosed with blood clots, heart conditions, breathing difficulty and the tingling of extremities. These are all vaccine side effects, yet no one in the media will dare report that truth.
    The upshot is that emergency rooms are being overrun with vaccine injured patients… and it’s not even November yet. Imagine what the scene looks like in mid-January.
    This is one of those “we told ya so” moments, it seems, when the vaccine zealots realize they’re already dead because they foolishly believed a depopulation weapon system was a beneficial vaccine. Without question, millions of vaccinated Americans will be dead or health compromised before Spring. What we’re seeing now is just the leading edge of the health care catastrophe yet to be fully realized.
    Find more details in today’s Situation Update podcast here:
    Find news interviews and podcasts each day at:
    Bypass censorship by sharing this link:


  3. Immunity and Impunity: Corruption in the State – Pharma Nexus
    Paddy Rawlinson
    Western Sydney University
    Critical criminology repeatedly has drawn attention to the state – corporate nexus as a site of corruption and other forms of criminality, a scenario exacerbated by the intensification of neoliberalism in areas such as health.

    The state-pharmaceutical relationship, which increasingly influences health policy, is no exception.
    That is especially so when pharmaceutical products such as vaccines, a burgeoning sector of the industry, are mandated in direct violation of the principle of informed consent.

    Such policies have provoked suspicion and dissent as critics question the integrity of the state-pharma alliance and its impact on vaccine safety.

    However, rather than encouraging open debate, draconian modes of governance have been implemented to repress and silence any form of criticism, thereby protecting the activities of the state and pharmaceutical industry from independent scrutiny.
    The article examines this relationship in the context of recent legislation in Australia to intensify its mandatory regime around vaccines.
    It argues that attempts to undermine freedom of speech, and to systematically excoriate those who criticise or dissent from mandatory vaccine programs, function as a corrupting process and, by extension, serve to provoke the notion that corruption does indeed exist within the state-pharma alliance.
    If state power is about controlling populations, and corporate power about profit maximisation, the vaccine industry feeds both.
    As such, more than any other area of public health, it demands a respect for human rights, for independent scientific inquiry, and the presence of an effective form of surveillance to ensure that abuses of power are minimised and harms avoided.
    Indeed, the very premise upon which claims for vaccines is made—that is, their contribution to the betterment of humankind—assumes the presence of these conditions of rights and respect rather than repression and disdain.
    The editor of The Lancet, Richard Horton, states the obvious, that ‘[i]t would seem within the spirit of scientific inquiry to pose questions that challenge received orthodoxies’ (2015). On this supposition, Edward Jenner, the father of vaccines, was able to pursue what was then regarded as unorthodox, controversial and dangerous thinking.
    He was afforded the freedom to debate with his peers, to present his findings, to develop his ideas, however contentious they might have been. Whether Jenner’s science was right or wrong is not the issue here.
    Rather, the fact that he could and did pursue what he genuinely believed would make a contribution to modern medicine is a testament to the spirit of free inquiry that drives scientific advancement. So too, the ability to choose how and when medical intervention can be applied to an individual’s body, without fear of demonisation, is a testament to the spirit of freedom of choice and conscience.
    When science serves state power, and the state serves the corporate world, each becomes corrupt and corrupting, and society moves one step closer to a repetition of medicine’s darkest time.
    Creative Commons License
    Except where otherwise noted, content in this journal is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
    Published: 2017-11-14
    Issue:Vol. 6 No. 4 (2017): International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy
    Pages:86 to 99
    Rawlinson, P. (2017). Immunity and Impunity: Corruption in the State-Pharma Nexus. International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy, 6(4), 86-99. https://doi.org/10.5204/ijcjsd.v6i4.447
    Download the document from this link >

    Australia – Censorship of Academic Research:
    A critical analysis of the Australian Government’s rationale for its vaccination policy
    Judy Wilyman, University of Wollongong
    Vaccination policies in Australia need to be researched and scrutinised extensively, as their use in the prevention of infectious diseases has serious health and social implications.
    In fact, prior to the use of most vaccines becoming widespread in the mid-20th century, deaths and illnesses by infectious diseases were significantly reduced due to environmental and lifestyle factors!
    My PhD thesis ‘A critical analysis of the Australian government’s rationale for its vaccination policy’ published by the University of Wollongong in 2015 was a culmination of years of work on the control of infectious diseases in Australia.
    Yet since its publication, it has been ridiculed, denigrated and censored by the mainstream media, the Australian government, and medical industry representatives.
    It explores the necessity of independent research into whether the vaccines being recommended today are safe, effective, and necessary for the protection of the community.
    It also reiterates the importance of having comprehensive evidence that it is safe to combine multiple vaccines in the developing bodies of infants.
    The government’s claim that the benefits of vaccines far outweigh the risks cannot be trusted due to the gaps in the scientific knowledge and the inadequate monitoring of adverse events after vaccination.
    Follow the link to read my abstract or the full thesis to draw your own informed conclusion.
    continue >
    https://ro.uow.edu.au/theses/4541/ Download >

    Doctors, Scientists call for global halt to covid’ vaccine’ – Dr. Jane Ruby


  4. Information Paper Regarding Non-Consent to Mandatory or Coerced COVID-19 Injections (Including Discussions on the COVID19/SARS-CoV-2 Situation and Vaccines in General)
    by Simon Forrest
    September, 2021
    The purpose of this paper is to object against any intention to make the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for any person in any situation under any circumstances.
    I have attached a collection of detailed, non-exhaustive notes which discuss vaccines in general, the COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2 situation and COVID-19 injections (vaccines), all of which expand on the points below and help shape my perspective on this situation.
    Navigating my way through a sea of misinformation and disinformation from both “sides” of the discussion, I have attempted to include information that is factual and accurate, present clear evidence, and reference as many studies and literature as possible, whilst acknowledging that I gravitate towards the counter narrative perspective and that some statements are open to debate and rebuttal.
    In Regards to Vaccines in General:
    • There are serious question marks surrounding vaccine safety, supported by hundreds of studies, countless testimonies by parents and their doctors, billion-dollar payouts in vaccine injury compensation courts, vaccine adverse event reporting systems and various data, records, graphs, facts, figures and observations.
    • There is evidence that actively challenges vaccine efficacy and effectiveness, including countless people contracting diseases despite being vaccinated against that disease, perpetual outbreaks amongst highly vaccinated groups/communities, mortality rates for many diseases dropping to low numbers well before vaccines were introduced, studies indicating that unvaccinated children have demonstrably fewer health issues than vaccinated children, and again; various data, records, graphs, facts, figures and observations.
    • A number of doctors, scientists, medical experts and health professionals have spoken out via websites,
    documentaries, videos, interviews, posts, podcasts and books about their concerns surrounding vaccine safety and efficacy, conflicts of interest and corruption.
    In Regards to the COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2 Situation: Continue >

    Click to access e12357_d7c1907d83b646a383c5e8bea40f46dc.pdf

    and >
    JOIN WITH AUSTRALIANS SAY NO to mandated vaccinations



    AUSTRALIANS SAY NO – Paramedics, Parents & Rapid Antigen Testing
    Time to support our first responders
    Guardian Non-consent for students
    Alarmingly, we have been informed by several parents and guardians, that some schools are forcing, coercing, and falsely informing students they have guardian permission, in order to vaccinate children without consent.
    This is resulting in children being vaccinated against the wishes of both child and guardian.
    A group complaint has been filed by Human Rights Advocates Australia and Advocate Me, on behalf of a large group of paramedics in New South Wales. You can view their Statement of Position …please GO TO LINK HEREUNDER for full story and to take action.
    AUSTRALIANS SAY NO to mandated vaccinations


    Media Release | Hanson Acts To End Pandemic of Discrimination

    Judge Demands Elites Face New Round of Nuremberg Trials — Slams Experimental ‘Vaccine’


    Physicians & The Vaccine Tyranny
    SOTN: Alternative News, Analysis & Commentary


    Posted on October 22, 2021 by State of the Nation
    Mike Yeadon, ex-Pfizer scientist sent this out on Oct. 20, 2021
    The Pathway To New World Order
    continue > also see all recent posts etc..

    Australia Under Attack by Rockefeller Funded Globalised Police
    Australian National Review

    No Requirement for Medical Treatment (Including Experimental Injections) Without Consent (Implementing Article 6 of the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights) Bill 2021
    Download here >


  6. See Dan & Scotty, the Children of the Widow handshake ??


  7. Diane Drayton Buckland

    *** URGENT It is 1.08 pm on Sat. 23 October, 2021 – they have made submissions very complicated- but I followed your video and got to the submission page https://https://www.digitalidentity.gov.au/have-your-say/phase-3/submission-form but they must have made it impossible to submit submissions as there is no place for us to submit our information – there is nothing there – help please !! Diane
    Received this from Advocate Me Australians Say No > but as above I can’t put in submission due to obvious removal of the sections which enable us to submit – they are bloody evil bastards.
    New World Order?
    Did you know that the Australian government has drafted legislation to introduce a Digital Identity by the end of 2021?
    The legislation is being introduced in three phases – and it is already in phase 3.
    Did you hear about Phases 1 and 2 of this legislation? No, neither did I.

    There has been no reporting in the mainstream media to alert Australians to something that has potentially harmful outcomes, including identity theft, misuse of personal data, the potential for privacy breaches, and the implications of power and internet outages during severe weather events that are common in this country.

    The concept of digital IDs and their application is clearly almost indecently exciting to the ruling elites, but it is fundamentally flawed and should never get traction.

    How will the country operate digitally when the grid is down? And what actions might be taken using our information during a crisis, when we are distracted by natural disasters – will the people who use their own initiative for survival be targeted and ostracised, for example? During the peak of summer, the grid cannot handle the demands on energy, and the frequency of severe weather events from bushfires, cyclones, storms and floods can see entire regions without power and internet for weeks. I thought the priority of the ruling elite was curing global warming?

    Most alarming is the implicit potential of our digital information being provided to undisclosed recipients in the private sector, creating room for discrimination based on unknown private sector preferences.

    Trying to sneak this legislation through during a time of crisis, when we are all in turmoil and trauma, hoping we won’t notice, amounts to the removal of Australians’ right to a fair say and democratic process. This is not communist China, after all, is it? At least not yet.

    And speaking of China, our government knows this legislation will be wildly unpopular, because we have all seen what results digital identification and its abuses has had on the population there.

    The process appears to indicate that the government wants consultation from the public.
    If you compare the government’s messaging on covid-19 vaccination policy, there is no denying they can get the message out when they want.
    Clearly underhanded in this instance, they want to appear to have given us choice and proper democratic process, while doing their best to keep it secret.

    Failing to publicise this is an act of gross deception, in my opinion, and this is a prize example of why trust in our government has been broken.

    We Australians need to know why there is such an urgency to bring this legislation in.

    Do you realise theAustralian Government wants to digitalise your identity ?
    WATCH VIDEO ON THE LINK > https://www.advocateme.com.au/post/new-world-order

    So if it’s public consultation they want, let’s give it to them. We have under a week to do it, but it is critical we do, because this legislation is a further attempt to remove our sovereignty as they are doing with our bodily autonomy through forced vaccination. Again, it is up to us to say NO!

    Please watch the above video, the creators of which should be thanked for their duty and service to their fellow Australians.

    Submissions are open until 5:00 pm AEDT on Wednesday 27 October 2021.

    GO TO to post your Submission > digitalidentity.gov.au/have-your-say for more information.
    Source >

    NOTE > At 3.34 of the video shows you the steps to submitting your Submission Form and I have shown
    Information hereunder you can use to help with your submission from the above link to help you compose your Submission – keep a copy of it and then post your submission to the Australian Government’s page as previously mentioned here > Submissions are open until 5:00 pm AEDT on Wednesday 27 October 2021.
    Visit digitalidentity.gov.au/have-your-say

    NOTE >
    Oppose Australia’s Digital Identity System
    UPDATE As of 21 Oct 2021: We have checked the Digital Identity System website and it has been bombarded with lots of submissions.
    They have changed the website, limiting responses to 1000 words.
    You can open the word document below and get ideas or just simply type this >

    I hereby disapprove of the lack of transparency in the proposed Trusted Identity legislation Bill currently in Phase 3. I believe that private sectors should not have access to our identity digitally as this could lead to discrimination against individuals and groups

    For a more detailed 1000 word response download the word document copy & paste or scroll down

    Australians Say No! Advocate Me


  8. Have sent you an email ..ED2


  9. “The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws”: Tacitus (Roman senator 56 AD – 120 AD) Sound like Australia today to me …ED2


  10. Based on “medical advice” Victoria’s parliamentarians must be vaxxinated, but the Queensland and NSW ones don’t need to be vaxxinated.

    So much for the medical advice followed and implemented by the cretins for the cretins and of the cretins. 🙂

    Is nobody in Australia awake to what the cretins are doing to our country?


  11. Hello again, Ed,
    Can I email you the doc I found with the info?


  12. Hello Ed2
    Yes I see that the two links from 2013 are not working now. Described then was –

    FINAL – Plenary / Board Approved. Corporate Plan 2011 to 2013 Universities Australia Corporate Plan 2011 – 2013

    (Quoted from p2) This document presents the Corporate Plan for Universities Australia, covering the period from 2011 to 2013. It provides general guidance for the organisation. A more detailed Business Plan is provided separately for Board approval and management guidance for regular review of the activities of the organisation.

    Appendix, (p7 stated) “Corporate Plan” is a generic term used to describe all the key components that drive the current and future operations of an organisation. As illustrated by the diagram below, a Corporate Plan comprises a number of related components that flow from one to the other with increasing detail and transparency:

    Combined together these components provide a working context around the organisational
    objectives that are detailed in an organisation’s Constitution. The Corporate Plan articulates an organisation’s reason for being, and the activities the organisation will undertake on behalf of its members. In doing so, the Plan establishes the boundaries within which activities occur, thereby removing any ambiguity regarding the organisation’s remit.

    As recorded in 2013 the links were: http://www.universitiesaustralia.edu.au/page/about-us/corporate-plan/


  13. Global warming

    Apparently, starting with Absolute Zero (-273 K), the surface temperature of the Earth is 288.8 K and that of the Sun is 5778 K, making the surface temperature of the Earth exactly 5% or 1/20th that of the Sun.


  14. Shocking: Dr. Carrie Madej releases first look at Pfizer vial contents – spiritual warfare



  15. Alisoin~ The two links at the bottom are dead and I feel were incomplete with the right addresses. Could you check and comment back please..ED2


  16. As long as the sheeple insist on voting for the LNP-Labour duopoly the election is ALWAYS in the bag as it matters little which one of the two “wins”. The point is that we get more of the same and WE lose. 🙂


  17. Debra Ratcliffe

    EVIL BREEDING CONTINUES : I believe that they are putting dead babies into all vaccines now (stem cells) which will be destroyed by the immune system. When the girls get pregnant their immune system will kill the foetus and most pregnancies will have to be done via IVF where evil DNA will be implanted.

    I believe this is the main reason for all the jabs. They already totally control all testing labs and tell us we have disease – which probably will be in the pills prescribed to us?

    I knew something big was about to happen when mainly left wing leaders changed laws to allow fullterm abortions. What are they doing with the babies?

    I believe they’re terrifying them, draining their blood for
    andrechrome then using the rest for STEM CELLS.

    Please help.


  18. As the long term plans of an Agenda are taking shape we are reminded of Dr Astrid Stuckelberger, an International expert involved in the prior writing of ‘Pandemic Preparedness’ plans for WHO. She came out as a concerned whistleblower having worked for WHO in the earlier years.

    She said that things changed around 2015 for the World Health Organisation when GAVI (global alliance vaccine initiative) turned up. She said GAVI (the Gates Foundation) did whatever they wanted. No Companies can audit their computers.
    People also need to realise that WHO no longer stands for what it once was.

    194 member states (including Australia) have signed International Health Regulation legally binding obligations according to a 2nd Edition which was implemented in 2005. These obligations are embedded in the Constitution of WHO.
    There were 2 Countries who made reservations to signing any IHR.
    They were USA at the time, and Iran.

    A 3rd Edition was made in 2014 and in force by 2016 around the time Gates was becoming involved.
    Dr Astrid was not involved in the writing of this edition and was shocked by what she discovered.
    This 3rd Edition appointed the WHO Director-General dictator-like powers where he alone could decide to sell vaccines and PCR tests as a Pandemic solution instead of basing any decisions on the legal 2nd Edition guidelines that recommended other clinical tests and measures.

    In 2017 Gates requested to become part of the Executive Board of WHO to essentially make himself an actual member State (a one man Country). He lobbied Countries with his influence. He was not voted in as a member State officially (but unofficially), and has total immunity in Switzerland.
    He appears to have done some contracts with every member State.
    Contracts have been set up between Gates, WHO and the Member Countries.

    As member States of WHO choose to be legally binding members, most member State Countries of the world have obeyed the Director-General’s instructions.

    (At the time of this disclosure months ago, Dr Astrid was working with lawyers in relation to her claims about this nefarious third edition)

    So what exactly is Scomo going overseas to sign up for this time?
    Without the people’s knowledge, or consent.


  19. Considering we’ve not been in the commonwealth since 1973…’they’ do NOT give a damn what we say or want!! Rod Culleton/GAP/GREAT AUSTRALIAN PARTY, got the official word thru an FOI request from the attorney generals office. Our ENTIRE political system is sitting in treason as is EVERY current pollie! ALL needs to be torn down!


  20. Yep, we’ve been sold out. Not just by greedy politicians & bureaucrats lining their pockets to step up the ladder of ‘self featherings’, (evil will no doubt always exist & it will always want control & power), but sold out by blind, dumb, hypnotised fellow human beings that are bending over touching their toes while taking all this madness up where the sun don’t shine. Time to get your house in order folks, the sh#ts hitting the fan.


  21. Isn’t Scomo giving the freemason handshake with the thumb on top? Probably all in the same lodge.


  22. The Global Elites Conference being held at the Vatican by invitation only October 23rd. Key speakers are David Ferguson and Carlos Moreira on TransHuman Code. Have we all booked our flights yet Blah 😡😡😡😎👍🥋


  23. Jeanette Zeuschner

    Not for this , but a video on The Kenny Report about
    Vaccinating aborigines, saying it was seriously wrong & anti-vac , thanks Jeanette 🙏🏻♥️🇦🇺

    Sent from my iPhone


  24. If they have been planning upon planning for this it makes me wonder if they have the election in the bag. Or could be they are that imbecilic upon stupid to think anyone will vote for the mono-party.
    This is the question rolling around in the back of my head. Look at the recent California election. My wife works elections for the AEC, and I hear from her that scrutinisers are many. I believe the counting proccess to be sound. That leads me to the tabulation proccess, which I know nothing about.


  25. Oh the irony!
    As the sun sets over the hills of covid19, the darkness coming forth from the dens of iniquity cloaks everything with an illuminati light, and calls out to the people, as the sea nymphs of fable, come and TRUST the digital ID system.

    ‘Trusted Digital Identity Framework’ (TDIF) has Interim Oversight Authority https://www.digitalidentity.gov.au/about/digital-identity-system
    Permanent Oversight Authority will be established by Legislation, with responsibility for governing the Australian Government Digital Identity System.
    The Oversight Authority will be independent, transparent and accountable.
    The Government is still considering which Government entity will house or support the Oversight Authority. See p8 ‘Your guide to the Digital Identity legislation’

    More from:
    ‘Your guide to the Digital Identity legislation’
    Downloadable version [Word 1MB]
    Version 1801
    Page 10 says;
    “The DIGITAL IDENTITY LEGISLATION is a package of multiple legislative instruments which, together, FORM THE RULE BOOK that GOVERNS how the Australian Government Digital Identity System (and other aspects, like the accreditation framework) will work. The different components of the legislation are:
    • Trusted Digital Identity Bill
    • TDIF accreditation rules
    • Trusted Digital Identity (TDI) rules
    • Technical standards”
    three-tiered TRIANGLE with the “eye of Providence” set in the top tier of the triangle.
    The “eye” set within a triangle is a symbol associated with Freemasonry and the Illuminati.
    The top of the triangle with the “eye” is labelled The TRUSTED DIGITAL IDENTITY BILL.

    Ah so, the Australian Govt shows us right out in the open that THE RULE BOOK is under the all seeing “eye” of the Masonic and Illuminati Orders.

    Famous Quote: There is no freemasonry without Judaism. There is no communism without Judaism.

    I hasten to add that a similar triangle structure was also drawn for the Corporate Plan 2011 to 2013 of Universities Australia in the Appendix. Again, similarly, the top of that triangle was hovering over and lifted above the rest of the triangle, but there was no “eye” drawn in it.
    We know that the Universities became partners in the UN system. http://www.universitiesaustralia.edu.au/page/about-us/corporate-plan/ > http://www.universitiesaustralia.edu.au/resources/645/1273


  26. Don’t trust this system?Who will own the data bases? Just like the Land Titles! Where are those digital titles held? These guys rule by secrecy,take you over and then say,BAD Luck you agreed!


  27. Notice the Freemason handshake!!


  28. Editor, Cairns News: Thank you for your continued efforts to expose the evil in our country and elsewhere. I hope the evildoers will soon be charged with treason and crimes against humanity. However, it won’t be soon enough to save the many who have already been harmed and killed by the “Jab”.


  29. Allan Maxwell Pleming

    Many are in disbelief mate……but the reality is this has been a long term plan……the main players are getting old and appear to want to have their wishes fulfilled before they drop of the twig! All heartless money addicted addicts! Many struggle to believes us that they are this evil……that helps these criminals big time! Stay strong never give up!

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  30. We are all saying kick them all out at the next election – Fine – BUT What confidence can we have in our election system now? And more to it – what will be left by the time we get there? At this rate, someone like me could likely be given a one-way visit to one of their death camps for “my health”…unfortunately, the prevailing, growing insanity now makes such thoughts and comments a possibility. I still struggle to accept they actually trying to kill us…but they are.

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  31. My digital contribution to the LNP-Labour duopoly will amount to giving them the middle finger at the next election. Even THAT is more than they deserve but it’s the least I can do for the treacherously honorable members.

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  32. In my experience since 2001 blog publishing duopoly faithful seem content with self-mutilation rather than vote outside their entrenched view on politics, but now I see and feel the tide is changing as the faithful are on the ground and have noticed their political champions are kicking them in the guts .. ED@

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  33. I watched a youtube video that stated the hierarchy in the Catholic and Anglican churches all over the world are part of the Global Elite Cartel. Lams to the slaughter.

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  34. Great article! I wonder, how does Mr Perottet fit into this “Christian” picture? I think not, given the negative PR he’s been getting…


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  35. Allan Maxwell Pleming

    I think Hillsong is set up to be a pedo hunting ground….

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    From The Lost Books of the Bible and the Forgotten Books of Eden, Collins-World Publishers


    That the commands of Moses concerning clean and unclean beasts, etc., were all designed for a spiritual significance.

    1. But why did Moses say, You must not eat of the swine, neither the eagle nor the hawk; nor the crow; nor any fish that has not a scale upon it? Because he comprehended three doctrines that were to be gathered in the understanding.

    2. So he says to them in the book of Deuteronomy, I will give my statutes to this people. Therefore it is not the command of God that they should not eat these things, but Moses in the spirit spoke to them.

    3. He forbade them to eat the sow, meaning: You must not join yourself to such persons who are like swine, who while they live in pleasure, forget their God; but when any lack pinches them, then they recognize the Lord; just as the sow when she is full does not acknowledge her master, but makes a noise when she is hungry, and being fed again, is silent.

    4. Neither, says he, will you eat the eagle, nor the hawk, nor the kite, nor the crow; that is, you must not keep company with the kind of men who do not know how to get themselves food by their labor and sweat, but injuriously steal the things of others and watch how to lay snares for them, when at the same time they appear to live in perfect innocence.

    ( This brings to my mind Usurers (Banks) and politicians – parasites all.)

    5. So these birds alone seek not food for themselves, but sitting idle seek how they may eat the flesh others have provided, being destructive through their wickedness.

    Read on –



  37. There are no words to describe what evil bastards we have in state and federal parliament. They will come undone sooner than later.

    Liked by 4 people

  1. Pingback: “Christian” Liberals push globalists’ green shutdown and digital ID population control plans – debtstop

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