Join the peace rally or start one in your town

Posted on August 11, 2021, in Covid-19 and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. All those attending these events should think of the optics of everyone marching down the street in military step with linked arms to show the government one unified voice of dissatisfaction .


  2. l am not one for rallies or protests as we are free, we do not have to ask for it, this is the key point, knowing who we are and acting from that energy. If this gathering is a celebration of people getting together in large numbers in celebration of that, enjoying the day and each others company in happiness, humour, song and love, that is powerful to help counteract the fear and to be a example to others that are in fears grip.

    The media will do what it does and if police are looking to arrest, it is best that people to not get angry and resist. To do the opposite would be best. Laying flowers at the police’s feet and understanding that they are doing their job for whatever reason is best. You do not have to pay the fine if you get one. Imagine when the numbers get up to 100,000 in each city. Create the new way you want, leave the old way to its own demise. Light and Love always wipe out the dark. We are creating a better way, its up to all of us how we bring it in and how long it will take.


  3. Government spies and traitors will infiltrate and create somethings to discredit the masses via the media! Same o lame ol bullshit tactics! Australia is Jew run! You’ve been sleep walking into a trap! When they bring in the army you have proof you live in a tyrannical state


  4. I see the above reference for yet another peace rally as a direct reference for diversion. None of these rallies will achieve anything more in this moment in time. There is an important gathering on the 16th August I believe outside of the Opera House and Karen Brewer has an action plan for 31st August and well detailed. These are the only dates worth considering.


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