30 year old spin to death in the ‘Carousel ” from movie Logan‘s Run

1976 movie Logan’s Run shows “Big Brother” demand all people reaching 30 are reincarnated to another blissful life cycle rising vertical within a carousel when reaching the top was too late realising they are disintegrated.

Morrison’s run, a 2021 Australian government production from an unaccountable “Star Chamber”, use spin doctors as their carousel. Condoning suspect deadly vaccine bearing research warning of harmful side affect, they implement a growing list of compulsory vaccination bearing threat of prosecution, jail or forced unemployment if the community targets refuse.

Public Servant First Assistant Secretary COVID-19 Primary Care Response Dr Lucas De Toca is quoted “the important thing is that we need to listen to people and their concerns. Vaccines are voluntary, so there’s no obligation to get the vaccine”. Seems someone is telling porkies

Dr  De Toca continued, “We were able to have a proper rigorous and in depth assessment of the vaccines before they were rolled out I Australia  We currently have the Pfizer and adfrinica COVID vaccines authorised for a provisional authorisation”.

We ,may assume failure from testing the vaccines removes provisional and reinstated unsatisfactory?

Not very comforting to those inoculated with provisional serum.