‘Delicate daisies’ being created by socialist curricula in schools

Letter to the Editor

Magistrate Stuart Shearer (CM 27-5) correctly said “The younger generation is a bunch of ‘Fragile Princesses’ who can’t handle being called names”, as he sentenced a man who broke into his neighbours home stealing $9,000 worth of goods and doing $1,000 damage, because he was called a “junkie”.

Magistrate Shearer (below, reputedly one of the state’s harshest Magistrates) said his generation was taught “Sticks and stones may break bones, but names can never hurt you”. This was once written on the wall near the blackboard in every school and should be reinstated. How about it Education Minister, get these words back up on the wall near the blackboard in every school.

State Schools with socialist agendas are a causative factor for massive amounts of crime and unrest in the community by NOT teaching the above, resilience, self-discipline, and tolerance. Our teacher would challenge us to see who could hold their hand above their head the longest, who could hop the furthest on their left leg and many others, to teach us self-discipline. 

Almost every problem in the community has a base factor caused by lack of Self-discipline and Tolerance. The Victorian Government threw $2 Billion at domestic violence to solve the problem, the usual stupidity of politicians with their mental aberration belief that throwing money solves problems, without any consideration of identifying causative factors and dealing with reality. There appear no identifiable changes to DV statistics in Victoria, just a lot of people having jobs on big wages that will achieve nothing other than generating self-adulating reports to ministers that are quoted in the press as some form of (failed) achievement.

The ‘Delicate Daisies’ being created in schools by similar ilk cannot handle reality, life is tough, you have to do things you don’t like, you have to clean the toilet — its your turn.  You have to go to work and be productive, and you will be told firmly if  your work is not up to standard — No, it is not bullying, or racial discrimination because your skin colour is different to the managers, it is not vilification when you are told several times to  improve or be dismissed — your delicate sensitivities and attitude need serious improvement, get up to accepted standards — grow up.

We have industries based on servicing these failed products of school, children are taught to complain if spoken to a bit roughly. We have legislation that drags us down to the lowest level of those who you feel bullied, discriminated, or need counselling if they perceive a sexist word was used. The whole discrimination industry and legislation needs throwing out, and complainants told grow-up, toughen-up, and learn that “Sticks and stones may break bones, but names can never hurt you”, or seek mental health assistance.

from G J May


Editor Jim O’Toole: Is it any wonder the entire Queensland community in particular Townsville and Cairns are suffering the worst outbreak of juvenile crime in the history of the state. Older people are locking themselves in their homes, afraid to go shopping, can’t leave their cars anywhere in fear of being car-jacked or stolen and juvenile, mostly Aboriginal youths rule the streets with impunity.

Police are at their wits end. Courts have revolving doors through Maccas.

If you are one of many thousands of juvenile crime victims tell socialist Education Minister Comrade Grace Grace (below) to shape up or get out. We can guarantee her car won’t be one of the several thousand stolen each year in Queensland

“We own this land so get out of my way” Aboriginal youth yell at pedestrians walking along footpaths. When they were visiting holiday hotspots such as Cairns, international tourists became horrified after being pushed onto the road by disrespectful black kids as happened many times in recent years.

This disgusting behaviour has been fostered by a generation of socialist teachers in Queensland State Schools who toe the United Nations’, Marxist land rights line driven into them by the comrades infesting universities.

As a result a great deal of Aboriginal kids claim they don’t have to go to school and they can do what they like because “we own everything,” which of course they don’t. Until these misguided, budding criminals, some as young as nine, who regard going to jail as a badge of honour, are taken to remote rehabilitation and training camps and taught how respect applies to every person and that they are responsible for their own actions, the race to the bottom will continue.

Trying to involve the majority of parents of these runaway kids is counter-productive, children’s advocates have discovered. Their mothers and fathers living on ‘sit-down-money’ in many cases are too addicted to drugs and alcohol to bother.

Unfortunately the many good parents get tarred with the same brush through no fault of their own.

The socialist Queensland Labor Party will change nothing and have included even more jaundiced ‘Aboriginal studies’ into the curriculum.

During this four year term of the Queensland Labor Party, it is mooted the socialists will usher in Cape York as a separate, independent Aboriginal state, supported by the Cape York Land Council, Balkanu, their business arm and the Northern Land Council.

Most of Cape York Peninsula has already been given to Aboriginal groups who have their own local government councils with a handful of white CEO’s. Lawless communities such as Aurukun, where two weeks ago another spate of drug and alcohol-fueled stabbings saw more houses burnt down was unreported by any media.

It is not hard to imagine the fate of the many decent inhabitants of remote Aboriginal communities when they gain statehood.

There is no Aboriginal industry on Cape York, less than 20 white pastoralists remain and resources giant Rio Tinto dominates the limited mining industry.

Investigators have discovered the Aboriginal member of parliament for the electorate taking in Cape York and Torres Strait, was one of a number of Labor candidates elected by voter fraud at the October 2020 state election.

Consequently, a lot of Far Northerners repeatedly tell Cairns News they will not bother voting again in the Dismal State. More hard Labor and don’t expect any help from the hopeless, languishing Liberals.#

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Richard Noakes

    That was one of the things I was taught at school, had the misfortune to go to a school just like Tom Brown’s Schooldays, without the pub (see the movie if you get a chance and think of me) – The Rodney Boarding School, near Mansfield, Newark, England for a few “formative years of my life” had a bottom like a Rhino’s bum after each term, my education was beaten into me, with the heel or sole of a shoe, depending on the severity of the punishment and you never cried, because that made you a weakling and weaklings did not survive well there. Look on Wiki for more info and here is another: Coughs and sneezes spread diseases. Trap your germs in a handkerchief and I always have and still do, which is a lot better than having to wear face masks, etc.
    Here is another one: 30 days have September, April, June and November, all the rest have 31 days except February which has 28 days and 29 days on a Leap Year (every 4 years).
    And I was taught my 12 times tables, before calculators were invented and I use my learned tables daily to estimate the costs of things, but I still think in feet and inches and never adjusted to Metric.
    The first adding and multiplying machine I used was a Comptometer – you put your fingers on the numbers you were multiplying and pushed them down together, by the number of times you were multiplying, to get the final answer, which was on a wheel that spun around, on the top of the thing.
    Computers back then were mainframe and took up whole floors of buildings and printed out punched tape, too clever for me, back then – no such thing as the computers of today.
    Helped a friend buy the latest M1 chip iPad, the one she wanted cost $4,500 with the bits and pieces – shit, I bought second hand cars for less than that and I’ve never owned a new one and I never will – the value of a car is where the rubber hits the road, everything else is surplus, when you think about it.
    I was made tough and I’ve had a tough life, which was just how I wanted it to be, because when we die, we leave all of the material things behind and perhaps, if there is life after death, I can take my life’s experiences with me and I will have won the lottery of life twice, being born and going to the good side, for sure, after I die, thanks in part to my free salt water cure and the other posts I place here and there, around the world, where I can!!
    Hopefully, see you all on the good side eventually too!!
    Richard (big smile)


  2. Yes Brad old man Geoff Guest has operated Australia’s most successful juvenile rehabilitation program west of Cairns. It no longer operates but he has has published his successful model. Website could be Petford Wellness. Ed


  3. Weren’t there boot camps several years ago, in the Outback, which worked well in rehabilitating Aborigines, run by Aboriginal Elders?
    What has happened to the?


  4. Jews run Australia FACT! Tough up snow flakes


  5. Dave Coleman

    I remember reading about a service town planned for the Cape.
    Stewart town or similar, on coast east of Coen.
    50,000 people.
    Any information about this Mr O’Toole?
    Thank you for what your news organisation does for us everyday.


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