This corrupt politician who oversees a family business built around his political influence is now US President. He immediately reinstalled the globalist program to take down America.

THE inauguration of Joe Biden has come and gone without the intervention we had all hoped for. Yes, we were wrong to think that a “Q plan” to deny the corrupt Biden the presidency would automatically spring into action. But was that too easy a fix to hope in? Now is when the rubber meets the road and the real battle begins.

Perhaps freedom fighters can take comfort in words spoken by modern-day Christian prophets like Hank Kunneman, that God has not given America over to the new communism, that Trump will serve a second term and that

His plan is not dictated by man-made dates and times? But that requires faith and we might have to ask ourselves, do we have faith for the battle ahead? Kunneman, who appears on the Christian TV show FlashPoint, is standing by his prophecies.

On Wednesday night, US patriots were arguing on Alex Jones and other channels about why Trump left the White House and why he did not act on the evidence of the election crimes and other information that came forward in the declassification documents that Cairns News has made available. QAnon followers countered by suggesting “The Plan” was still in play. Who really knows right now?

It would seem insane to allow a corrupt globalist Democrat who cheated his way into the White House when you had the power to hobble him and those around him. This was the big last-minute hope that we were denied.

And now that globalist Democrat Biden is completely reversing the Trump agenda – rejoining the Paris Accord and the WHO, taking down the tough border controls and starting national programs to implement cultural Marxism.

Speaking the day before the inauguration on a Zoom conference with 1000 participants (they crashed Vimeo with 30k on an earlier call) General (Ret.) Thomas McInerney foreshadowed the situation of Trump failing to act.

He also said World War 3 had already begun with the pandemic or perhaps earlier with the Russia hoax attack on Trump. “It was a deliberate biological attack on the USA and the rest of the world that came from China to take down our economy and affect the election,” he said. “The legislatures, the judiciary have all failed … they knew nothing about cyberwarfare.” He said Trump had actually won 11 million more votes than Biden.

He agreed with prosecutor Sidney Powell that the battle could “still be won tomorrow” (Inauguration Day). “Either Trump is the great president in history or the greatest betrayer.” He called on Americans to “act by themselves”, that is stand up to fight the Marxist takeover of America.
Georgia attorney L Lin Wood expressed his belief that God was not going to turn America over to communism. “No, that’s not what is going to happen. The light is shining bright still.” He said his faith told him that was not God’s plan and Trump’s plan was God’s plan.

Major General (Ret.) Paul I. Vallely said if Trump simply took no action and returned to Florida “we’ll have to plan for 2021”. He said the Stand Up America Foundation was looking at an entire new news organisation and a new political party called The Patriot Party to replace the GOP. “We can pray but we have to do something,” he said.