What happened to Christmas?
December 25, 2020
Each year, Christmas becomes a fading a reflection of Christmas’ past.  What do the Satanists have against Jesus?
He is the antithesis of the up-side-down world they are creating. Jesus taught that God is Love, and he loves everyone equally. He taught that God is a moral force – morality is the Fourth Dimension. We must ascend grease-pole of Consciousness if we are to know the true grandeur of human life.
They reject God and hate Jesus. The covidscam is a war against God, Love, and humanity, and it’s going to get worse. The “Great Reset” is Communism.  Agenda 2030 is literally Agenda 1984. They are determined to degrade, dispossess and enslave us.  WAKE UP FOLKS!  (Satanism Explained)
Do you know the real meaning of Christmas?

I repost this 2005 article to show that Satanists have been cancelling Christmas for a long time.  The #scamdemic has just given them a pretext.

 Western society has been socially engineered by Cabalist (satanist) Jewish central bankers and their Freemason go-fers (our “leaders.”) These people hate Christ. They hate God. They hate humanity yet they accuse us of hate. They hate Christ’s Gospel of Love. Love your neighbour as yourself.  We are under Satanist control. It’s called Satanic possession………………………….