Dear Editor

Just a note to thank you for being one of the few Mainstream Media (MSM) journalists actually carrying out your job as a professional journalist, namely conducting “investigative journalism”. The vast majority of MSM journalists (sic) throughout the world (including Australia) are an absolute disgrace to their profession, not because they may have view points that may not align with mine, but rather because they are all deliberately choosing to ignore the plethora of evidence pointing the dark agenda associated with the Globalists’ World Debt Reset program, the Covid19 scam and their recent attempt to steal the American Presidential Election by denying Donald Trump his election victory.

That attempt will fail if only because the patriots within the US military backing Trump won’t allow it. My uncle, Ian Hamilton, helped setup the Australian Security Services after WW2 and was head of News and Information during the 1960s. (i.e. he was actually head of “no news and dis-information”, but I digress …)

Prior to his death in 1996 he briefed me about the existence of the “secret government” based around the security services of the Western World that actually ran the world from behind the curtain. To be quite honest I didn’t believe him until the events of September 11, 2001 woke me up. Ian Hamilton Obituary:

Once again, thank you for your efforts; they are very much appreciated by me. Fond regards,

Alex Paterson