Police in one of their typical confrontations questioning a young man at Chadstone Shopping Centre in Melbourne on September 19. Thanks to Freelancer guy for photo.

PROTESTING in the fascist state of Victoria is fraught with major difficulties. You don’t just message some mates, paint a placard and go out there. You face real harrassment from real fascist state police every step of the way with the 5km travel limit and curfew hours to deal with and the likelihood of arrest and/or the big fines to deal with. The latter are bogus, and are reportedly being thrown out by the courts when challenged, but they are enough to dissuade the thousands not in the know to stay at home and who otherwise might protest.
Telegram is the platform a number of protest groups use in order to avoid the censorship and clogging of Facebook, Twitter and other big social media. But it’s no guarantee against police infiltrators and others from Andrews’ dozens of dirty little media hacks like PRGuy on Twitter who try to disrupt anything that detracts from the “positive messaging” of the diabolical, corrupt and conniving premier himself.
The following well written, intelligent message was posted by “David” one of the leaders of Guardian Angel – Melbourne Anti-Lockdown Protest Live Feed on Telegram:
“Hey everyone, still really proud of what we achieved yesterday. We said earlier in the week it would be in the middle ring of Melbourne, that it would be small, that it would be fast, and that we were targeting as few arrests as possible. We did exactly what we said we would. For whatever reason, some people in this community seem to think we do not have everyone’s best interests at heart, despite being here and delivering quality info for weeks. I’m sorry to anyone who felt disappointed about the weekend, but with police responding as aggressively as they have been and the numbers on the ground unable to congregate easily, there is very little other types of events that can be pulled off in these conditions.
Sunday took a week of planning with major intelligence and coordination infrastructure. If other groups have other ideas that you’d rather be involved in, there’s no reason why you need to hang around here and take away from all that we’ve achieved together. Division achieves nothing, so if you see this behaviour in all the groups, this one or otherwise, that is anything less than constructive, call that person out and try to help them understand that negativity and disunity only stands to dissolve this movement and the hope that we still hold together. Everyone is suffering right now, including me personally. Lashing out at one another is no way to build hope. Only PEACE, EMPATHY, & LOVE can bring us HOPE.
We encourage everyone to consider the state of our campaign and what needs to be done to pull Victoria out of this Andrews self-imposed crisis. With the case count dropping, the pressure is on for Andrews to accelerate his ‘roadmap’ out of Lockdown. We must continue opposing economically disastrous polices and draconian measures such as the new additions to the renewed Omnibus bill being passed through the Vic parliament.
We have been SUCCESSFUL in raising awareness of the issue of ending lockdowns for good, and have also proven to the public that Dan Andrews is more interested in protecting his own political interests by stomping out opposition while allowing other breaches of the CHO’s precious directives to go unchecked. We were called nutcases by the news on the 5th. Just 2 weekends later and the media is mostly giving pretty neutral accounts of our activities, and have generally been much more open to questioning and criticising the narrative the government is trying to spin. We have PROVEN that this movement is legitimate and are helping to turn the tide against Andrews and his politically selfish policies.
At this stage, we have no plans for another major event that is centred on a single location. Our efforts at GA (Guardian Angels) will mainly be focused on supporting other groups of organisers as we have done in previous weeks should they decide to launch more events. We also are putting together some important campaigns to make sure that when Daniel Andrews unveils his ‘plan’ to get us out of lockdown on Sunday, he knows the people of Victoria will not tolerate anything short of near-complete restoration of rights, freedoms, and economic activities. They have had literally months to put together competent contact tracers and additional medical capabilities to deal with future clusters. The fact that we are still waiting for these capabilities to be ‘ready’ is nothing short of a sick joke, and we want to make sure that the general public understands that this man is an incompetent bully with no ethical standards.
Remember: As long as we support each other we will continue WINNING. Thankyou to everyone who has sent in their messages of support, you’re all heroes and deserve thanks from the entire state, even if they don’t see it yet.
Stay tuned for more updates. Stay strong. Things will get better soon. Even sooner with your continued drive and passion!
Cheers, David”