By EDITOR, Cairns News

A ‘robocop’ with a paintball gun drew some derision but if these goons appear at protests such as the one in Melbourne today (Sept. 12) they will be closely monitored by vigilant patriots.

VICTORIA’S COVID dictatorship is looking shakier by the minute with legal actions moving against the rogue premier Andrews, another major protest planned for today (Sept. 12) and even rumours of a federal-led intervention using the powers of the Victorian Governor.

Patriots reviewing video from last weekend’s Melbourne protest also noted ‘robocops’ in plastic armour and black uniforms without police ID numbers.
Patriot and legal activist Derek Balogh, speaking on a Zoom meeting with members of Sovereigns of the World (Australia), noted there were blue and black uniforms, the latter suspected to be military in origin, with large red ID patches on their backs.

He also noted a black Australian flag badge on some uniforms, with a horizontal line dividing the Queen’s flag of England from the Southern Cross stars, which is believed to represent a planned separation of Australia from its constitutional monarchy status.
Balogh said it had been proven in a court case in Victoria in August of last year that Victoria Police were not a department of the State of Victoria but rather a corporate entity with an Australian Business Number “who must give you a contract to do business with you”. He said this was proven despite no orders being made and the case being thrown out.
Andrews’ antics are believed to be linked to the city signing up to Strong Cities Network, run by the London-based think tank ISD, a globalist “anti-extremism and polarisation” propaganda operation funded by Google, Facebook and Twitter, Microsoft, various NGOs and private foundations including the usual suspects Soros, Gates and Rothschild.
ISD and Strong Cities Network may explain why Victoria Police supported the big Black Lives Matter rally in Melbourne back in June, in sharp contrast to their suppression and intimidation of anti-lockdown protests.

On the legal front, a Twitter poster named City Lawyers said “writs will be filed in Melbourne next week against Andrews’ dishonest, supposedly health directed, citizenry-crushing curfew which wasn’t advised by the CHO as required by the emergency powers regime. It was just his capricious whim all along. Bye bye, Tyrant.”

A class action initiated by Melbourne lawyer Serene Teffaha on behalf of people affected by the Andrews shutdown was also in the pipeline.