• Reason: Forcing an individual to be vaccinated is a violation of their fundamental right to personal autonomy, which informs the more specific right to bodily integrity. We do not consent to a mandatory vaccine or restrictions placed on those who refuse it. We do not consent to being coerced or intimidated into accepting a Covid-19 vaccine. For 5 months we have been threatened with a mandatory vaccine and this has caused major distress in the Australian population.
  • Request: We therefore ask the House to firstly cease all plans of mandatory vaccines and secondly to prevent any and all restrictions placed on those who refuse a vaccine which include the following; *Travel – domestic and international *Social events such as concerts, sports etc. *Education *Child care *FTB benefits *Employment *Public places such as restaurants, shops, tourist sites/tours, gyms etc. *Personal services such as hairdressers, beauty, cosmetic, tattoos etc. *Medical care *Car, bike, boat license *Health insurance *Particpating in social/community groups *Seeking finance/personal loans/home loan etc. *Government benefits and payments As human beings we reserve the right to the above list without any discrimination from anyone and we request that Government remember they are to serve the People. Comments on threatening mandatory vaccines by Politicians must stop now. Plans to mandate a vaccine and plans to coerce by restrictions must stop now. Thank you for your time. Yours sincerley, Concerned Citizens


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