Anti-lockdown protesters in Dandenong. Picture: 104.3FM

One of about five police cars shadowing these protesters walking home in Melbourne

By Editor, Cairns News

MORE Victorian freedom fighters have joined walking and gathering protests on the streets of Dandenong, west of Melbourne.

Dozens of police cars swarmed another protest near the George Andrews Reserve soccer ground yesterday.

Between Monday and yesterday seven of the walkers were arrested and police issued 31 fines for “breaching the chief health officer’s directions”. On Saturday, September 5th, a mass protest is planned for the city.

Self-appointed Victorian dictator Dan Andrews, again using daily media briefings to massage the reality of his unwarranted iron grip on the people of the state, said the protesters “put at risk a lot of the gains we have made”.

Additional protesters joined the walks on the streets yesterday, as can be seen at the Nine News link above.

Radio station Gold 104.3 earlier reported police broke up the second anti-lockdown protest where the first of the fines of $1652 were issued for breaching COVID directions. An alleged organiser of the rallies was also arrested and charged with incitement, the station reported.