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  1. faux govt. + faux bush fires . the UN squeeze is on people! . faux govt. Traitors v People!


  2. Another reason to keep the landline, I only turn the mobile on when I want to use it as a message phone or for quick computer access.


  3. Scott Ludlam is a flunkey to the corrupt light rail (antique trams) movement. Everyone involved in light rail (reinvention of antique tram technology) is associated with some form of corruption and a party to keeping cheap high speed transit technology out of Australia.

    The utterly corrupt WAPOL trading as WA police alias Western Australia police service and or the AFP and or ASD, used the stingray machine on my phone numerous times during the period 2011 to 2015 whilst endeavoring to frame me up with bogus sexual offence charges in an effort to silence my exposure of child sexual abuse by military officials during the 1960’s and 70’s.. History knows that WAPOL and their scumbag mates failed dismally in the District court trial in Perth in 2015 after the writer sacked his compliant lawyer and then they faced a $750k common law action in the same court initiated by the writer.

    Their (WAPOL) common assault on my phone included regularly cutting off my calls if they noticed there was some urgency in the conversation betwen myself and the recipient or vice versa. A real funny trick no doubt on their part but the writer got the last laugh, however the anxiety it caused me over using mobile phones will stay with me forever.


    Robert Paul CPO


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